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my crazy Housewife batch 10



(she’s psycho 😂 & troublesome 🙆)

written by Eunice Nwodu 👻

Episode 19


“What’s going on Steve? I’ve been standing here the whole time. Should we go to a hotel?” She asked.

I made a cute boy face.
I brought one of my check book and wrote some cash on it.

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“Take this and never show yourself around me again” I said.

“What? But Steve! Why the strange attitude? You never say no to me. I don’t want your money and you know it!” She said.

I brought out my left hand showing her wedding ring.

“Am f–king married and my wife will f–king kill me if I cheat on her” I said remembering pregnant pepper, how furious she can be.
She’ll take a pillow and suffocate me in my sleep.

Besides, she never cheated on me.
I’ll just contain myself till she puts to birth.

“Am not going anywhere Steve until you f–k me” she retorted folding her arms pushing her b00bs up a bit so I can see.

I laughed quietly.
I took the emergency pad on my table and tapped the button that said ‘security’.
She still stayed there shalking her body like a turkey.

The security men came in.

“She’s yours” I said to them and they held Camilla.

“You can’t do this to me Steve! You never love. How come you’re married? What happened to us!” She kept ranting as they dragged her out.

I sighed.
“Pregnant pepper happened to us” I muttered.

why did i agree to meet Steve’s mom. Am very sleepy but I don’t know how to excuse myself.

After the selection of baby (boy) clothes, she brought a big book and dictionary.
Oh God…

Steve should just visit and take me away. His mom wants to kill me.
I felt the urge of yawning but I closed my mouth so I don’t yawn.

“Okay dear. We’ve moved over to the section of picking names for the baby. We’ll start with male names first cause it’s obvious you’re pregnant for a male” she said smiling😊

This woman is full of suprises.
I nodded like a lizard.
Is when I’ll give birth to a girl. Let her not stone me 😜

She opened a page and gave it to me while she held the dictionary.

“Okay, you’ll call a name and I’ll check the meaning and decide if its good or not” she said.

I didn’t say anything but looked into the book.

“Eric” I said calling the first name that attracted my eyes.
She looked into the name dictionary.

“Its a name of royalty… I don’t like it. Next” she said.

I felt like crying.
My eyes were heavy and all I could think of is sleep.
Pregnant women with medelling mother in-laws,, how do u cope? 😭 😭

“Brandon” I said.
She smiled.
“The name is great but…no!” She retorted.

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I smiled remembering my friend Brandon Steve hates so much.
It’s been long I spoke to him though. I think I lost his number.

“Jeff” I said.
“Nahh, that’s the name of the guy that bullied me when I was in school” she said.

For the first time in my life… ‘Steve I need you!’.

There were like 5000 names listed in the book.
I don’t know how to say no to this woman.

👩” no, doesn’t sound good” she would reply.

👩”Too popular”

👰”Seth” I said
👩”Is that a name?”

Written by Eunice Nwodu…don’t pirate.
👩” too long”

I swear I slept off but her voice woke me.
“Call names that starts with P” she said.

“That name is for psychopaths” she retorted.

Mommy 😭 😭 😭 😭

“Tessy, find a good name already!” She said and my stomach starts to grumble.
Am hungry too.

The door was opened by a maid and Steve walked in.
Hubby 💕
Carrot nose💕
He’s just in time to save me.

“Hey mom” he said and came close sitting beside me.

“How lovely! You both are here… You need to help your wife fine a name for Steve junior” she squealed.

Steve looked at me and I made an ‘am sleepy’ face and I think he got the message.

“Actually mom, we have an appointment with a doctor. We have to go now. C’mon wifey” he said and took my hand and we stood up.

His mom was smiling like she just won an award.
She wants to murder me with work 😌

“Okay, bye dear” she said and Steve and I left with the maid carrying baby’s clothes.

Immediately we were outside. I fell on Steve’s arms and he carried me in a bridal style.
I was so sleepy.
I inhaled his delicious scent.
He smells so good.
I drifted to sleep afterwards 😪😪

Episode 20

two months to go.
my pregnant pepper is seven months pregnant.
soon, we’ll both welcome our first bundle of joy.

I don’t know which gender I would like the baby to be.
any is fine with me.
… it’s not like I planned on having a baby.

I was just horny and my pregnant pepper was available at the moment.
causing trouble like always…

I walked into the master’s bedroom and I met her going through my drawer.

“what are you looking for?” I asked looking at her bulgy tummy.
the shape of her tummy is so cute bally and smooth. it looks perfect in any clothe she wears.

“I found these..* she said and showed me what was in her hand.
oh God…
She was holding the sleeping pills I have been putting in her meal whenever she’s disturbing me late in the night.

I went to her and collected it.
“Carrot nose, what are you doing with sleeping pills?” She asked and I went numb.

Talk Steve, so she won’t suspect anything.👀

“I..take it sometimes. It helps me sleep” I lied nervously.

“Helps you sleep? Do you have sleeping problems…is it because of me?” She asked looking so innocent.
I can just eat her up!

“No. Not you. It doesn’t happen all the time” I said putting my hands in my pocket.

“Tell me the truth. Am I burden to you?” She asked and starts to cry.

When did those tears build up?

I quickly sat beside her and pulled her to lean on me.

“I want to go and stay with your mom. I don’t want to be here anymore” she sniffed.

I should just tell her the truth.
I drug her sometimes so I can sleep peacefully but she won’t be so happy to hear that.
Pregnancy hormones are driving man crazy.

“Stop crying. Let’s just go to sleep, okay?” I said utterly confused.

She nodded and climbed on the bed while I joined her.

“I want a jar of margarine” she said.


“Didn’t you have dinner?” I asked.

“I did…I just want to taste some margarine” she said pouting.

I stood up and sighed before going to get the margarine jam.

I got it and handed it to her and she opens it,, using her spoon to scoop it.

I just stared at her.

“Look at you Tessy, pregnant pepper did you ever imagine your tummy could get this big? Before, you had a nice flat tummy with a small nerval which made you look Indian” I said covering her waist with the duvet.

“Wait Steve, are you body shaming me?” She asked and my jaw dropped.

“I was complimenting you… You look hot Tessy” I said and she took her eyes to my below.
What’s she looking at?

I slowly looked down and behold😱😱
My stick was er£ct and visible through my brief
How embarrassing.

“You could have just said you were h–ny” she said grinning.
“I didn’t know miss.” I said rubbing my head nervously..

“Don’t go too deep” she said surprising me.

I kissed her on her lips and next, I helped remove her nightie.
Oh lord…..

I got on top of her spreading her legs.
I rubbed her v against her light pantie and she groaned.
Seriously, I have to be very slow and steady. I won’t like my stick to hit her womb where the baby is.
I removed her pantie and hell her v was a bit wider now…
I wish she can let me call any of my ex b•°ches.

“Hubby…” She bem0aned and I smiled.

She’s horny too.
I pulled in slowly and starts to ride her. She m0aned with her eyes closed and our hands locked on the bed.
I couldn’t even kiss her cause her big tummy was inbetween us.

I was done and released into her.
We both laid beside each other panting softly.

Soon I noticed She’ve slept off…
I kissed her on her forehead and cuddled her.

I don’t think I can divorce you Tessy. I can’t imagine that now…
It’s going to be a tough run without you.
And also, you have no one to run to. Your brother Is in jail and your mom Is no where to be found.

I can’t leave you…
I don’t think I can… 💔

She turned and laid her head on my chest saying gibberish.
I smiled and held her to myself.

To be continued… 💓
Okay guys…
Tessy is giving birth at the next episode….so we need to buy powder!

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