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My crazy Housewife batch 6



(she’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

written by Eunice Nwodu 💗

Episode 11 (Rated 18+ 😮 short episode)


“do what?” he asked.

I hit him on his chest playfully and he chuckled.
I sat up and took off my top.

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he kissed me on my bare back trailing up to my neck.

someone can’t wait.

he sucked on my earlobe and it felt so good…
new feelings and pleasure I couldn’t explain.

Steve didn’t give me the benefit of enjoying this during the time he forced himself on me.

It all felt new.

He unhooked my bra and got rid off it.

He stopped sucking and kissing my body parts and looked at me.

He drew close and took my lips into his.

My first kissssss…

It feels so…
Am speechless.

He helps me remove my pants and undies. He took of his shirt and belt.

He was on top of me but he kept his hands behind my head for support.
He kissed me so nice and I m0an into his lips.

So intense and I could hardly catch my breath. He sucked on my lower lip and I wished he wouldn’t stop.

I felt his two fingers on my warm v.
I shuddered.

He broke the kiss and brought his lips to my left n–ple. He sucked on it and I m0aned helplessly rubbing his curly hair.

Why does it have to feel soo good?
It set up my arousal and I bit my lower lip taking in the pleasure.
He moved to my right n–ple… Oh mama 💦

I held him so tight.
“Don’t you dare stop” I bem0aned with my eyes closed.

He stopped after a while and I felt his two fingers down there again. Rubbing and teasing.

I felt w€t down there.

He brought his hard stick close to my v. He rubbed the tip around and it drove me crazy.
He plunged in.

I was expecting pain just like the first time but no, it wasn’t hurting like the previous time.

He came in well and full and I felt full. He starts to ride me slowly.
Is it because of the baby?

“Are you okay?
Should I reduce my pace?
Should I stop?” He asked looking so concerned.

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I shook my head.
“No… Please don’t” I breathed out.

He continues the ride and he was fast with me. So fast.
I couldn’t stop m0aning and begging him to go faster.

So much pleasure…
How could it be this mind blowing and thrilling?

He raised my up a bit and starts to deal with my v.

I shreiked when we both reached climax.

He released inside me and pulled out falling beside me on the bed.

He held me close to him and covered us with the duvet. I panted softly.

“Thanks” he said and kissed me on my cheeks.

I removed my cheeks and tried to shift away from him but he still had his grip on me.

“What did I do wrong?” He asked.

“You tricked me into having s3x with you and now you want to act like you care” I said.

I heard him chuckle.
He has the nerves.

“You enjoyed it and that’s all that matters” he said behind me.

“Am really tired. I have a headache. My head hurts” I mumbled.

“Am sorry pepper, it’s all my fault” he said and kissed my neck.

“Stop calling me that. It makes me feel like a bad person” I said pouting.

“Okay wifey. I’ll get you a new nickname” he said and I smiled.

I closed my eyes as I felt really sleepy and tired.

Can’t wait for the honeymoon to end so the maids can come over and help out with the cooking and chores.

Episode 12

Our honeymoon was finally over and mom sent three maids and guards to our house.

I also have to resume work at my company today.

I know my preggie pepper will miss me but she’s just pretending.

She told me to comeback tomorrow so she could rest and enjoy herself 😒

Drama queen.

I arrived at the office and the driver opened the door for me and I came down.
Vanessa ran to us and carried my briefcase.

We went in together.
We haven’t spoken to each other since Tessy interrupted our make out.

My employees weren’t so happy to see me.
I marked all the sad and suprised faces, I’ll get them fired at the end of the day.

Vanessa closed the door after we’ve entered my office.

I sat on my desk and she dropped the briefcase close by.

“Good Morning sir” she said not maintaining eye contact.
“Am sorry about–”

“Forget all that. Tell me today’s schedule” I said sternly turning on my laptop.

“Okay…um…you have an executive meeting tomorrow, and also, we have tons of new endorsers and we’ve directed them all to the sub companies. Another important event…the annual dinner gathering is in two days at the grand hotel. You have to bring your wife along sir” she said and my eyes beamed at the mention of ‘wife’.

I have to bring her along…
But she’s pregnant and it’ll be stressful for her.
I have to think of her health.

“No, I’ll take you along. I’ll send you cash this evening, buy a nice dress” I said working with my laptop

“But sir…your wife–”

“Don’t argue with me. Now go bring me the list of endorsers” I jibed.

She gulped and left.


I came home to my lovely wife and found her watching TV with alot of snacks around her.
Chips, sandwich, burger…

I sat beside her and kissed her on her cheek.

“Hey hot sauce, am home” I said.

She looked at me and sighed.
“So my new nickname is hot sauce??” She asked and nodded.

“If it’s not good then am going with pregnant pepper 😋” I said and took a napkin cleaning her mouth with it.

“How was your boring work?” She asked taking the remote.

I chuckled.
“It’s better than sitting at home all day watching cartoons” I said taking off my jacket.

“Am a housewife, I don’t have a choice” she said pouting.

“I won’t let you work even if you weren’t a housewife. I care hundred percent for my baby” I stated.

“Whatever…let’s eat something, am hungry” she said like a baby and I helped her up.
. oh no!.
Tessy is adding weight,!

Her hips are becoming wider and her thighs are s3xier.
She needs to rake it easy before she becomes an overload.

I can’t tell Tessy about the dinner.
She won’t want to come anyway. It’s all about the wealthy people and she might feel uncomfortable….

I stroked her hair as she sleept beside me.
We share my room now…
Mom’s advice blah blah blah.

All this stress for f–king one girl..
I have done it with a lot of girls.
Why Tessy? 😒
The most craziest of them all?
I blame myself.

Work was cut short cause of the dinner today.
I went home to get ready, Vanessa and I would meet there.

No strings attached.
Just for her to follow me around and note important infos.

Tessy have to understand if she finds out I’m anyway😧

I met Tessy in her room in a blue s£xy dress. Oh my God!
She looks so s3xy!
Her dress was glittering but…where is she going to?

“Hey wifey, you used the money In the briefcase to buy this pretty dress?” I asked her holding her by her waist.

“No, someone gave it to me” she said wearing her earrings.

“Oh, why are you wearing it now?” I asked with a crumpled look.

“Am going to the Annual dinner gathering of course with Brandon. Am his partner” she blurted and removed her wedding ring from her finger.

What…what did she just say? 😱😱😨

To be continued 😂 😂
Steven is bursted.

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