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My experience with a virgin hunter episode 9 – end


my experience with a virgin hunter

Episode 9

I can’t remember being more shocked in my life like i was when i heard the voice behind me. My brain was in disarray and i couldn’t think correctly. It took me seconds to realize that the voice i heard was actually feminine. I looked behind me, it was the lady from the Samsung stand who had called out Mr K earlier. She touched my shoulder lightly and i quivered. I can’t begin to describe my relief when i discovered it was the sales rep lady, but to put it mildly, it felt like having a chilled soft drink in hell.

“The manager said i should call you” She said, giving me a suspicious stare.
“Ok…. Jus…. Just give me a second” I said standing up and pretending to straighten my hair. I didn’t need to straighten my hair, it wasn’t ruffled. I was just buying time to get back my composure.

When the lady took her glance away from me, I pushed Mr K’s I-phone that was lying awkwardly on the table back to its original spot, picked up my handbag and stood up, ready to follow her.

Just before i left Mr K’s office with the sales rep, i noticed something that looked like the kind of camera usually installed in banks hanging over the door. poo! How did i miss this? Was this camera recording me all the while i was going through Mr K’s phone? Was that why he sent the sales rep to call me out? From the angle the camera was installed, i was sure it might have captured me picking up Mr K’s phone and browsing through it, but it wouldn’t be able to zoom in clearly to what i was actually doing on the phone. I could say that i noticed the similarities between the phone he gave me and his own phone, so i curiously wanted to know if they were actually the same. This was the best lie i could think of, I hope he buys it.
The sales girl led me through the outlet amidst so many customers. Some, i was sure just came to check prices like i did on the first day when i met Mr K. We got out of the shop. Mr K stood outside there, close to his car with another small nokia phone which he held close to his ears. He seemed to be on a call. When we got close, he took the phone off his ear for a second.
“Please help me with my phone on my table” he told the sales rep.

Episode 10{Finale}
“Please help me with my phone on my table” he told the sales rep.
“Ok sir” she responded swiftly and walked in a slow run, back into the shop to fetch his phone.

Sorry dear, just a minute” he said to me as he put back the phone to his ears. I nodded sheepishly.
“I am with you now, you can continue” he said, to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

What was Mr K up to, asking me to come out to where he parked his car? Where did he intend to take me to? Probably to de-V me? I wouldn’t want to find out. That wouldn’t work. I looked at the beautiful black I-phone 7 that i held. Was this worth the risk? If Mr K asks me to enter his car, i would politely decline and if he insists, i will simply give him back his phone and walk away. I finally located the power button of the I-phone 7 and switched it on, at least if i was going to return this phone back, i should be able to say i owned and operated an I-phone 7, even if it was for a few minutes. while it booted, i waited for Mr K to be done with his call.

Just as Mr K. was done with his call, the sales girl that had gone to fetch his phone arrived.
“Here it is sir” she said as she handed him the phone while bending down politely like the yoruba’s do.
“Thank you” he replied her and collected his phone.

“My dear, let’s go” he said to me as if we had discussed going anywhere before.
“Go where?” I asked trying to hide my annoyance.

“I didn’t prepare to go anywhere else when i came, i only planned to come and see you in your office like we discussed yesterday” i continued, not allowing him to answer.

I could see the big dissapointment on his face but i didn’t care. Nothing in this world will make me enter this car today, not even this I-phone 7 or a future I-phone 10 for that matter.
” I have to go back home now sir, i told you earlier that i forgot to drop the key for my sister. She could be back now and wouldn’t be able to contact me since i have no phone before the one you gave me” I said, trying to break the silence that had ensued from my refusal to enter the car.

“I actually wanted us to drive to my friends place, the I-phone 7 i gave you is actually a test version and it is locked. Although it switches on, you won’t be able to use it with any carrier. He’ll need to unlock it for you before you can use it” he said.
This was a smart lie but i smelled a rat, a rat bigger than the terror rat that usually scared me under our stair case. I wouldn’t need to start arguing with Mr K. He was obviously clear, it’s either i go with him in his car to wherever he wanted to take me to and hang on to the I-phone 7, or i give him back the phone and go my way. I could read it from his eyes.

This was a very easy decision. It was simpler than eating Ice cream. Not after what i had seen on his phone.
“No problem sir. Here, take the phone, you can give it to him to unlock as I’m already running out of time to avoid keeping my twin sister stranded. I’ll come back tommorow to pick up the phone. I guess, my sister has finally won our little bet” I said trying to fake a smile while handing him back the I-phone 7.

In my heart, i silently prayed that he refused to collect back the phone but my prayers where not answered this time. Mr K collected the phone.
“Don’t worry dear, just keep the bet up till tommorow. Increase your stake up, ten folds, we’ll share your winnings” he said.

“Alright sir” I said, very disappointed.
So this was it? The end of my quest for an I-phone 7. I already knew i was not going to come back here again to see Mr K. Not after i knew he was an “admiral” in the “Virgin hunters” squad. I wouldn’t want to be his prey, not for an I-phone 7 or any other thing. I can’t imagine what he would have done to me. Probably one of the things he wrote on the chat that he did to some of his preys. From the little i know about hunting, one day, the Hunter will become the hunted.

“Should i drop you off?” he asked ingenuinely
“No sir…” I replied sharply.
“I’ll just find my way”
“What time would you come tommorow? I have to be sure, so i can call my friend who will unlock the phone to be sure he’s around.” he asked.
So he intends that if i come tommorow, we’ll still go through this same process? He is a joker.

“Ehm…. Same time i came today, if that will be ok by you” i said thoughtfully.
“Okay. Good.” Mr K said.

Mr K put his hands inside his suit pocket and drew out some wads of new one thousand naira notes. I think he had expertedly counted them before he pulled the notes out because they were exactly ten pieces. He handed the money to me.
“Take this for your transport going back home now and coming tommorow” he said.
“Thanks” i said collecting the money quickly before he had the opportunity to change his mind.

At least this one covers the T.fare i had spent coming in an air-conditioned taxi, with a lot of extra change remaining.

“We’ll see tommorow” I said as i crossed the road, heading towards the park.
I could feel his stare on my behind as i walked and i mischeviously looked back and gave him a smirk. Now, this is the ass you’ll never get for an I-phone 7 i meant to say from the smirk on my face. Today, You are a very lucky daughter of a Dam Mr K’s smile told me.

Although the I-phone 7 would have been a very pleasant new year gift to me, I don’t think it would have been worth the risk. Some things are meant to be bought with money like I-phones and its like, other things aren’t meant to be bought like s£x, and especially when it’ll be your first. ….. I’m scrolling down this moment with the “London used” Samsung galaxy note 4 i bought just two days ago, reading through the email i had sent my self with Mr K’s phone, of his “Virgin Hunters” chat group, and i am still grateful for the decision i took not to go with him in his car. I will leave reader-imagined, what would have happened to me if i had chosen to enter his car that day.

Perhaps, i might feel the urge to take my revenge on Mr K. someday and post the contents of the chat for making me loose the opportunity of owning an I-phone 7, after raising my hopes, Perhaps, I’ll just keep it, to remind me how careful i need to be of some beasts that hide under the skin of humans!!!
..Thanks for following….God bless us all

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