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My Fairytale batch 10


My Fairytale

Episode 18🦄🕍🍭



*Two weeks later*…


For the past two weeks, we have been training seriously.. and thankfully Amelia has really perfected all the sessions.. although it was a little tough for her though.. at some point she fainted and we had to rush her to the hospital.. thanks to Sydney’s products her skin is now spotless, no blemishes, and her brown hair is amazing.. I walked into her room and saw her looking at a gold necklace.. “hey” I said.. “oh.. hi Mildred” “what do we have here” I said and took the gold necklace from her.. ‘AMELIA’ was written boldly on the pendant.. it looks like a locket, but I couldn’t open it.. I have seen this necklace before, but where? I thought to myself.. “isn’t it beautiful?” She asked snapping me out of my thoughts.. “oh.. uhm, yes.. it’s very beautiful, it looks like a locket, where did you get it?”.. “”well.. my foster mom, said it was on my neck when she found me” she quickly cleaned her eyes and smiled.. “okay.. uhm Amelia, About your mom”… “Yeah.. what about her”she asked placing the necklace in the jewelry box.. “you said she was a model right?” “Yep” “what was her name?” “Natasha woods” she replied and picked her phone.. “Natasha.. Natasha.. oh my Natasha woods?” “Uhm, yeah”.. “wait a second” I picked my phone and went through my gallery, I finally saw the picture “is she the one?”.. “yes.. how.. how did you get the picture?”.. she asked looking at the picture, her eyes were already teary.. “she was my role model.. she was my aunt’s rival then, she was one of the best models in the world.. but she disappeared after she lost the crown of miss universe to my aunt” she smiled.. “I miss her so much” she said letting the tears fall freely..I Drew closer to her and hugged her.. “it’s okay darling.. it’s okay.. everything is gonna be fine..”…

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After a while…

I have bonded so well with Mildred and Nicole, they are like the sisters I never had.. I smiled and cleaned my eyes.. “so where’s Nicole?” “She’s with Sydney.. her shoot is today, she promised to come over Immediately after the shoot” “oh.. okay, I guess I should get ready for the training then” “no.. we are done with the training, and I must say Amelia.. you were born to become a model.. I knew you could do it the first time I saw you, it takes other models a year or so to complete this training, but yours was just in three weeks..I am very proud of you” she said and hugged me again.. “so all you have to do now is relax.. the shoot is in two days”.. “girls” she called, the door opened and four girls walked in wearing white clothes.. “she’s all yours..see you later darling, I’ll be downstairs” she kissed my cheek and walked out… I sat on the bed looking at the girls.. “so, what now?” I asked…



I drove into the garage and came out of the car.. I wanted to check on Lia.. I tried calling her earlier but she didn’t answer her phone.. I walked into the living room and headed for the stairs.. but I heard sounds coming from the kitchen.. I walked into the kitchen hopeing to see my girlfriend, but instead I saw Mildred, sitting on the stool with a pizza in front of her… I cleared my throat and she turned to look at me.. “oh.. hey sky” “hi.. uhm, do you know where Lia is?, I need to talk to her”.. “she’s in her room, but she’s busy at the moment, so I don’t think you should go in there for now” “okay..” I said and turned to leave.. “Sky..” she called.. “yes.” “Why don’t you join me, I’m a little lonely here” “sorry.. I can’t” I replied and turned to leave.. she ran to the door and blocked my way.. “what’s the meaning of this Mildred” “why.. sky.. why don’t you love me?” “Mildred.. I need to go” “answer me Sky. Am I not beautiful, am I not s£xy..?.. huh? Sky answer me!” “You’re beautiful Mildred, you are hot and amazing.. but the truth is that I don’t love you, and I know you don’t love me too. So why are you hurting yourself?”.. “if you didn’t love me, then why did you agree to the engagement?” She asked.. tears falling from her eyes. ..”I was betrothed to you Mildred, I didn’t have a say in it… I thought I could love you and see you as a woman, but it didn’t work.. you were my best friend then.. and I loved you as a sister and nothing more, if we get married, we are going to regret it for the rest of our lives and I can’t ruin your life like that… I am sorry for saying this now.. but I am going to arrange a meeting between my parents and yours, we’ll have to look for a way to merge our companies without us getting married” I said and looked at her.. “I know you love Syd” she stared at me surprised.. “how..how did you know?” “It was very obvious..” she sighed and wipy her tears.. “you love her don’t you?” She asked.. “who?” I asked back pretending not to know what she was talking about.. “Lia” .. “uhm.. well, i.. how did you know?”.. “you have never looked at a lady the way you look at her, she’s a nice girl.. don’t break her heart” I smiled and scratched my head.. “I won’t.. I promise”.. she smiled.. “so.. bestie you wanna play videogames?”.. she asked.. “you still remember?..” “of course I do..” i smiled, that was one of our favorite games then, “I’m gonna beat your ass” she said.. “oh.. we’ll see about that”..




They waxed and shaved every single hair in my body.. they applied lotions and massaged the living daylight out of me.. after some time, they were through.. I stood up and tied a towel on my chest.. I walked out of my room and walked downstairs.. I walked to the living room, but I couldn’t find Mildred, I walked into the kitchen, still didn’t find her..I walked into different parts of the house.. but still no sign of her.. and then I started hearing voices coming from the game room.. I opened the door and walked in.. “oh my goodness..” I shouted and covered my chest with my hands.. Skyler and Mildred were sitting on the couch playing video games..”Skyler what are you doing here.. and Mildred why didn’t you tell me Skyler was around?”.. “how was I supposed to know that you would walk out of your room with a towel on your chest?”.. she stated.. Skyler smiled and stood up.. “hey babe” he said.. I looked at Mildred and then at Skyler..he came closer and kissed me lightly with his hands on my waist.. I blinked twice.. what is he doing, “Mildred is here,” I whispered.. “she already knows” he said and pressed his lips softly on mine.. I wrapped my hands around his neck and Drew him closer.. “uhm . guys you can do that later.. for now.. I need to win Skyler” she said.. I smiled and withdrew from the kiss.. “sorry”.. Skyler went back to his sit and asked me to sit on his laps.. which I did..

Episode 19🕍🦄🍭



“Baby.. you are supposed to be on my side… Not hers”.. he said as I dragged the pad with him.. “oh.. yes.. I win again.. thanks Lia” Mildred said and pecked me.. “you’re welcome.. pumpkin” “I replied.. “really?.. Lia, that was unfair.. and it’s called cheating” he said frowning.. “awwn, are you angry with your baby?” I asked moving his hair backwards.. “you’re no longer my baby” “oh really?”.. I leaned closer to him and kissed his lips lightly.. he rolled his eyes and looked at Mildred.. who was smiling at us.. “okay.. fine, have it your way”.. I said and stood up from his legs.. I catwalked to the door and opened it..”Lia.. where are you going” he asked.. “none of your business” I replied and Rushed upstairs.. I could hear footsteps behind me, I ran into my room and was about to close the door.. but Sky held the door and pushed it back.. he walked in and closed the door.. he smiled seductively looking at me from head to toe.. “you look s£xy” he said.. my cheeks turned red and I covered my chest with my hands.. he chuckled and stood behind me.. he placed his hands on my waist and kissed my shoulder, my hair was packed in a bun, he tilted his head to my side and nibbled on my ear.. he placed soft kisses from my ear down to my neck…”Sky.. I.. I need to get dressed” I whispered.. “I know, but I want you now” he whispered back.. and then he placed his teeth on my neck… like he was going to bite me or something.. but he didn’t.. he just placed it there for a few minutes.. sending shivers down my spine.. I could already feel the homones rushing in my body.. he pressed harder and I m0aned.. he removed his teeth and kissed me softly on my neck.. I turned around and pressed my lips on his.. I really want him so badly, he grabbed my ass and kissed deeper.. he carried me and gently placed me on the bed.. he came over me and kissed me beautifully.. he roamed his hands on my body and I ran my hands through his soft brown hair.. he kissed from my lips to my neck and then to my cleavages.. he withdrew after some time and I laid on top of him.. with his hands wrapped around my waist.. “I love you Lia” “I love you too Sky”.. I said and he kissed my neck ..”get dressed, I have something for you” he said… “Okay”..



She walked out of the closet wearing a white trouser and a lemon off shoulder shirt.. and her hair fell freely to her waist.. I smiled as she climbed into the bed and pecked me.. “so.. boyfriend.. how do I look?”.. “you look so beautiful.. baby” I replied and stood up from the bed… I held her hand and raised her up..”where are we going?”.. she asked as we walked out of her room.. “to my room” “why?”.. “uhm.. it’s a surprise”.. “okay..” .. we walked into my room and I closed the door.. she sat on the couch and switched on the TV.. I walked into my closet and came out with a long flat jewelry box.. she was busy going through the channels.. “babe.. come over here for a second” “okay”.. she said and walked to where I was sitting on the bed.. I held her hands and asked her to stand in front of me.. while I knelt down in front of her “raise your hands” “why?”.. “come on Lia, just do it..” she sighed and raised her hand.. I raised the shirt up and unhooked the trouser.. “Sky.. what are you doing?” She asked “don’t you trust me?”.. I asked looking into her eyes.. “I do” “then stay put”.. I unzipped the trouser and lowered it to her hips.. revealing her black pantie… She’s so hot.. I smiled and kissed her belly button.. and she chuckled.. “Sky.. that’s ticklish” she said.. I smiled and opened the box which I placed on the bed..”wow..” she whispered.. “it’s so beautiful”…I smiled and hooked the diamond chain on her waist.. it looks so prefect with her skin.. I kissed her button again and raised the trouser..after which I hooked and zipped it..then I arranged her shirt and stood up.. “don’t ever take it off.. okay?”.. “yeah” “promise?”.. “I promise”.. “that’s my girl.” I said and kissed her.. “thank you, Sky” …



It’s getting late and those love birds are still upstairs.. the door opened and Nicole walked in wearing a white bumshort and a black hoodie.. exposing her diamond stoned black bra..”oh.. Mildred honey” she came over and pecked me “how was the shoot sweet?” “It was fantastic”she replied moving her red hair backwards.. “so .. how many contracts did you get?” I asked, “uhm.. I don’t know yet, I left immediately after the shoot.. I’ll ask Diane later”.. “oh.. okay, where’s Syd and Simon, you all came together right?”.. “yes.. where’s Ami?”.. “she’s upstairs with Skyler..”.. just then Simon and Sydney walked in and Skyler and Amelia came downstairs.. Sydney smiled when he saw me.. “hey.. Mildred” “hi”.. I said smiling.. everywhere became silent and it felt really akward.. “so.. Ami, your shoot is next tommorow..are you ready?” Simon asked.. “yes.. I am” “I know you are gonna do great” Sydney added..and she smiled.. “so.. aren’t you guys hungry? Cause I am” Nicole asked touching her stomach .. “what do you guys want to eat” Lia asked.. “uhm.. Simon, what do you want to eat” Nicole asked.. “uhh… Sushi?”..”yes . Sushi” Nicole added.. like seriously, is she crazy?.. she doesn’t eat sushi, and she knows it.. I looked at her and rolled my eyes.. “uhm.. I think we should eat something else, I don’t really have an appetite for sushi” I said.. “yeah.. me too” Lia added.. “okay.. why don’t we all go into the kitchen and make dinner”Skyler asked.. “like.. we all should cook together?” Nicole asked.. “uhm, yeah .. it’s gonna be fun” Simon said.. “but please don’t mix chemicals” Syd said and we all laughed.. “okay, people let’s go”..



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To be continued…

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