My Colorless Rainbow

My Colorless Rainbow – episode 19

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Episode 19.
By Amah

“Ri…chærd what…are you doing here and how did you get my house address?

I asked angrily. I was shock to see him immediately I stepped outside my door.

He looked like a child that was beaten up by his Mom.
Richærd looks like he was going to cry.

” Becca, I..I don’t know what I was thinking when I broke up with you. I loved you deeply, I still do but I was too carried away to realize how much of you was in,side of me. I said awful things to you, Becca… please I’m really sorry. I listened to the wrong person, I was deceived and swept off by appearance and my foolishness. We kept it away as a secret and I don’t know if you later found out but I’m ready to confess everything to you and who I Left you for. Plea…

I gave a heavy unbothered sigh before saying.

“Is not new Richærd. you said you were living me for someone who is better than me, a smart, loving, classy, very pretty lady who knows all the bed action which I don’t posses. I was hoping and expecting a wh0le new guru, a special kind of woman with you but you disappointed me and ended up with JoJo. C’mon, I expected something more than what I discovered. You are filled with disappointment Richærd… after talking down on me, you ended up with my supposed unserious friend, that’s very funny and I feel like laughing but I will reserve the laughter for later. Let me tell you where you can find her, she is probably within the street… the house painted in blue, it has number 19 boldly written on it. Go over there and you will probably see JoJo. she is having night lesson in the bed of a gym instructor. You may want to join the fun. I don’t have time for you, I was very busy when you knocked and I kept somebody waiting in,side. I have given you description of where you can find your classy, smart, beautiful, independent woman. She told me about smashing your head with her heel sometimes ago so becarful this time before she will finally break your skull with irons from her gym class. Byeee…

He moved closer, still looking like he was going to cry.

“Becca, please… let me into the house. I want to explain better to you. Please let me come in,side so that we can talk…

“Which house? are you talking about this very house that I rented with my money and that of my Dad or there is another house you want to enter? I just told you the house to go to if you want to talk, have fun and see your evergreen woman. I don’t know how you got my address which is not surprising because you and JoJo thought you were playing me but I wasn’t fooled. You are not welcomed here Richærd… please leave.

He took two steps closer to me, I moved back wards from him still blocking him from having access to my door knob.

“I’m sorry for hurting you, I never wanted to do so. I was stupid and did not realize it on time. I never knew that you were aware of me and JoJo. I fell for her tricks and charms, I wanted it to work between us, just to prove a point but she was not only violent and a cheat, she was a lying sc-mbag. I regret ever meeting her and even proposing marriage to her. JoJo was the same person that told me about you cheating on me with your boss friend. I did not believe her fully because your love for me was deep, you were faithful, cultured and disciplined but I wanted to hold onto something tangible to be able to end the relationsh¡p with you. JoJo update me on everything happening to you and we sometimes laugh and joke around with it. She told me when you rented this place and even where the house is located and I also confirmed it myself. She told me you got engaged but she have not seen your man before. I thought JoJo was a gold but she is not even worth a stone. Becca you are a diamond and I know you deeply loved me. Is being up to a year and yet I can’t seem to forget what we used to have… it was genuine, it was pure and undiluted. I’m here to make it up to you if you will please give me another chance. This time I will go the extra mile to make you happy for the rest of your life. I will cherish you with my wh0le being and love you like my life depends on it. I think God wants us to be together, you are not yet married, my own wedding plans was cancelled and I almost went bankrupt…I was in debt because of JoJo but I’m recovering gradually. I know my sins are heavy and looks unforgivable but for the sake of the true Love you once had for me please create a s space in your heart to accommodate me Becca. I’m not the same foolish Richærd that hurt you, I’m a new man now and wiser than before. Please my true love…give me another chance to prove how much you meant to me.

I looked at him not knowing what to say. I was keeping Ohio waiting.
I quietly turned and open the door to go in,side, Richærd held the door.

He forced himself in and try to pull me to himself, I scre-med out of shock. He covered my mouth with his.
Richærd k-ssed me like his Life depends on it.
I struggled to get free but he held me to himself.
I raise one of my legs and stamped hærd on his feet.
He quickly pushed me aside but I was so pissed up with what he did. Out of annoyance I slapped him hærd across the face.
He withdraw back holding his hot cheek.

“How dare you Richærd?

I shouted at him angrily.

Somebody made a sound behind me, I quickly turned and saw Ohio standing and watching us in silent.

My heart skipped, he probably saw the unexpected forceful k-ss from Richærd.

We were standing by the door, in,side my living room. Richærd forced himself in but was still standing behind the closed door.
Ohio must have seen everything.

Richærd look straight ahead and saw Ohio, who was gradually walking down to the door.

He probably want to Leave and that maybe my last chance of having him as a friend. Richærd came to destroy the tiny ray light that was about to erupt between Ohio and I.

I felt like crying and attacking Richærd again for coming to destroy my happiness.
Ohio probably heard or saw the last dreaded part that makes me want to fly into action and unleash terror on Richærd.

“Bec… Becca. I wanted to remind you of what we used to have, I want to make you think back and remember the good old days… you used to enjoy both my k-ss and touch. Becca, I know I messed up big time, I regret everything I ever did to you. I hurt you with my harsh words and actions… I’m sorry. I got carried away with JoJo thinking she was worth it but I realized that I lost a diamond while picking stone. I really missed you Becca. I know you have probably moved on but I won’t be able to live without you, my conscience won’t be at rest until you come back to me. You loved me dearly and it will be hærd to forget about me in a hurry…Bec…

Richærd stopped talking when Ohio came to stand beside me.
I don’t know what he was up to. All my thought was that he wanted to leave but he just stood, staring at Richærd who stopped talking.
Ohio shocked me further by saying to Richærd.

“I think you should leave. I saw you forcing yourself on her. Real men do not do such thing. You say your mind then give her time to think if she wants you back or not. You don’t go forcing yourself on a woman and expect her to consider your request. Is obvious she is not cool with your presence… please kindly leave and try to be a gentleman next time.

I was dumb founded that Ohio was not angry with me instead he was defending me.

Richærd looked from Ohio to me before firing back at Ohio.

“I don’t know who you are and I don’t care to know but don’t tell me what to do. allow Becca speak for herself. Stay away from this and stop trying hærd to prove you are better off. You don’t even know where and when Becca and I started so stay off and keep your poshness to yourself…is irritating me.

I was about to hush Richærd for speaking that way to Ohio who did not look offended, Ohio chuckled at Richærd’s word before saying.

“I’m sorry to irritate you but you will definitely feel better when you are out of here. I may not know when you started with Becca but I learnt that you broke up with her just to date her friend, and when the relationsh¡p went sour you decided to return to the same person that you disespected and trashed her feelings. You should really be ashamed Mr man. How can you come back to your vomit? Remember… she wasn’t good enough, her beauty and class wasn’t to your level anymore, she got no rom-ntic action and was not pretty enough… even her age was begining to bore you. Let me ask you, has Becca’s class suddenly improved, her age reduced, has everything that made you run off to be with her over qualified friend changed all of a sudden? Is very obvious that she is still same person you left to pick stones just like you put it. I’m glad to hear you say that you are sorry for hurting her because you really did hurt her but asking for another chance all of a sudden is not appropriate. Give her time to decide on your apology first before coming to ask for a chance. I don’t know it all but that is my own little advice.

Ohio took a step forward to the door after talking to Richærd, I thought he was about to walk out, i quickly grabbed his hand.

“Please don’t leave Ohio… Stay. Richærd is not welcomed here. He should rather be gone because I have no business with him ever since we broke up. Ohio, you are the man I truly want and love and I beg you to stay here with me. Don’t go because of Richærd…

I said to Ohio while holding onto his hand.

“I wasn’t going anywhere Becca, I’m not leaving you alone with him except if you ask me to go but aside that, I’m right here with you.

I nodded and watch as Richærd turned to leave.
He looked back at me and then at Ohio and said.

” She rejected me now because of a common mistake and you are supporting her blindly. Watch out for her because the Becca I know can be very desperate. She practically informed all her family and friends that I was going to propose to her on her 28th birthday, and I never even thought of proposing. She sang marriage like song to my ears non stop even before then. That’s how desperate she can be. You are acting like a lover boy now, watch out for her low self esteem and desperation which can drive you crazy and make you take off without looking back. Yes, I love her but she must hear the bitter truth… and is a sincere advice from me to you Mr “gentleman”.

Ohio gasped out, he smiled and said.

“Alright, thanks for the advice. I will definitely watch out. If that’s all you have to warn me about, then is time we say goodnight to each other!

Richærd hissed as he walked out of the door with a moody face.
Ohio’s calm and calculated word was like salt to Richærd’s injured heart.

Richærd is really a fool to suddenly sell me off cheaply to Ohio. Was I really desperate with the way he portray me? I dated him for three years, my friends who did not date their men up to a year or two were getting married. My parents were on my case every now and then, I was getting older and wasn’t a child anymore. Richærd was not talking about settling down and when I asked him what his plan was, he assured me that very soon we will get married. I got excited with the news and believed that he will propose during my birthday but he came in late almost at same time with JoJo and left without spending time with me. I love with everything in me, and that was the way I loved Richærd. I loved him and wanted him to be my husband but the foolish Richærd mistake me to be desperate and having low self esteem. I may appear so but it was the pressure I was getting from all angle, especially from my parents makes me looks weak and desperate. I’m glad he broke up with me, it was painful initially but I’m happy he did. If we have gotten married, he would have remind me one day that I forced him into marriage with my desperate attitude. And such word will really hurt me. I wouldn’t have met a loving gentle man like Ohio if Richærd did not Leave me for JoJo.

I locked the door as he stepped out. Richærd’s last word really got into me, maybe Ohio also see me as a desperate lady but will not want to say that to me so that I won’t feel bad.

It was as if I was competing with everyone but no matter how I try they still went ahead of me.

I don’t want Ohio to see me or misinterpret my behavior as desperate.
I know I’m turning 30 soon but I think I need to slow down my heart race.
The way I love deeply which affects my personality if anything goes wrong, I don’t want to love that way without reserving some for myself.

I need to love myself first and admire the girl I was and the strong lady that I have become.

“Becca, you are quiet? I hope you did not take any of his last word to heart? Your ex is the desperate and a confused one and not you, if not he won’t be here begging for a chance to be in your life again.

Ohio Said to me as we sat down, he try drawing me to himself but I was fine sitting straight with my head resting on the chair.

“What is it Becca? Are you alright…

“Yes, I am. Thanks Ohio for defending me in front of Richærd and not picking offence with his presence here”

He moved closer to me and just as usual he smell so good.

“You said that you love me… right in front of your ex. Did you mean those words or you just wanted to use it and scare your ex off? Please I need a sincere answer… and trust me with the truth because I will never hurt you with it.

I was quiet for sometime. I will tell him the truth, there is no harm in that but I will guard my heart so that nothing will take me by surprise.

“I meant every word Ohio. I love you and I did not hide or holdback my feelings from you. I let it out shamelessly. it really hurt anytime my love is not reciprocated. I try to let you see how much I want you at the resort Beach… that night you turned me down and I felt heart broken. But I try to understand…

He gently turned my face to him and slowly k-ssed me for sometime before releasing me.

“Becca, I love you maybe more you can imagine. I hærdly fall in love with a woman and when I do she occupies every fiber in me and if I get turned down I takes me a Long time to fully get back my real self and move on. I was careful not to love the wrong woman…I took my time until I met you but when I try by inviting you for a boat cruise you turned me down with being engaged. I accepted to play the role of a fake fiance because I love you Becca. At the beach house, that night, I really wanted you more than you do but you may mistake it as a form of payment for playing along with your parents. I made it clear that I don’t want any type of payment and I will not like to take advantage of the moment and make it look like you were paying me back with s€×. I only wanted to make you realize how much I love and desire to be in your life. I’m sorry for making you feel dejected, I can not deliberately hurt you Becca. You can have me all to yourself tonight and forever. I’m all yours…but we will take it slowly and not rush ahead of ourselves.

Another k-ssing follows which I was enjoying until I remembered Lili.
I quickly turned off.
My emotions was draining dry at the thought of another woman in his life.

He try k-ssing me again but I turned my face away.

“What’s wrong… what is the problem Becca? Talk to me…
He asked trying to draw me closer to himself.

“Lili? Is she your wife… girlfriend or baby mama? I really don’t like trouble in my life, I try to be transparent enough but I will not like to become a night mare for another lady or be the reason a woman goes to bed with a heavy heart because I know how it feels. Whatever she is to you, please tell me. is better I know now than to be hurt later. I know you love and care about her and from the little I understand, she loves you too. No matter the love we share, is better we do things right so that we don’t allow our selfishness to hurt others. See, I have being there and I know what heart break feels like….I don’t want anybody to experience such…

He smiled, straightened and bent his head. Still smiling.

“I did not even thought that you had Lili in mind. Becca, you should have asked me earlier, maybe at the beach house when we had enough time for ourselves or even before or after then and I would have opened up instead of allowing unnecessary issue to bother you. Lili is not a threat to you or anybody… maybe I will take you to Lili tomorrow or next. Any day you are free. I don’t want to tell you who she is or what she means to me, but I want you to meet her in person. Okay?

I nodded and went back to his arms.
He talked about his growing up as a boy, he talks about his brother Klint and some relatives that were there for his family when his mother had cancer of the heart. Everyone thought she won’t make it, all her hair fell off and she looks like a skeleton. Even their Dad gave up but surprisingly his mother survived the chemotherapy and gradually recovered fully.

We talk into the night, I was relaxing on his body while we talk about our lives and growing up days.

I looked at the time it was 3am. Despite how much we wanted to jump into bed and release all our stored emotions, we agreed not to rush things but to rather take our time before going the extra mile.

I slept off in his arms right in the sitting room, he also did and support his head with throw pillows but his body was my own pillow.

I awaken with a knock on the door again that morning, I sluggishly went to check and it was Silas asking me to join him in jogging because it was a Saturday.

I told him that I was tired and won’t be joining him.

He Left. Ohio was already up and was washing his face in the bathroom.

He came out and gave me a good morning k-ss.

“I will be going, you need enough rest and I also do. Let me know whenever you are free and I will drive down. We may spend the evening with Lili…if you don’t mind.

I still don’t know who Lili is to him but I’m at peace and don’t feel bothered anymore because he makes me feel that way.

Ohio left and did not wait for breakfast even when i asked him to wait let me make breakfast for him.
He asked me not to stress myself that he needs to bath and brush before breakfast which he will do when he gets home.

I cleaned up the house, freshen up, had breakfast and was watching a show on TV when Melinda came around 1pm.
She surprised me in a big way by coming with Joe, my elder brother who I never knew came into the country and they all planned to surprise me with his presence.

I scre-med excitedly as I jumped on Joe’s body. He was laughing so was i.
Melinda captured the moment with her phone camera so that she can show my parents who she promised to take pictures of my reactions when I see Joe and take back to them.

Melinda went to the kitchen to prepare something for herself since Joe was comfortable with the drink I offered.
I was talking with Joe happily when I had another knock on the door.

I ran to open up and it was JoJo in her gym s€×y outfit.
She laugh immediately she saw me and said I missed alot today because I wasn’t at the gym class or jogging within the estate.
She display her little skills which she said Silas thought her and she has been learning a great deal from him.
She talked about Silas and how much fun she was having.

JoJo walked past me and entered the house.
 immediately she saw my brother who she doesn’t know was my brother, JoJo changed her walking step to catwalking.

She whispered to my ear that my “honey” was a very hot guy.

She thought Joe was my boyfriend and was willing to shoot her shot but not knowing that Joe was a married man or she probably doesn’t care because Joe was putting on his wedding ring which was very glaring.

JoJo did not also know that my crazy sister, Melinda was also around.


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