My Colorless Rainbow

My Colorless Rainbow – episode 24

Episode 24.
By Amah

I ran back to my phone to call for help. The first person that came to mind was Ohio, I quickly dialled his line and waited as the phone was ringing.

“Open this door right now! Open this door or we will force it open and it will be worst for you….
They knew that I was awake after I turned off all the light.

They were commanding me to open the door or the worst will happen to me if they force it open. Fear gripped me, I was confuse on what to do. I can’t open the door and watch them hurt me.
 I can hear them trying to unlock my door with something. I need to act fast before they will succeed in unlocking the door and come in,side to attack me.

What if they are hired assassin? What if they are kidnappers? What if they are armed robbers? How did they even pass the estate security and came all the way down to my apartment? Who could have sent them and why? Who are they?
The only person I recently had a fight with and she came back threatening me was Jojo.

“oh Jojo, she sent the men to kill me….oh my God! She has decided to carry out her threat. Jojo want me dead…maybe she heard I was getting married to Ohio and hired men to come and attack me. Oh my….

I was scared as I thought of the danger I was into and no one to help.
I kept calling Ohio, my hands were shaking. I was also thinking of any escape route. I have none in the house. No backyard door, except high windows with glass. There was no other escape rout in the house for me at all and I never thought it was necessary until now.
Ohio later picked up his phone and with the way he sound I knew I interrupted his sleep. I began to talk in a whisper.
After informing him that there were intruders at my place trying to force my door open, Ohio’s eyes cleared up immediately. His voice began to break as he speak. He was shock after I told him what was going on.
Ohio asked me to find a place to hide myself that he was calling the cops right away.

I couldn’t find a better place to hide myself while waiting for the quick response of the cops and Ohio. I don’t even want Ohio to come down without the cops because he will be risking his life.
The door was opening gradually, the intruders were succeeding in unlocking my door. My phone rang out, I quickly silent it.
I ran to the kitchen, checked for any weapon that I can use for self-defense. I took one of the kitchen knives but what can a kitchen knife do. What if the men have guns on them?
I have many questions scaring me off that moment. I collected the kitchen knife and tuck it tight to my night wear. I have watched several movies on self defense during house robbery or any unexpected danger but I don’t have the confidence or nerve to do anything at that moment. I was in danger and I’m the only one in the house.
My phone was vibrating, it was Ohio who told me that he was on his way with the cops. He asked me to remain calm, he will soon get to me. I also spoke with the cops, they told me not to panic that they have called my estate security to check out what was going on. They asked me to remain calm.

How can I be calm in such a situation? I needed to find a suitable hiding place. I ran to my room, looking around on where to hide. if I go under the bed or crawl into the war-drop they will check those places and see me. I was checking round the house to see if there was a place I can hide until the cops arrive.
The door finally fling open, I quietly crawl back to the kitchen holding a wooden spatula in my shaking hands. I went behind my kitchen cupboards and stayed there. I can hear a footstep walking round the house. The stepped went to my room first and I can hear the sound of my wardrop door opening.
After sometimes the intruder switched the bathroom lights on. They were searching for me.

“Come out from wherever you are hiding because if I get you….you will be sorry for disobeying!

A strange strong voice barked out to me repeatedly. I remained where I was and did not come out. I can see a fire extinguisher hanging by the wall, it will be a good weapon for me. My phone was vibrating, I did not bother to check the caller, I quickly silent the call and drop the phone on the ground.
 I don’t want to be distracted at this hour, I needed to focus.
The loud footsteps was coming towards the kitchen. And in no time he was there, he switched on the light and stood in the center of the kitchen. I can see his shoe, it was a black boot. Which shows that the men really came for operation. Either to kidnap me or to harm me.

He was backing the cupboard where I was hiding. His partner called out to him asking if he has seen me? He replied him with a hushed voice that he was still searching. The second man asked him to hurry up that he was wasting too much time in getting me.
He checked behind the kitchen door, then as he bent to check a cabinet which was opposite where I was hiding. I rushed out and went straight at him. I hit him first with a fire extinguisher and as he staggered the gun fell off from his hand. I try to rush to the gun, the man who has recovered from my first attack, knocked me off the ground with his boot, I lost my balance and fell with a heavy thud, I winced in pain and got up immediately.
As he try to pick up the gun again, I kicked it under the cupboard with my leg.
He punch me hærd on the neck and another to my eyes and another heavy blow landed my face which almost send me unconscious but I was not giving up on the fight yet.
His partner was calling him from outside to hurry up.
He try to lift me to his shoulder but I bite him hærd with my teeth, a small scre-m left his mouth. He try dragging me out, I held onto the door with all my might.
He hit me again as he try to make me pass out so that he can carry me outside on his shoulder and to whatever car they came with and to wherever they planned taking me to.
As he was kicking me with his boot, I crawled up myself on the ground, placed my hand where I hide the kitchen knife beneath my cloth. I gently pulled out the knife without him suspecting it and stretched out with force, the first place my hand went straight was his stomach.
I stabbed him and did not removed my hand. I pushed in the knife until it penetrated his belly. He scre-med out so loud. I had injuries on my body but I paid no attention to myself. I will take care of it later.
I can hear sound, maybe his partner was coming to finish me up. I searched for the gun that I kicked under the cupboard but it will take time before I retrieve it.
The man was on the ground rattling in pain as he try to pull off the knife.
Blood filled the wh0le place, it was not a good sight to behold

I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and hide at the back of the door, waiting for his partner to come up suddenly so that I can smash his head with it. My legs shakes, I was weak and was ready to pass out any moment but the determination to live, especially now that my life was beginning to make sense, the thought that my long waited happiness was coming to stay kept me fighting hærd. I will not allow the armed men to kill me before my joy is full. With God’s help I will survive this.

I heard my name, someone was calling my name and it was Ohio’s Voice.
He ran to the kitchen with speed, he scre-med in shock when he saw the mess on the ground. He grabbed me to himself and lifted me to his arm. The cops where behind him. They lift the intruder from the ground as he was still struggling to pull off the knife, he was also bleeding seriously. They removed his mask and asked me if I recognized him but I have never seen his face before.

I asked them if they have apprehended his partner that was outside, they told me that he escaped but I shouldn’t worry because he will be caught.
They handcuffed the guy, I pointed at the place that his gun fell. The cops retrieved the gun and lead the guy outside.

Ohio carried me to the sitting room, he placed me gently on the cushion. He called the paramedic to come immediately.
I was angry with him for arriving late with the cops.

“It took you and the cops forever to get here. Is over 30minutes I informed you about the intruders. What if they had succeeded in killing me or taking me away before you guys finally gets here? It was an emergency and needed quick responds, every second that passes was dangerous. They broke down my door and came in to attack me and could have succeeded in getting me killed or in kidnapped me as they intended. Who knows what they plan to do with me….

I was crying while scolding him.
Ohio cuddled me up to himself, apologizing for no reason.
I knew it was not his fault or the police fault, his house to this place was more than an hour drive and for him to get down within 35minutes, it means that he also risks his life on the high way just to get to me in time.
The medics came and attended to me. They were able to remove the knife from the arrested intruder’s stomach. He passed out due to excess bleeding but was resuscitated. The cops asked me few question and I answered them.
The only person I suspected that will send the thug is Jojo, and she also came to threatened me few weeks ago after she was duped by her supposed lover, Silas. I told the cops everything.
They asked me why didn’t I report to them after the threat, even Ohio was surprise when he heard that Jojo came threatening me. He asked me why I never said anything all this while. She could have being apprehended before now. I told them I did not take any of her words serious, but I understand now that she meant every one of it.

The cops said they will arrest everyone involved in the case and will also find out who really sent the thugs to my house.
I told them is no other than Jojo and I will like to go with them to her house, just to give her one resounding slap before her arrest.
I had a black eyes, broken lip, bruises on my neck and other part of my body, swollen face and ankle which I sustained from the hired thug but no internal injury or serious org-n damage.
I feel pain all over and my headache even after I was given some drugs by the medics.
The estate security revealed the armed men drove in within the day and said they were plumbers, that they were called to come and fix something in a particular house.
The estate security told the police that the men most have hanged around the estate until night came and they decided to carry out their operation.

Ohio said that I needed an urgent treatment in the hospital, following the police to arrest Jojo wasn’t necessary.
We drove to the hospital that morning and was there till noon. The news of Jojo and the second armed man’s arrest came and I felt relieved. My parents rushed down to the hospital immediately the news got to them.
 Ohio stayed with me in the hospital until the following day. On the second day I was at the police station.
Jojo was in handcuffed and put in cell, I saw the second man’s face and it was strange, I have never seen him before either.
Jojo was tortured a little but she kept denying that she has nothing to do with the hired men. Jojo only agreed that she threatened me but she wasn’t the one that sent the men to come and attack me.
The men has refused to confess who really sent them, they were ready to die with the truth. Despite I still did not believe Jojo, I also suspected another person, which was Richærd. And in no time Richærd was also brought to the station.
He looks shock after the cops told him that he was a suspect in the attack that took place at my place. He told the cops that he has no hand in such and will never do anything like that.
Richærd sound sincere and I felt he was saying the truth. If is not Jojo and Richærd then who sent the men? Jojo and Richærd have both denied having a hand in the attack.
Richærd remained in cell but not in a handcuffs like Jojo.
Jojo was the main suspect even as investigation was still going on.
It was after more torture by the cops that one of the intruders confessed who really sent them.
It was really a shocking confession as he also stated how much they were paid which was huge amount to kidnap me and not just that. The plans was to torture me until I give up on life. The person that hired them wanted me to die slow but steady.

I was surprise, even Ohio was very shock when the man mentioned Cherry’s name. Ohio’s office secretary was behind wh0le thing.
He couldn’t think of a reason why Cherry will do such evil. It was unbelievable. Cherry was a sweet beautiful lady with an envious shape. She flows very well with Ohio and also with me. She was recently at my birthday party where Ohio proposed to me. Why will she want to hurt me or Ohio, it makes absolute no sense.

I just couldn’t believe it. The cops asked Ohio if he once had an intimate relationsh¡p with her before or promised her something which he did not keep.
Ohio replied that Cherry was only his secretary and she was mostly on official duty with him. She was also like a friend and he never had anything intimate to do with her. Everything about him and cherry was official except when he invited her over to the birthday and engagement party or when she decided to be extra nice to him by getting him gifts during his birthday and will always call to check him up whenever he was outside the country.
She probably made some amorous moves on him but he waves things like that off and do not give it a second thought. He was never interested in dating her or turning his office into rom-ntic palace.
 Ohio also had doubt that Cherry was behind the wh0le saga. He said Cherry was not capable of such evil and does not have such mind to hurt him or anyone close to him.
She was too jovial and classic to get involved in such bloody act.

The cops were out to get Cherry but she was nowhere to be found.
They released Jojo and Richærd after they have written and signed an undertaking to keep their distance from me.
It was already two weeks of driving in and out of the station, hoping to get news concerning Cherry.
She was later apprehended and arrested too.

I and Ohio were at the station within hours. I was so much interested to know why Cherry of all people will want to harm me.


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