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🎀(She defiled me)🎀
Episode 54
Xavier’s POV..
I waited patiently for his return but got no glimpse of him..
It has been a while since I called Stallion, what was still holding him was what I can’t fathom..
Thought of him being caught flashed my mind but I waved it off with a wagging head, there is no way he would be caught, he said it was safe when I called..
Slowly I picked my phone and called again but it rang and wasn’t answered..
I called three more times before it was answered finally..
“Hey Stallion!..had you been so busy to take my call, do you know how worried I had been!!..please come back quickly before you are being noticed!!!” I half yelled sighing in relief, at least he was safe…
“Are you talking about Stallion your only remaining guard??..” I heard a different voice making my heart skip beat as my eyes dilated in shock..
“Okay…this is Fred on the line, so you are still alive man??..well, Stallion is already under torture, sooner or later you would crawl down to your feet in tears, including the governor..” He croaked a laughter.
Is this an illusion??
Xavier just wake up!!!
I shut my eyes for some second and opened it again hoping to find myself on the bed but none of that happened, I was still standing here, so it was real!!!
“You must be joking!!!” I yelled with a cracked voice as a result of fear..
“It isn’t time to shiver Mr man, just wait till you are being caught again, the whole state would stone you to death, fool!!” He scorned and hung up leaving me insulted and reduced to nothing..
This was Fred who I saved his life from those assassins, I wish I never did..
How would I know he would be my downfall later..
I knew fully of his intelligence, it was the rare type but I was too blind to see what would happen after treating him bad..
He had made a huge impact on my team then, every mission was successful, I treasured him so well, not until he revolted all because he wanted my foster daughter Sophia…
It was the worst thing I ever heard, every of my men are like puppet to me, I owns their life and they are just robots, I couldn’t believe he would talk of having feelings for my daughter..
I even made him kill her mother so he would leave her for the guilt but still he wanted her and was ready to rebel, he was ready to destroy me if I don’t allow him to meet her..
He went far as threatening me so I decided to end his history, wiping his memory was the best so I went for that…
Till now, I wonder how he got his memory back, that is just the worst mistake I did, I didn’t recheck the ampoule before injecting it into him..
Someone must have changed it for the dissolved one..
My wound were hurting but it isn’t compared to the one I feel in my heart, the pain of being a loser…
It was all because of Fred, how did he even meet Bryan and the other??
Oh gosh!!..this is getting me mad!!
Stallion would rather die than tell them where I am but my fear is that Fred knew I’m still alive not just that, he knew it was the governor who saved me…
He must have even found out about Stallion being the only survivor so he set up those trap…
What a mess!!
He seemed to be more smart and swift working with Bryan..
There is no doubt he is my major problem, very soon Kelvin may hear Rose’s voice, Bryan had set up the music band, it just needs a song from rose for Kelvin to find her..
You can’t tell how fretful I am, I need to be fast or I would not live to tell my stories…
I lay on the bed exhausted thinking of all my achievement which was shattered, even I should die, it should be worth it..
How can I die a failure?..
Just then, a great thought flashed through my mind…
I jolted up in glee, smiles went off my lips..
How didn’t I thought of this all this while..
There is really a way to stop Fred, there is a way to bring him down!!!
His parent!!
I knew of the great bond between them and him, they love him so well and that is what I would use against them…
Their love would get Fred killed!!
“Xavier what did I just heard!!!” The governor gruffed stepping into the room..
“What is it?” I asked staring at him..
“Stallion had been caught??” He growled and I sighed..
“Can’t you see that you really need to help me or we would be going down together…” I muttered and he grunted angrily..
“But I warned it earlier to wait a little, rushing this would do no good!!” He howled..
“You won’t understand, if we keep waiting and Rose begins her music career in Bryan’s band as the female lead, her voice would make her more powerful than even you the governor..” I stated leaving him confused..
“What are you saying, that petty girl can’t come near to my power, just an order and she would be eliminated!” He gloated and I smiled wagging my head..
“Killing her can only happen now she is yet to sing start, when she begins, the president son who had been looking for her would find her and you know what that means…she can’t be hurt again.” I revealed..
“What???..what connection do they have?” He asked..
“She sang for him once and he fell for that, he badly want to meet her, he can only locate her with the me bring this people down, its for our safety..” I coaxed and he breathed heavily slumping on the couch with a thud…
“This isn’t as easy as I thought, we really need to be fast.. ” he mumbled thoughtfully..
“Can you save Stallion?” I asked..
“No..that would remove all doubt that you are here, it would make everyone finally believe we work together..” He replied..
“Fine, just arrange your men, I have a plan..” I said and he stared at me..
“Xavier…I knew you for being smart, I place my trust in you, my reputation mustn’t be destroyed, my men would help you in eliminating them, I would use my authority to help you, I hope we can finally end their lives so we won’t have anything to fear.” He said and I smiled happily..
“That’s great!!..thanks for having a rethink..” I chirped and he smiled before turning to leave..
“There is someone that can make us give them a huge blow” I spoke and he turned abruptly..
“Who is that?” He asked
“Fred’s parent, it’s true that they may be hidden but you can still find them!” I said making him arch his brow..
“How??..I’m sure Fred would keep them much protected!” He sighed.
“Fred protected them with different device and laser,no one can go in to abduct them but we can only make them come out giving us the chance..” I explained.
“Really??..Fred must have also warned them never to come out!” He muttered..
“Would they still adhere to that warning when they hears that their son was involved in a plane crash??..would they still sit back when they hears he was at the point of death??..they won’t??..he is their only son and they love him so dearly..” I smirked leaving a smile on his face..
“That’s a great plan!!..when they are abducted, Fred would do all we ask him right??” He asked and I giggled..
“The bond is too intense, he can even take his life if we says that would make his parent free..” I laughed and made to stand up but grimaced and groaned as a sharp pain pierced my back from the wound..
I can’t believe those children kept me bedridden, the pain made me more furious..
Very soon they would be gone to the world of the dead!
“You got the plans on how to execute the mission right?” He asked and I nodded. ..
“All you need is to comply, the plane crash would be real to make them rush out in a haste…” I stated making him stare at me..
“Would lives be taken??” He asked and I scoffed..
“Lives has to be taken for others to stay alive..just watch and see how I would shatter our enemies!” I smirked and he nodded and smiled..
Stallion’s POV
My eyes fluttered and opened, everywhere was blurred, my head pound so hardly that I thought it was fall off..
I groaned deeply and made to stand up from the chair only to find out I was stuck to it…
My whole body was in excruciating pain, it made me recall what led me here, those strange men that attacked me..
Who are they and what do they know about me??
Just then, the door opened and someone walked in, his face was a little blurred in my eyes so I closed my eyes and open it again that was when I saw clearly who it was..
“Fred!!! that you??” I exclaimed in shock.
“Long time no see..” He smirked and sat on front of me..
“Could it be you that….”
“Yes dude, it’s time to put a stop to evil, every single man with Xavier would face death as penalty!” I growled leaving me confused.
“But…Xavier saved your life and mine, we owe him a huge favour!!” I stated leaving him laughing..
“Saving your life was his choice brought about by fate, even if he didn’t save us, someone else would do it because our time isn’t up yet..” He explained and stood up..
“Don’t you think you are being an ingrate, those assassin would have killed you!!” I half yelled..
“And it would have been better than turning into a monster for him, those lives we eliminated for him, don’t you think they worth living?? time for long talk!!..what is Xavier’s plan??” He asked with his countenance changed as he glare at me..
“You are really working with our enemy??” I asked receiving two blows that sent me crashing on the ground with the chair..
The blow was really strong that blood spilled off my mouth..
Fred’s POV..
I raised him up and punched him again in anger,
He really has to tell me what Xavier is planning or I would be taken unaware..
“Xavier is currently with the governor!!..what are they planning??” I howled but he could only smile with the blood.
“Tell me!!!!” I yelled grabbing his shirt..
“I’m not an ingrate like you, kill me If you want, I’m not telling you anything!!” He grunted and laughed getting me furious..
I picked up a rod and smack his head before kicking his belly so hardly, he kept groaning and wincing in pain..
I picked up a gun and pointed at his head..
“Won’t you still tell me?” I huffed..
“I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of being a betrayal like you!!!” He breathed heavily groaning more..
“Xavier would still betray you too!!..he doesn’t care if you are alive or not!!” I bellowed..
“Fred kill me!” He stated..
“The worst thing that would happen to a man is never death but being alive when you badly wants to die…” I said and fired a bullet on the same shoulder where the first shot from the agent entered..
His scream filled the room, he stared at his hand in horror as intense pain swept through him…
“You would lose that hand if not treated quickly, the doctors are out there, tell me what I want to hear and I would gesture them in to treat you!!” I snarled before heading to the door..
As I placed my hand on the knob he shrieked my name..
“Call them in!!..I will tell you!” He shouted..
“Say it now…”
“Xavier plans to work with the governor but it isn’t working quickly, the governor wants to wait a little longer..he had sent me to attack Rose on her way to school, now that I fail, I don’t know what next he is planning!” He growled..
“Do you think the governor would really work with him?” I asked..
“Yes..he wants him to take over the government seat after him, George is his enemy so he wants to work with Xavier to bring you all down…” He answered sharply still wailing as he held his arm firmly..
“How can I stop them??..” I asked with grim..
“You can’t fight the governor, the only way is to find one with a higher power work with you, the president is the only option, I’m sorry you all won’t survive this!” He stated breathing heavily..
“I’ll tell the world that the governor saved Xavier the harden criminal..” I grunted and he shook his head..
“It won’t work, no one would believe you, Jaden is well trusted by the mass, they would call you a hater and hungry fellow!” He shrugged..
“Shit!!” I cursed with a gruff..
“The only way is having a real evidence…” He added..
“How can I get this evidence!!!” I growled exasperatedly..
“Get into the government house, find your way in…that’s the only way!” He mumbled with a weak voice…
I quickly beckoned the doctors to treat him quickly, he must have lose a lot of blood..
I walked out feeling tired,
Only a love evidence can make the people believe the devil Jaden is,
How on earth can I get into the government house..
Even Bryan won’t be able to go in talk more of me, it would be totally impossible now that the governor is against us, he would never allow us in!!
I climbed up the stairs to upper ground, I took a quick bath and head to the room..
I walked in and Sophia was lying on the bed asleep..her face was calm and innocent..
Those soft sensual lips were slightly apart making it so inviting…
I stood transfixed admiring her beauty, rush of shiver ran through me as I thought of her great body..
Slowly, I walked closer and squat nearer to her, my lips coming closer to her own..
Just then, her eyes opened and I made to shift away but she held me and drew me to her body causing our lips to jam..
“Fred, stop being a thief!” She chuckled
“Huh??” I blinked my eyes..
“Don’t you still think you worth me??..tell me whatever you want and I would give it to you, not just because you had been saving me but because I had found out I truly love you from my heart…” She said and I smiled.
“Make love with me..” I smirked and she laughed caresses my chubby cheek..
“I’m yours…” She mumbled making me feel overjoyed..
I plunge my lips into her and we devoured each other lips…
My hand roam over her body as I went for her zip..
I held it and couldn’t pull it down as I thought of Xavier being alive and planning with the governor..
“Sophia…we would do this after I fulfil my promise..” I mumbled breaking off..
“Yes, Xavier is still alive, I promised to protect you, I should end Xavier before you can be safe so…I’m wrong for touching your b**t” I whispered the last part with a poppy look making her laugh..
“Bryan and Rose went to meet his father and Lisa, I think we should go there too..George may be of help to bring down the governor..” She said and I nodded with a lopsided smile..
“You are beginning to think smartly..” I said..
“You thought me that” she giggled and kissed my lips sending sparks through my spine..
This girl is just too hot!!
Bryan’s POV..
“Dad, are you planning on marrying Rose mother?” I asked thoughtfully,
“Why do you ask?” He smiled.
“Because it won’t work, its either Rose marries me or you marries Lisa not the both!” I stated..
“That would have been the case if I am your true father..” He blurted making my eyes pop in shock..
“You are not his real father???” Rose exclaimed..
“I’m sorry for not telling it to you all this while, I don’t want to hurt you but now, I need to say are adopted, that’s why it can work out for us all to be with the one we love..” He muttered..
“So who is my father or mother??” I asked with a frown .
“You were found in front of the motherless baby home one morning, no one knows your father…” He explained and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my lips..
I don’t know if to be happy or sad, how can I be an orphan??
“I’m really sorry son..” They chorused and I nodded feeling happy at least, we are all compatible now..
Just then, Fred and Sophia walked in…
“Good day our governor…” He greeted my father with a bow..
“Huh??” He stared at him confusedly..
“Sir, the election is coming near, we would all vote for you, the whole mass would do the same, Xavier can’t take it away just as Jaden did” he smiled leaving my father more surprised..
“What do you know son??..”
“Just a little of the evil by the governor, Sir I came for your help, Xavier is with Jaden, they are planning on how to eliminate us all, Jaden agreed to work with him so that you won’t come into power and make him pay for what he did, he wants to help Xavier win…” I explained..
“Xavier can’t win when he is a wanted terrorist!!” Rose chipped in..
“Maybe when he comes with a different face, he would have a chance…we need to fight stronger..” He stated sitting with a thud..
“That’s true!!..what should we do??” Jace chipped in as he walked In..
“We only need one person help..” He said..
“Who??” I asked abruptly..
“The president..”
“None of us can make him help us fight Jaden, they are close friend, he won’t believe anything we say…” George said..
“But we got a chance with his son..” Sophia chipped in..
“His son??” Rose asked sharply.
“He has only a son which he love more than anything in this world, his name is Kelvin, we can make him our friend..” Sophia suggested..
“How??” We all chorused..
“I got the chance to see him once when he came to the amusement park with Celine years ago, it has been so long, we were all still young then..” She paused and sighed..
“I think he loved Celine then but she treated him like a mere friend..”
“Do you think we should help him have her??” I asked and she sighed..
“My suggestion sounds sorry!” She shrugged..
“Its the best ever!” Fred squealed..
” I checked secret blogs and sites and found out that Celine is coming to meet her father, the president was told about it, I think they wants to set a secret date with their children.. ” he stated..
“That means, kelvin would like us if we help him get Celine to love him, I have a plan..” Jace chipped in..
“What is it?” We all asked..
“I would get to the government house through her, I have ideas of getting a woman heart, after being a play boy for years before meeting Clara, I would help Kelvin get her..” He smiled..
“Stallion would help you join the the few security men that would lead her home, you would represent one of them which I would would wear his uniform…” Fred explained..
“What if the governor recognizes me, won’t I wear a mask?” Jace asked..
“You should have wore one but, I heard that Celine loves being with cute guys, try and hide your face from the smart!” Fred muttered and he nodded with a grin..
“Mind you..she may be very beautiful!!..never you fall In love with her!!” Clara spoke out for the first time making us laugh at the jealous girlfriend…
“Also, keep a sharp eyes and ears, every information should be sent to me..don’t forget to be careful too!” Fred added….
“Yeah sure…”
“Get ready, its tomorrow” Fred said before leaving with Rose squeaking..
“So my nonsense suggestion was useful!!” She gasped jumping on his back..
“I told you earlier, you are becoming smart..” Fred laughed..
I smiles seeing them, finally, Sophia found real love..
“Hey Rose, we are having a music to sing together in the studio, I’ve already written it…” I said and she gasped in shock..
“Really??..we???…finally…we are singing!!!” She squealed and sat on my laps wrapping her arm around my neck..
She peered into my eyes with those unique eyes..
“Bryan, do you remember that day I met you??…” She paused and smile sweetly..
“I was given a pizza to send to someone, when I saw you, it fell off and spoiled, I never cared, you enchanted me..later I was fired because of you, I wasn’t pained because it was for you, how would I know that it would result to this… I’m now a singer with million dollar in my account..Bryan I feel like making love with you..” She whispered the last part making me laugh out my a**s..
“Hey you two can go home and finish up” Lisa chipped in with a lopsided grin..
I carried her into my arm and head out leaving them laughing…
To be continued..
Another story continues immediately after this…
I can’t wait for Kelvin to hear her voice again…
He would finally find her and…
Bryan vs KelvinπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚world war lll begins.
Who would win??😎😎

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  1. For u to enjoy this story give it time until it ends mybe u can enjoy it better…until we meet again.wacha nisome zingine Though its sweet bt the suspence

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