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My crazy Housewife last batch



(She’s psycho 😂 and troublesome 🙆)

Written by Eunice Nwodu 👑

Episode 23

I was far into dreamland when little Andrew’s crying voice woke me.
He’s just as pesky as his mom, Tessy.

I pretended to be asleep so Tessy would go carry him.

“Steve, are you pretending right now or can’t you hear our son crying” Tessy’s annoying voice said behind me.

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Andrew was still crying.

I didn’t say anything.
What could I say?
I don’t want to do vigil today.

“Hope you know it’s your turn” she said.

I sat up and turned to her.
“It’s your turn” I muffled..

She turned on the light and brought out her phone. She handed it to me.

I checked today’s date.
Damn it,
It’s actually my turn.

Babe, he’s hungry. I don’t have the resource to feed him” I said.

“If he’s hungry, he’ll pull your shirt and then you can call me” she said.

“Tessy, you’re at home all day doing nothing. While I go to work. Please, free me tonight” I begged.

She frowned.
“Okay. You’re trying to say am useless?” She thundered.

“No… You’re not. You’re Andrew’s mom, he won’t be alive without you” I said.

She smirked and got off the bed.
She wore her slippers and headed to Andy who was in his cradle. She carried him and he starts fussing and sobbing.
I watched Tessy bring out her left [email protected] and put it in his mouth slowly while he attacked it like a lion.

He better be careful with that.
Just cause I allowed us to share doesn’t mean he should be possessive over it.

I slept off again.

He thinks am useless!!
He thinks there’s nothing reasonable am doing.
Am going to deny him the one thing he can’t seem to leave without and he has already taken an oath not to cheat on me.

I fed Andy and he slept off after five trails to get him to sleep.
I carefully laid him down cause he’s sensitive and one noise can get him to wake up.
That’s what I’ve been going through for five months now. 😴

🎲🎲🎲🎲Next day

I came back from work to meet Tessy and Andy playing.
To my suprise, Tessy was looking super hot.
She wore the bum short she hasn’t worn since Andy came and that light singlet.
She packed her hair in a pony just the way I like it.

What’s she up to?
Am turned on already anr I can’t wait to have her tonight.

I went to Andy and ruffled his beautiful black hair which he got from me. He’s so adorable.
At least, he’s awake.
He’s such a sleepy head. But he’s quite stubborn.

Immediately After dinner, I ordered the maid, Juliet to stay with Andrew in his room. At least Tessy and I can have some privacy.

She was on the bed operating her phone.

“Hubby, Brandon sent me another hot photo of his girlfriend. I guess they’re having the time of their life in Dubai” she said.

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I just nodded staring at her body move.
I came close and kissed her taking her phone away from her.

“Steve, what are you doing?…” She muttered.

“You know” I replied and tried to remove her nightie.
She stopped me.
When man is already hard.

“Am exhausted babe. Maybe tomorrow” she said.

“Am gonna be on top Love, you’ll just have to relax” I said going ahead to pull off her nightie.

“You don’t understand. I can’t even lift a finger. You’ll have to svck it in tonight” she said.

I felt like crying.
“Please Tessy!…”

“I’ve worked enough today. I need some rest. Pity me Steve. Let’s do it tomorrow” she said covering her body with the blanket.

Tessy is never like this,
What’s wrong?

Is she mad at me?
I sat beside her thinking of another technic.

If I look at her, she’d look away.

I pouted my lips.
She laughed.

“I thought I was useless. Come here” she said and removed the duvet.
I smiled and laid beside her kissing her neck.

“Am sorry Tessy. But I said you weren’t useless. You’re very important to me” I said kissed her.

I got my hand under her butt cheek rubbing it to get her in the mood.
I didn’t cut the kiss as I pulled off her night shorts.

Suddenly a knock came on the door.
I paused and then we heard Andrew’s loud voice crying..

He was crying like he has just been flogged.

“Am trying to calm him down sir but he can’t stop crying” Juliet said outside the door.

“Am sorry love, my baby needs me” Tessy said. She kissed me and I fell on the bed while she ran to the door pulling off her shirt.

Andrew, why???? 😭 😭

Episode 24….

I fixed my long blue dress standing before the mirror.
Steve, Andrew and I are going on a family vacation at Disney land to celebrate my birthday. Steve’s mom suggested we take a family photo before going to Disneyland in Tokyo.

All this for my birthday,…
I felt so special.
I have never celebrated my birthday, of course the first one was with Steve when I was pregnant. He bought me a car which I sincerely have never used.
Where would I go to with it?

This one is with my baby boy Andy and my stubborn carrot nose. We’re going to have the time of our lives!

Steve walked into the room standing behind me, I could see him in the mirror.
He grinned and kissed my neck.

“My birthday girl” he said.
“Am not a girl!, am a woman” I said.
Am 24 today…

“You’re under 25 which means, you’re still my little girl” he said and placed his hands on my waist.

“And you’re my little boy” I teased.
“That’s Andrew’s title” he said and laughed.

“I can’t wait to drop him off at the kiddies world and we’ll both go somewhere private and enjoy ourselves” he said.

“Me too. Best birthday ever!” I beamed and we kissed.

“Your best birthday is still coming. Everyone’s ready. The photographer and mom too” he said

I nodded.

“Our luggages are in the limo and our pilot to our private jet is also ready” he added taking his phones.

“Okay” I said as we went downstairs hand in hand.

The background for our photo was ready and intoxicating. So lovely.

“Where’s Andrew?” I asked the maid.

“He’s with his grandma” she replied.

I left Steve and went to where his mom was taking selfies.

“Please mom, where’s Andrew? Everything’s ready” I said.

“He’s sleeping. He fell asleep while waiting for you and your husband” She replied.

“Which room is he at?, I have to wake him” I said.

“No way, my grandson will not be disturbed in his sweet sleep. When he wakes on his own..we’ll go ahead with the photo shoot” she said.

I felt like crying.
Why is she so over protective??
I went to Steve and told him what his crazy mom said.

“Our flight is in one hour. I’ll talk to mom” he said and kissed my cheek.
He left.

Steve’s mom is really going to ruin my birthday.

Steve returned.
“She said we should wait for some minutes…like 20 minutes then we quickly take the photos and go” he said.

I nodded.
His phone rang and he picked it up.

I told Vanessa not to let them into the conference room.
Be there in two minutes” he said into the phone and hung up.

“I need to rush to the office. Some pesky business I need to sort out love” he said

“But Steve….our flight. The shoot and my birthday plan in Disney world…?” 😭 I said more sad than ever.

He shrugged.
“We’ll still go. Just 20 minutes” he said huskily and rushed out.

Oh my God!!
Is today really my birthday.??

I waited for a while and Andrew was awake but hungry. I fed him and got him cleaned up.
Now remaining Steve…

I was so down casted and just wished today would end already. Everything wasn’t as exciting as it was earlier.
He returned but two hours later.

I felt like crying.
We took the photos and what not, then I retired to my room and locked the Door.
I removed my dress and wore a casual outfit.
I tried to cheer up but I couldn’t.
A knock came on the door.

“Tessy, what’s wrong?” He asked.
I stood up slowly and went to open the door.
He was in his pajamas too.

He came in and made me hug him.
“Am sorry I ruined you birthday Tessy, forgive me…” He said.

“It’s okay. There’ll be another one next year” I mumbled.

“Da-du-yahh” I heard gibberish and looked down to see Andy crawling into my room.

I quickly rushed to him and carried him.
I went to the balcony and dropped him on the railing while Steve stood beside me.

I sniffed.

“I love you Steve” I said overwhelmed.
Just a year and half ago, I was a hopeless maid working for my brother… Then Steve raped me and we had a very cute son together…
Written by Eunice Nwodu

“I love you more Tessy” he said and kissed me.
Andrew dragged my hair and I had to unlock from the kiss.

“Naughty boy” Steve said and carried him.
He threw him up in the air and caught him.

“You should see the toy room my mom made for Andy. All the toys in the world. Freaks me out” Steve said and I chuckled.

He held my hand.
“Don’t worry pepper, by this time tomorrow, we’ll be in Disney world” he said.

I smiled.


A year later, Tessy and Steve welcomed their second son, Quinn. They lived together nursing their unending love for each other. Tessy didn’t want to end entirely by being a housewife, she starts to write books made for pregnant women and their partner.
And sincerely, Steve doesn’t regret raping her😉


Written by Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya.

Oh my God!!!😱
It has ended√
Thanks for reading this story guys.

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