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My crazy Housewife batch 9



(She’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

💚💛written by Eunice Nwodu💛💚

Episode 17

After enjoying all the meals we ordered, Pregnant pepper and I went home.

I got a text from Davis, I had to go.

“Um…Tessy, I have to go somewhere” I said as she pulled off her clothes.

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“Do you really have to go?” She asked sounding quite scared..

“Yes, I have to” I jibed walking to the door.

“Where are you going to?” She asked.

What do I tell her now😒

“I need to see someone” I replied.
“Who?” She asked.

“A friend”
“Which of them?” She asked🙍

Oh wttfff…
“Am no longer going. Go and take your bath” I said giving up.

I dropped my phones on the table while she ran into the bathroom happily.


I climbed down the stairs to the basement in Davis’s house.

I went into the room to meet Tessy’s brother tied up tightly. He was jerking back and forth trying to get free.
He’s blind folded.

Davis was on a couch drinking.
I went to him and he handed me a mask to wear. We don’t want the idiot to recognize us after this.

“You owe me tons bro. Do you know I couldn’t f–k last night because I was here watching the rascal” he rapsed.

He’s sure a s3x freak.

“Chill. Where are your boys?” I asked looking around.
“You guys didn’t beat him up?”
I added looking at the guy tied up.

I was expecting him to be beating up and half dead…Davis likes to hurt people.

“We wanted you to do the honors” David said giving me the bat he was holding.

I took it and went to the guy.
I removed his blindfold.

He stared at me with anger in his eyes.

“You making a big mistake nigga. You have no idea who I am.
Am a hurt you real bad..
Am so going to hurt you in a way you won’t be able to explain you motherf–ker!” He yelled.

I tightened my fist on the bat and hit it on his arm and he screamed. I could hear his bones split.

Tessy am sorry but your brother will spend fortunes mending his bone.

“Who are you? What did I do to you a-sholes?” He asked.

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I hit him on his knee and he jerked up the seat hopping in pain.
I kicked his seat with my leg and he fell with it. He couldn’t stop groaning.

“Please bro! Let’s work things out. I don’t want to die now… What do you need? Cocaine? I know a guy who can give you those please let me go” he kept blabbing pleading like a baby.
Written by Eunice Nwodu.

I leaned close to him so he can hear me loud and clear.
“Who is Tessy to you?” I asked.

He froze for a while.
“How do you know her? Who are you to ask me about her? Are you f–king out of ya mind!” He sneered.

geez, this guy talks too much 😒

I hit him the bat twice on his back.
You don’t want to knoe how much it hurts.

“Aah!! Okay, okay, I’ll talk” he said panting.
I didn’t say a word but just stared at his sweaty face.

“She’s my sister….My kid….sister” he said stammering.

“Good. What do you do to her often?” I asked.

He looked at me and spat but thank goodness I stepped back and his stinking spit didn’t get to me.

“Ask her” he said proving stubborn to tell me.

I tried so hard to control my anger.
I felt a soft tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Davis smirking 😏

“Bro, you know am good at this things. Let me help you a bit” he said grinning and took the bat from me while I stepped back.

Seriously this guy is dead.

Davis reached for his back pocket and brought out a small knife.
“Who doesn’t love tattoos?” He asked enthusiastically.

Next thing, he slammed the guy’s face to the ground and proceeded with the knife coming close to his face.

“What are you trying to do? Stop! Leave me alone… Fine, I’ll talk” he begged shivering.

“Too late–” Davis grinned and used the knife to slice his cheek writing a ‘T’ with it.
Wow… T for Tessy.

How nice.
Tessy’s brother screamed in pain.

“Now will you talk or do you want me to write the whole alphabet on your cheek?” Davis asked.

“Fine, I’ll talk!!!!
“The b°•ch Tessy is my sister! I always wanted to f°•k the hell out of her but she always escapes from me. Then I wanted to get her married to wealthy people so I can f°•king use her to make f°•king money! But then she striked a stupid deal to pay me monthly. I traveled to Cuba to work and I returned yesterday to learn she’s f°•king married and pregnant And when I find her, I’ll dive a fork up her v and dig the baby out of her. And as for the husband, I’ll cut his d°•k off and kill the jerk and rub him of his money. Now you hear it you son of a biatch!!!” He yelled like a psycho.

I smiled.
“Too bad the husband is truly a son of a biatch” I said and turned to Davis.
“Do you have that recorded?” I asked.

He smirked and nodded bringing out his phone.

He played what the guy said.

It’s prison for him away from my pregnant pepper … 💗

Episode 18

six months!!!
Tessy is six months pregnant today 😄
Oh 💃 the joy that fiills my soul!
Just three months to go and the nightmares would be over.

I felt pregnant pepper tap me on my arm.
I ignored her pretending to be asleep. It’s late in the night. What could she possibly want.

“Steve. Please wake up” she said in her gentle voice.
Pretender 😒

She pat me again making me pity her.
In the next life, am done f–king stubborn girls.

“I know you’re awake!” She grouse and am forced to sit up.

“What now miss?” I asked and she smiled.

“I want a glass of water” she said.

I sighed.
The maids must be fast asleep in their rooms.

I turned on the light with the remote and got off the bed.
I left the room and rushed downstairs.
I filled a glass up and even carried a jug of water along and went back upstairs.

I handed her the glass of water.
She stared into the glass.

“I’ll drink this after am done eating… Hubby, am hungry😭” she said.

“Seriously? Must you eat this late in the night?” I murmured angrily.

“It’s the baby. It’s starving” she replied.

“Fine, what will you eat?” I asked.

“Egg sauce” she replied.

Thank God egg sauce is easy and quick to prepare.
This woman can’t ruin my sleep😪

I rushed downstairs and grabbed the eggs and broke them. I chopped tomatoes as fast as I could.
I nearly cut my thumb!

I was done and added the last ingredient: Pepper 😂

I went upstairs and handed Tessy the tray.
She took the spoon and took a bite.

“I want some sliced apple by the side” she said.

“Tessy, be satisfied already! Am tired and sleepy. Pity me!” I said rubbing my eyes.

“Just get me the apples hubby. I won’t ask for anything else” she said.

I went downstairs and got the apples before returning back to her.

“Here wifey” I said handing her the plate.

“No, hold it. I want to try something different” she said.
Say what now? 🙍

“I’ll take a spoon of my sauce and you feed me an apple” she said.

I rolled my eyes.

She took a spoon and opened wide and carefully put a slice of apple in her mouth.
She ate it smiling.

We did it a few more times and I got tired.
“Arent you full?” I asked noticing she stopped eating.

“I am. Just get me a glass of pineapple juice” she said.

I nodded and carried the tray and everything downstaira then I poured Tessy her drink and added the final ingredient : Sleeping pill😪

I stirred it and carried it to her.
She won’t kill me before my time.
Am still young and s•xy. too young to be worked to death.

She took it and drank it half.
She was already yawning.

“I feel tired and sleepy. Goodnight carrot nose” she said and next thing, she was fast asleep.

I covered her well and went to bed relieved.

Days later…
Steve’s mom asked me to come over and spend the day with her.

I can’t believe I used to call her ‘ma’am’ but now, I get to call her mom.

She ordered the maids to get what she wanted me to See.
The maid returned with huge bags.

She emptied the stuff in it on the floor. I checked the clothes, baby clothes.

“You’ll bring out the ones you dislike dear” she said referring to the clothes.


I started checking the clothes one after the other.
But these are all male wears…

Did the mall run out of baby girl wears??

“Um…mom, are the female wears inside?” I asked and she laughed.

“You’re going to give birth to a son. I can feel it” she said enthusiastically.

How can she be so sure?

“Uh..okay mom. Which ever one God gives me” I said trying not to see it as anything.

I was in my office going through files.
I need to hire someone to do this part of my work for me😪

I remembered what happened this morning with Tessy.
I laughed.
I actually bath her 😂

She was too demanding and we ended up [email protected] together in the bathroom. My clothes soaked and the bathroom was a mess.

Tessy is so crazy.
A knock came on my door.
Could it be Tessy…
but she’s with mom.

The door opened and my jaw dropped.
What’s she doing here after such a long time?

I thought I’ve already broken up with all the girls I met with.
She came to me sitting on my table.
Her dress was revealing and I could see her stunning body.

“It’s been long Steve. You know how we do it. Am going to be on top this time” she said and winked.

I’ve never said no to Camilla…
How do I tell her there can’t be an ‘us’ anymore cause am married??
What do I do? Three months.
Should I tell her to wait for three months after I leave Tessy before we continue with our screwing?

Tbc 😓
Steve, you still want to leave Tessy?

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