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My crazy house help episode 18


My Crazy

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House Help🎻👰

🎤(She defiled me)🎤

Episode 18

By. Humble Smith

Bryan’s POV

“Can I sing for you?” She muttered under her breath…


“Can you even sing?..do you have the voice?” I asked with an arched brow, she took a deep breath before nodding…

“Even if you have the voice, it can’t be like that of Sophia you know??..stop being too obsessed!!” I sighed and I could see her swallow hard..

“Rose, I can say you are lucky to be my friend when I couldn’t even talk to any other lady, you are really lucky to be my friend, I know Sophia alone but you made me act different” I muttered

“Do you know why I came to that school even when I knew the implications, It was because of you..Bryan can I bear seeing you with Sophia?” She shrugged sighing deeply…

“Sophia is my girlfriend and you are my house help!!..keep it that way and suit yourself!!” I stated bluntly walking away..

Rose’s POV

A short laughter escaped my lips as he walked away, Sophia would be coming back in a month time, till then…

I turned back only to see the maid and chef staring at me in awe..

“Why those stares??” I asked

“Are you really a house help?..i doubt it!!” Jane was the first to squeak

“You don’t act like he is your boss..have you met him before?..like..are you both in a relationship?” Mary asked

I sighed and slumped on the couch without giving any reply..

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“It seems like Bryan likes her, I wonder why he hasn’t yell at her a bit even when she showed disrespect!” Marian shrugged

“Do you think he loves me!!” I snapped jumping out of the couch..

“What else can be said when he is all soft to you, you didn’t even bow when he walked in and he did nothing!..you held his hand..both of you walked out..oh gosh!!” Jane gasped waging her head bringing smiles from my lips..

“Bryan is a cold hearted boss, he detests ladies making him fire many of them leaving just three of us, he hates the sight of us, that’s why we stays indoor when not at work” Miriam breathed

“We fears him because he doesn’t smile at all, always frowning, it all started after Sophia Hus girlfriend jilted him” Mary whispered

“How could you make such a man love you???” Jane asked curiously

“Love???…did he love me?” I asked in a low tone

“It is clear, that is why he is easy on you, wow!!..you are such a lucky girl..” Jane squeaked

“I don’t think he loves me, he just told me that Sophia is coming back…”

“What??????” They all screamed in unison with their eyes widened

I could see shock written all over their face, it was later contorted to fear..

“Are you serious??” They asked

“Why do you all look fretful??” I asked peering at them

“Sophia the sadist?..ohh!” Jane hissed and walked away angrily, Mary followed her immediately, there was deep hatred in their eyes

“Why are they leaving?” I asked Miriam

“That name chased them away, Sophia shouldn’t return here..oh yuck!!” She spited with a grimace

“It pains me that Bryan wants her back, I really love him, why would he accept that girl after all she did to him!!” I snorted plopping down on the couch.

“Sophia would throw you out like a piece of trash if she hears that you have a glint of feeling for Bryan, it’s better you kill those feelings and face your work as a house help” she shrugged

“I have to make Bryan fall in love with me, please what does he really likes?..what does Sophia do that gives him joy?” I asked biting my index finger.

“He loves a girl that would keep him busy, well, I don’t think you can did anything or else he got some little feelings” she breathed

“Sophia is returning a month later, Bryan should be mine before then, I’m off to his room, he should kill me or love me..” I laughed rushing to his room..

Who is Sophia?

An obstacle..Austin should be enough for her, she has voice and then??..can she sing more than me?..I don’t even know!

I can’t even wait for that day when I would sing for Bryan, why would he even judge my voice without listening…

He has already condemn it, I can’t even believe he said I was obsessed but who cares… At least he is talking to me freely unlike other ladies..

I picked a broom before heading forward to his room..

I knocked but there was no reply, I knocked and knocked and knocked but still yet no one said anything…

I pushed the door but it was locked..really?..he doesn’t want me in??

“Hello Bryan can I come in!!!” I shouted from outside

“No!!!!!” He shouted back..


“You are not Sophia!!!!!”

“I am!!!!!..open the door and check!!!” I shouted

“Are you alright??..how can you be Sophia with that Rose voice!!!”

“Come and check!!!”

“Your voice is enough evidence!!”

“Would you leave me out here??..I’ll cry!!”

“Cry???.. How does it even trouble me??..go and clean the house!!!!” He shouted

“I’m here to clean your room!!!”

“Don’t clean my room!!..go elsewhere!!”

“You are really sending me away??” I screamed

“What about it??..Sophia is my girlfriend not you!!” He replied

“I’ll stay here till you are ready to bring me in, I have something to say to you, I can’t believe you are now leaving me out here all alone…” I stated

He kept quiet..

“Bryan I’m serious now, if you don’t open this door at the count of three, I’m gonna leave this house forever, I would leave and never return..you don’t even care how I feels..” I sighed

“1..2….3!!” I counted

What??..he didn’t open the door, gosh!!..Rose sorry for you!!

“I’m leaving!!..guess you never wanted me…”

I turned to leave taking three step forward but felt someone’s grip on my palm making me pause my step..

“Rose..you are leaving to where?” Bryan asked

“Home…I can’t stay here receiving your snubs, you don’t have an idea how it hurts to be abandoned..” I sniffed

“Come in…” He shrugged and drew me into his room..

“Why did you left me out there, I hate you for that!!!”

“Why did you want to come in here at first?” He asked sitting on the bed while I stood there..

“I was bored and felt the desire to be beside you” I replied

“I’m your boss, you got no right to……”

“Enough..I’ll leave If you want!” I snapped

“Well…I can’t actually wait for her to come back!” He smiled picking up a picture album



“Can you think about all she did to you?..she treated you like nothing, how can you love her so easily again!!” I snorted

“We are just meant for each other…” He smiled hugging the pics to his chest..


Just then, we heard a knock on the door…

“Who is there?” Bryan asked with a growl

Bryan’s POV

The door was opened immediately and jace walked in..


“Hey, dude what’s up??” I greeted with a cheerful smile which seeped away as Rose quickly ran into him with a tight passionate hug..



“My beautiful Rose, how are you!” He chirped making her chuckle into his chest..

“I’m fine dear, I just miss you a lot!” Rose muttered bringing a huge smile on his face..

He pecked her forehead then her cheeks making her giggle as she blush..

My face grimaced as I watched, I can’t believe what I was feeling, jealousy?..anger?..but why all these feelings!!!

“Hey buddy, whats up!” He greeted me with a smile holding her palm softly…

I swallowed hard before forcing out a smile..

“Hmm, so what brought you….” My voice went low as his hand went over Rose waist with her head resting on his shoulder, their body was so close..

Normally, it shouldn’t trouble but, strange enough, that act was making me unease…

My mouth gaped..

“Rose I hope he isn’t treating you badly?” He asked with a sweet smile

“Hey why is your arm around her waist?” I found my mouth asking making them stare at me, Geez!!..I regret saying those words, it clearly makes me look like I was jealous, it would make them think I love Rose and doesn’t want her with Jace..gosh!!

“Why the question?..do yo feel unease?..wow, is it what I’m thinking??” Jace teased making roll my eyes at him before slumping on the bed..

They both held hand as he led her to the couch where they both sat all together, they were really closed that her leg was touching his…argggh!!..why I’m I thinking about that, not like Rose is my girlfriend!

“Jace, he isn’t treating me well at all, can you believe he wouldn’t open the door for me, I stayed outside for hours…” She whined leaving me dumbed,

“What??…Bryan why?” Jace asked

“She is a house help..besides, Sophia is returning back to me!!!!” I squealed smiling widely..

“Then I think you don’t really care about her..” He said peering at me..

“What do you mean?” I asked with a straight stare

“Please jace can I live with you?..he annoys me with that Sophia of a girl, I can’t take it!” Rose sulked resting her head on his chest..


Live with him??..hell no!!

“Rose you aren’t going anywhere!!” I blurted before knowing I had said such a word

“Really?..you don’t want me to leave?” She asked

“I’m taking her out of a here, you can wait for your annoying Sophia!” Jace retorted and drew her up, his hand went over her waist again making her smile sweetly, I could see pure beauty, those lips and nice jaw..

I couldn’t help the sigh that escaped my lips…

“Rose please stay!” I muttered gazing at the floor..

“Why??..you loves Sophia and….”

“Please stay, I need someone like you beside me, you said you would sing for me, we can go to the studio now” I mumbled


She quickly ran into my body in a tight hug…I felt a rush of shiver down my spine as her body touch me…

I wasn’t thinking of pushing her away, I can’t even remember she is a commoner, my arm went across her own body as I savour the feelings..

I don’t think I can let her go, her presence makes me glad..

“Bryan I can’t believe I’m hugging you right now!” She whispered

“I can’t also believe I allowed you hug me, why can’t I push you away” I muttered..

“It is getting dark, I would be leaving the two lover birds” Jace laughed making me also smile..

“If I treat you well, you would help make Sophia like me when she returns right?” I muffled


“She said she was still angry with me, I would have to make her like me again, I just think you can say something to her so she would….”

“Stop…let’s go and sing, I swear you don’t know how my voice sounds like” she smiled sweetly..


We both held hand and was about leaving when my voice rang…

I picked it up from the table only to see a video call from Sophia..

Wow!!!..my heart leaped for joy,

“Hello…” I smiled into the screen as i clicked on the green button..

“Who are you standing with?..Her name is Rose right?” She seethed glaring at Rose beside me..

“Who is she?..Sophia right??” Rose sneered rolling her eyes in detest..

“Bryan what?…”

“She is my house help!” I snapped

“It looks like you both are getting along, you don’t really want me back, I think I should leave…..”

“No!!..please don’t!!..please!” I pleaded

“Okay then, I would be returning next week” she said..

What???..that would be great!!!!

I can’t wait!

“Austin and I had broke up, I’m sorry for breaking your heart, we can start again” she smiled making me kiss the screen..

“Sophia you are the best, finally I would start singing again, your voice gives me inspirations.. I love you!!!”

“Yes dearie, let do it!!!” She smiled broadly


“But…I feel some how about that girl beside you..” She whined..

“Oh, she isn’t what you think..I guess you would like her so easily” I smiled

“So next week, expect my return” she said and hung the call..

I jumped with a loud squeak..

“She Is coming back!!!”

Rose’s POV

She is coming where??.. I’m sure it isn’t here, next week??..

May your flight be postponed, may you fall sick for some month.

Aahhh!!..what other prayer should I say to this obstacle??

“Sophia I can’t wait to see….”

“Aiish..my eyes!!!” I screamed immediately just to shut him up..

“Huh?..what happened to your eyes?” He asked

“Please blow it, I think something entered into it!” I whined

He drew his head closer to blow breeze into it but I quickly placed my lips in front making him kiss me…

His eyes widened and I chuckle..

“Did I just kiss you??” He asked

“No, I don’t think so..your lips touched my lips..” I laughed and jumped on his bed

“Get off there!!”

“No…I’m feeling sleepy and…my room is creepy you can’t believe it is haunted” I whispered


“Yes, by ghost, I couldn’t sleep last night!..let me stay here, we are going to school tomorrow which is Monday so..”

“Rose are you expecting me to sleep with you?” He asked surprised

“I’m afraid of dying…” I laughed covering my face with the duvet..

“Is this a house help?.. I’m not sure, how had she helped the house, I guess she is here to prick me, that’s what Rose flower does..” He muttered and lay at the far end..

“You would fall off from the bed when sleep comes” I giggled

“Its better…” He mumbled and cover his whole body with the same duvet..

I drew it off from his body…

“Are you crazy??”

“Come closer and stop running from your fate!” I chuckled

“Fate??..you??” He laughed and moved closer to get the duvet giving me the opportunity to wrap my arm around his body…

“Rose flower!!..what are you doing???”

“Oh yes dear, I’m feeling cold, let’s just stay this way!!” I whispered with a sweet smile..

Bryan’s POV

Normally, I should push her away but to my surprising, I love the way her body lapped on me, I didn’t even know when I also wrapped my arm around her as we slept that way…

Gosh!!!..what I’m I feeling for this girl?


To be continued…

Bryan..I’m just watching you🙄🙄

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