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My Fairytale batch 13


My Fairytale

Episode 24🦄🍭🗼




“Seriously can we go now?.. we are already getting late.. aunt Eleanor is gonna be mad”.. “chill Mildred, Sky is done..they should be out in a bit”.. he said packing his hair.. he looks so cute, just like a girl.. he was wearing a crazy black trouser , a black hoodie.. silver chain and gold earrings… with a black Converse and a rollex… he looked simple but expensive..”Are you going for a funeral?” Syd asked walking down the stairs… “Yes.. your own” Simon replied and picked his car key.. then Syd smacked his head.. “ouch.. Syd.. if you weren’t my brother.. I would have had you locked up” he said rubbing his head..”and that’s why I love you” Syd replied and pecked Simon on his cheek.. “yeww, don’t kiss me again… I don’t kiss guys, this cheek and lips is made only for ladies” he said cleaning his cheek.. and Syd chuckled.. he was wearing a white short and a blue sweatshirt.. his hair was gelled back as usual.. he wore his white Pam which had gold chains.. he looks so cute.. “where’s Mia and Sky?” “We are right here”.. we turned to their direction .. sky was wearing white as usual..he was wearing a white polo, a crazy white Jean and white Converse…. with a single gold chain on his neck and wrist.. and his gold watch… one can easily tell that he’s rich.. Amelia on the other hand, was wearing a short white gown and heels.. with her gold necklace.. (that has Amelia written on it).. she catwalked to where I was sitting and fell lazily on the couch…”like seriously, you both look like a couple.. I mean what’s with the white” Syd blurted out.. “yeah.. I’m beginning to think that they’re hiding something from us” Simon added.. I looked at Lia .. who looked at Sky.. “nah.. we.. we ain’t a couple.. Skyler and Amelia Ain’t a thing”.. she said and laughed nervously..”uhm, we .. we better get going.. we don’t want to get stuck in traffic.. do we?”.. “yeah.. we should leave now.. I don’t want to get stuck in traffic.. it freaks me out come on Ami you’re riding with me”he held her and they both walked out of the house…


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Peww, that was a close one.. I can’t believe I lied to Syd.. urhh.. I feel so guilty, Skyler should tell them soon… Cause I don’t think I can hide it anymore.. we walked into the garage and stood there.. “so, how many cars are we going with?” Simon asked “uhm, Mildred your car is here right?” Sky asked.. “yeah” “are you coming back with us or?” “No.. I’m not, I have to go to my suite”.. “okay, I don’t really want guards with us ..so, we are going with just one car” “what!.. Sky, how’s that going to be possible? The five of us can’t stay in one car.. and besides who is going to drive Mildred’s car?”..”Simon.. I didn’t say the five of us are going with one car.. someone is going to ride with Mildred and the others will ride with me.. after the meeting and everything the four of us will come back with one car..”.. “uhm, sky for the guards part.. I think they should come with us”.. “why?”.. “uhm.. paparazzi?” .. “what.. today is Sunday, there’ll be no one at the fashion house .. except for the designers .. right Mildred?”.. “not really Sky.. the whole place is crowded”.. “fine.. we’ll go with the guards, and you guys can go with your cars” “yes.. come on Ami” “uhh.. no no no, Lia is coming with me” “no.. Mia is coming with me” “okay fine.. let the lady decide, Amelia who are you going with?” Mildred asked with her hands akimbo.. I looked at sky who was looking at me with his s£xy blue eyes.. I turned to Syd.. and he just stared at me.. with no expression on his face .. I looked at Simon and I could see a lot of hope in his eyes.. this is so difficult.. I sighed and turned to Mildred.. “I’ll go with Mildred” .. “seriously” they asked at the same time.. “yes.. seriously.. she’s coming with me” she said and unlocked the car ..




.. I walked out of the house and the guards were already standing by the car.. one of them opened the door and I entered..

I just hope the model is good…

Few minutes later, I started feeling dizzy.. my eyes feel so heavy.. I shook my head and picked my phone.. I feel like throwing up, what’s happening.. for the past few days, I have been sleeping.. and eating too much.. and sometimes I run to the bathroom to throw up.. I need to go back home.. “Luke” I called the guard sitting at the front with my driver.. ” tell the others to turn back.. I need to go back home, I feel so weak” “okay ma’am”…

I dialed Tasha’s number (my assistant)..she picked after a few seconds.. “ma’am?” “Tasha.. is Mildred there yet?” “No ma’am..” “okay.. I’m not going to make it.. I don’t feel too good..so I want you to take care of everything.. you know what to do right?”.. “yes ma’am, do take care of yourself” “yeah .. I will, thanks”.. “Teddy.. that color is too dull.. try the other one” she said to the designer and I hanged up…




We drove into the complex and the guards came out first.. they stood in front of our cars.. and people started looking…. The guard opened the door and I stepped out .. he opened the other door for Amelia.. her right leg came out first.. she came out and they all started shouting…







… They started taking pictures, and soon the reporters arrived.. just what we were trying to avoid.. I looked at the three cars.. Seriously.. why do these guys like showing off.. I signaled to the guards to open the doors.. Simon stepped out first.. smiling like a Greek god… The crowd went wild.. and the ladies Started shouting…




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.. then Sydney stepped out….







…he smiled and waved at them*.. finally the angel stepped out of his car… some ladies Started fainting..






They continued shouting and Skyler kept on smiling.. he moved hair backwards and winked at the Ladies.. making them scream like fishes..

“Seriously..?” Lia said and scoffed..

“Someone’s getting jealous” .. “no.. I am not.. come on let’s go”.. I held her hand and started walking to the door.. the guards surrounded us..and the reporters started taking pictures and asking questions…











We finally walked into the fashion house.. I sighted Tasha and called her…

“Thank Goodness you are here Mildred.. is she the model?” She asked looking at Amelia..

“Yes.. where’s aunt?”..

“She’s at home.. she called and said she’s not feeling too good.. so I’ll be the one to do everything”..

“Okay.. so let’s get this over with?”.. “yeah.. so darling what’s your name?” “Amelia woods”.. “well.. Amelia you look absolutely stunning.. you’re gonna be a perfect model” Lia smiled.. “thank you.”.. “okay.. let’s go upstairs..”..

Episode 25🦄🗼


🍭(There will be little or no POVs)🍭..


💒 The Anderson’s mansion 💒..

Eleanor ran into the house with her hands on her mouth.. she ran into her room, without closing the door, she entered the bathroom and knelt down with her head facing the water closet, she removed her hands and threw up.. she felt so weak.. she raised her head and wiped her mouth with her palm..she took a deep breath and threw up again.. she felt a hand on her back.. “Eleanor are you okay?”.. madam Clara asked raising her hair up.. she stood up and brushed her teeth.. she walked into the room and sat on the bed.. she removed her heels and her shirt… madam Clara opened her closet and brought out new clothes.. madam Clara closed the door and she changed her clothes…”Eleanor, you haven’t answered me?”.. she said sitting on the bed with Eleanor… “I’m fine madam Clara.. it’s just a little fever I guess.”..”hmm, when did it start..?” “Uhm.. last week Thursday”.. “do you feel pains in your [email protected]?”. “A little, it hurts when I touch them”.. “Eleanor, when last did you see your period?”.. “well..I.. I can’t remember, why?”.. “Eleanor..you are pregnant,”..”what!.. that’s, that’s not possible.. it’s not possible, I can’t be pregnant.. the doctor said I can never conceive..”.. “my child.. I know you are pregnant, if you don’t believe me, go for a test”.. Eleanor looked at her for a while and started laughing… She laughed until tears came out of her eyes.. madam Clara just sat there looking at her.. “oh my Lord… you are so funny, madam Clara..” she said and continued laughing.. “I am telling you, that I can’t carry a child in my womb, and here you are saying.. there’s another life growing inside of me, haha, you are funny” she said and wiped the tears from her eyes… the old woman just kept staring at her… “Okay then.. what do you think is wrong with you?” “Nothing.. it’s probably just fever..”.. “okay.. should I call Mr Williams?”.. “no, don’t worry .. I’ll be fine, Micheal is coming back tomorrow right?”.. “yes.. ma”.. “ma?.. madam Clara.. I’ve told you to stop calling me ‘ma’ severally.. I am your child, call me Eleanor”.. “sorry.. ma.. I mean Eleanor” she said smiling..”I’ll leave now, I have something to do downstairs” .. “okay.. please tell Gene to bring me some pastries”.. “this your so called fever is something else”.. madam Clara said and she smiled…


🌷 Eleanor’s fashion house (E.F.H)🌷.

They walked out of the elevator and Tasha opened a very big door…”welcome to Ellie’s world”.. she pushed the doors open and Amelia open her mouth.. they walked in with the guards.. the place was very large.. and it looked so magical.. there was a very large glass wall.. she could see the streets, people, houses and cars.. there was a very big chandelier in the ceiling.. there were pictures of different models , wearing amazing clothes.. different designers were busy doing one thing other.. there was a lot of beautiful.. amazing dinner gowns, some with gold stones or diamond crystals, merely looking at them .. one could tell that they are very expensive.. “…its amazing right?”.. “yes.. it is”.. she turned around and saw Syd smiling.. “we used come here when we were little.. we would fight with the designers to let us Wear the dresses.. Eleanor.. would then give each of us a dress.. we would pretend to be models and start catwalking around.”.. “awwn.. you guys must be really close with her”.. “yes.. we are”.. “these models are beautiful.. they look like princesses, this one.. looks like Cinderella.. and this one looks like Barbie..” she said pointing to the portraits.. “then.. i think you need to see this one” he said and walked to the other end of the hall.. “behold the goddess of beauty herself” he said looking up.. Amelia slowly raised her Head.. she saw the glass shoes first.. then the hands with a diamond ring and bracelet holding the gown..the diamond necklace.. the pink lips, straight nose, grey eyes.. long lashes.. and brown hair.. she gasped and moved back.. the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.. she felt as if she was looking at herself in the mirror.. “wh.. who is she?”.. “Eleanor Anderson..she was 20 years old then.. it was the last shoot she did before she got married”.. “I feel like I’m looking at myself.” She whispered.. but syd heard her.. he smiled and looked at her.. the resemblance is very obvious.. why do I have this feeling that Amelia woods is Amelia Jane Anderson..?.. he thought to himself… “Amelia.. come here please” Amelia walked to where Tasha was standing with Mildred .. Sky and Simon were busy talking to another guy.. he looks like a gay.. “yeah.. so, where’s your manager.. we need to conclude on your pay..and I also need to know if you will like to continue walking with Eleanor as her model”.. “uhm well, I..” Amelia started but Mildred interrupted her .”her manager will be here tomorrow morning”.. “okay.. no problem”.. “can we start now.. it’s getting late”Mildred said looking at her watch.. “just give me a minute..” Tasha said and looked around the room “Teddy.. bring the clothes” a handsome guy stood up, he parked the clothes on his table and walked to where Tasha was standing.. “and where is mj?.. mj!” “I am coming..” a young girl with blonde hair came with a pack on her hand..”okay, darling I want you to wear this.. mj please go with her”.. they walked into a room.. and Amelia came out.. with a black bra and tight.. she looked so s£xy and hot.. the guys were busy talking with the other guy.. Sky raised his head up and saw Amelia.. “holy Molly” he whispered softly.. making the others raise their heads.. “wow”.. “Ami is hot”simon whispered and sky and Syd hit his head at the same time.. “ouch.. what did I do?”.. “shut up” Syd said softly still looking at Amelia.. he watched her as she stood on the low pavement with her hands streched sideways.. the diamond chain on her waist flattered her white skin.. he watched as Tasha measured her waist, and hips.. he really wished he was the one who was holding her waist..

“Teddy tell Joey to reduce the waist by three” “okay”.. Amelia kept changing and changing into different dresses.. and each one was more beautiful than the other.. the last dress was a very long dinner gown.. sky blue in colour with diamond stones she looked at the mirror and smiled at herself…



🌷 Hours later🌷

Amelia lay on her bed..she was just coming from sky’s room, and after many hours of kissing and cuddling.. he finally let her go…she placed her phone on the table and closed her eyes… 🎶 don’t wake me up up up up up🎶 her phone started ringing.. she picked and without looking at the caller ID.. she answered and placed it on her ears.. “hello” she said weakly.. “hey, Mia.. are you asleep?”.. “not really”.. “okay, come out.. we are going somewhere” “where?”.. “just come out”.. he said and hanged up..


She met sydney standing outside beside a black power bike.. “where are we going?”.. “you’ll see for yourself”.. he said and gave her a helmet.. “really?..” “yes..”.. he entered the bike and she sat behind him.. she didn’t know if she should hold him or not…he took her hands and wrapped it around his waist.. “I don’t want you to fall from the bike” “oh okay” she smiled and rested her head on his back.. sydney smiled and drove out…


“We are here” “finally”…”okay but before we go in, I want you to close your eyes” “why?”.. “come on Mia.. just do it”..”okay”. She said and closed her eyes.. simon waved his hands in front of her to know if she was saying.. but her eyes were really closed.. he held her hand.. and walked into the garden… “You can open your eyes now”.. she slowly opened her eyes ” oh .. my God.. this is so beautiful” she said smiling… It was a love garden.. with different roses.. and different color of lights.. and a small lake , and fireflies.. it was so breathtaking.. there was a huge tree in the middle with a chair for two.. “do you like it?” He asked.. “I love it.. Syd”.. “I’m glad you do”.. they sat down on the chair.. they talked about random stuffs and all.. Amelia started feeling cold, she wrapped her hands on around her body.. “are you cold?” “Yes..” “okay.. wait a second” he took of his jacket and slipped her hands in it.. his face was very close to hers.. he looked at her eyes and then at her lips.. he licked his lips and moved back.. “thanks” she said.. “you’re welcome”..



🌷Next day (Monday morning)8am🌷


The whole place was crowded.. people walked in and out of the complex.. Amelia and Mildred Walked in with Lola (Mildred’s assistant).. bodyguards surrounded them.. they went upstairs and walked into the hall.. Tasha was busy giving orders.. “Mildred, you guys are here.. thank Goodness.. madam Eleanor is on her way.. the shoot will start at exactly 10am, so any moment from now.. they are going to start with her Make up” .. “okay..”.. “Amelia are you ready?”.. “yes.. a little nervous though”.. “it’s okay honey.. it’s normal, okay everybody.. wrap up” she said and walked away..

Amelia turned to Mildred “Lia, remember everything I taught you.. Make me proud okay?”.. “okay” she said and smiled.. “uhh.. I have to call Sky..” “okay” she opened her bag and looked for her phone.. “urghh..” she said and Hit her hand on her head.. “what is it” Mildred asked.. “I forgot my phone in the car”.. “okay, Lola please go get it for her”..”no.. don’t worry I’ll do it myself” “okay.. but be fast, we don’t want to keep the makeup artist waiting”.. “yes.. I’ll be fast”..


Amelia walked out of the elevator and she was in so much hurry .. that she didn’t know when she bumped into Eleanor.. “oh, my goodness.. I’m so sorry..” she bent down and picked the bag.. she raised her head and gave it to Eleanor who was standing with her guards.. “thank.. ” Eleanor stopped when she saw Amelia’s face.. “Amelia?”..


To be continued..🗼

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