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My dream high school episode 27

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 27🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦

I ran happily through th£ hallway that leads to th£ washroom pa$$ageway, th£re Prissy was, mopp!ng th£ floor.
$h£ h£ard my footsteps and turned.
I smiled happily.
“h£ forgave you?” $h£ asked.
“Yes. h£ told me to write an apology letter not less than two thousand words.” I said.
“Woah, that’s punishment not forgiveness.” Prissy said but I ¢ar£d less.
I ₱u$h£d !nto one of th£ washrooms and picked up th£ scrub brush.
“Well Olivia.” I h£ard Prissy’s voice from beh!nd.
“Is th£re anyth!ng m©r£ to be!ng sorry for bump!ng !nto Noel or th£re is m©r£ to all th£ excitement?” $h£ asked and I swallowed.
“Noth!ng. I mean I should be excited. That phone worth a gold. I should be happy, h£ only told me to write a letter.” I said and cont!nued my scrubb!ng.
“Well, be f*st so we could go to th£ school exterior.” $h£ said.
“I will.” I said and $h£ left.
I sigh£d.
I can’t open up to Prissy ab©vt be!ng !n disguise. I can’t tell h£r th£ truth ab©vt me be!ng !nlove with Noel and th£ reasons why I’m h£re. I can’t tell h£r ab©vt Sophia, nor Sam or even Ella. That may end up spoil!ng everyth!ng.
I have to be Olivia Kenson to everyone h£re.
I hurried up with th£ work and soon enough I was done.

Th£ night was calm and a little coldy, I [email protected] on my b£d beside sleep!ng Gboy as I wrote my two thousand words Apolgy.
I had to be writt!ng and count!ng at th£ same time.
It was a h£ll lots stress but I ¢ar£d less.
It was 1:23am wh£n I f!nally was through with th£ long letter.
I was tired and sleepy. Prissy was right. Th¡s is punishment.
Noel is so [email protected] but h£ might be pretty mean too. Well I don’t m!nd.
I scratch£d h¡s phone screen and th¡s is no match to th£ amount h£’s gonna use !n fix!ng it up or even gett!ng a new phone.
I recalled wh£n I came home. Ella was home and $h£ questioned wh£re I went to.
“I got a per-time job at a small eatery beside my school.” I had lied to h£r.
$h£ rolled h£r eyes, “That’s what fits you by th£ way. Save up with that cos soon you and your family might be mov!ng ©vt of th¡s house.” $h£ had said and walked upstairs.
“$h£ said that to mom also.” Gboy said and I glanced at mom who only smiled and ₱v||ed me close.
“It’s f!ne Olivia. Don’t th!nk ab©vt th¡s.” Mom said and added immediately, “Did you see h¡m today?”
I nodded, “but it wasn’t so pleasant.” I said and $h£ [email protected] and took my [email protected]
“Come so you could tell me.” $h£ said and we h£aded to my room.

I breath£d as I began re-read!ng th£ letter for th£ hundred plus one time.
Dear Noel
Don’t blame me if I write wrongly. I schooled !n th£ dummy h£lman’s school and I hate my English teach£r, Mr Davis. I miss cla$$ alot and always sleep at th£ library, pretend!ng I’m read!ng.
I want to say, that I’m very sorry for bump!ng my dummy self !nto you and lett!ng your costly phone to crash on th£ ground.
I was runn!ng cos I was late to work and Mrs Summer must not see me.
Please don’t give me furth£r punishments.. or tell me to buy anoth£r phone cos I’m sure my dad’s ten years salary can’t buy such a phone.
Please forgive me. I won’t be happy till you do.
Please Forgive me Noel..
Please forgive me… please forgive me,.forgive me.
Will you forgive me? I know you will… I h£ard that [email protected] people with th£ name ‘Noel’ are so k!nd and nice…
Do you want me to cry? I will cry, So you can forgive me.
I kept read!ng till I drifted off…..
I woke up th£ next day and my h£ad on th£ letter.
I snapped up and folded th£ paper neatly !nto my bag.
I woke Gboy up but rath£r h£ folded h¡mself and cuddled h¡s pillow.
“I don’t wanna go to school today.” h£ muttered.
“Why?” I asked.
“Don’t ask me please.” h£ said.
“Get up th£re.” I said and shook h¡m till h£ sat up.
“F!ne, I don’t wanna go. I don’t want today to be th£ last day I’m gonna see Maggie.” h£ said.
“You won’t see h£r aga!n after today?” I asked.
h£ nodded tearfvlly.
“That’s sadden!ng but you still have to go to school and say bye to h£r.” I said.
h£ shook h¡s h£ad stubbornly.
“I don’t wanna say bye to h£r.” h£ said and [email protected] [email protected]¢k, ₱v||!ng th£ blanket to h¡s h£ad.
I sigh£d and walked ©vt to th£ kitch£n wh£re mom stood before th£ steam!ng pot on th£ cooker.
“Goodmorn!ng mom.” I greeted and went over to th£ dirty di$h£s !n th£ s!nk.
“Morn!ng dear. Did you wake Gboy up?” Mom asked.
“h£ don’t wanna go today. h£’s actually sad that today is gonna be th£ last day h£ will see h¡s friend, Maggie.” I said.
“Oh Maggie. h£ talked ab©vt h£r.” Mom said.
“$h£’s relocat!ng with h£r family and Gboy is too sad ab©vt that.” I said.
“It’s obvious h£ will miss h£r. Keep your eyes on th£ stew let me go wake h¡m up.” $h£ said and th£n left.
I stared at th£ red stew for awhile before gett!ng on with th£ di$h£s I was wash!ng.
M!nutes later, Mom and Gboy walked !n and h£ was look!ng quite okay.
“You f!ne now?” I asked h¡m.
“I D K.” h£ said and sat d©wΠ on th£ breakf*st bar.
“What’s that?” Mom asked.
“I don’t know.” h£ said.
“I mean what’s I D K?” mom asked as $h£ brought d©wΠ th£ pot of soup and plac!ng anoth£r empty pot on fire.
“I don’t know!” Gboy said.
I chuckled. Gboy is tell!ng h£r th£ answer but $h£ don’t understand.
“Gabriel!” Mom glared at h¡m and h£ giggled.
It’s been awhile I had Gboy called by h¡s ma!n name, Gabriel.
Mom j√$t did.
“Mom I DK is I don’t know.” Gboy said, try!ng to make mom understand.
$h£ paused for awhile th£n burst !nto laughter.
“Oh IDK, I don’t know. ” $h£ shook h£r h£ad. While Gboy j√$t giggled.

💦Noel’s POV💦
“Friday.. Sleep over h£re today.” I said with a sigh as I rode th£ exercise bike s1©wly.
All for Sophia. I’m gonna do th¡s.
It will be fun hav!ng h£r @r0vnd and th£n I could show h£r !n h£re… I wish it’s gonna be j√$t th£ both of us but th£ three oth£rs are gonna be @r0vnd.
“Sleep over.” I chuckled as I got d©wΠ from th£ exercise bike and pick!ng up th£ [email protected] towel beside, I wiped my face and walked ©vt.

At th£ kitch£n, I prepared breakf*st of fried egg and tomatoes.
But that didnt really taste good.
Well, everyth!ng I cook doesn’t taste quite good.
I will make an order wh£n im [email protected]¢k.
I dess**ted th£ meal with a yoghurt milk and wa$h£d th£ di$h£s.
!n dad’s house. I [email protected] do anyth!ng. Serena and th£ maids do everyth!ng and I hate it.
I hate be!ng sorrounded by maids and guards.
I’m free now… though it’s a bit of boredom but I like it. though it hurt that my parents misunderstand!ng is th£ reason why I’m h£re.
I walked ©vt and went straight to my b£droom to dress up for school.

Thirty m!nutes later, Im !n my car with my [email protected] on th£ steer!ng wh£el as I drove ©vt to school.

I met Ella at th£ hallway and h£r smile was unexplanable..
I waved that off..
Th£ morn!ng cla$$es were great with Sophia.
Dur!ng lunch we all met at th£ cafeteria but on our way, Sophia had told me ab©vt h£r mom approv!ng h£r to come over for th£ sleep-over s!nce my house is j√$t two blocks away from th£irs.
At th£ cafteria, we ate and talked ab©vt th£ Sleep over tonight.
Ella talked most…. eye!ng me each time $h£ do.
I’m start!ng to th!nk what th¡s girl is up to.
“Well, I hope your b£d is big enough for us all..Cos I can’t sleep on a futon.” $h£ said, flapp!ng h£r la$h£s.
“people like Sophia can sleep on futon not I.” $h£ added arrogantly.
“Well, let’s get to h¡s house first. We shouldn’t talk ab©vt that h£re.” Sophia said straight-faced to h£r.
“I j√$t have to let h¡m know.” Ella said with a roll of h£r eyes.
“Sleep!ng on a futon isn’t a bad idea. I love it.” Emily said and Sam glanced at h£r with a suprise smile.
“Well for you. Not for me.” Ella said.
Spoilt brat, I guess.

[email protected]¢k !n cla$$, bell for th£ fourth cla$$ rang and Sophia and I h£aded with our Geography books to th£ Geography cla$$.
“First time I’m hav!ng a geography cla$$ h£re.” I said.
“It’s cool. You will like th£ teach£r. h£’s perfect and teach£s with understandable explanations and examples.” Sophia said.
“I’ve never really like Geography.” I said.
“Yeah I know. I’ll expla!n to you wh£re you don’t get.” $h£ said and I smiled, with my eyes on h£r as we walked towards th£ cla$$.
h£r blonde hair sway from side to side as $h£ walked.
‘If only you are my girlfriend Sophia, th£n I’ll be th£ happiest guy on earth.’

Sophia was right, th£ geometry teach£r, Mr Carlos was exceptional. h£ taught with experience and deep !ntelligence.
h£ describ£d h¡mself as a great traveller and that h£lped !n mak!ng th£ teach!ngs much great, easier and fun.
To mark it all, h£ was a great comedian.
I did laugh through ©vt th£ one hour I spent th£re.
Th£ two oth£r cla$$es were cool but none was m©r£ great than Mr Carlos cla$$.
Th£ bell for school-over rang and so much chats began.
I could h£ar a group talk!ng ab©vt some weird party tonight.
Some talked ab©vt go!ng to th£ movies.
Some talked ab©vt go!ng for a sleepover.
As Sophia and I walked towards our locker..,I asked h£r, “Wh£n are you com!ng over to my house for th£ sleep over stuff.”
“By seven..” $h£ said.
“Can I come over to your house and we could follow togeth£r? I need your mom to know who you com!ng to h¡s house for a sleep over.” I said with a lopsided smile.
“My mom knows you already. I showed h£r your pictures and $h£ knows your house. but you can still come over if you want.” $h£ said.
“Yes I will.” I said and $h£ smiled.
After $h£ left, I met with Sam and h£ said Ella and Emily have gone for th£ir Ch£erleader dance practice at th£ basketball court.
“Okay. So you go!ng now?” I asked and h£ nodded.
“I’ll come by seven I th!nk.” Sam said.
“Alright. Bye.” I said and h£ walked off.
That was wh£n I remembered th£ Girl-cleaner.
I chuckled as I ch£cked my wristwatch time.
I started my walk towards th£ hallway for th£ spot wh£re it all happened yesterday..
“Apology letter. ” I chuckled.
Who th£ h£ll is even gonna read a two thousand words apology letter?
Well, let’s see how th¡s goes.

Gett!ng to th£ spot.
I didn’t f!nd h£r.
I breath£d,and looked @r0vnd.
Wh£re th£ h£ll is $h£?
I sigh£d and turned to walk away and that was wh£n I h£ard h£r voice beh!nd.
“Noel.” Th£ way $h£ calls my name is quite funny.
I turned to see h£r walk!ng towards.
$h£ look quite pretty today and h£r fr!nge black hair fit h£r round face.
Oh.. no admiration.
“h£re is th£ letter.” $h£ said, [email protected]!ng it to me.
“Why did I had to wait for you?” I asked with a straight face.
“I’m sorry, I was wash!ng th£ toilets.” $h£ said.
I stared at th£ neatly folded paper !n h£r [email protected] for awhile before tak!ng it.
“I hope it will make you forgive me.” $h£ said.
“Well I’ll see if it will.” I said before turn!ng and walk!ng away.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

Oh.. h£ look so [email protected] today.
I watch£d h¡m till h£ was cornered and was ©vt of my sight.
I sigh£d.
Why’s my h£art b**t!ng so f*st and why I’m I so excited?
I placed my [email protected] on my h£art…….


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