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my escapade with a nurse episode 1 – 2


episode 1

During my relationship with my ex, there was this nurse that always caught my attention because she’s pretty, with more than average b00b size and not too big back side (I love normal things, not too extravagant ) in short more than average in all but her frame makes her more hot and s£xy, she’s living along my school so we practically see each other almost every morning sometimes in the noon, her white uniform did little to hide her properties, it’s a bit transparent, we do greet casually each time we meet but bein that I’m in a relationship and as a loyal dude(until my ex decided to leave me) I can’t advance more than casual greeting but my lust and fantasy always tempt me to go further but I don’t yield to that, ( I love my ex)

but since I’m now a free man and for the fact that I’m now on a missions of no return until my aims are achieve, I start being more friendly with nurse Jay, each time our path crosses we will greet and talk for some minutes before departing, but still I couldn’t summon courage to highlight my main purpose of being too friendly with her or even ask for her number, as per say I be shy guy and I’m just learning that new trade (u know wink)

I try to summon courage to ask her out or better still collect her number but courage fail me each time I came across her until one Sunday that I decided that tomorrow morning which is Monday is going to be the D-day, fast forward to Monday morning as I left my house going to my duty post(school)

Episode 2

As I left my compound thinking and hoping to see nurse Jay and tender my agenda to her but to my greatest dismay I did not meet her on my way to school I even waited around her house maybe I will see her coming out of the house but all to no avail, I was unhappy throughout that day, even my students felt it in class because I was not in my normal smiles and joking mood, I tried the following day maybe I will see her but no I didn’t, it was the same throughout that week, I make up my mind to move on and get another target.

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I was in my house watching a match between my favorite team Arsenal fc vs Man U fc and chatting at the same time because the game was too boring for me u know Mourinho and his boring and frustrating tactics, plus I’m the only one in the house watching the match it just got even more boring, just then I notice an FB notification came in on my phone at first I thought it’s one of my guy that like or comment on my post but when I check it, I saw a friend request from itz fresh Justina I just decided to check the dp before I accept it, man! when I check it, i was a surprise it was my nurse Jay I jump as if Arsenal has just score, I accept the request sharply, from there straight to chatting with her that’s when I know that she was not around the previous week she went for a seminar, I forgot to cook that night because of her chat and arsenal beating Man u 3-1 it was when my belly start to rumble that I know I have nothing to eat, I just went out to get bread and coke, we continue our chatting and I started visiting her in her house things were going smoothly until one day that I decided to put the questions through to her “will u date me” she went silent immediately and our chatting became minimal for weeks I decided to pay her a visit and settle things with her when I got to her place around 7pm I met her preparing food, I stayed inside her room when she was done with the food she brought some for me but I couldn’t eat because what’s in my mind is important I try talking to her while she’s already eating her own food but she insist that she will only listen to me when I’m done eating my food I have no choice than to devour the food as fast as I can, once I was done I Start by asking her why her attitude change toward me

nurse Jay : Sean it’s not that I don’t understand what u are saying and it’s not that I don’t like u or fancy dating you, but

Sean: but? I urge her to go on

nurse Jay: I’m in a relationship and I can’t double date

Sean: that don’t mean we can still make this happen and work

nurse Jay: no, we can only friend like we are now,

after much dragging with her I later concur to be her friend but I put a clause

Sean: OK we can be friends but we are going to be a very close one

nurse Jay: she nod her head in agreement

Sean: I mean this close(I move close to her unannounced)

our face arr inch away from each other we both look intensely into each others eye, I move my head forward but an inch for me to reach for her lips she turn her head away and stood up immediately, she went to her tv set and slot in a DVD into her DVD player she came back to the bed and sat close to me again the movie is one crazy Ghana film immediately it start playing she make attempt to go and change it but I stop her that it OK we can watch it, we’ve been watching and we’ve seen several f–k scenes but It got to a particular scene that was too explicit during that I reach for her head she don’t remove her her or try to, I rub it gently for a while when I notice Its taking effect on her I move my hand across her shoulder and caress her more than average b00b, she let out a silent m0an, by this time I’m already jubilating in my mind, I smartly and skillfully turn and reach for lip kissing like our life depends on that she just lay on back, and I continue my mission on her my hand traveled north, I place my hand on her k**ty cat and use a finger to rub on her cl*t she let out an audible m0an now we are still on this position when we heard a knock on her door, she jump up and quickly arrange herself, she ask who was at the door angrily while going to the door post

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