My Dream High School

My dream high school episode 25

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 25🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦

I made a colleague friend, Prissy. $h£ was to show me @r0vnd th£ school and th£ places my clean!ng work will be and Prissy tried h£r best.
Prissy is pretty with brown hair and green eyes but is much older than me but because I’m on a fake age h£re, I’m j√$t a year younger than h£r.
I started with th£ washrooms and prissy h£lped me f!nish up wh£n $h£ was done with h£rs, though I didn’t really need h£r h£lp. Clean!ng th£ sparkl!ng washrooms was so much a fun and I did it with lots of zeal.
Mopp!ng th£ beautiful cla$$es was th£ second and pack!ng th£ few litters at th£ school exterior was th£ last th!ng we did.
Through all th¡s, I saw no Noel… my pr!nce charm!ng, No Sophia, no Sam not even Ella or h£r friend.. but I did saw Ella’s car which dad would be !n, wait!ng for h£r.
I couldn’t go to h¡m cos !n h£re,I’m not Olivia Greene but Olivia Kenson.
“After clean!ng up h£re, we h£ad to slg to pick th£ litters th£re.” Prissy said.
“What’s slg?” I asked curiously.
“Th£ school lovers garden.. It’s beautiful.” $h£ said.
$h£ turned towards th£ large hallway and I followed beh!nd h£r.
Why couldn’t I see Noel? and Sophia.
Have th£y all gone home?
I really need to see th£m. Th£y are one of th£ two reasons why I’m h£re and not see!ng th£m today is gonna hurt me so much.
My stomach£ grumbled.
I rubb£d it, realiz!ng i’ve not had lunch.
“I’m hungry.” I said with a sigh.
“Me too. Th£ food h£re is really costly.” Prissy said.
“Well I don’t even have any money on me.” I said.
“I th!nk I have some money but it can only buy j√$t one Pizza. We gonna share it.” $h£ said and a smile came on my l¡ps.
M!nutes later, we were done with th£ school exterior.
“Let’s go eat first th£n we could go to th£ Slg.” Prissy said and we h£aded to th£ cafeteria.
“Have you seen th£ school Queen?” $h£ asked as we h£aded to th£ cafeteria.
“No. Is $h£ beautifu? What’s h£r name?” I asked, pretend!ng.
“Ella Madison. $h£’s so beautiful and $h£’s th£ girlfriend to Sam MacHills, th£ school proprietor’s son who we all thought was most [email protected] till th¡s new guy came !n.” $h£ said and my h£art skipped. Noel.
“Noel. h£’s really [email protected] and I’m so crush!ng on h¡m.” $h£ said with a giggle.
I [email protected]
“You are so older than h¡m.” I said.
“Well, that doesn’t matter.” $h£ said.
“What’s h¡s name?” I asked.
“Noel.” $h£ said.
Oh Noel, everyone is crush!ng on you. I can’t j√$t wait to see you.

Th£ cafeteria was empty except for th£ waiters and th£ ch£fs beh!nd th£ long counter.
Prissy bought one Pizza. It’s too costly and I wondered if it was made from gold.
Prissy shared th£ pizza !nto two, [email protected] me one and we sat on a table to eat.

(At Slg)
💦Noel’s POV💦

Grace left thirty m!nutes ago and I got tired of sitt!ng !n h£re.
I stood up, grabb£d my bag and h£aded towards th£ school build!ng, but glanc!ng to th£ cafeteria at th£ left, I could see someone close to one of th£ cafeteria w!ndows.
‘Is that Ella?’
That must be h£r !n brown hair.
I sigh£d and turned towards th£ Cafeteria, but few steps to th£ Cafeteria I realized it wasn’t Ella but someone else.
I turned and walked away.
F!nally, I dialled Sam’s l!ne and it went through.
“h£llo.” h£ said.
“Wh£re are you?” I asked.
“I’m with Ella and we j√$t left school.” h£ said.
“Okay. See you tomorrow.” I said and h£aded towards th£ park!ng lot.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

“Did you see h¡m Olivia?” Prissy suddenly asked, star!ng ©vt th£ w!ndow.
I didn’t see anyone.
“Noel. Did you see h¡m? Gosh I saw h¡m late!” $h£ said.
I [email protected], “Noel!” I s¢r**med un¢©Πtr0|lably and almost jumped up from th£ seat. Prissy paused a look at me and th£n nodded.
I relaxed a bit. I hope $h£ didn’t notice anyth!ng.
I have been focused on th£ Pizza and didn’t even catch a glimpse of h¡m.
“What side did h£ go?” I asked with a cool state. I don’t need Prissy to notice anyth!ng.
“Towards th£ park!ng lot.” $h£ said.
I paused awhile before fac!ng my small-left-to-f!nish pizza and Prissy did to.
“You acted like you really wanna see h¡m.” $h£ said.
I f!ni$h£d up th£ pizza that I had !n my m©vth before shrugg!ng, “You said h£’s really [email protected]” I said.
$h£ nodded, “Yeah. But I have been see!ng h¡m with a blonde hair girl. I th!nk $h£’s h¡s girlfriend.” Prissy said.
“Girlfriend?” I asked, h£artbroken but didn’t show it.
“Yeah, $h£’s so beautiful. Th£y’ll make a good couple.” $h£ said, star!ng at h£r empty plate now.
I didn’t wanna ₱ush th£ talk m©r£ furth£r to avoid suspicion.
I changed th£ talk.
“Wow.. I th!nk th£ Pizza was worth th£ prize.” I said.
“Yeah, but I need water.” Prissy said.
“Oh, that’s right!” I said, with th£ thought that we have to buy a costly bottle water too.
“It’s okay. Over th£re is a water dispenser. It’s free. But th£ rich students rath£r buy bottled ones.” $h£ said.
“Oh.” I mumbled happily as we got up and h£aded towards th£ dispenser.
Prissy would be such a good company h£re and I’ll be happy h£re with h£r but I’ll be m©r£ happy wh£n I see my pr!nce-charm!ng.
Did Prissy say h£ have a girlfriend?
I sigh£d as I felt a wave of jealousy wash through me.
But why didn’t I j√$t catch a glimpse of h¡m. I felt th£ urge of runn!ng to th£ school park!ng lot to see h¡m but Prissy will th!nk im weird.
I know i’ll see h¡m tomorrow. I know.
“h£y, what are you th!nk!ng?” Prissy’s voice came and I realized $h£’s done dr!nk!ng h£r water and was wait!ng for me.
“Oh noth!ng..” I said and picked one from th£ red plastic cups at th£ side of th£ dispenser.

Gett!ng home by, seven. I had to first change at a dark side j√$t before Lady Bianca’s mansion.
I took off th£ wig, my moccas!ns shoes, and my cloth£ and changed to my real self, Olivia Greene with my brown hair. Brown shorts, a red crew-neck sweater and my comfortable sl¡ppers.

I clung my bag t!ghtly as I walked throw th£ walk-way towards th£ large front porch.
I couldn’t see if Ella’s car is !n cos th£ garage was close. But I know $h£ is home.
I got to th£ porch and pressed th£ doorbell and !n a second, th£ door was opened, by mom who ₱v||ed me !n and shut th£ door.
“I’ve been wait!ng for you Olivia. Thank God you are [email protected]¢k. Why did you start today!?” Mom asked. h£r voice loud.
I shr!nked !n fear, “Your voice is loud mom. Ella might h£ar you.” I said.
“No. $h£ is ©vt with h£r boyfriend.” Mom said.
“I had to start today. Th£ work is fun. I made a new friend who showed me @r0vnd. I’m work!ng per-time and it’s $40 dollars. Th£ pay is cool.” I said, gr!nn!ng and walked pa$$ h£r to my room.
“Come to th£ kitch£n and eat someth!ng. You must be hungry.” Mom said aloud to me.

Yeah I’m hungry. That pizza was rich but small.
Gboy isnt !n th£ room. Th£ glutton must be at th£ kitch£n.
I dropped my bag and walked ©vt to th£ kitch£n.
Mom and Gboy were th£re.
“Olivia.. Did you see h¡m!” Gboy yelled immediately I walked !n.
h£ was sitt!ng on th£ breakf*st bar.
“See who huh!” I threw at h¡m and went over to mom who stood at th£ counter.
“Wh£re’s dad?” I asked as I watch£d h£r dish ©vt sweet Diced planta!n, !n meat and vegetables ca$$erole..
“h£ should be !n th£ b£droom.” Mom said.
“I’m h£re Family.” Dad’s voice suddenly came at th£ door.
We turned and saw h¡m !n smiles.
Soon we were all sitted at th£ breakf*st bar, consum!ng th£ delicious ca$$erole d!nner.
“You didn’t have to start today.” Dad said after I was done tell!ng h¡m j√$t what I told mom at th£ door.
“I’m f!ne dad. Prissy is cool and $h£’ll be h£lp!ng me ©vt. I’ll be leav!ng school by 1pm, come home to change and h£ad over to work from h£re.” I said.
“I still th!nk you shouldn’t have taken th£ job.” Dad said.
“I’m f!ne dad. You don’t have to worry.” I said.

💦Ella’s POV💦

F!nally, im home.
Sam ₱v||ed th£ car to a stop and pecked me on th£ ch£ek.
“Goodnight bae.” h£ said and I faked a smile and got d©wΠ, slamm!ng th£ door.
I watch£d as h£ drove off and I rolled my eyes and walked over to th£ door.
I rang th£ doorbell and it opened j√$t !n time by Olivia.
“Welcome Ella.” $h£ greeted. I ₱v||ed !n and walked upstairs.. straight to my room.
I don’t wanna th!nk ab©vt th£ dummy place Sam took me to.
I bru$h£d my teeth and showered, ₱v||ed !nto my p!nk pajamas and fell on my big soft b£d, cuddl!ng my pillow as th£ thought of th£ Sleep-over at Noel’s house on friday clouded my m!nd.
‘It will be fun. I have my plans.
A good one.’
I said with!n before drift!ng !nto a sleep…….


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