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My crazy Housewife batch 4



(she’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

written by Eunice Nwodu 🎷

Episode 7


We went home with what Tessy bought. I ordered food for myself and ate in satisfaction while Tessy cooked her own dinner.

She ate it hot with the raspberry yogurt.

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I had my bath and came to the sitting room to watch movie.

I plan on watching the most horror movie of the week.

I get the latest movie installed in my TV.

I grabbed the remote when Preggy pepper walked in.

geez, what is she still doing awake?

She hasn’t even raking her bath yet.
She sat beside me

“Hubby what are we watching?” She asked beaming.

I rolled my eyes.

“There’s no ‘we’ here and also, this is a horror movie. It’ll scare the hell out of you and it might affect my baby” I stated.

She scoffed.

“You don’t know me Steve… Am a strong woman and brave as well. How can a common movie scare me?” She laughed…

“This is not an ordinary film woman, this is much fetish and scary more than you can imagine 👹 ” I said.

“I don’t care… We’re watching it together” she said shifting closer to me.

“Okay” I simply said and the movie started.


oh my God, what am I watching??? 😨😨
I felt like holding Steve by his clothe.
The dead woman is right beside her!! 😨🙆

“Ahhh!” I screamed and jumped on Steve.

“I warned you” he sneered smirking.

I almost want to cry!

He switched off the movie.

“That’s enough for tonight strong woman, let’s go to bed” he said and we stood up leaving the living room.


I was in my room about to sleep after chatting with my friends and cousin when the door opened and Tessy sneaked in.

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What’s she doing here,?

She approached my bed.

“Can I please sleep in your room? ” she asked.

Did I hear that right?

“Why?” I asked.

“My bed is too hard for me” she said.


“Uh… Okay” I said and shifted a bit while she laid on the bed.

She’s still wearing her normal clothes.
And her body feels hot…
She hasn’t taken her bath yet.

“Pepper, have you taken your bath?” I asked her.

“No” she muttered.

I laughed.
“You’re too scared to go to the bathroom?” I asked.

“I see the ghost there” she whispered.

😂 😂 😂

“Okay hun… I’ll escort you to my own bathroom so you can shower and wear one of my shirt” I offered.

She nodded and I took her to the bathroom.

“Take off your clothes already” I said.

“No, you want to see me nude?!” She retorted.

“Okay then, am going outside” I said but she held me.

“Fine, am taking them off” she muttered.

I turned to watch her ready to enjoy the view.
She took off her clothes and stepped under the shower.

All this assets for me?
Why can’t she let me have her already?
But one thing is for sure, am not begging.

She finished bathing and I handed her my shirt and she put it on.
So pregnant pepper can be scared like this?

We returned to the bed and she held me tightly.

“Hubby hold me… I feel like the ghost is behind me” she said almost crying.

I pulled her very close and turned off the light.

I feel like watching horror movie all night with her.
Atleast I get to enjoy her like this… 💗

Episode 8

I held Steve so he wouldn’t leave me. I don’t want to be this close to him but what do I do?
The two ghosts in the movie kept hunting me.

Either I see the girl or I see her mom…
I should have just left Steve and his demonic movie.

I slept after so much thoughts😴


I woke up when I heard something ringing. Oh, my phone.
I quickly picked it up noticing Steve was jot in the room.

It’s Steve’s mom calling.

“Good morning ma’am” I said scratching my eyes.

“Morning cupcake. So sorry to wake you dear. You sound tired, I hope Steve is not stressing you out” she said.

Such a nice lady…

“No, he’s not. We’re good. I can handle his headaches” I said.

I heard her laugh.

“Okay darling, go and cook already, don’t leave your husband starving” she said enthusiastically and I rolled my eyes.

Thank God she can’t see me.

“I’ll ma’am” I replied and she hung up.

I looked at the phone she bought for me the day before my wedding….
It’s so big and I think it’s the latest model.
What am I going to do with such a big phone anyway?

I looked at Steve’s side of the bed,
He’s not even in the room.
I saw an open briefcase at the far end of the bed.

I stood up looking at the big shirt I was wearing.
It’s so short down there.

I went to the briefcase and looked into it.
My eyes widened 😱
Bundles of dollar bill.
So much money!
Steve has all this?

It made me remember the money steve’s mom gave me for up keep but she gave me little and it’s about to finish. She said if I wanted more, I should ask Steve.. 😒, the idiot will make fun of me and see me as a begger.

If only I was able to finish college…
Atleast this would be an opportunity for me to hold such amount of money.

I took two bundles and felt it.
Now this is money😁
I grinned.

The door opened and Steve walked in.
Oh no😨😨

I quickly dropped it.
I’ve fallen into temptation😩

“What are you trying to do? Do you want to steal from me?” He asked.

Yea, I know he’ll say this.

“Aren’t you my husband? I have the right to touch your money and also, what’s yours is mine so what’s the need of stealing it?”I pointed out.

He scoffed.

“If you want them just beg, no need to steal” he grouse

“I said am not a thief!!” I said angrily.

He smirked.

“Yea, whatever” he said and walked to the wardrobe.

He opened it and brought out a book.

Its a hard pink cover and the book looked heavy.

“What’s…what’s that?” I asked.

“What else but A cook book. Am tired of eating trash so I want to have a healthy hot home made breakfast today” he said leaving the room.

I went after him.

“I’ll make breakfast for us” I said remembering his mother’s words.

“No, thank you” he said blowing me off.

I smirked as an idea came to my mind.

“Okay, let’s have a cooking contest. if I win, you give me all the money in that briefcase–”

He cut me off.

“And if I win, you’ll let me do whatever I want with you for the whole day” he said

I gulped.
I’m not an expert in cooking but am sure I’ll cook better than him.
We’ll take our food to the three neighbors at the estate and who ever gets more thumbs up wins. 2:1.

“Okay, we have a deal” I said.

He smiled a bit.
“Alright, may the best cook win” he said.
I nodded.

Who will win. 😋🙅
I vote team #Tessy

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