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My Crazy House Help Episode 46


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Episode 46
Xavier’s POV..
“You said what???” I raised my brow at the lawyer who just spoke that word..
“Sir…they are really here, someone must have informed them immediately…” He muttered with a little bow…
I turned to Bryan who gave me a smirk, Jace and the girl he came with was all smiles as they watched me fume in fear and exasperation..
My eyes dilated as I looked around in shock…
It all happened so fast that I couldn’t think straight…
“Jace what have you just done?? came in here with those fake video and destroyed everything!!!” I glared while he scoffed and held his girlfriend close to his body..
“You can’t hurt Bryan or Rose and go scot free…Bryan is my friend and Rose is her friend, we won’t let you useless their life…” He said and smiled…
“How did you get that video??…how??..could you….” I stuttered ruffling my hair in frustration..
It is clear Jace couldn’t get that video, someone must have helped him get it, but who???
Bryan and Sophia stood up and stepped out of the chair they sat together…
“You must thought you have won right?” Bryan scoffed and walked closer to me..
I was breathing hard feeling my blood rushing through my veins, I never thought of a moment like this..
I couldn’t act rashly to avoid more tarnishing of my name which had already began,
Many would be very shocked at the exposed truth, no one knew me as a bad person, I’m sure this would be a huge blow to them..
All I am thinking of right now is how to elude this, how to escape going to jail, how to clean my name, Jace really hit me hard, he got in the very moment I never wanted him…
He got a clean job, anyone who even found the record must be a professional..i never expected someone to hack into the camera system in Sophia’s apartment…
That person must be well trained to be able to bug in without causing any alert, how could my team be so dumb not to notice it…
Who on earth was able to find the code and also block my server from tracing the system when hacked…
“You want me to marry Sophia right?? recall I told you to keep on dreaming..guess you now understand…” Bryan smirked calling back my attention,
I gave him a cold stare but he wasn’t moved a bit..
Right there, he tore the marriage file into two..
“Go to hell with your f**king marriage!” He growled..
I fumed and clenched my fist wishing I could kill him right there, how dare them scorn at me,
I really feel shamed..
The press are all recording this and I can even hear the sirens of the cops..
Sweat covered my forehead, I just wish all this would be a dream, like seriously how would I fail at the end point, I was too close to winning…
“Sophia did you just see that??..I may had been too desperate but we all know you love him, you both had always love each other deeply..” I growled and she took a deep breath before glancing at Bryan..
“Dad even till now, you still talk about love?? you have an idea what it is…I never wanted this marriage, I am very grateful to Jace, thanks for coming in at this moment, I would be leaving now..” She stated and walked away..
My heart beat increased its pace as I looked around in shame and exhaustion, I’m damn weak with all this.
“Hey you all should leave this place now!” I yelled at the press..
“Sir, we are doing our job..after all, these evidence would be needed when you are on trial..” Their lead spoke out strongly making me smirk…
She was a young girl in her early thirties and I just wonder how she badly wants to die…
Guess, she doesn’t know the true me, they are yet to fathom my true self, if she had known how cruel and evil I am…she would never say a word and would scamper away right now.
I stared straight to her face and all her team, I’m already seeing them as a corpse…
They would all underestimate my ability and won’t take much precautions only for me to take the lives of all that was involved in this…
My name would finally be tainted but it would take more lives and bloodshed…
Just then, the door sprang open and almost ten cops rushed in fully armed..
“Arrest him!!” Their lead ordered and the police men really cuffed my hand and dragged me away..
I couldn’t say any word, I was dumb as I carefully studied their faces, the press even took more shots..
Oh gosh!!
How would I cover this??
How would I even be the Governor after this?..
It has always been my dream to keep a good name so the people would elect me when I finally come out for election..
This is what Jace shattered in a blink of an eye,
I gazed at the cuff around my wrist and made a deep growl, the policemen following me even made it look more like I was a criminal…
“Why I’m I hand cuffed??” I asked..
“You forced your daughter to rape Bryan, gosh!!..what a cruel act!!..we also want to know the plan you had in mind for the marriage, guess there is a lot yet to be unveiled!” The lead said without glancing at me…
I was taken into the car and drove off,
I’m sure my men would rescue me in just a day but the taint in my name would take almost a year to clear off,
After I pass through all this, George would follow, I would quickly expose that video, the world would be so shocked, his reputation would be dragged to the mud..
After that, I would take Rose and her mother again and threaten Bryan with them..
I would even kill Lisa to show my seriousness..
I swear this time around, if he doesn’t abide to all I say, I would kill Rose truly…
I would then put more charge on their music industry, even if I won’t be able to get that contract from their marriage, I would still bring their business down and destroy George’s name, it would be so terrible for them..
Bryan’s POV..
I sat down back on the desk with a deep sigh..
“Jace I owe you a big favour for saving me for an eternal pain..” I breathed and he smiled widely…
“Thank Clara not me, she found the video, I hadn’t got the chance to check my mail, she checked it and found it…” He said and held Clara’s palm as they both sat down heavily…
“Who sent the video?” I asked and they shook their head sideways .
“Unknown! seem we have a secret helper.” Clara said and I arched my brow..
“That person must be related to us some way, why would he help us does he even know about Sophia and I??” I asked rhetorically..
“Have you replied the message, have you asked of who he is?” I added and he wagged his head..
“I can’t reply him, his email is empty, I just wonder how??” Jace replied and I nodded…
“He knew someone may try to track his location from the message, he is being careful, but how can we know this god send helper..?” I asked with a deep breath..
“I’m sure he would show himself one day, let’s go out and celebrate our victory, do you know what would have become of you if you married sophia…Rose would die of heartbreak!” He chirped and I nodded…
“Yeah, I would never forgive myself…let’s go!!..I don’t know why I just feel like Rose is coming back to me..” I chuckled as we all walked off to the car..
Sophia’s POV..
I fell on my bed in tears, my heart was so heavy with shame and pain,
Just hours ago, it had been known that I forced Bryan into having s*x with me, it has been known that I faked a pregnancy just to have Bryan tied down…
Even if it was my dad’s doing, most of my fans won’t stop trolling me..they said I was the same with my father, I shouldn’t have agree for anything…
I feels so devastated, they kept asking me why I never reported to the cops, it shows I myself wanted Bryan again after dumping him…
This is so bad!!
Xavier thought it was only his name that was tainted, mine too…
After all, I was the one who had s*x with a drugged man just to frame a pregnancy and force him into marriage..
This is an ear sore!!
I rolled on the bed in hurt, just few hours ago, I could have been certified a wife to Bryan but someone saved me…
The person wasn’t Jace but the anonymous sender, it looked like that strange person knew everything that had been happening…
He knew of me, Bryan and my father..
But who is he??
I owes him a lot, because of him, I wasn’t getting married to Bryan which didn’t love, because of him, Xavier’s secret plan was exposed…
I want to see him..
But…how did I even know he is a man, what if it is a random girl who decided to help…
No!!..I’m sure this person must be a man, he seem to be helping me for a reason that was why he didn’t show the part where I had s*x with Bryan….
What I’m I even saying!!
I took a deep breath before stepping out of the bed, i head to the bathroom and took a thorough bath..
I returned back and dressed up before slumping back on the bed,
I would be going to school tomorrow, the school press would ask about all that happened…
This time around, I won’t be a dumb..I’m gonna state it clearly..
I don’t love Bryan…we broke off already!!!!
Just as I lay forcing sleep to come, my phone rang…
I picked it up and it was Austin..
My eyes widened in shock..
Does it means he could call me all this time but lied he was blocked by my dad?
“Hello Austin, you can call my……
” who I’m I talking with?? this Sandy??” He asked and my eyes fluttered.
“Austin are you kidding me??..this is soph……”
I couldn’t finish my word before the line went off.
What the f**k!!!
I tried calling back again but it only bounced back…
Oh gawd!!!
My breath went tensed as I grit my teeth in anger and confusion,
It is clear he just called me mistakenly, he had someone else in mind….
I quickly made a rough search about her and found out she was also an upcoming singer.
I sighed and flung my phone away..
My eyes closed but sleep was far away, I picked the phone again and checked my mails…
There were tons of messages from fans and music industries requesting for shows..
I wanted to drop it but a message caught my attention, it was from am empty mail “anonymous”..
My brow arched as I stared at it for some second before clicking it open…
📜You don’t know me but I know you and wish to see you every second of my life, I’m your fan and really love you, i would always protect you so you would be happy..your smile is enough for me!📜
I read slowly and repeatedly..
The words sank into me…
I dropped the phone and buried my face into the pillow, those words kept resounding…
Many fans are fond of professing their love and impossible wishes but this one seemed so different…
The sender knew I was troubled, he knew my life is at stake, he knew I was saddened….
Who is he to protect me??
I picked the phone and re-read the message feeling the affection in it,I felt the tender feeling of a man that cares..
A deep sigh escaped my lips,
📜who are you?📜
I typed and made to click sent but couldn’t…
The question just look so strong and rude to me..
I deleted it and typed…
📜Do you think you can protect me??..what else do you know about me??..can we meet??📜
I typed and clicked sent…
The message vanished including his message, it just looked like none had been there…
What happened??
I’ve heard of such a thing being done by assassins and professional hackers and impersonator to cover every trace of getting their location…
I told him if we can meet, no location!
Oh,I could have set a venue if I knew it would all be gone after he received the reply….
What???…why I’m I this keen and i interested in a random fan out of the millions I got…
I closed my eyes and this time sleep which refused to come rushed in a haste, I slept with the thought of the strange fan….
George’s POV..
“Where are you taking me to!!!” I yelled the umpteenth time…
“Can’t you just keep calm, no one would even hear you if you shout, the glass is tinted…stop blocking our ear with your loud voice!” The man on dark glass beside me stated making me sneer at him…
“You are kidnapping me for Xavier and wants me to keep calm, just kill me or I would shout till none of you would bear it..!!” I shouted..
“Is this how one is being kidnapped??..and…who is Xavier?? are tied so you won’t make things hard for us…we are taking you somewhere far away from where you lived!” He explained.
“You aren’t well at all!!..stop the pretense…” I growled and began to shout again..
“How can a man like you be this troublesome?” The driver asked without glancing at me..
“I’m tired of Xavier, I want you all to be pushed into killing me, my life would still be shattered when Xavier comes out of the jail, I would be better dead than alive!” I bawled.
“That’s why you are being sent far away, to save your life and that of…..” He paused and covered his mouth..
“What???..who else…”
“I’m sorry…” He muttered and pierced a syringe into my arm..
“Sleep well..” I heard his last word before dozing off..
I woke up and found myself on the bed in a strange room…
I didn’t even know how long I had slept, everywhere was very strange…
They were saying the truth, I’m being sent to a far away place for safety but who planned this??
And…who else where they talking about???
Oh gosh!!
Lisa’s POV..
“Why I’m I brought here??” I asked the umpteenth time..
“Your daughter and Fred want you to stay safe without any suffering so…here would be your apartment, all you want would be given to you instantly…” One of them answered as we head to the porch..
I made to smile in gladness but frowned as I recalled George..
It also means I can’t see him again, why knows what he also may be passing through…
“There is someone you would love to meet, he is inside…” Another man beside me said leaving me curious…
I entered the sitting room and head upstairs where they said the person was…
Walking through the hallway, my heart beat increased..
Who is he??
I finally reached the open room and I walked in…
The person was sitting on the bed backing me…
“Hey, who are you???” I asked and he turned sharply…
His mouth went agape, I stood transfixed…
We couldn’t move as our eyes glued to each other….
Is this a dream or what??
I would be living here with George the love of my life…
To be continued..
Who was the strange fan that messaged Sophia??😏😏😏
I can’t wait to see what would happen next..😅
Let’s comment here, pls 🙏

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