My Dream High School

My dream high school episode 23 – 24

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠
🔥🔥Chapter 23 & 24🔥🔥

💦Noel’s POV💦

Th£ sun is ©vt so quick. I struggled ©vt of my soft b£d and ch£ck!ng th£ table clock, it said ‘7:32AM’
“Ugh!” I breath£d. Go!ng late today aga!n.
I walked to th£ en-suite and wa$h£d my face, turn!ng th£ electric brush on, I did a quick teeth brush before h£ad!ng over to th£ kitch£n for a cup of coffee and bread.
I went [email protected]¢k !n for a shower,₱v||ed !nto my school wears, bru$h£d my hair, sprayed my cologne, grabb£d my phone and bag, and h£aded ©vt.
Gett!ng !nto my car, and turn!ng on th£ music to ‘Perfect by Ed $h£eran’, I drove ©vt.
Wh£never I get to Sophia’s house, I’do take a long glance before driv!ng off.
Gett!ng to school !n fifteen m!nutes time didn’t work ©vt. Th£re was a little traffic so I got to school !n thirty m!nutes.
I dropped my bag !n my locker and ch£cked th£ timetable, First cla$$ -biology, second cla$$ -Maths, Third cla$$ -Arts…
I took my biology books, locked [email protected]¢k my locker and turned towards th£ homeroom.
Ab©vt go!ng !n, Ella bru$h£d pa$$ me at th£ door.
Well I didn’t see h£r com!ng.
“h£y sorry Noel” $h£ said with h£r smile.
“Sorry too.” I said.
“Sam is !n.” $h£ said, smil!ng.
“Yeah” I smiled and went !n.
I saw Sam on h¡s desk, c|¡¢k!ng on h¡s phone. Sophia also is !n h£r seat, a smile appeared on h£r face wh£n $h£ saw me but my smile was m©r£ wider.
“h£y dude.” I said to Sam. h£ looked up with a lopsided smile.
“Late aga!n today.” h£ said.
“Stay!ng alone isn’t that easy. No one to wake you up.” I said.
“Get an alarm clock.” h£ said.
“I hate that.” I chuckled and glanced at Sophia.
$h£’s read!ng a book now. Sam’s eyes followed m!ne.
“Gett!ng over it?” Sam asked. h£ meant Sophia’s news of hav!ng a boyfriend.
I told h¡m everyth!ng.
“Yeah I guess. A little m©r£ time.” I said.
j√$t th£n, Ella came [email protected]¢k with h£r friend (forgotten h£r name). I left and walked over to my seat, sitt!ng next to Sophia.
$h£ raised h£r face and h£r beautiful eyes made contact with m!ne.
I smiled. $h£ smiled too.
“Noel, I was th!nk!ng you could br!ng your guitar tomorrow. Th£re is th¡s song we could s!ng togeth£r.” $h£ said.
I smiled with an arch£d eyebrow, “Alright, sweet.” I said.
I glanced at th£ book $h£ h£ld open.
“What novel is that?” I asked and $h£ smiled.
I know h£r as a fan of Novels.
“Crazy !n Love by Luanne Rice.” $h£ said.
Oh, crazy !n Love.
“Is th£ character, Lucas !n th£ novel?” I asked with a bit jealousy, I can’t deny.
I wish th£ Lucas is @r0vnd, I’do have given h¡m a [email protected] kick on h¡s stomach£ for tak!ng Sophia from me.
h£r smile faded a bit and $h£ took h£r time before answer!ng, “No.”
I shrugged.
Wh£n I glanced at Sam, somehow my eyes met with Ella’s. $h£ was star!ng at me?
I shrugged it off as th£ bell for First Cla$$ rang. Gett!ng up and tak!ng Sophia’s [email protected], we walked ©vt to Biology cla$$.

💦Ella’s POV💦
j√$t soon Noel, I’ll be th£ one you’ll hold that way. I’m up with a good plan.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

My legs wobbl!ng !n th£ orange moccas!ns on my feet and my h£ad h°t !n mom’s black wig as I stood at th£ big black gate of MacHills High School !n my black dress which I j√$t bought th¡s morn!ng. I’do have preferred it for my Christmas dress.
It’s quite beautiful.
I dressed well th£ creamy coloured colar of th£ dress as a bald-h£ad security man !n blue uniforms approach£d th£ gate.
I really don’t know why I had to do that, even though th£ colar is well dressed.
“h£llo ma’am. May I know why you are h£re?” Th£ security man required.
I search£d my small shoulderbag for th£ blue paper, showed it to h¡m. h£ took it and seconds later, h£ [email protected] it [email protected]¢k to me and opened th£ gate.
“Thank you.” I said wh£n I got !n.
“Take an elevator to th£ third floor.” h£ directed and I nodded with a “Thank you” even though I don’t get wh£re to follow to th£ elevator.
I turned towards th£ big and long school build!ng with my h£art limp!ng with excess joy and excitement.
My silly m!nd told me to glance [email protected]¢k at th£ security man, h£ might be look!ng curiously at me. I did but h£ wasn’t. h£ was talk!ng with h¡s black-American colleague, who has a bald h£ad too.
I’m wonder!ng if all th£ securities h£re are bald-h£aded.
I stared at th£ school build!ng and !nclud!ng th£ football field and cafeteria at a distance.
Th£ park!ng lot j√$t few walks after th£ gate. Lots of different flashy cars.
Students and teach£rs cars, I know.
I peeped !nto th£ hallway which I’m guess!ng leads to th£ cla$$es, its so large and long.
I can’t believe I could walk up to h£re. Th¡s is a dream come true for me. Wow.
“But, wh£re is exactly th£ way to th£ elevator?” I questioned myself.
“h£llo, You need any h£lp ma’am?” A mascul!ne voice said and I fl!nch !n fright.
I placed my [email protected] on my ch£st and wondered if it’s ‘my pr!nce charm!ng’ before I turned and saw it was anoth£r security man but not bald-h£aded
h¡s l¡ps curved !n a light friendly smile.
Uhmm.. th¡s one is quite [email protected] and not scary-look!ng like th£ two at th£ gate.
“I’m Olivia Kenson, I’m h£re for a job application and !nterview. I’m a bit confused on th£ way to th£ elevator to third floor.” I said.
h£ smiled, “Th¡s is one of my work h£re. I’ll show you.” h£ said.
“Thank you.” I smiled and h£ lead th£ way, with me follow!ng beh!nd h¡m.
I thought we are go!ng to pa$$ through th£ big hallway but !nstead, h£ made to th£ right, enter!ng anoth£r smaller hallway and walk!ng few steps, h£ stopped.
I oca$$ionally glanced [email protected]¢k to see if I will f!nd my pr!nce charm!ng and Sophia but disappo!ntedly, I saw none. No student. No s!ngle one.
“h£re it is.” h£ said with h¡s light smile.
“Thank you.” I said. I realized i’ve been say!ng alot of ‘thank you’ s!nce I got h£re.
“You’re welcome.” h£ said before walk!ng away.
I pressed th£ open button, 4th-floor and !n few seconds, th£ sh!ny silver door opened and I went !n and it closed [email protected]¢k.
Soon, I was !n fourth floor, I walked ©vt and met anoth£r security man !n short brown hair who showed me th£ !nterview room which is th£ ‘Sanitary Director’s office.
I opened th£ door a bit and peeped !n
Oh my geeez! Th£ office is so laaarge!
Th£re is a woman !n a white gown sitt!ng comfortably and turn!ng h£r swivel chair left to right.
And anoth£r lady [email protected]¢k on me. $h£ has a low redhair and sat nervously.
Th£ woman on th£ swivel chair was fac!ng th£ door and $h£ looked up and h£r faced twisted !n a frown.
“Do th¡s office look like your home young lady?” $h£ threw at me and realis!ng my mistake, I hurriedly shut [email protected]¢k th£ door and th£n knocked.
Stupid me!!
No response.
I opened th£ door fvlly now and walked !n with my face d©wΠ.
“Speak up.” $h£ ordered and I bowed.
“Sorry ma’am. I’m so sorry.” I apologised, bow!ng over and over aga!n.
“I mean are you h£re for th£ job?” $h£ asked.
“Yes I am ma’am.” I said with anoth£r bow.
“Stop bow!ng young lady. That’s awkward.” $h£ said.
“Okay ma’am.” I said.

🔥🔥Chapter 24🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦

“How old are you Miss Olivia Kenson?” Mrs Summer asked.
“I’m twenty-one ma’am.” I answered.
Th£ redhaired girl had left m!nutes ago.
“Let me have your application letter?” $h£ asked.
Application letter?
Stupid me! I should have thought of that.
“I have no idea I should write that ma’am. I didn’t write it. I deeply apologised.” I said with th£ most coolly voice.
“Well it’s okay, but your makeup is a little too much, if you get th¡s job,th£n you should m!nd that to avoid laughters from th£ students.” $h£ said.
Laughters from students?
Noel and Sophia?
I touch£d my face but !nstantly brought d©wΠ my [email protected] [email protected]¢k to my th¡gh j√$t !n time.
“I will ma’am.” I said.
j√$t th£n, th£re was a knock.
“Come !n.” Mrs Summer said and th£ door opened to reveal a girl !n blue shirt and black trouser and a little white ch£f apron which all fit perfectly to h£r plump b©dy.
$h£ h£ld a tray and $h£ walked over and ¢ar£fvlly dropped th£ tray on Mrs Summer’s table to dis₱|@y a blue mug cup and two toasted bread !n p!nk wr*₱s and a bottle-water.
“Thanks Sonia.” Mrs Summer said to h£r and $h£ left.
I swallowed as my stomach£ grumbled for th£ meal.
$h£ opened th£ mug cup and unwr*₱ped th£ toasted bread.
“I eat breakf*st th¡s time.” $h£ said to me with a relaxed smile and I nodded.
With hungerness, I watch£d Mrs Summer get over and done with h£r breakf*st.
Wip!ng h£r m©vth with a m©vth-wipe, $h£ ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k h£r chair and smiled at me.
“You are quite patient.” $h£ said.
I nodded.
“What makes a good cleaner?” $h£ questioned.
“Neatness makes a good cleaner and be!ng an enemy to dirt!ness.” I said, unsure of my unthought answer.
$h£ chuckled.
“An enemy of dirt!ness?” $h£ asked.
“Yes ma’am.” I nodded, afraid I’ve answered wrongly.
“Well be!ng a cleaner !nvolves lots of challenges.” $h£ said.
I listened.
“You have to be punctual and [email protected]!ng, th£ challenges you might face is, be!ng ordered @r0vnd by th£ school authorities and th£ students also, you might get !nsulted by a student or laugh£d at. Are you ready to endure th£ challenges?” $h£ asked.
“Yes, I am ready.” I said. I wonder if Noel would order me. Well I’ll be too glad to do whatever h£ say, but what if h£ !nsults me and mock at my wig?
“fvll day,you gonna be paid $70 dollars but Per-time would be $40 dollars.” $h£ said.
“Per-time beg!ns from what hour?” I asked.
“2pm to wh£never you get done with your work.” $h£ said.
“I will go with th£ per-time ma’am.” I said.
I can’t forget I still attend a dummy school called ‘h£lman’
“You start tomorrow. Fill th¡s form up.” $h£ shifted a long paper and a pen to me.
“Ma’am what if I start today?” I asked.
$h£ gave me a brief thoughtful look before nodd!ng, “Well, you can. I’ll call up a colleague who would direct you on what to do.” $h£ said.
I smiled, “Thank you.” I said and began fill!ng up th£ form paper.

💦Noel’s POV💦

It was Lunch time and th£ five of us had one table !n th£ large cafeteria.
I, Sophia, Sam, Ella and Emily.
Sandwich£s and milkshakes filled up th£ round table.
I could feel th£ anger on Ella’s face wh£never $h£ glance at Sophia.
I really don’t know why $h£ hates Sophia.
I’ll f!nd ©vt.
Ella glanced at me and th£n dropped h£r sandwich [email protected]¢k on h£r p!nk plate.
“Well guys.” $h£ called up with a smile.
“Any new gist apart from Ms Clara’s [email protected]|| !n Homeroom today.” Emily said, laugh!ng and giv!ng me quick glances.
We laugh£d, cos we all saw it. h£r h£els were too long, I guess.
I felt sorry for h£r tho.
“Yeah, well, I’m th!nk!ng we could make a friend’s party th¡s friday.” Ella said, smil!ng broadly.
“!n your house?” Sam asked with what I guess was, surprise and excitement.
Ella shook h£r h£ad at h¡m.
“So wh£re?” Emily asked.
Ella looked at me.
“Noel’s house.” $h£ said.
“No way!” I threw at h£r.
$h£ tilted h£r h£ad, “Why?” $h£ asked.
“I don’t want a crazy party !n my house.” I said.
“It’s not a crazy party it’s j√$t th£ four of us.” Ella said.
“That is not a party.” I said.
“It is.” $h£ said.
“Not !n my house th£n.” I snapped.
“Your house i –” $h£ was throw!ng [email protected]¢k but Sam cut h£r short.
“Well well well.. Ella, my dad wouldn’t want a party !n h¡s house, I’d have placed it th£re but you can place th£ party !n your house. Your mom’s ©vt.” Sam said.
“Yeah Ella.” Emily said.
I like th¡s girl, Emily.
“I have some clumsy servants at home and th£y are gonna spoil th£ party.” Ella said.
“My dad is home.” Emily said coolly.
“So?” Ella directed th£ ‘so?’ to me with a cunn!ng smile.
Why’s $h£ act!ng like we are compet!ng h£re?
“So what?” I asked h£r.
“Well guys, it’s okay. I th!nk Noel’s house is a better place for th£ party. h£ stay alone.” Sophia came !n.
I threw glances at h£r. Can’t believe $h£ j√$t agreed to what Ella said.
$h£ smiled !nstead.
“Wait a second everyone, Ella mentioned four friends party but we are five h£re, so who did you m!nus h£re?” Emily said to Ella.
Ella turned to Sophia. “$h£, ofcourse.” $h£ said.
“Ella!” Emily half-yelled.
“Huh?” Ella threw at h£r.
“Sophia don’t go to parties and with©vt h£r, th£re will be no party !n my house.” I said.
“No,Noel. Don’t say that.” Sophia said and touch£d my [email protected] beneath th£ table.
“What?” I glared at h£r.
“I’m !n. I’m com!ng.” $h£ said.
“What? you are com!ng for th£ party?” I asked, with suprise!
I was like… giv!ng h£r sighs. ‘How ab©vt your mom?’
“Yeah.” $h£ said, lett!ng ©vt h£r sweet smile.
“But I j√$t said $h£ can’t be !n th£ party! ” Ella said.
“And th£ party houser j√$t said, $h£ will.” I said with a smirk smile.
“Well no m©r£ party.” Ella said and grabb£d h£r milkshake.
“Th£re will.” I said.
“Oh Ella, th£re will.” Emily said, vividly excited ab©vt th¡s party.
“Well !nstead of a party, let’s say ‘a sleep-over night’” Sophia suggested.
I know $h£ hate parties.
Ella rolled h£r eyes but suddenly a slight smile appeared on h£r face.
“Wow, sleep over is great Sophia.” Emily said excitedly.
“Yeah.” Sam said. I smiled.

School got over !n few hours and I said ‘bye’ to Emily and lastly to Sophia who always go home immediately after school.
$h£’s j√$t been too secured.
I was left alone with th£ music blar!ng !n my h£adset as I walked ©vt of th£ hallway and towards slg.
I feel like sitt!ng th£re for awhile.
I couldn’t f!nd Sam and h¡s crazy girlfriend after Sophia and I came [email protected]¢k from th£ last cla$$, though Emily said $h£ saw th£ duo walk!ng up th£ staircase lead!ng to th£ gym hall.
I don’t wanna call h¡m on th£ phone.
Th£re were few people !n slg, sitt!ng with th£ir lover or whoever.
I sat on one of th£ love-seats and dropped my [email protected]¢kpack beside.
After lunch !n th£ afternoon, while we h£aded [email protected]¢k to cla$$,I had asked Sophia ab©vt what $h£ said !n th£re at th£ Cafeteria.
“It’s not so bad if I catch some fun.. Stay!ng home all day read!ng novels and pa!nt!ng doesn’t h£lp ©vt.” $h£ had said.
“Is that all?” I asked.
$h£ nodded with a smile.
I sigh£d…
I thought $h£ want to.. cos $h£ wanna.. you know,.. be @r0vnd me or someth!ng.
“What ab©vt your mom?” I had asked.
“I’ll make h£r accept. I don’t know how, but I’ll talk to h£r.” $h£ had said.
I had shrugged. giv!ng up.
I should, I was excited $h£ wanna come.
Well, hav!ng h£r for th£ sleepover will be so lot of fun.
$h£’s th£ reason why I’m gonna let th¡s sleep over !n my house happen.
….Won’t you stay with me…
…..Cos you’re all I need…
Th£ music ₱|@yed and I hummed along but a light tap on my left shoulder from beh!nd made me pause and turn [email protected]¢k to see a girl !n braided pigtails and fr!nge brown hair. $h£ look like an 11th grade student.
“Hiii… Oh my God, its you Noel.” $h£ jumped excitedly with h£r two pigtails jump!ng with h£r. h£r brown eyes flash!ng with excitement.
$h£ ran to my front.
$h£ had h£r p!nk [email protected]¢kpack hung beh!nd h£r [email protected]¢k.
h£r skirt is a little too short with h£r long socks.
“Can.. can I j√$t sit beside you?” $h£ asked with a hopeful gr!n.
“No…no, I need privacy.” I said and h£r gr!n and h£r shoulder fell.
“Alright. I’m May.” $h£ said, th£n walked away.
I sigh£d and ₱|@yed [email protected]¢k th£ music…
j√$t few m!nutes later, a light [email protected] touch£d me on my right shoulder th¡s time and I turned [email protected]¢k angrily with th£ thought that it might be anoth£r annoy!ng girl but it was Grace.
$h£ let ©vt h£r big smile, and waved at me.
“Grace.” I called and $h£ raised h£r shoulders amus!ngly, th£n came over to th£ seat. I took my [email protected]¢kpack so $h£ could sit d©wΠ.
“Saw you at th£ Cafeteria with your friends.” $h£ said with h£r eyes on me and m!ne on h£r, th£n seconds later I diverted my eyes to my phone which I h£ld.
“Didn’t see you.” I said s!ncerely.
“Yeah, your [email protected]¢k was on me,but I th!nk I h£ard you guys talk!ng ab©vt a party !n your house. Do you live alone?” $h£ said.
“Well yeah I do. Though it’s not a party but a sleep-over. j√$t th£ five of us.” I said.
“Awwn.. I wish I could jo!n you !n.” $h£ said.
“Well, th£re are four oth£rs who might not want you to.” I said.
$h£ shrugged with a lost-hope smile which faded j√$t immediately………

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