My Dream High School

My Dream High School episode 36 – 37

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 36🔥🔥

💦Olivia’s POV💦

Th£ next day !n school, I couldn’t hide it from Tristan, I let h¡m know I’ve made a new friend, Noel Bernste!n.
“h£’s really [email protected] and h¡s voice is amaz!ng. h£’s so nice and friendly. You need to see h¡m.” I said excitedly.
h£ j√$t shrugged, “Alright.”
I frowned. I don’t like h¡s respond.
“Anyth!ng th£ matter?” I asked.
h£ shook h¡s h£ad. “Noth!ng, j√$t hope we are not gonna loose our friendship.” h£ said.
I smiled. That’s funny. Why would h£ th!nk such?
“No way. That’s never gonna happen.” I said.
h£ let ©vt a slight smile.
“Olivia.” h£ called m!nutes later.
“Yeah?” I answered.
h£ looked at me, “Can.. can we.. like go ©vt th¡s saturday?” h£ said.
“Go wh£re?” I asked. Th¡s is th£ first time Tristan is ask!ng for us to go ©vt s!nce we became friends.
“Like Hallwer movies. It’s not far from my house.” h£ said.
Yesterday Noel had wanted us to start our friendship by go!ng to see a movie.
And now, Tristan.
“Maybe yes.” I said.
h£ gr!nned, “Yes.” h£ said.
“I’ll come by at 3pm. Is that okay?” h£ said.
“Alright.” I smiled and h£ poked my hair.
“Ahh. Why!” I yelled.
h£ smiled, “Thanks.” h£ said.
“Why are you thank!ng me? we are friends.” I said and h£ nodded.

💦Tristan’s POV💦

‘I want m©r£ than th¡s friendship Olivia but I don’t know why I’m so shy to say it ©vt to you.
I really love you so much and I want you to be my girlfriend, but I’m so shy to let you know.
To ask you ©vt’
I watch£d as $h£ laugh£d, fl!ng!ng forth and [email protected]¢k h£r four bond packed hair.
$h£’s so funny and ¢ar£free and pretty face makes me [email protected]|| th£ m©r£.
I really need to tell h£r that I love h£r and expla!n m©r£ better before it’s too late for me.. I’ll feel so bad and hurt.
And that new friend, I feel jealous ab©vt it.
I know i’ll be no match with h¡m. MacHill’s students are rich and [email protected], $h£ might probbably choose h¡m over me. I won’t want that.
Gosh. I’m so jealous.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

Thank Goodness, Prissy came to work today.
$h£ said $h£ fell sick cos $h£ got h£artbroken by h£r boyfriend.
“Are you better now?” I asked h£r and $h£ nodded.
I sigh£d.
“Do you love h¡m?” I asked.
“Yes Olivia.” $h£ said sadly.
“If you do th£n believe me, h£’s gonna f!nd ©vt now and come [email protected]¢k begg!ng.” I said with an a$$ured smile.
“Oh Olivia stop say!ng impossible th!ngs. h£ told me it’s over and h£’s never gonna take me [email protected]¢k.” $h£ said.
“Yes, I j√$t said h£’s gonna found ©vt now that you loved h¡m. That you are really special and has th¡s special th!ng that no oth£r girl have, th£n trust me, h£ will cone [email protected]¢k begg!ng. Have you forgotten th¡s statement ‘You don’t value what you have untill you loose it’” I said with a gr!n.
$h£ j√$t sigh£d and walked away to th£ restroom to wash h£r face.
I sigh£d.

At slg, I met with my pr!nce charm!ng.
h¡s hair was curled !n anoth£r style which looked m©r£ cute than yesterday’s.
We talked alot,smil!ng and talk!ng ab©vt th!ngs.
h£ talked m©r£ ab©vt h¡s guitar and songs while I talked ab©vt myself and my family and I was sure it was very funny cos h£ kept laugh!ng.
I gr!nned, feel!ng really excited that I could make h¡m laugh.
“Wow Olivia, you and your family would make a good comedians.” h£ said.
“Especially my mom. $h£ loves mak!ng first lady hair wh£n I see noth!ng like first lady ab©vt it.”I said..
I kept tell!ng h¡m m©r£ and h£ kept laugh!ng at some.
Though I faked some of th£ details.
Wh£n I was done talk!ng, h£ peered !nto my eyes and I b!nked my eyes.
“Why didn’t you want to go with me to th£ movies today? you don’t go ©vt?” h£ asked.
I sigh£d and scratch£d my hair.
“For friendship sake, th£re’s th¡s movie I wanna watch. I would want us to watch it togeth£r. It would be really funny.” h£ said.
I scratch£d my hair(wig) aga!n and thought for awhile.
It won’t be bad if I go though.
Ella won’t be th£re and no one would know it’s me.
“I will go.” I said and h£ smiled and brought ©vt two small papers from h¡s bag.
“I purchased th£m already, Maybe I knew you were gonna go with me.” h£ said and I smiled excitedly.
Awwwn h£’s so sweet.
“Are.. are we really friends now.” I asked.
h£ arch£d a brow, “Ofcos.”
I nodded.

Prissy had left wh£n I rem©v£d my work cloth£ and I ₱v||ed my blue dress.
I dressed my wig m©r£ good.
Wh£n I came ©vt, carry!ng my bag, Noel watch£d me, wh£n I got to h¡m, h£ smiled.
“First time you wore someth!ng different from your work dress.”h£ said.
I smiled.
h£ won’t understand.
“Let’s go.” h£ said.
I nodded and we got !n and h£ drove away.
Driv!ng with h¡m to th£ Movies were fun, I enjoyed every ride with h¡m.
h£ ₱|@yed music till we got to th£ big C!nema.
I was awed.
Th¡s one is not like small Hallwer, th¡s is so large.
I saw wh£re ‘VALLE MOVIES C!nEMA’ were bl!nk!ng bright and beautiful like midnight stars at th£ most top of th£ long build!ng.
“Come on let’s go.” h£ said.
I nodded and we did.
h£ got us popcorn, th£ biggest pack.
I was so excited.
I felt like hugg!ng and klzz!ng h¡m. I really love popcorn.

Th£ movie was great.. really funny. Wh£n th£ movie was over, we came ©vt still laugh!ng.
“Ahh that was so funny.” I said, hold!ng my stomach£.
“Yeah it was. I told you.” h£ said, smil!ng.
Wh£n h£ dropped me and we said goodbye, I was m©r£ than happy.
I ran home s!ng!ng a really happy song.
I woke up today with a smile on my face
Sounds like a song I wrote yesterday
I feel real good aga!n
I’m feel!ng real real good aga!n…

💦Noel’s POV💦

I got home feel!ng supris!ngly happy.
Yeah really happy.
I can say, that clumsy cleaner made my day.
Olivia is such a great company.
I don’t regret ask!ng h£r to be my friend.
Arghh and that movie, so funny.
I smiled, go!ng !nto my room. j√$t as I got !n, my phone began r!ng!ng.
I ch£cked it, Dad.
“Dad.” I sigh£d, shrugged and picked it up.
Maybe cos I was really happy.
“h£llo son.” h£ said and my h£art frozed.
h£ called me ‘son’ Th£ last time h£ did was long weeks ago.
I !nhaled.
“Dad.” I said.
“How are you do!ng?” h£ asked.
“I’m f!ne, and you?”
“I’m not f!ne with©vt you h£re. I’m miss!ng you.” h£ said.
I swallowed, “but mom is th£re with you.” I said.
“Leave h£r ©vt of th¡s. I want to see you son.” h£ said.
“You should settle with my mom first and th£n you can see me dad. You should understand that mom was s¢ar£d to loose you that was th£ reason for h£r actions.” I said.
“$h£ hid it from me all th¡s years. How could $h£?” h£ said.
“$h£ did that cos $h£ wanna keep you. $h£ loved you and felt open!ng that to you would make h£r loose you.” I said.
Th£ l!ne went silent for awhile.
“Goonight son.” h£ said.
I breath£d ©vt, “Goodnight.” I said.
Th£ call dropped.
I sigh£d. I’ve suddenly felt bad.
I tried call!ng Sophia but h£r l!nes aren’t go!ng.
I sigh£d. If only I have Olivia’s mobile number, call!ng h£r and laugh!ng at h£r clumsy words might make me happy aga!n.
Does $h£ even have a phone?

💠💠My Dream High School💠💠

🔥🔥Chapter 37🔥🔥

💦Noel’s POV💦

It’s been a week now.
A wh0l£ good week and everyth!ng ab©vt my friendship with Olivia seem so right and good. No regret.
We always meet at th£ school lovers garden and talk.
I ₱|@y most of my songs and $h£ listen with keen !nterest and afterward, tell me how $h£ loves every part of it.
‘Your voice is m©r£ beautiful than me.’
$h£ had said, giggl!ng yesterday.
I sqv££sed h£r wrist ₱|@yfvlly and $h£ s¢r**med th£n later turned to anoth£r giggle.
I’ve f!nally gotten h£r phone number and I wasn’t so suprised wh£n $h£ told me $h£ have not m©r£ than five contacts.
$h£’s j√$t that way, th¡s I’ve come to know for th£ two weeks we became friends.
Supris!ngly, I no longer th!nk so much ab©vt Sophia, though I do but I don’t miss h£r like before and it’s so crazy. I don’t get why.
All I want is th£ clumsy funny cleaner, who’s gonna make me laugh and s!ng with©vt m!nd!ng how h£r voice is.
M!nd it, h£r voice is no good.Haha. It’s j√$t like h£r, ‘clumsy’
Hahaha, th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r makes me laugh, smile, chuckle, giggle, shy. Duh! why!
That girl is someth!ng else.
And one th!ng, $h£ doesn’t let me see touch h£r phone though it’s j√$t twice i’ve seen h£r with th£ phone.
“Are you shy ab©vt me go!ng through your phone? any private stuff stored?” I had asked h£r as $h£ hid th£ phone beh!nd h£r, star!ng clumsily at me with funny p©vted l¡ps.
“No.. ”$h£ said,
“So let me see your pictures. j√$t your pictures. Are you shy?” I said.
“Don’t see. Don’t see. Th£re’s no picture. I hate tak!ng pictures.” $h£ said.
I arch£d my brows, “Really?”
$h£ nodded.
I smiled and shrugged, th£n scrolled to my phone.
And with©vt h£r knowlege, I snapped h£r three sh°ts.
First, normal face, p©vted l¡ps.
second, raised brows
third, wide shock eyes and agape l¡ps.
Hahaha… I still remember how excited I felt wh£n $h£ started com!ng for my phone and I hide it strongly beh!nd j√$t th£ way $h£ did h£rs.
“I want to see th£ pictures.” $h£ said.
“See what pictures?” I smirked.
“Th£ one you j√$t took.” $h£ said.
“Don’t see. Don’t see. Th£re’s no picture. I hate tak!ng pictures.” I smirked.
That was two days ago.
I still have th£ pictures and look!ng at th£m, $h£’s really pretty.
Maybe I should call h£r. $h£ might be snor!ng tho. Haha.
I dialled h£r l!ne and it went through.
$h£ picked up.
Huh! my clumsy friend is still awake.
“h£llo clumsy friend.” I said.
“Arghh argh, I’m Olivia Kension.” $h£ said !n a very low tone.
Did I woke h£r up from sleep?
“I know but j√$t that th£ name ‘Kenson’ rem!nds me of someth!ng. Don’t ask me what is it cos I’m sure you will.” I said with a chuckle.
$h£ laugh£d, “I’m go!ng to but not th¡s night. I’m so sleepy but I’m not sleep!ng aga!n.” $h£ said, h£r voice com!ng up abit.
“Ahh why?” I asked.
“You called, I know you need my company.” $h£ said and I smiled with!n.
That’s right.
“You know your name fits you real good.” I said.
“I don’t th!nk but we can bet your own fits you so well.” $h£ said.
“How?.” I asked. I know what $h£’s gonna say but j√$t that I wanted to h£ar th£m now. Aga!n.
“Noel repres£nt a beautiful th!ng !n th£ world.” $h£ said.
“Beautiful th!ngs like?” I asked.
I already know what $h£’s gonna say.
“A [email protected] friend with a sweet voice and a k!nd h£art.” $h£ said.
I laugh£d.
I love th¡s girl.
“No thank you?” $h£ said.
“No, untill you let me see your pictures.” I said and $h£ went silent for awhile.
“I told you that I don’t have pictures on my phone.” $h£ said.
“F!ne Olivia.” I said.
“I want to sleep.” $h£ said.
“Goodnight clumsy friend” I chuckled.
“Argghhh goodnight” $h£ said and I ended th£ call.
Why did that three words rush !nto my h£ad now.
‘I love you’
Why? ofcos I love Olivia but that’s j√$t casual love, or is it someth!ng m©r£ than casual?

💦Olivia’s POV💦

I smiled, hugg!ng my phone to my ch£st.
How do I tell h¡m ab©vt th£ real me?
Won’t h£ hate me?
Why do I feel someth!ng bad might come up soon.
I don’t want to loose my pr!nce charm!ng or I’m go!ng to kill myself.
Ahh! what to do!
I want to tell h¡m who I am but I’m so s¢ar£d.
h£ might hate me.
Arghhh argh what do I do!
Ella’s birthday is next week tuesday.. Noel is def!nitely com!ng even though h£ haven’t mentioned anyth!ng ab©vt Ella’s birthday.
I j√$t hope h£ doesn’t f!nd ©vt it’s me.
What do I do. I love h¡m so much. Be!ng h¡s friend is th£ most amaz!ng th!ng ever.
h£ said h£ likes me three days ago, but it isn’t ‘Love’ h£ j√$t ‘like’ me.
But I love h¡m.
I want h¡m to love me soon.
Gboy dropped h¡s leg on m!ne and I ₱v||ed it away.
Sleep!ng and f!nd!ng troubles.
I wonder if Lady Bianca is go!ng to come for h£r daughter’s birthday.
$h£ was !n Thailand last two years and Hongkong last year.
$h£ couldn’t make it to h£r daughter’s 16th and 17th birthday.
I guess $h£’s gonna miss th¡s one too and that makes Ella so crazy.
Four days ago, I overh£ard Ella’s call with h£r mom.
h£r mom had promised to be [email protected]¢k on monday for h£r birthday which would be on tuesaday.
“h£ll mom! you said th¡s two years ago but you didn’t come!” Ella said.

I sigh£d and tossed on my b£d.
I j√$t hope Noel doesn’t f!nd ©vt it’s me on that day.
I don’t want h¡m hat!ng me. Never.
Thoughts after thoughts ran through my m!nd till I eventually drifted to sleep.

Th£ next day was saturday, marks one week I went to a movie with Tristan.
Th£ movie was a ‘love movie’ it was a bit funny but centrally ab©vt ‘A boy feel!ng so deeply !nlove with a girl but was so shy and s¢ar£d to express h¡s feel!ngs to h£r.
Well it went on. I was even so mad at th£ guy for be!ng so dump.
I felt like break!ng !nto th£ TV and slapp!ng th£ cute lame boy.
But towards th£ end, th£ girl found ©vt and after be!ng saved from a ghastly accident by th£ boy, $h£ realized h¡s feel!ngs for h£r.
I sigh£d and got ©vt of b£d. Gboy is still sleep!ng.
I walked to th£ bathroom and had a face wash and teeth brush.
I walked ©vt and breath£d !n, th£n yawned.,
Hungry, I know.
I da$h£d towards th£ kitch£n. Mom was !n, prepar!ng what I smelt would be ‘Coffee and sandwich’
“Mom” I called walk!ng to h£r. $h£ shoulder glanced at me.
“Olivia. You woke up late.” Mom said.
“Mom today is saturday.” I said.
“And so? Ella woke up before you.” $h£ said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Probably $h£ slept early while I slept late.”
“Why would you sleep late wh£n you [email protected] read nor touch your phone.” $h£ said.
Arghh! I read!
“I read mom.” I defended.
“Not last night.” $h£ smirked.
“Duh! yea.. my Pr!nce charm!ng called me.” I said and mom raised brows with a wide smile.
“Noel??” $h£ said.
“Shh mom. Ella might h£ar you.” I said.
$h£ [email protected]… and seriously, we h£ard Ella’s footstep com!ng.
“Wash those di$h£s Olivia.” mom said frightfvlly.
I da$h£d to th£ s!nk and began wash!ng th£ di$h£s.
Ella walked !n.
$h£ wore a p!nk trasparent nightie and $h£ look so h°t.. I felt myself wish!ng I could wear that too.
It’s so lovely.
$h£ hates park!ng h£r hair and it look quite messy.
Wait, I thought mom said that $h£ woke up before me?
“My birthday is on tuesday and I’m sure you know.. my mom would be home on monday.. Wh£n $h£’s [email protected]¢k, I’m gonna call you servants up and give you rules that you mustn’t break on tuesday. Br!ng my breakf*st !n ten m!nutes.” $h£ said, turned and left.
I rolled my eyes.
“So disrespectful.” mom scorned after Ella was ©vt of sight.
“m©r£ than that.” I said.
After wash!ng, I left to my room to wake Tristan up for breakf*st… and th£re h£ was on th£ b£d, crosslegged with my phone.
h£ saw me and began smil!ng.
“h£y, let me have my phone.” I said.
$h£ giggled.
“A message from a friend.” h£ said and waved th£ phone at me.
“From who!” I said but I knew it’s eith£r Noel or Tristan.
I want it to be Noel.
“Lemme read it ©vt.” Gboy said witn a gr!n.

“GOODMORN!nG my CLUMSY FRIEND, how was your night?” Gboy read ©vt.
My h£art jumped with excitement.
I can’t wait to see h¡m on monday. I miss h¡m already.
I ru$h£d to Gboy and grabb£d th£ phone from h¡m.
“You should stop look!nh !nto any oth£r App on my pbone only games!” I said and h£ nodded with a smirk smile.
I sigh£d.
“Go eat.” I said and h¡s smile widened as h£ got up and ru$h£d ©vt.
I smiled as I read th£ message over and over aga!n before typ!ng a reply.
++++ Be!ng a friend to a clumsy cleaner could make you seem clumsy too. Goodmorn!ng, my night was soo sweet and yours?++++++
I c|¡¢ked s£nD but It didn’t s£nd. call credit! exhausted…..

Pls now, j√$t once, can’t someone gimme a comment? Abeg

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