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my escapade with a nurse episode 3 – 4


my escapade with a nurse
episode 3
immediately she got to the door step she flung the door open angrily only to see her landlord’s daughter hung up a book(novel) in her hand try to come in
nurse Jay : WHAT??
landlord daughter: (she was shock with her reaction, but she compose immediately and said) I’m here

to return this book that I borrowed last week I’m through with it
nurse Jay: (collect the book from her unexpectedly) thanks, she was about saying something when shut the door on her face
landlord’s daughter: I (gbam, door shut)
I heard her footsteps as she walk away reluctantly,
Jay came back in and said down on her bed, one can tell that she’s angry she just holding her head in her hands not saying anything, i move close to her and touch her ( she move away from me) i keep calm without saying or doing anything again
silence surround the room, I was about to say something when she broke the silence,
Jay : I’m sorry for that
Sean: (pretend) for what?
Jay: (she eye me and sigh) about the girl
Sean: I fake a smiles and said it’s nothing
Jay (she just eye like are u sure it’s OK?) thanks
we both talk and continue with the movie, I attempt to touch or move closer to her on several occasions but each time I try she will just rebuff me, is either she will say stop or she will just move away,
when the film ended I look at my watch to see to see that the night is far spent the time check is to11 my eye budge, I just stood up and said I will like to be on my way home,, I was praying that she should just tell me to stay back that is already late but God did not answer that prayer, because she stood up immediately and said OK let me see u off to the gate, so I can lock it after . I groan silently because I’m always scared of the night more so my area is not a nice area to witness at night, is either u see street fight or cult clash or u will be attack by hoodlums or thief, I had no choice as I’m standing up I took 1k from my wallet and I left my infinix hot note phone and the wallet beside her bed where she can’t see it unless she’s arranging her bed, and took my Nokia touch light(amori tanna) with me, as I got outside her gate she said good night and turn back to lock the door, immediately I heard the sound of her gate lock and her footsteps

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walking away, I just bend down and roll up my Jean, re-tight my bet, and bounce to the street like a jagaban,, I have to act like them in case i come across them so that they will fear me a bit so I can’t act like a Jew that I am, I’ve walk like 6 minutes and no sign of anybody, I was like two streets from my house when I heard hey stop there!! at first I did as if I don’t hear the voice came the second time with a warning, “I say stop there or else

I will shoot u, I heard gun being crack on hearing all this I just stop jeje and start turning
episode 4
immediately I heard the gun and start turning I started sweating profusely before I could complete my 180 degree turning those guys are now very close to me as I was looking at those big figures in the dark I just went on my knees, begging them that I did not hear them when they were calling me at first that if I heard them I would have stop
before completing that statement a hot slap land on my cheek I fell on my right because the slap came from left, I groan In pain before I could regain myself I feel a light on my face from those guys because all this while there was no light from any of them, immediately the light shown on my face I close my eye because the light was demn bright, one can mistake it for a factory light, what I heard next was my name called by one of the guys I open my eye gradually to see who was talking I could see all eye of his other members were on him too, they were all expecting and explanation from him, I tried to adjust my eye quickly too because the effect of that slap is still making my eye blurry once it was OK I saw one of my street guys we call him Stone because the guy is very hard if u jam him or the other way round u will surely feel the effect yourself, immediately I saw he’s the one I heave a big sigh of relief, he start talking to his guys
stone: guys, this one na my pesin oo

/> hmmm from where, the other 3 chorus
stone: for my Hood nah, sey u guys remember that teacher wey dey live very close to my house na
guy1; OK OK that one wey give us 2k that day wey we dey hungry abi
stone : na so broda na him
guy2: bros u for no they dis kind area at this time nah bros
guy3 : bros street they hot now ooo
stone: oya bros stand up make we take u reach house coz the street dey hot so oo
I stood up still holding my left cheek we start heading to my street in silent we walk for abt 2 minutes when we got to my gate, I said thank u to them and they said they are sorry for how they first treat me that it’s because they didn’t know I’m the 1 at first,
I deep my hand in my back pocket and bring out the 1k I took with me and slip it into stone hand,
he was surprise, he said thank u while other start hailing, I turn to my gate, unlocking it I open it and said see u guys tomorrow, OK tomorrow, “they chorus”
I heard then as they we’re laughing and playing as they leave for God knows where.
immediately I got inside my room I just jump on the bed and slept off, morning fast approach I quickly do my house chores and dash into my bathroom took my bath under 3minutes like 2 minutes later I’ve clad in a white native dress on a black Gucci shoe and a black cap on my head, I stepped into the street like nothing happened to me the previous night.
on my way I stop by at nurse Jay’s house to retrieve my phone and wallet, she was dressing when I got there, after knocking like 5 times she open up and give me a nice smile and said u look really good in this Sean, I only said thanks and I just ignore that smiles
Sean: hi
Jay : hey morning
Sean: humm morning, I forget my wallet and phone here yesterday
Jay: oh that? sorry for that I saw it this morning when I was arranging my bed
Sean: hmmm can I have them now
Jay: come in (we were at the door step before)
I saw her booty bouncing from left to right as I walk behind her to her room, my soldier is already standing attention, I quickly took of my eyes and beat it off my mind,
when we got into her room she ask me to sit down but I refuse saying I’m already running late for school, (I don’t want any trouble today)
she gave me my items and I said good bye,
she look surprise and unhappy, I careless after all I went through the previous night,
I turn and move toward the door as I was about to open the door she call me and I turn only to see nurse Jay nak*d her towel is now on the ground,

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