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My dream high school episode 11

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 11🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV*💦
(Helman’s High school)
Oh my Goodness..
My heart is pounding hard.. I can’t believe we are sneaking to Mr Ren’s office to steal his glasses.
Tristan… Why.
“Shhh.. don’t breathe too high. You’ll be heard.” Tristan whispered.
I inhaled.
“We are gonna get caught.” I said, holding my chest.
“We won’t. I saw him go to the principal’s office without his glasses. He won’t be back anytime soon.” He said and gently pushed Mr Ren’s office door open, we tiptoed in and he slowly closed it back.
“Search his desk, while I search his locker.” He said to me.
With shivering hands and body, I moved to Mr Ren’s table and began searching..
Well, the eyeglass was comfortably sitting right there ontop his ‘Oxford Advanced Dictionary, 5th Edition.’
“Here it is.” I whispered but I couldn’t pick it.. I’m so scared. I’ve never stole before.

Okay I had, but it had always been just juice, ice cream or meats from Lady Bianca’s fridge.
Tristan rushed forward and grabbed the glasses and dropped it into his pants pocket, grabbed my hand and went for the door, but…. we frozed when we heard footsteps.
Deep trouble. I’m good as dead.
I could hear Tristan’s heartbeat but I can swore mine was beating more loudly.
He scanned round the office and soon, we were squating behind a long bookshelf.
The door opened and closed back.
I held my breathe… but in five seconds, I was breathing out loudly, Tristan covered my mouth and gave me a sigh to be calm.
I was sweating..
Im so scared.
We stayed quiet..
‘God please save us.. Save us from this. I beg of you.’
‘I promise I’ll never try to steal again.’
Then we heard Mr Ren’s voice.
“Oh.. Great! I just forgot my special pen in the principal’s office No way..” He said.

Soon, the door opened..and closed back.
I breathed outttt.
“He’s gone to pick his pen. Let’s go.”Tristan said and stood up, grabbed my hand and we tiptoed out of the back of bookshelf.
“Please drop the eyeglass.” I said.
“No way. Not after everything.” He said and dragged me to the door.
We listened to grab any noise but when we heard none, he gently opened the door and stretched out his neck to the corridor.
“Let’s go.” He whispered.
He tiptoed out and I did too, closing back the door.
We ran…. till we got back to the class, grabbed our bag and walked out of the school.
School was over.. But few students were still in school.
We walked out of the school gate and I hit Tristan.

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“Why didn’t you drop back the glasses. We almost got caught!” I yelled out.
“Stop yelling. Walls got ears!” He said.
“I said my dad needed the eyeglass but stealing Mr Ren’s own. Dad would know it’s someone’s eyeglass and he would know I stole it.” I said.
“Come on. He won’t. We’ll get a gift wrap. Wrap it inside it and he won’t know. The eyeglass looks new.” He said.
“Let’s go buy a gift wrap. I got a little money with me.” He said and grabbed my hand.
“Where did you learn your stealing skill from? Have you been stealing Tristan?” I asked as we headed towards the Gifts wrap shop.
“No.. I’m not a thief!” He said.
“I didn’t say you are. I was just asking.” I said.
“I did it just to make sure you are happy Olivia. I could do anything for you.” He said.
That got me..
“You could do anything for me?” I asked, looking at him.
“Yeahh.. For our friendship. It means a whole lot to me.” He said.
Argh! That’s too touching.
I feel like hugging him.
I kept staring at him while we walked to the shop.. then I stumbled on something while doing so… but he caught me before I could fall..
Ohh.. What a friend.

“Are you okay?” He asked..
The way he looked into my eyes.
Ohh.. I blinked my eyes, sneezed and fling my four bond packed hair back.
“Ohh. yeah. Thank you.” I said.
He smiled and soon we entered into the small shop.

💦Ella’s POV💦
(MacHills High school)
“Well, he’ll be starting next week. He’s with us now, but will go over to his house maybe this sunday.” Sam said as we walked down the school hallway towards my car.
I haven’t seen Emily for the past two hours now..
“Wow.. but what really happened. Why do he had to come over here?” I asked.
Well, I just needed to listen more.
“Well.” He breathed and stopped.
I stopped too and he turned to me.
“It’s really something I promised him. Not to let anyone know, but im trusting you on this cos you are my girlfriend.”
“Okay, so?” I asked curiously.
“You might not know George Bernstein.. But he’s a really wealthy man.. More wealthy than my dad… He’s married to my dad’s sister. Noel was his son all this years but just recently.. It was discovered that Noel isn’t the biological son of George Bernstein… That my dad’s sister had another man get her pregnant and you know, let George believe he’s responsible.” Sam said.
I inhaled.


shit happens.” I said.
“Yeahh.. I feel for Noel tho, he had to come down here cos he couldn’t bear it.” He said.
“Well.. it’s good he did.” I said..
“Ellaa” That was Emily’s voice. Behind us.
I turned to see her running towards with her backpack.
“Ella.. Gosh. I thought you’ve gone home already.” She said.
“Where the hell did you go?” I asked in a vexed tone.
“I was in the library. I had to search through this mathematics textbook Ma–” I cut her short.
“It’s okay.” I said. I hate talks like that.
“Emily, do you have to carry your whole books home?” Sam asked Emily who smiled at him.
“I got a lot of things to research on this weekend.” She said.
“Oh.. Can I know?” He asked.
“No.. Maybe on monday.” She replied.
I rolled my eyes. I hate him talking to any girl including Emily!

Getting to the school parking lot, Sam pecked me.
“Will miss you this weekend.”
“Won’t I get an invitation?” I asked.
Seriously, the truth is that, I couldn’t wait to meet this ‘Noel’ the smoking hot guy I saw his picture on Sam’s phone and the same guy Sam had been talking a whole lot about.
“When did you ever ask that? You hate coming around.” Sam said.
“Oh.. whatever. Bye. Have a lovely weekend.” I said angrily and tried to walk into the car but he quickly wrapped me from behind.
“Shh.. Do you mind me coming to pick you up tomorrow.” He said.
I smiled.
“Yeah..” I said.
“By 2pm then.” He said.
“Fine.” I said.
“I love you.” He said.
“Love you too.” I said.
I entered into the car…. and Emily waved me and entered into hers as well. And her driver drove off.
Her dad is quite rich… but can’t match with my mom.
Mr Greene drove off and I smiled.
I’m really gonna see him tomorrow.


“Olivia can you help me out here with my homework. It’s really difficult for me but I know it won’t be for you.” Gboy barged into our room, with a notebook and a pen.
I sat on the bed, staring at the eyeglass wrapped in a cute gift wrap.. as I was gathering lies im going to tell Dad on how I got the eyeglasses and how I’m gonna convince him to allow me go on with the car trunk hiding.
“What’s that in your hand?” Gboy asked.
“Why must you wanna know everything huh?” I barked at him.
He sat beside me on the bed.
“Well, that looks like the shape of an eyeglass. Is that a new eyeglass, can I see?” He asked.
“Don’t touch it!” I snapped.
“Why not? isn’t it for me?” He asked.
“Never. I got it for dad.” I said.
He bursted out, laughing
“So it’s actually an eyeglass. Well who in the world wraps an eyeglass in a gift wrap?” He said.
“People. And who’s talking? How many people do you know?” I snapped.
“A whole lot… Like a sister who wraps an eyeglass in a gift wrap.” He said and collapsed on the back, spreading his hands wide.

“Well.. it’s a gift to dad.. You punk.” I said.
“How did you get the money to buy it?” He asked.
“It’s none of your business.” I said and stood up.
“Well is that what you gonna answer dad?” He asked.
“Answer him what!”
“When he ask you how you got that?” He said with a smirk.
“Well, I’m not gonna talk a thing with you about this eyeglass again. You are such a lousy kid.” I said and walked out.
“Arh! Where are you going Olivia. My Homework!!!” I heard him yell as I turned towards the living-room.
“Go to mom.” I said.
Well have been sleeping for two hours now.
I was almost at the kitchen door, when I heard the sound of a car.
Dad is home!
I ran to the entrance door and waited.
I still have the eyeglass in my hand and I quickly slide it into my trouser pocket.
The doorbell rang and I opened the door.
Ella walked in.
“Welcome Ella” I greeted as usual.
“Yeahh.” She mumbled with a smile and walked straight upstairs.
She smiled?
Dad walked in and I closed back the door.


did you know Ella smiled when I greeted her?” I said.
“Goodnews.” He said and walked pass.
“Dad. I wanna tell you something.” I said.
“What?” He asked and turned to me.
I brought out the wrapped gift.
“This. You always wanted it.” I stretched it to him with a grin.
“An eyeglass?” He asked.
“Yes dad.” I said.
“Wow.” He grabbed it.
“How did you get the money to buy it?” He asked.
“Uhmm… I sold my favourite shoes out to a school friend.” I lied.
“Ohh.. but is the eyeglass that cheap?” He asked.
Oh he’s saying my shoes are too cheap to buy an eyeglass?
“Yeahh.” I managed to say.
“Thanks Dear.” He said and tore the gift wrap.
“Lovely.” He said with a grin.
I giggled. Feeling so happy.
Then he wore it… Then his eyebrow raised in curiousity.
What’s the matter?
“Well, is this a medicated eyeglass cos you appear three-sized in my eyes now… Did you say you bought it?” He said and I gasped.

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