My Delicious Landlady

My delicious landlady episode 7 – finale

EPISODE: 7 (last Episode)
after 2 minutes her eyes started to glaze over and roll in their sockets as she got closer to Approaching. I quickly grabbed some pillows and supporte d my back then I grabbed her wa-ist with both arms. Her Kitty-
Cat was already clamping down on my d*ck as she thrashed with the bliss of climax. I started to plunge upwards into her Well hærd and fast.. she scre-med and hung on for dear life as i proceeded to screw her
senseless. She came explosively.
I didn’t even give her chance to say “mama’. i flipped her onto her back, spread her juicy thighs wide open and slid my thick 8 inch schlong into that Well again. I bleeped her
hærd… h-rder, grinding it well well. She just continued to drip even thicker Kitty-Cat juice from her Well, mo-ning like a LovePeddler and crying. after anothe three minutes she came again. but i wasn’t done yet. I
told her to stand up and turn around then i pushed her over until her elbows wer on the table. I entered her from behind, parting her butt cheeks with both hands so that i can see the juicycunt. I started a slow
deep Bleep, feeling the wh0le lenght of my d*ck as it slid to and fro in that lubricious Kitty-Cat. I grabbed both bosoms and squeezed them, then I closed my eyes and bleeped her for a long.. long time.
I was still banging her when my phone started ringing. I opened my eyes, wondering who wld be calling by this time. We were back on the bed and i was on top of her still drilling sweet h0les through her brain.
She wasn’t even showing any signs of letting up, meeting me thr-st for thr-st, eyes closed and mo-ning recklessly in a sing-song voice as I banged away. I picked up the phone and lo… it was nobody else but
madam Janet.
So i quickly cut it without thinking, hoping she will give up, but withing 10 seconds she rang again, I motioned to the housegirl to keep quiet and i took the call still thr-sting in and out of her sweet
“hello madam”
“ah thickson, I hope I didn’t wake you up oh”
” no madam I was busy”
“you’re sounding out of breath,'” she said. “Whatare u doing?”
“Just some exercise before I sleep,” I replied. “How is your trip ma?”
“Longer than I expected, and very hectic oh. in fact I’m getting tired”
“eyaah, sorry ma.” “Is there anything I can do to help?” i asked
“well… u know nah….” she said. “I couldn’t help thinking about you… I wish you were here”
If only she knew where I was at that moment and what I was doing. but I couldn’t help remembering madam’s, delicious abundance. Just thinking about it was making me h-rder in,side the Kitty-Cat i was currently
sampling and she must have felt it because a a soft mo-n escaped her attempts to stay quiet and her tempo increased. i glared at her to make her stay quiet, but my heart was not in it. The image of madam’s
succulent bosoms and thick Tips rose before my eyes… the feel of being ensconced in all that Intimate full-bodied warmth, wrapped between, huge juicy smooth thighs with my rampaging joystick plugged deep in
her hot steamy Well… i imagined my head caught between those large firm melons and madam using them to m-ssage my head as I bleeped her deep.
I remembered the sweet taste of her
milk when i was s-cking her bosoms
and the way she would grind her Well
against me when my tongue hit a
particularly sensitive s₱0t.
without warning I started to c-m.
Meanwhile madam was reliving our
last encounter in what was fast
becoming an Intimate phone call. I
was in the housegirl’s Kitty-Cat, but
with my eyes closed I might as well
have been in,side madam janet.
I came hærd and fast releasing a long
mo-n uncontrollably…”ooooooowwww
www….” as i sent spurt after spurt of
hot c-m deep into madams housegirl’s
Kitty-Cat. She was also thrashing with
the climax as she came again too. In a
brief flash of clarity amidst my
beffudled lust drenched state i
remembered to cut the phone so that
madam wouldn’t hear her housegirl
fail to contain the lusty scre-m that
ripped from her throat as she
experienced a body shaking climax.
Suddenly I felt a tap by my side which I totally ignored due to the unexplainable ecstasy of the spurt, again and again the tap continued until a sound slap troop in. I opened my eyes to see why the housegirl did such, maybe she was jealous of her madam. But alas! It’s my roommate, shouted at me. “What’s wrong with you? See how you’ve c_m allover me.” It’s now I realised there was no girl beside me but everything was nothing than just a mere dream. I nearly slapped my roomie for being such an idiot, woke me at that excited momentum of my life. I wish the dream could continue. Every time I closed my eyes, forcing myself back to sleep, the strong memory did not permit it. My joystick still stood-still like police rod seeking where to penetrate. I check my short, it has already w-t. “O my gush! What a life?” My night was encompassed with my last thought and discission before I went to bed in the previous night, together with the p_nography I watched. I guess that’s the cause of such a terrible and best dream of my life.
My roommate called from outside that the lecture is about to start so I reluctantly stood, prepared myself and set out for the day.
The end.
Please don’t think too much, it will really affect your dream. As it is said, “bird flies with what it eats”. Always think best of yourself and you’ll become the best.
Thanks for reading. Toriperi loves you.
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