My Colorless Rainbow

My Colorless Rainbow – episode 5

Episode 5.
By Amah

I came in and saw him waving over a table.
I doubled up my steps and almost kicked down a chair that was on my way. I was too much in a hurry to get to him and receive the great news.

I was almost out of breath when I got to the table.

He was not looking so bright, he curve his mouth into a smile as I sat opposite him, so excited.

There was a bottle of wine and two cups.
He was gradually sipping his own and later poured some for me in the second glass cup.

He asked me if I care for anything to eat, I could have said yes on a normal day because is my favorite eatry and their food tastes so good.
But i was filled up with excitement and told him that I’m okay with the wine.

I Just wanted him to quickly get it all done.

I placed my two hands on the table so that he can see that I’m fully ready.

He cleared his throat, look straight at my beaming face filled with smile and said.

“Becca, I love you and you know that… we have being together for three years now. Three months ago completed it three years that we are in a relationsh¡p which had being awesome. You are good and and very understanding. You are beautiful and has being patient with me…

I nodded my head still with smile as I expect the main news.
Richærd continued.

“Becca… will you…

Before he could complete the statement.

I started chorusing my yes…yes…yes! I will marry you Rich…yes I will!

The air was cool, beautiful and rom-ntic music was playing that evening.
The music is probably coming from my own mind but I did not care I was enjoying the great moment of my life.

He paused and looked at me confused.
I assumed my “yes” was not loud enough for him to hear, so I scre-med it out, forgetting that other people were at the place, eating and relaxing.

I noticed that some people turned and looked at me, but they will not understand the Joy in my heart that my loving boyfriend just finally proposed to me.

Richærd cautioned me with a frown on his face

“Lower your voice Becca, stop being so dramatic. Why are you acting like a little child? I was not proposing to you. Why are you so desperate… what is wrong with you?

My beautiful smile suddenly changed into a frown.

“What else are we doing here Rich if is not what I’m thinking? why did you call me out that you have something to tell me… what other thing can that be since is not a proposal? What exactly did you want to say by asking me “if I will….?

I asked him getting confused and uncomfortable with his attitude.
He replied with a hush voice that is rather harsh.

“Maybe if you have calm down and listen to the end of what I had to say you won’t be too fast to conclude. Look at the way you almost created a scene…did you see the way people were turning and looking at us earlier? I was about asking you if you will be kind enough to explain to me what you are doing with your boss friend? You are cheating on me right?

I scoffed out at first in shock. my boss friend.. Mr Ohio? How did Richærd got to know that. Who hold him? JoJo was the only person I spoke with. How did Richærd got to hear about it?

“My boss friend? How…who told you such lies that I’m cheating on you. I have never cheated on you Rich…never!…

He scold me with another harsh voice.
I began to wonder what has come over him all of a sudden.

“Keep quiet and answer the damn question Becca. You are going out with your boss friend and also sleeping with him. You thought I won’t know right? I have my informant even right there in your office, they update me on your every move. How could you Becca? I loved you and I thought you also loved me. I don’t know your desperate attitude for a ring has pushed you into another man’s arm. I just want to tell you that I’m done… I’m done with this wh0le relationsh¡p thing. There was no way I was even going to marry you Becca, you are too old for me. I need a younger lady, smart, more beautiful…less desperate… and independent lady who does not need her parents to dictate for her. Maybe one who lives alone has a higher class. I don’t need someone that is 28 going to 29years. Never… even my parents will not support such union. I wanted to still put up with you and see if things can still work out but since you have started sleeping with your boss and all his friends, I have no choice than to call it quit. You are here by free to sleep with all your boss friends, your boss himself and even your colleagues…is none of my business any more. I’m moving on with my life and I’m sorry it has to end this way. We both enjoyed ourselves, we both had a great time together for three years but I can’t continue anymore. Is time to get serious with the right one…

All through the time he was speaking I didn’t realize that I left my mouth open in shock and kept looking at him as if he was speaking Latin or reading out my death sentence.

I kept looking at him even after he was done talking and gave me a chance to speak.
Is this a prank, could this be a joke?

“Becca… Becca? Why are you acting loss? Hope you heard everything I said? You are looking as if you have seen a ghost. If you have anything to say then say it and stop behaving like you are crazy. Becca! Answer me because I don’t have all the time to waste here…

Is Richærd mad, is something wrong with him? I hope all this is one hell of a joke. He can’t possibly mean what he just said.

“Rich, I don’t understand any of those things you just said. Please stop it if is a joke, is too expensive for a joke. You stab me hærd like a knife with every word from your mouth. What do you mean “you are calling it quit? Who exactly are you done with because is definitely not me. Why do my age becomes a problem after three years… Rich, is three good years that we are talking about here. This wh0le prank is not even funny. Is not funny Rich. Please stop it. I will pretend I did not hear you say any of those things.

I said with almost tears in my which I try to hold back.
How can Richærd be joking with such expensive thing. He should think of my feelings before vomiting such hurting words.

“Becca, listen to me. Is not my good wish that we should go our seperate ways. I never wanted to hurt or break your heart this way but my happiness matters. Three years is nothing… don’t make it seem like a big deal. I know some friends that dated for five to ten years before going their separate ways. So, three years is just like yesterday, move on with your life and stop holding onto that because nothing will make me consider you Becca. Recently you have become too desperate, going around telling everyone that we are getting engaged… that I was going to propose to you when I never for once thought of such. It was all your idea and you thought you can make me settle for less, never. I’m sorry Becca but this is the end of the road for us.

Richærd stood, took his glass of wine, he gently hit my untouched drink with his cup and said

 “cheers Becca to another new begining for us…it was nice knowing you. Goodbye and enjoy the rest of your life because I’m going to do the same”

He lifted the wine to his mouth, drank deeply before lowering the empty cup down to the table.

He immediately walked out on me after then.

I was speechless, dumb founded.
I wanted to go on my knees and beg him to forgive me in anyway I offended him without knowing.

Another part of me wanted to smash the bottle of wine on his head and pierce his wicked heart with the pieces from the bottle.

Yet, all I did was to sit, pinching myself because I wanted to wake up from the nightmare.
This is a terrible night mare, a bad dream I wish to wake up from.

I just sat, staring at nothing, holding my head in my two hands.
I was going crazy in,side of me.

I wanted to run after him, I wanted to ask him to unsay everything he just said.
I wanted to hold him one more time and let him know that he was my heart beat.
I have loved him deeply and wh0leheartedly, he became the sole of my existence.

I remain seated, still staring at nothing.

Time has gone, the music if my soul has changed.
Is now filled with sad songs. I thought I was going to die but realized I was still sitting all alone, still breathing.

“Madam… madam. We are closed for today. You need to leave so that we can lock up. This is 11:30pm. Our closing time is 11pm.

One of the staff, probably the security guard tapped my shoulder, asking me to get up and leave because is time to lock up.

I wondered how long I have being sitting there like a lonely woman without a home.

Is over three hours that Richærd left and I was still there doing nothing.

The staff tapped me again and I gently got up, I staggered like a drunkard even though I haven’t tasted any alcohol yet.

I was even craving for some but my stomach was still filled with so much pain and sadness this time and not the same excitement I came in with as I try to walk out.

The wh0le place was almost filled up with people when I came in to meet Richærdvbut no single person was there except the staffs waiting for me to leave.

I saw a females staff with different uniform, I guess is one of the managers. She approached me.

“Hello ma, with the way you look are you sure you can find your way home? I can drop you off or to your nearest bustop. This is 12pm and for a young lady to be walking alone, is quiet risky….

I waved her off like a mad woman before facing her as if she has solution to my problem.
 I was talking like a crazy lady while demonstrating with my hands.

“I will find my way home. Did you know that Richærd said he was calling it quit? It was after three years…he said I’m too old for him. He said I was sleeping with my boss and his friends which I never did and I don’t know how he got such information. Richærd said I was desperate and there was no way he would have married me. Bec… because I’m no more good enough. He wants to be with the right person….that means I’m the wrong one. I don’t have any life to secure, if you care for it then take it. The life is useless to me. if I walk on that dry road and I’m being attacked, I will beg them to take my life too because is not useful to me. Richærd has already killed me… I’m a walking ghost. I’m not good enough for him anymore, he wants to be with somebody that is better, younger and smarter. He actually said that to me….haaa! Richærd said that to me hahahaha! My life has ended. Please, come closer, come and punch me…pour me cold water, hit me with a heavy plank…do anything to wake me up from this sleep that comes with terrible night mares. Is a bad dream because in reality Richærd loves me, he can’t leave me. You know that too right? Richærd said we will get married after a short time, Richærd is my man and I was supposed to be engaged to him in reality not in this dream that is filled with terrible things. Somebody should wake me up… wake me up please eeee!

I scre-med out the last statement with tears pouring down my eyes.
I gave way for It to flow.

The staffs stare silently at me. One of them laughed out at my drama, the woman angrily cautioned the person to stop laughing at me.
The same woman came to hold me.

She gently drew into her arms and hugged me but I moved away from her.

I don’t need hugs, I need somebody to beat me hærd until I wake up.
A hug will make it look like is a reality but I know this can only be happening in my dreams.
My phone kept ringing, is probably my parents and yet, even their calls did not wake me up.

The devil is a liar, I will marry my Richærd, the true Love of my life.

All this can’t be happening, is not true.
No is not!

Tears poured down my face as I started walking out of the door.
I noticed that same woman followed me like a security but I wish she can do better than being nice and Just slap me until I awaken from this night mare.

Somebody help me out, anybody! Please, just wake me up.
Richærd can’t break up  with me. No he can’t call it quit. No he can’t!

Please do something before this becomes real.
 I still can’t believe any of this is truly happening!


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