My Colorless Rainbow

My Colorless Rainbow – episode 22


Episode 22.
By Amah’s

“Becca, meet Lili. She is the one I have being talking over the phone with and the owner of this restaurant. She is a great cook, I haven’t seen anyone that can beat her cooking yet…

Lydia blushed, I smile but I still wanted to hear more. How is Lydia related to him? Is she a friend, an ex, his wife or what exactly?
I was beginning to get impatient. I spoke before Ohio will continue with the introduction.

“I have met Lydia before. I never knew she was the Lili you have being talking about. This place used to be my best restaurant but I stopped coming after my ex broke up with me here. That night I was devastated but Lydia offered to help and even took me home that night. I lost her business card and I never get a chance to thank her for her kindness.

Ohio shouted “wow” and Lili snapped her finger excitedly.

“ehee!… I knew that I have seen your face before. We have a lot of customers coming and going here, I couldn’t figure it out. I remember that night very well and what a coincidence that the lady after Ohio’s heart is same one that wanted to die because of an unworthy man. I told you that with time you will get a better man who deserves you and here we are….you are lucky to have a man like Ohio and he is blessed to have you because I see your selflessness that night. You are transparent and love deeply. You have nothing to fear Becca, you are in safe hands.

I felt relaxed at Lydia’s word. She makes me feel at peace, with the way she speak. It shows that she and Ohio are not into any Eros kind of love affair. Maybe is a platonic relationsh¡p, they have grown fond of each other.

“This is quite interesting to know that both of you have met before. Becca, I know I showed you my family members. My Mom, Dad, Klint and Natalie. Yes they are my family and Lili here is another family member that I didn’t mention, you were so curios to know who she was and I decided to leave all the introduction till we meet with her. Lili is my cousin. We grew up together back in the state before she came down to the country. When my Mom was ill, she was the one taking care of the house, she was a good cook back then and even far better now and we all enjoyed her food. And most important she took care of Natalie during my mother’s absence. We all grew fond of her until she decided to come down here, and later got married. She have two smart boys and her husband is also an international trained chef. They run this place together but sometimes he enjoy staying with his boys, teaching them how to be real men… hahahahaha! Lili has over fed me with her delicious cooking ever since I relocated down here. She sends food to my house, office and I can never complain that I’m hungry anytime she is around. She also thought Dora how to prepare some delicacies. She is really taking care of me like one of her boys, even though she is just “three years” ahead of me in age which is really nothing. She used to spank me whenever I say that back when I was still a boy but not again. I have already accepted to be anything even if she sees me as one of her boys, I don’t mind. All that matters to me is I get fed at all time, I won’t complain…..

We all burst out laughing. Maybe I was laughing even more because I feel so free and very much relaxed after hearing him say Lili was his “cousin”

As we sat, Lili called one of the staffs and gave him menu for Ohio. She seem to know his favourite foods. She asked me what I wanted and I mentioned mine without shyness. I know I said that I wasn’t hungry before but I am now. Lili later left me and Ohio alone immediately our food arrives.

Ohio turned to me with a smile and said.

“Did you think I will have another woman and still come after you? If Lili was my wife, girlfriend or lover why will I still want to be in another relationsh¡p? I know some men keep different women but I’m a wh0le different man. I can’t keep two women at the same time and I don’t rush into a relationsh¡p or rush into anything at all. I take my time Becca and that is what I want you to understand about me. I may see a lady and admire her, either her looks, her hairdo, her styles of dressing but it ends right there. I won’t go further when I know I’m in a relationsh¡p with someone. I asked you to trust me and I need you to do just that. I love you Becca….i understand you might have had several heart breaks and confuse when the word “love” is mentioned. This is why you need to trust me. I won’t sugar coat my word just to please you. I’m too old for such games. Klint, my younger brother got married at 29years. I’m 34 and will be turning 35years soon and I don’t want to make any mistake when it comes to settling down. Becca, I will tell you exactly how I feel and what I want from you, I hate to beat around with words. You got me glued the first period I started noticing you back in the office. And ever since then I have not being able to think of another woman except you….even when you pushed me off with the news of your engagement I still thinks of you. But still have to respect your decisions. i hate double dating, I don’t adhere anything cheating in a relationsh¡p and will not because of my selfishness pressurize you into my life and you will end up hurting another man who trusted you. I stayed away from dramas. I believe even if you are not the right person, I will end up happy with another woman that will understand me. And I’m glad….that is you Becca” I wanted everything about you right from the day I started nurturing my feelings towards you”

I was enjoying both the food and the words as it poured from his mouth. I love hearing him reassure me of his love. It makes me feel so good and secure.
Even though I’m yet to understand how he loves and want me but will turn off anytime i try to get so intimate with him.

We had a great day with Lili. She asked the managers to take charge in her absence as she took us to meet her family.
I met her husband and two sons. Her house was not far from the restaurant, so it was a short drive.
We stayed over there and the husband made des**t and ice tea for everyone, his wife was not left out. They look good together.

We later hugged and said goodbye to everyone before entering the road back to our base.
Ohio went to drop me off and as usual we said our good nights and he waited until I was in before driving off.

The following week, our relationsh¡p blossomed beautifully. He still come to the office with his pretty secretary whom he also introduced to me as Cherry.
Weekend came again and Ohio was busy with business meeting outside the state which will take him up to a month.
  I spoke with Melinda who said she was going to check out wedding gowns and shoes for her upcoming wedding.
She asked me to join her and since I was less busy I jumped at the offer. She drove all the way down to pick me up before we left.

While at the place, she was given different wedding gowns to try, and at the end she made a choice with one. it was very beautiful gown that fit perfectly with her shape. I also tried some of the wedding gowns just for fun and I looked forward to that day I will finally be in one.
We got what we wanted and left and Melinda drove me back to my place. We stayed in,side talking about different things and Ohio was one of our major topics.
Ohio called me to check on how I was doing and even get to speak with Melinda. After the call we continued our small gossip.
I opened up to Melinda about my fear concerning Ohio. Melinda was even surprised.

“Becca, you mean he has not touched you? You don’t even know how his bed actions looks like? So….what have you guys being doing all this while? It sound so childish to me that nothing apart from k-ssing and smooching is all you do with him. Isn’t it boring? I can’t even cope. You think he has issue…I won’t be surprise if he has health issue below his wa-ist just like you said. Because Ohio is too good to be true…he can’t actually have it all. Take a long look at him, apart from his good looks and well-structured body, look at his well-coordinated behavior, did you see his how breath taking is his house looks? He is also well to do. mhennn! He can’t possibly have it all. Since you have confirmed that Lili is his cousin, atleast that fear is settled. Another thing now is that Ohio may have health problem with his manh-od. I wish he doesn’t, I wish all he portray to be is all true. I wish such men like him still exist. Because Becca you deserves it but I really don’t want you to attach all your heart to his perfection otherwise you will feel heart broken when disappointment stare back at your face. But Becca, during the time you guys were together, maybe k-ssing or smooching don’t you feel or sense the activeness of his manh-od….the rise or some bulge? You didn’t feel anything at all??

I breathed deeply, Melinda was getting me scared that something maybe wrong with Ohio. She was confirming my fear and that of Jojo.

“I felt it, even right there at the basement…I felt it. He drew me closer to suppress his high emotion. Mel I felt it big time. Joe was coming up the basement and Ohio tries to readjust his cloth so that it won’t be obvious. He looks embarrassed when Joe showed up and I knew Joe suspected by merely looking at him. I knew then he wanted me and that idea was planted on my mind all throughout that day until when we had time for ourselves. I thought he was going to finally unleash all that emotion but he didn’t. when we were alone in his room, the going was good and I saw the bulge in his trouser again as he lay on the bed but when I tried to help him released the poor thing suffocating in there, he stood up and rush to the bathroom….

Melinda began to laugh so hærd, she kept laughing none stop.

“Mel, this is not funny. Are you mocking me or Ohio’s condition? You make me feel worst with your laughter. Stop laughing Melinda!

I shouted at her when she continued laughing.

“I’m sorry Becca, I can’t hold back the laughter. The way you are explaining the wh0le thing makes it really funny. It seem he is active down there but what I don’t understand is why he is shying away from having some hot fun. Haven’t he slept with a woman before in his life? He is not a V-rgin and I don’t know why he is spitting off the sugar you place in his mouth. Is hærd to see a man who truly loves a woman and won’t touch her… I have not seen or met one. Cole can’t stay without touching me. He will travel down to wherever I am just to be with me. Is rare to see a man like Ohio and I don’t know if they truly exist. Or he has some health challenges and tries to keep it away from you. Maybe you should ask him because I would have asked if I was in your shoe. My man can’t be starving me in bed, that’s wickedness. Is better you ask him now and know what you are getting into than to cry “had I know” later. I won’t be surprise if he has any trouble which maybe his reasons for not going the extra mile because God can’t bless one man with so much blessings….but if at the end he is perfectly okay, then is your luck. You will be really lucky but still try to find out, don’t keep mute or shy away from it. Is your happiness that matters Becca”

We talked some more before Melinda left.
Ohio came back after a month of being away for his business trip. He kept me updated and we even do video calls during his absence. The first place he took me was to Lili and we had a squeal meal. The delicacies there were mouth watery. We talked about many other things but I never mentioned about what I discussed with Melinda despite I still have my fears. Is being only the usual k-ssing thing with him and I wanted more but I don’t know how to even ask him about it so that he won’t take offence.

Few weeks later, i attended Anita’s wedding with him and Anita got to finally meet the man in my life. Her wedding was great and the colors she picked for decoration was beautiful. Her husband was looking so smart and happy in his suit with his groom men.
We took some pictures before I left with Ohio.
Is been over a month I saw Silas. He probably had being seeing Ohio around my place, that maybe the reason he kept his distance. Even Jojo ever since our last drama I have not seen her.

As I was coming back from work one day, I saw Jojo standing close to my gate. She was not with her car which was unlike her. She looked troubled as she stood waiting.
Immediately she saw me come out from a cab, she quickly walked to where I was standing.

“Hello Becca, long time no see! By the way you look good. No need to ask how life has being treating you….you are enjoying Ohio’s money isn’t it?

“I asked you not to come near my house ever again. What are you doing here Jojo and what do you want?

I asked her. She looked at me and smile mischievously.

“You are feeling like a victor right? You thought I have forgotten what you did. You planned with Silas and took almost everything i worked hærd for and now he is gone and nowhere to be found. You are dating your millionaire Ohio and life is obviously good with you. This fight is not yet over Becca. I will really get back at you in an unexpected way…you will vomit everything that Silas took from me. I even sold my car, emptied my account for him after buying into his lies. He duped me and ran off ever since. You masterminded the plan with him and he gave you part of what he stole from me right? No problem Becca…. I’m just here to tell you that this fight you started is not over yet. We will meet and this time around I will beat you without mercy. You will provide everything that Silas your thief boyfriend took from me. I have trailed him and even reported to the police but they are not taking enough action to find him. The people at the gym denied knowing him. They said he comes to the gym often and goes but he is not part of them. Since the police are slow in taking the proper action to get him, I have decided to do it myself and since I got to know him through you, I will start from you. You won’t be spared by the time I’m done. Mark my word. I leave you to think over this. Enjoy your impotent Ohio for now because that may not last. Fool!

She started walking away. I shouted after her.

“Jojo, you cannot do anything, go to hell with your empty threats. I have no business with you or with Silas whom you were ridding like a horse or have you forgotten so soon. You can’t do anything and if you ever try rubbish with me I will give you more dose of the last time beating. Stay away from me and from my house. You have no business coming around here and vomiting trash….

Jojo was gone, I went in,side my apartment fuming.
My birthday was next week and Melinda’s wedding follows immediately. I have a lot of things to keep me busy. Ohio asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday and I couldn’t come up with any plan. I told him I will be fine with anything he decided to get for me. And he nodded with a smile.
I have better things coming up this week to keep my mind occupied. Jojo is less of my problems.

Jojo really have guts to come and threaten me. I thought she was very wise and smart, how come Silas was able to dupe her and take all she had? And she has the effrontery to come and threaten me that she will deal with me? Jojo is mad and very stupid if she thinks I’m afraid of her empty threats.

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