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My Fairytale batch 11


My Fairytale

Episode 20🦄🍭🗼..




We walked into the kitchen and picked our aprons.. “how do you guys tie this thing, it’s very difficult” Mildred said struggling to tie the rope.. “wait.. let me tie it for you” I stood in front of her and held the rope behind her, she just kept staring at my face… I looked at her eyes and then at her lips.. she slowly brought her face closer and was about to kiss me.. “uhm, there, I tied it..” I said and moved back.. I like Mildred yes.. but I can’t date her because she’s betrothed to sky.. “okay.. thanks” she said and walked to the fridge.. “okay guys.. what are we making?” Mia asked.. with her hands on the table.. “pancakes” Nicole said.. “are you serious?” Mildred asked.. “waffles” Simon said.. “no way” sky replied.. “okay how about..uhm” Mia started.. “spaghetti” we said together and everybody laughed.. “yes.. spaghetti and meatballs..” Skyler added.. “yes.. let’s make that”.. “okay Mildred and Syd.. you guys can handle the spaghetti right?”Mia asked.. I looked at Mildred who was drinking a bottle of water.. “uhm.. yes, we can” “okay.. uhm.. Nicole and Simon should slice the veggies, while me and Skyler will make dessert” “okay.. Simon get the veggies” Nicole said.. “why me?” “Uhh durhh.. you are the guy?” “And you are the lady.. you’re the one who is supposed to get the veggies and even slice them” “okay fine.. we’ll do it together”..

“Okay Mildred, please get me a pot” I said picking the packs of spaghetti.. “okay.. ” she brought out a very big pot and placed it on the gas.. I looked at the pot and then at her.. “what.. is it too small?”.. she asked.. “it’s too big Mildred, we are not feeding an army”.. she returned it and came back with a smaller one.. “Mildred this one is too small.. you know what, just forget it.. I’ll get it myself..” I returned the pot and Came back with a medium one.. I cleaned and dropped it on the table.. “okay.. put some water in it.” “Okay” she carried the pot to the tap and filled it with water.. ” Mildred.. that’s too much, reduce it” “okay” she reduced it and placed it on the gas.. “turn it on” I said . “Okay..” she looked at the different buttons .. it was obvious she didn’t know which one to on.. I sighed and pressed the second button…

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” Okay help me with that bowl” I picked the bowl and gave it to her . She poured the flour in it and streched her hand to me.. I looked at her palm “what?” I asked.. “eggs” she replied.. I breaked the egg and poured it on her palm.. “ahh.. sky what’s wrong with you.. why the hell did you do that?” She asked looking at me.. “you said I should give you the eggs.” .. “I didn’t say you should break it and pour it on my Palms” she said frowning.. I smiled and covered my face.. “oh.. you think it’s funny?” She asked and before I could reply.. she took a handful of flour and poured it on my hair.. and they started laughing.. I took a handful from the mixture of flour and egg and threw it at Lia but she ducked and it landed on Sydney’s face.. “Skyler!.. are you crazy” he asked.. “oh my God, you look so hilarious” Simon said laughing..” ” Oh really?”he picked the bottle of tomato paste, and poured some into his hands.. he walked to where Simon was standing and rubbed it on his face..”now you look so beautiful.. brother” he said with a smile.. “can you all, just stop this madness.. we have a meal to prepare” Nicole yelled.. and we all went back to our positions ..


*#Mildred .

I looked at Sydney.. he looks so funny.. I picked a towel and wiped his face.. and he smiled “thanks” “you’re welcome”.. “please bring that bottle for me” he said pointing to the shelf.. there was a lot of bottles there and they looked the same..I picked the first one and gave it to him.. “thank you” he said and poured a little quantity in the pot..


“Okay wash them first” he said.. “no.. we have to slice them before we wash them”.. “what?.. that’s not the right thing, we have to wash them first.” He said dragging the fresh peppers with me..”no.. we have to slice them first” he dragged the peppers and onion from me, he washed them and brought them back.. “okay.. you can slice now..” I rolled my eyes and cut the onions.. “hey.. it’s too big, what are you doing?” He asked.. the onion was stinging my eyes.. I dropped it and started crying.. “what is it?” He asked.. “the onions are hurting my eyes” I said trying to open my eyes.. “seriously?, Do you even cook at home?” He asked.. “of course, I do”.. I replied.. it’s a lie, I have never cooked in my life.. I have maids who do that for me.. I felt his hand slip into my hand.. “come with me” he said.. and pulled me along with him..


Nicole and Simon walked out.. “okay keep it back” she picked the bottle and placed it on the shelf.. “wait Mildred, which of the bottles did you bring?” I asked walking to the shelf.. “this one” I took the bottle and looked at the cap.. “VINEGAR!” I shouted.. “Mildred this is vinegar” “what! Let me see” she took it and looked at the cap.. “uhm, am not sure, why don’t we try it first?” She asked.. “you try it” I said handing her the spoon.. she took it and deeped it in the pot.. she dished out a little quantity and tasted it.. “oh my God.. this is so bitter” she ran to the sink and threw up.. “Mildred, what is it” Mia asked walking towards us.. “taste it” I said pointing to the pot.. she picked a fork and took a little quantity.. “ahh.. what the heck is this” she ran to the sink and also threw up.. “Lia.. are you okay” Skyler asked.. “what did you put in there” “I didn’t put anything, it was Mildred who added vinegar” “what!” He looked at Mildred who was still throwing up.. “just order for pizza” I said and walked out of the kitchen..

Episode 21🦄🍭🗼..



Skyler ordered pizza.. and we all sat in the dinning hall,.. “uhm.. why are you guys eating pizza, I thought we agreed on spaghetti and meatballs” Simon asked walking into the hall with Nicole..”Simon, if I were you, I’d thank my Stars and start eating” sky replied.. “why?” Nicole asked.. “because, someone added vinegar to the spaghetti, and trust me darling.. you don’t want to taste that stuff” I said picking the glass of juice, “it was Mildred, right?” She asked.. “yep”.. they sat down and served themselves.. “speaking of Mildred, where’s she” Syd asked.. “in my room”.. “okay”..he stood up and walked out.. “Lia.. are you done?”.. sky asked, “yeah” “okay, come with me”.. “where are you guys going?” Simon asked with his mouth full.. “uhm, my room” sky replied, “why?” Simon continued with a raised brow.. “because.. because, she has to help me with my uhm.. piano lessons” “what?.. can she play?”Nicole asked.. “yes .. she can, she even won several awards in competions.. right Lia”..”uh.. ehm, yeah.. I did” I replied smiling.. “okay, good talk, see you guys later” sky said dragging me out of the kitchen..we entered his room and he locked the door.. “okay, let’s get started” I said and walked to the piano.. “what?..” he asked confused.. “uhm.. I thought you said I was going to give you piano lessons” I asked back.. “oh.. I.. I didn’t mean that, it was just an excuse”.. “okay..” I replied and pressed one key.. “can you play?” He asked sitting next to me.. “nope,.. can you?”.. I asked smiling, I know he plays very well.. I just want to sing for me.. “just say you want me to sing for you” he said and wrapped his hands on my waist.. pulling me into a soft kiss.. “yes.. I want you to play for me” “okay.. but on one condition” he said and smirked seductively, “what”.. “you’ll sing with me”.. “what, I can’t sing sky”.. “come on, Lia.. just sing anyhow you like” .. “fine, let’s do this”.. “that’s my girl” he pecked me and faced the piano…

He started with the intro.. awwn .. I love this song.. it’s by an African artist.. uhm.. Johnny drille and Simi..


🎤🎶 I really like you and it’s true.. there’s only one.. just you.. yeah🎶

🎤🎵I find it hard to say.. I wish you knew, I am on your Instagram all day 🎶

🎤🎶 Stalking you … You in my life, is all I’m hoping for 🎵

🎤🎶If you go be mine.. yeah, na for ever more, I wan talk my mind.. and say how I feel inside 🎵

🎤🎵But I fear you won’t.. you won’t feel the same for me 🎶

🎤🎶Oh.. if she loves me.. hallelujah, she say she loves me.. hallelujah..🎶

🎤🎵Oh.. if she loves me.. hallelujah 🎶

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🎤🎵she say she love me .. hallelujah 🎶

He stopped singing and looked at me, he was still playing the piano though.. I took a deep breath and started..

🎤🎵I see the way.. the way he looks at me 🎶

🎤🎵I Know the things he.. the things he does for me🎶

🎤🎵 Boy.. if I could read your mind.. I wonder, if I’d be inside 🎶

🎤🎵If you could mine.. I feel like I’ve been drinking wine 🎶

🎤🎵If you call me baby.. me I nor go mind oo🎶

🎤🎵I know you want me baby.. make you talk your mind oo🎶

🎤🎵 You see that.. I’ve been waiting.. me I nor go lie oo, me I nor go lie🎶

🎤🎵 Maybe I’m just crazy but.. I think he loves me.. hallelujah 🎶

🎤🎵Oh.. if he loves me.. hallelujah 🎶

🎤🎵 One day he’ll tell me.. hallelujah 🎶

🎤🎵 I think he loves me.. hallelujah 🎶

We sang the rest of the song and smiled.. “Lia that was awesome, thank Goodness I recorded it” he said smiling.. “you have a wonderful voice Sky.. why don’t you share it to the world” “well.. I’d love to.. but I can’t,”. “Why?”.. “Dad.. would never let me.. he says as the heir to the Jordans empire.. I have important things to do.. and singing is not one of them” “has he heard you sing before?” “Nah.. he’s always too busy with his ‘business’..” he said and fell on the bed..”sorry” he chuckled.. and kissed my head.. “I need to go check on Mildred, she hasn’t eaten since”.. I said.. “okay”..



I walked into Mia’s room and looked around, but didn’t see Mildred.. I opened the door to the balcony and saw her standing there quietly looking at the city lights.. “hey” I said “oh.. hey, Syd” she replied tying her robe properly.. “why didn’t come for dinner” “oh.. uhm, I’ll eat later.. I just want to stay here for a while” “okay..”.. I placed my hands on the Iron bar and looked up.. “the stars are much tonight” I started.. “yeah.. and it makes the sky so beautiful” she replied looking up as well ..”do you wish on shooting stars?” “Yes .. I do, why?”.. she asked “cause..” I pointed to the shooting star.. “oh my God, let’s make a wish” she said and joined her hands together.. with her eyes closed.. I smiled and did the same.. “so.. what did you wish for?” I asked her..”uhm.. aunt Ellie said, that if you tell someone what you wish for, your wish would not be granted” she said smiling.. I smiled back and looked down for a while..



He looked down.. and started humming sweetly.. I smiled and he sang out..

🎶 Precious jewels .. shining so bright 🎶

🎶 Perfect diamonds.. shining bright 🎶

🎶 Little angels.. in the sky🎶

🎶My perfect angels in my arms 🎶

🎶drop the toys.. it’s time too sleep 🎶

I joined him and we sang it all over again.. “wow.. I can’t believe you still remember that song” I said looking at him.. “I can’t forget it Mildred.. aunt Eleanor used to sing it when we were little .. every night we came for sleepovers.. she would sing it to us.. over and over again.. you, me, Jane, Skyler and Simon.. and when she finally leaves.. Skyler would lock the door and Jane would bring out all the cookies and chocolates she stole from the kitchen..” he said and we both started laughing.. “I miss her so much” I said and cleaned the tears from my eyes.. “yeah.. we all do, Mildred..she was the only child.. Eleanor had.. and she was taken away from her.. just like that”.. he sighed and looked at me..


To be continued..

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