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My crazy Housewife batch 11



(she’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

written by Eunice Nwodu 👠

Episode 21 🎇Bonus Episode!!!!

I woke up with Tessy beside me.
I stared at her baby bumb. Her big tummy.
Nine months, check!

The doctor said she is sure to give birth tomorrow or next.
We have everything ready and once she starts to scream whatever, I take her to the hospital.

I got a call to go to the office and just conclude a seminar that has been going on for three days now…
I need to be there.

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I went to the bathroom and took my bath before retuning to the room.
I picked out something to wear.

I was done dressing up and just stayed by my dress up table wearing my wrist watch. I looked so handsome.

I hope my s-xy features won’t disappear after I become a father.
I want to still be able to attract ladies and make Tessy drool over me.

*Steve. Where are you going to?* I heard and turned to see Pregnant pepper on the bed staring at me.

“I have stuff to do at the office” I replied spraying my million dollar worth perfume on my body.

“Can’t you send a representative or something? You can’t leave me like this, hunn” she said obviously nervous.

I smiled.
“You’ll be fine. Tell me, do you feel any pain?” I asked going close to her.

She twitched a little and shook her head.
“No pain so far” she said.

“I’ll be back in 3 hours Tess. I promise” I said taking my phones arranged on my drawer.

She held a crumpled look and held my wrist.
“Please hub. Don’t leave me…am scared” she said and I couldn’t help but pity her.

I remember when we watched the horror movie.. She was acting tough but she ended up begging me to standby while she bath 😂

“Don’t be scared Pepper. I’ll be back in no time…just do what doctor told you. Walk around the room and always hydrate. Take Ur water bottle” I said pointing to it on the table.

“Steve 😭😭 ” she cried.
How do I convince her?

I sat close to her and kissed her softly and slow.
She bit my lip and I chuckled.
Pregnant pepper knows how to ruin sweet moments.

We kissed for a while and she couldn’t get enough of my lips.
Aaah! She’s hungry.
Written by Eunice Nwodu!!!!

I pulled away and she stared at my lips that were w€t from the kiss.
“You’re hungry Tess. I’ll get you breakfast and feed you before going… Hunn” I said kissed her bulgy tummy.
I can felt the baby kick and I placed my ear on it.
TESSY chuckled.

“Hang in there junior, it’s tomorrow” I said to my unborn baby and Tessy laughed.
I actually watched a guy doing this in a movie.
I saw him kiss the wife’s Tummy and place his ear on it.
…Am learning👓

I left the room and told the maids to get Tessy’s breakfast which is more than you can imagine.
She eats so much! Like a lion.

Three maids had to carry her food to her.
So much delectables.
They dropped them on the table and Tessy sat on the chair and I start to feed her.

I wore three gold rings on my fingers so I had to remove them in order to feed her well…..

She took a spoon and starts to feed me to.
Macaroni and cheese😋

I was almost done feeding her when company started calling.

“Am sorry Tess. I have to go now” I said and she nodded.
I grabbed my phones and left.

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Meeting was almost over but I left them to get home to pregnant pepper.
I received a call as I stepped into my car.

It was Tessy’s number.
I picked the call immediately.

“Sir! It’s me, the maid, Juliet!” I heard the lady on the other line stammer.
where’s Tessy?

“Sir, miss Tessy has gone into labour! Mr Brandon helped take her to the hospital. We’re there now!” She rapsed.


“Which hospital?” I asked my heart pounding.
“Eunice Care Hospital” she replied

I hung up and rushed to the driver’s seat and started the car,, driving off leaving the guards behind.

Pregnant pepper in labour without me??😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

I got to the hospital and rushed in. All I could think of was Tessy.
How’s she doing?

I was taken to the ER (Emergency room) but asked to wait outside.
I met Brandon and the maid that called me there.

“Don’t worry Steve, she’s okay,” Brandon said.

I wanted to punch him for trying to take my wife from me.
The calls,
They made me furious.
But Tessy comes first. I had to keep my cool.

I nodded and we all sat down though I wasn’t at ease.
After some minutes, a doctor stepped out.

“Who’s her husband…she calls him carrot nose?” The doctor asked and I stood up and approached her.

“Mr Carrot nose, am doctor Eunice. Your wife is having a mental block right now…she doesn’t have the esteem to push the baby. She’s just not mentally prepared. And we have a problem, the baby’s head is coming out but she can’t push any further… She can’t stop crying and she wishes we call you, Mr carrot nose” she said

TESSY is having complications?

“Sir, you need to follow me to the emergency room” she said.

I felt my head explode 💥.

Episode 22
Enjoy 😂😂
“what did you just say..? I should enter there with you?” I asked balantly staring at the doctor like a lost goat.

“yes sir, she wants you in there. and the more we waste time the more risky it becomes” she said.

I chuckled.
this woman is not serious.

*if you can’t handle it, I’ll go instead* I heard and turned glaring at Brandon that just made the statement.

This guy really has a motive to take Tessy away from me.

“But you’re not carrot nose” the doctor objected softly.
I turned to the doctor.

“Ignore him. Let’s go” I said and she led the way.

We went to a room and they handed me a light blue material to wear which felt like an apron then, gloves and nose masks.


I walked in with the doctor and the door was shut.
I turned properly.

‘Holy mother of God!!!!’

Is that my wife,
I mean is that the Tessy, I married?
What’s that thing in her v*gina??

It was quickly covered by a white clothing and I wasn’t able to understand what that is.
Blood stained the sheets.

There were three nurses around.
One holding Tessy’s hand as she cried softly.
She saw me and left Tessy giving me a chance to be beside her.

Tessy was a mess.
Her hair was scattered and tears filled her eyes.
Ohhh, my pregnant pepper.

She stared weakly at me.

“Hey Pepper. What’s wrong?” I asked holding her hand.

“Am sorry Steve. I really can’t do this. Am sorry I have to die like this” she says as tears filled her eyes.

“You aren’t going anywhere Tessy. Don’t even go there. If you leave me, how do you think I can survive? No f–king girl in this world can replace you in my heart Tess. In case you don’t know, I love you. And if you think you can just win my heart and then die, it’s not f–king fair Tessy” I said as tiny tears filled my eyes.

I was feeling so emotional.
But no.
Tessy can’t leave me.
I can’t imagine a second without her in my life.

It’s hard to admit but I love her.
I’d be stupid not to.

She sobbed quietly and I leaned close and kissed her.
She couldn’t leave me. She held my hand tightly as the nurses and doctor came close.

“Are you ready dear. You can do this” the doctor said.

Tessy nodded.

Doc. Eunice unveiled the white clothing and stared at Tessy inbetween her legs.

“Take a deep breath and push!!” She yelled and Tessy groaned holding onto me.

It felt like we were both giving birth to the baby cause I felt her pains.
She grunted and didn’t stop pushing for one.

“Oh yeah… That’s good” Eunice said.
“One more swoop baby, push! Push! Push!…”

I closed my eyes.
Seeing Tessy in pain was hurting me so much so I closed my eyes. I don’t like seeing her like this. She screamed so loud!

I didn’t open my eyes until I heard the gentle cry of a baby.

Oh my God!!!
My child is born…

I stared at Tessy who was panting!
A nurse cleaned her sweaty face with a napkin.

After a while, doc. Eunice carried my baby to me. It was so fair and fluffy looking.
I chuckled.
It looks so much like me but has Tessy’s pretty eyes.
But wait, is it a girl or a boy?

I carried with my hands shaking.
First baby I’ll ever hold in my life.

“it’s a boy” doc. Eunice said and you have no idea how happy I was.
A boy…
-Eunice wrote this!


I was on the hospital bed with a duvet covering from my waist below while I stuffed my face with macaroni and cheese.

There were alot of fruits on a tray too.
All these for me?
I don’t know if I could finish them all.

Hubby was on a chair with his gaze focuses on me as I ate slowly while my beautiful baby was in the hospital crib sleeping I guess.

Everyone that came to the hospital was outside waiting.
Once am done eating, they’ll all troop in and congratulate me.

Thanks to Brandon.
He was just in time to save me,
If not…
I can’t even imagine what could have happened!

That doctor that told us I’ll give birth tomorrow must be sick in the head.

I looked at Steve.
He said he loves me.
I heard it all.
He’s words gave me hope to push harder than I ever did.

Nobody has ever said those three words to me, until today.
Oh God!
I feel so special.

“Stop looking at me like you want to eat me. If you’re hungry, take a spoon and join me” I said and he chuckled.

“You couldn’t scream hubby or Steve or even baby, it had to be carrot nose” he said.

Oh geez,
“Am sorry hubby. My brain was scrambled then” I said and we both laughed.
So crazy of me.

“What name do you want for our baby?” He asked softly.

Tough choice.

“Let’s name him, Andrew, Andy for short…that’s my Late father’s name” I said.

Steve smiled.
“I like it,…..and I love you” he said and pressed his lips on mine.
“I love you too” I mumbled as
He cupped my cheeks while we kissed and bit on our lips hungrily.

The door opened and I narrowed my eyes to it.
Steve’s parents, Brandon, The maid and Steve’s best friend where staring.
We couldn’t care less but shared our burning love.
It was so intense and full of passion.
How did I get to love this guy? Although he’s the one that raped me….

“That’s enough you two! So what’s our baby’s name?” Steve’s mom asked interrupting us

To be continued. 💖💖
So romantic…

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