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My crazy house help episode 31

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Episode 31
By. Humble Smith
Sophia’s POV..
I stared at the staircase transfixed, what just happened looked so unreal that I still find it hærd to believe it wasn’t an illusion, how possible is it that Bryan who had all his heart soul and body placed on me would hate me??
I can’t believe it because it can’t happen, did he did that just to make me jealous??
Oh, yes!!..he wasn’t really serious, what he did must be to show he is angry at me a little for leaving him..
Haa, I should head to that room and make him drown in my arms like always, did he even think I came back for real??
Hell no!!..he should grab this opportunity and enjoy my stay before I leave finally..
With a crook smile, I climbed up the stairs, I don’t just want to think about that maid who must feel on top of the world because Bryan wrapped his arm round her wa-ist, he just did that to pull up a show…
Well, I’m sure to show her that she has no place I’m Bryan’s heart, Bryan is just fond of her, nothing added..
Poor girl, she may be thinking she has gotten a s₱0t in his heart not knowing she is nothing…
I can’t hold my laugh, some girls can just be so obsessive!!
I walked to the end and head through the hallway straight to Bryan’s room..
Without knocking, I pushed the door open, how would anyone even expect me to knock, I just have a little pity on that Rose of a girl because I’m sure to drag her out of the room right now if she is in there…
The door swung open widely and I stepped in, I walked in with a smile but it instantly vanish as my eyes fell on them..
You can’t tell how hot I suddenly became,
Bryan was k-ssing her so passionately with their eyes close..
My legs wobble out of shame,
Is this also a show pulled be Bryan?
Slowly, I stepped out and walked in again just to be sure I entered the right room, yes I want to be sure this is Bryan’s room..
“Bryan!!” I yelled on the top of my voice making them cringed and break the k-ss..
I stared at Bryan waiting for an explanation, he should even start kneeling down to beg me or make me know that he is just playing pranks..
“Why did you barge in here without knocking?” he asked after looking at me with a long stare..
“You must be a big joker, are you even referring to me?..Sophia??” I asked throwing a short glare at Rose the maid..
“Please you can wait in the sitting room instead of walking in here only to disrupt this moment with her” he snorted and held her palm softly..
“I’m sorry..” He muttered to her making her smile..
I can’t help the jealousy that seeped through me, Bryan is being very calm and gentle on this maid..
“Hey, Rose or whatever is your name, don’t you even have a sense of dignity?? are a maid and should be cleaning the house not trying to sed-ce your boss!!” I hurled at her but she only smiled and looked up to me for the first time..
“Sophia how…” Bryan tried snorting but she hushed him before turning back to me again..
“Please can I ask you a question??..what are you here for??..why did you came back?!” She asked with a sneer..
“Oh..god, is the maid asking me this silly question??..who do you think you are??!!” I yelled
“I’m Bryan’s girlfriend…” She replied and I couldn’t hold my laughter..
I can’t help scorning at the poor girl who has a biggest dream which can’t come true, she must have been hoping so much…
Bryan can never love her,
I turned to Bryan after laughing my a**s out..
“Did you hear that??” I said and he nodded without laughing..
“Isn’t it funny??” I asked and he shook his head negatively..
“She said the truth, I’m just so happy that she finally accept me to be her boyfriend..” He said and smiled making my cheeks flushed red..
“Bryan, all this acts you had been pulling with her since I returned…are they for real??” I asked with heavy breath..
“Hey Sophia, isn’t it clear?..I thought its more obvious, I have nothing to do with you anymore, she is the girl I love, I just wish you can go back to where you came from..” He stated and I was taken aback by his words..
I didn’t expect it and even after hearing it, I still can’t believe my ear didn’t deceive me..
“You expect me to wail or fume in anger right now right?..but..I don’t even feel a glint of hurt, you know what??..I’m even happy hearing this!” I shrugged and slumped on the couch with a short laughter..
My dad told me that Bryan can never love any other woman except me but I think he just lied..
“Wow, I already knew you don’t love me, but, why did you then came back here??” Bryan asked making me roll my eyes at him and Rose who seem to be more happy..
“Why are you always acting funny, we both know that you can’t sing without me so why all this fuss..” I asked reclining more comfortably..
“Sophia, its over between us, it would be better you take that into your skull, I dislike you now so much, you are like a cheat in my eyes… I…”
“Hey, cut the crap!!..” I huffed him..
“You are a forgotten chapter in my life, I’m here because my father dragged me here, my blissful moment with Austin was cut short because of you..shit!!” I huffed and hissed..
Bryan’s POV
As I heard her call her father,y heart flipped making flinch a little, Rose also cringed too, there is no doubt I’m being quite afraid of this man who had manipulated many lives, with what Rose mother said, this man is cruel and cold hearted…
“why would you allow your dad to use you..?” Rose asked her with a soft tone..
“You guys are having a short term relationsh¡p, I should also ask you that question, why would you allow Bryan to use you??” She said dryly with her eyes shut..
“And what do you mean?!!!” I snapped..
“She can’t sing, she got no voice, how then can she be called your girlfriend??..who would then sing in your band??” She asked with a lopsided smile..
“She would sing!!” I replied sharply making her jolt up and gaze at her..
“Does she has a unique voice than my own?????” She asked in a quick pace making ma and Rose stare at her..
“You just acted weird now, are you thinking no one can sing more than you???” I asked and she gloated
“It is clear and obvious that no girl can sing halfway like me, I’m the best in the wh0le country, my dad also told me why won’t I believe?” She said primping..
“What if I say she is much more than you?” I said and this time she stood up from the couch sending a straight stare at Rose..
“She???…is that why you love her?? dad asked me if she has a great voice and I told him no??..gosh!!” She mumbled..
“Huh??..your father asked about her voice??” I asked and she nodded..
“But don’t you think there is something fishy about your dad?” I asked and she sneer at me..
“What are you talking about??”
“Why did he ask you to come back to me when he knew you don’t love me?” I asked and she sighed..
“Stop all this talk and tell me about her voice!!..can you sing?” She asked gazing at Rose..
“Did your father ask you to tell him about any girl with a great voice?” I asked and she stared at me suspiciously..
“What do you want to know??..I’m here for us to start our relationsh¡p, we would start singing and eventually marry like our parent has always wanted..” She said and I shook my head..
“Calling you my girlfriend is impossible talk more of marrying, stop day dreaming!!” I snapped..
“I should call my dad and tell him of Rose, he would let me be after knowing someone else has taken your heart..” She shrugged with a sigh of relief..
“She doesn’t have a beautiful voice at all, its just a hoarse one but I still love her..” I finally said making Rose calm down with a sigh..
“Really??..then, the relationsh¡p is useless..I’m still gonna marry you” she said dryly before heading to the bed..
“You both can enjoy your time..” She waved her arm before jumping on the bed..
“Why are you lying on the bed instead of the couch??!” I seethed and hissed..
“I’m still gonna marry you because of my voice, I wish Rose has a great voice like mine, it should have worked for the both of you” she muttered and buried her head into the pillow..
Seriously, Sophia is being controlled by her father, she doesn’t even seem angry with Rose, this shows she don’t love me…
“Bryan, I don’t think Sophia is a threat, she knows what she wants, her dad is just the problem, how are we gonna fight that stupid man!!” Rose whined leaving the room while I followed..
“We can get more information about him from Sophia” I said and she turned to me sharply
“Really??..but how??..would she betray her dad?” She asked..
“Just watch and see, Sophia is being forced on me, I’m sure she would want to help us to be together so she would be free to be with Austin…it would be our chance to fight her dad with her help..” I explained with a little smile before grasping her soft palm..
“What about your dad?” She asked..
“He is being tied down now, Sophia dad is controlling him!” I mumbled..
“Well, I just trust my Bryan, I feel safe when I’m beside him..he would always protect me..” She chuckled giving me the reason to grin from ear to ear..
“My Rose lightens my world, she puts smile on my face, why won’t I protect it??..if she is sad, I would cry..if she cry I nay die of agony” I cooed and she blushed punching my chest softly..
“Stop melting me…” She laughed making me carry her in my arms.
“I love you…just very soon, I’m sure all this would end and we would storm the stage and shook the world!!” I cackle with a peck on l-ips..
George’s POV..
It has been long I talked with me son Bryan but still yet my heart couldn’t be at peace..
What he said to me had sparked up agony and guilt in the deepest part of my heart..
The past kept flashing through my memory sending aches through me, I dreads the past because I really did many awful things to my family and close friend…
I did it because I have no choice, out of all, one of the thing I did that pierced my heart so deeply was leaving Lisa..
I left her ams got married, I’m sure she would regret ever meeting me but I couldn’t do anything, Xavier Sophia’s father wanted her, I can’t fight him not…
It has been in the past and I thought I would forget it and move on but I just can’t, I still love her even when her image looks blur in my memory..
“Sir someone is here to meet you” My personal guard said to me after receiving a call..
“Someone??..who??” I asked staring at him..
“She is outside the gate and couldn’t be allowed in because she don’t look like someone you would want to see” he explained making my heart skip beat as the thought of Lisa crossed my mind..
“What does she say she want??” I asked anxiously..
“She says she want to meet you, according to her, you knew her and would also want to see her..” He said and I breathed..
“Send her in..” I breathed making him arch his brow..
“Really??..don’t you think she is fishy? would she want to meet you in person?” He asked
“Just do as I say” I half yelled before slumping on the couch..
It wasn’t long after before the door of my sitting room opened and someone walked in…
I raised up my gaze to the door and found the greatest shock of my life…
At first, I couldn’t believe it was real…
The woman standing in front of me was Lisa..
She looked so pale and weak, she had her head bowed lowly afraid to look at me..
“Lisa…” I called slowly..
“Please Sir..I’m sorry for ever showing myself into your life again, I just came here for the sake of my daughter, I know you hate me, I’m not up to your taste, I was so clingy then, you were fed up..with everything I did..” She paused and whimpered..
Her voice was cracking and filled with pain and hurt..
I couldn’t even say anything..
“I struggled so hærd to meet you here, your security men had wh¡pped and pushed me away countless time because I look wretched, I am too poor..I had suffered so much because of you but stupidly, my heart still loves you, I know I got no chance because you dislike me…” She sobbed and fell on to her knee..
“Can…my…daughter find the joy I…couldn’t find in you?? give her the chance with your son, I was too foolish to think you love me but I’m sure Bryan loved her..” She purred with her head bowed to the ground…
I was touched deep down in my heart, since she came, she hasn’t look at my face, I could remember the past with her, I’m sure she would be so broken when I dumped her..
“Can you please rise up?” I pleaded with a quivering l-ips, the new Lisa had really gone through many suffering of life..
She stood up and looked into my face for the first time, immediately her eyes caught with my, I felt shivers run through me..
My legs went back as I found my eyes stuck into her, her face was still very beautiful..
“We are more like an enemy now but please consider my plea with the flash of our past memories…” She sniffed blinking those charming eyes..
I walked closer to her and she moved back..
“Please don’t hurt me..” She cried making my heart ache more..
“Why would I hurt you??..Lisa..who made you this way??..Xavier?” I asked and she whimpered more with tears bathing her cheeks..
“Would you at least allow my daughter to stay with your son a little longer, she isn’t the cause of all this..” She begged..
I regret the day I decided to leave you, I want you back, I want our children back together..that would make me the happiest man, but I don’t think I can ever be the happiest man, I would always be sad because none of this can happen…
“you can leave, I’m sure you know I can’t let my son be with your daughter so don’t let them fall deeply in love..” I said slowly with my heart bleeding…
My eyes flashed at the camera at the top of the wall and I felt like bursting in anger, my life s-cks…
I can’t get what I want because he is watching, I’m not a free man, he has a lot against me..
I would return to mud if I go against him..
He had been controlling my life and I I have no choice…
“Lisa, you can get going when you are done standing there..” I muttered before heading to my room..
I had just taken two step forward when she ran into me with a close hug from behind sending a rush of shivers all over me..
I couldn’t push her away, the hug made me feel love once again after many years…
I turned and hugged her more tightly..
Just then, my phone on the deck rang, I glanced at the screen and it was Xavier..
To be continued…

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