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My crazy Housewife batch 7



(She’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

Written boldly by Eunice Nwodu 😉

Episode 13

what…what did she just say?

“What do you mean you’re going with Brandon, that jerk?!” I yelled angrily.

“I don’t have to repeat myself do I?
“Tonight we’re going to go to that dinner as two different people not couples” she said.

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“You’re a married woman for Christ sake” I jibed.

“And you’re not right??? I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about the dinner. Why? Cause am a housewife, cause I didn’t finish school? You don’t want the world to know we’re married?” She asked pained.

Oh geezz, she’s misunderstanding me.

“That’s not the reason. You are pregnant so I thought I would be stressing you out. I didn’t even think you’d be comfortable in the mist of strangers”

“Am not a child. You could have told me.
“Besides, it doesn’t matter now. Am going with Brandon. He invited me and bought me this dress…” She said.

“You think I would let you go out with that scvmbag??” I asked amused.

“Stop calling him names! He’s my friend” she retorted throwing her ring on the table.

Such a difficult woman.

“You’re not going out with that guy and that’s final” I stated.

She hit me on my chest.
That hurts.

“Who are you to control me you cheat! You’re going with your slut and here you’re trying to stop me from doing what I want?!!” She yelled angrily. 😭

She’s stressing the baby

“Stop yelling… Just calm down” I said trying to touch her.

“Stay away from me!”
She pushed me away and stormed out of the room.
How can she go out with that guy?!


Vanessa and I arrived at the big event place. So luxurious and lit with chandeliers at all corners.

The whole hall was filled with wealthy billionaires and business tycoons.

Thank God mom and dad don’t attend this type of events. They send representatives.
Am safe from mom’s scolding.

I haven’t said a word to Vanessa since we sat down.
I feel so uneasy with Tessy going out with that jerk I hate so much.

He likes Tessy.
I can feel it.

The event started and that was when I was able to spot Tessy where she sat with the Brandon guy.

They were talking and Tessy can’t stop laughing. 😒

It was time for refreshments and we were served alot of delicacies but I lost my appetite cause of Tessy with that rascal.

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I couldn’t stop looking at her… She was backing me though. Am only able to see her fair smooth beautiful back.

I messed up😓

Suddenly Brandon took a napkin and wiped something off her face…
I went crazy!

I have to set things out with my pregnant pepper 😭 😭 .

Brandon and I were in his limo outside the event center. The dinner was almost over so we just stayed in our ride.

Brandon wants to know so much about me.

I had to tell him my story.

“…he raped me and then I became pregnant with his child. He’s mom made me marry him though we both didn’t want to get married…but I know after I give birth, he’ll leave me” I muffled.

“I’ll leave him too” I added so sad inside.

Brandon held my hand.
“You’re not alone Tessy, I’ll always be a call away. You have my number right… Let’s chat up. I’ll keep you busy and make you feel special.

“You’re beautiful and funny woman. You’re a rare gem 💎. Any man would be lucky to have you.
I just want to let you know that, once you leave that sonofab-tch, I want to have a shot with you Tessy.

“I like you personality, your smile… Everything. And if Steve gets to uncomfortable to live with, am open for a roommate” he stated and I chuckled.

“Okay, thanks” I replied.

He drew close and our faces were really close.


He wants to kiss me.
What do I do,?

Steve has cheated on me a dozen times, a kiss won’t make a difference.

… But after everything.
Am not good at cheating!

I cleared my throat.
“Am sorry but am not uses to sharing myself at a go. If we can really be together, it’ll be after my divorce from Steve” I stated.

He exhaled sharply and smiled cutely.
“Am okay with that. Let’s get you home so you can rest” he said and called the driver at the other side of the limo to drive.

Huh 😧

Episode 14

Brandon stopped infront of my house in the estate. I came down and went into the house getting ready to face Steve’s headache.

I pray he’s not home yet.
I don’t want to see his annoying wicked face.

I walked past the living room and saw him at the wine counter. He looked drunk and messy.

I ignored him acting like he wasn’t there. I went to my room.

How can Tessy intentionally do this to me! 😡 she’s comfortable to go out with that big head overlooking the fact that she’s pregnant.

It irritates me and am so pissed right now!

I didn’t even sleep upstairs, I went to the guestroom and had a bath then wore my clothes I found there.

Who’s talking to Tessy?
I’ll ignore her till she is forced to apologize to me.
Am a billionaire. Dad’s heir and treated like a demi god at home so if Tessy thinks she can break me to begging her then she’s dreaming.

When I was five years old, I knew nothing then. I took dad’s gun and mistakenly fired it at my math tutor I hate so much. She lost an eye, I was forced to apologize atleast after dad payed her hospital bills. I refused and there was nothing nobody could do about it.

‘Accidents happen😌’


I had to go upstairs to wear my suit and gather other things I’d need for office.

I bumped into Tessy on the way and I just walked past her and she did the same.

A good wife should have apologized 😒

Where are my apologies? 🙅

I went to my room and got ready for work.
I was done and I returned downstairs.
One of the maids came to me.
She bowed.

“Good morning sir, breakfast is ready” she informed and I just nodded looking at Tessy who was on the sofa with a remote.
Watching movie as early as this.

I left the maid and walked to the living room. I grabbed my phones. I noticed Tessy was also ignoring my presence.

She acted like I wasn’t here at all.
So she also wants to be tough.
Stubborn head😒

I left for the office after a short breakfast.


Tessy and I was keeping up with the silent treatment for three days.
She hasn’t spoken to me neither have I and I know she’s angry with me.

I was a little drunk cause I went to my best friends place and we drank away our sorrows. I was on my way to my room to sleep soundly when I saw Tessy’s phone on the table.

It vibrated and I took it.
Let’s see what my wife is up to.
I unlocked her phone…. Her password is nothing but ‘baby’.

I went to her recent activities.
I entered her WhatsApp. Oh mother of God!!
Messages from Brandon.
She was chatting with him even at midnight.

I felt so angry!
Is she keeping an extra marital affair?
I saw 10 missed calls from the jerk.
Why is he calling her so much?

What could be so important to him.
Even if Tessy wants another guy, why Brandon?

I went upstairs quickly straight to Tessy’s room.

She was applying cream on her body.
Lovely sight.

My eyeballs were turning, am drunk.

She looked suprised to see me tho.

I went to her and handed her her phone.
She took it and didn’t sat anything.

“Am sorry” I finally said after a long silence.

“What?” She muttered.
I sat beside her on the bed.

“I said am sorry. Don’t make me repeat myself, believe me this us harder than it sounds” I jibed.

“If apologizing to me will end up being a complaint then it’s better you just go. Am sleepy” she said taking her pillow.
By Eunice Nwodu.

“Tessy hear me out. Am sorry for not telling you about the dinner. I just decided not to cause you were pregnant and it’d be stress”

“You’re drunk go and come back tomorrow. When you’re in your right sense” she said blowing me off.

I pulled her close in a half hug so she can lean on me.
“I said am sorry hunnn” I cooed.

“Please Tessy. Forgive me. I won’t hide anything like that from you again, that’s a promise” I said.
Anything, anything at all to convince her.

She shrugged my hands off.
Wow… I really hurt her alot when I didn’t tell her.

She didn’t want to say anything.
“Please wifey. It’s been long Since I touched baby and you know I can’t touch it without your permission. Please am sorry” I pleaded with a crumpled look.

She nodded and I claimed her lips. Kissing her like I’ve never before.

“You’ll put Brandon on blacklist, huh…” I mumbled inbetween the kiss.
She Chuckled.
“Am serious Tess. 10 missed calls in one hour? Does he want to eat you alive?” I asked after we broke the kiss.

“He’s my friend” she simply said and sat on the bed well. I moved into her holding her to myself.

“You know he likes you” I added.
She didn’t say anything.
“Steve you’re drunk. Go to ur room. I don’t want you here” she said.

I kissed her on her forehead.
“Slow down carrot nose. We have to sleep” she said.

“Carrot nose?” I asked 😳
She laughed.
How am I carrot nose? 😂

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