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My Fairytale batch 14


My Fairytale

Episode 26🦄🗼..



🍭 Skyler’s office 🍭.*9:30am*

He rushed out of his office and hastily entered the elevator… the door opened and he walked out.. Cindy stood up when she saw him..

Sky: Cindy.. reschedule all my appointments for the next four hours.. I have to go to the fashion house.. I promised Lia, that I would be there..he said and walked into the elevator..

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Cindy: but sir, you have to Meet your dad in the airport.. she said rushing to the elevator..

Sky:.. what?, He’s coming today?.. I thought it was next week.. he asked walking out of the elevator..

Cindy:no sir, it’s today.. his flight will be arriving soon, and he expects you to be at the airport by the time he arrives

Sky: okay, so how many minutes do we have?..

Cindy: just 25 minutes sir..

Sky:f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.. he yelled hitting his leg on the Cindy’s table.. he looked at her, “uhm, sorry.. what am I going to do now?.. Lia’s shoot is starting in 30minutes.. she’ll feel bad if she doesn’t see me”…he said moving his hair back…

“Get the guards ready.. we are going to the airport”..

Cindy: okay sir..




Mildred: “Amelia?”.. she called and Amelia turned.. “I thought you said you wanted to take your phone?” She asked walking towards Lia.. with Lola and two guards behind her..

Amelia:”uhm I was.. but I accidentally bumped into her, so..”.. she said pointing to Eleanor.. Mildred smiled when she saw Eleanor..

Mildred:”aunty!..” she leaned forward and hugged her..

Eleanor: “Mildred.. honey, how are you?” She asked withdrawing from the hug..her eyes were still fixed on Amelia.. who was smiling behind Mildred..

Mildred:”I’m fine aunt, how are you?, Tasha said you were not feeling too good, I’m sorry I didn’t call to check on you”..

Eleanor:”it’s okay, sweetheart.. uhm, who.. who’s she?” She asked looking at Amelia..

Mildred:”oh, sorry..aunty Meet Amelia Woods my new friend and the new model for the shoot.. Amelia meet the most amazing aunt in the world Eleanor Anderson”she said smiling..

Amelia: it’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.. she said stretching her hands for a shake..

Eleanor: the pleasure is all mine darling.. she took her hand and pulled Amelia into a hug..

Amelia was surprised at first, but she felt really comfortable, she felt like she has been here before but when?.. she tightened the hug and after a while she reluctantly withdrew from the hug.. Eleanor could feel something come alive inside of her, something she hasn’t felt for the past fourteen years.. she looked at Amelia and smiled..”you look so beautiful” she whispered..

Amelia:”thank you”she said and smiled..

Mildred:”okay.. uhm Lia, your manager and assistant are here, so we need to go upstairs now”..

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Mildred:”aunt..are you coming with us?”

Eleanor: “no.. I will come upstairs when the shoot is about to start.. I need to go to my office first”..

Mildred:”okay, we’ll see you later then”

Eleanor: “yeah..”

She said and they walked upstairs..



🍭 Eleanor’s office 🍭

She sat down on her chair going through some docvments.. the door opened and Beatrice walked in with a smile..she raised her head and smiled..

Eleanor: Beatrice, when will you learn how to knock?”..

Beatrice: “when I turn 90..” she leaned forward and pecked Eleanor on the cheek..

Eleanor: “yeah.. that’s if you’re still alive” she said and Beatrice chuckled..

Beatrice: “come on Ellie, let’s go”

Eleanor:”where are we going?” She asked with a raised brow..

Beatrice:”to the airport of course.. Nicholas and Michael are through with their business trip and their flight is going to land any minute from now.. “..

Eleanor:”ouch.. I can’t go with you Beatrice, the shoot is starting in fifteen minutes.. and I have to be there to..”

Beatrice: cuts in “I know, but we really have to go, you can come back after you see your husband”..

Eleanor:”Beatrice, I’ll see him at home..”

Beatrice: “come on Ellie, you haven’t seen your husband for two weeks.. you should at least go to the airport and welcome him.. I don’t know about you, but I seriously can’t wait to take my husband home, and eat him up”..

Eleanor: “you’re crazy.. Beatrice, okay fine I’ll just welcome him and come back”

Beatrice:”that’s what I’m talking about, let’s go darling”.. she said and stood up.. Eleanor stood up and she smirked..


Beatrice:”girl is it just me?.. you look s£xy, Micheal is gonna be so turned on when he sees you”

Eleanor:”you’re crazy Beatrice, you really are” she said smiling..

They walked out of the office and entered the elevator..

Beatrice:”uhm, Ellie this isn’t the way out”

Eleanor:”I know.. I just wanna tell them to start the shoot without me”

Beatrice:”oh.. okay”.

The door slid open and they walked to the door.. Ellie pushed it open and they both walked in.. Eleanor’s eyes landed on Amelia.. the make up artist was busy with her hair.. she looks so beautiful naturally..

Beatrice:”Ellie.. I think I have started seeing things”..

Eleanor:”why do you say that?”.

Beatrice:”because, that model looks exactly like you.. buh she looks younger..”

Eleanor:”that’s Amelia woods, the new model for the shoot.. I don’t know why, both there’s something about her.. I just can’t place it.. it feels like I am looking at..”


Eleanor:”yes.. but, Jane is dead so..” she looked at Tasha and signaled her to come..


*Amelia:”your aunt and the other lady look so young..”

Mildred:”yeah, they don’t want to get old.. that’s Sky’s mom” she said pointing to Beatrice.. “Beatrice Jordan.. she is a multi billionaire and my aunt’s best friend”..

Amelia:”oh. My goodness, now I know where they got the looks from”

Mildred:”lol, I know right”



🍭 Downstairs 🍭

Beatrice and Eleanor walked out of the elevator with their guards.. Eleanor was already feeling dizzy.. she stood still with her hands on her head..

Beatrice:”Ellie.. are you okay?”..

Eleanor:”I.. I.. feel so diz..” she closed her eyes and fell, Beatrice was fast enough to catch her..

Beatrice:”well don’t just Stand there, Take her to the car” she yelled at the guards.. they carried her and placed her in the car.. Beatrice placed her head on her thighs and brushed her hair backwards.. tears were already forming in her eyes.. “Take us to the hospital..”

Driver: “yes ma’am” .

Beatrice:”Ellie, please stay with me”..

🍭 Hill top hospital 🍭..

The doctor walked into the ward.. Eleanor was laying on the bed, with Beatrice beside her. .

Doctor sean:”I can see you are awake now.. Mrs Anderson..”

Beatrice:”no.. she’s still in coma,” she yanked..

Eleanor:”Beatrice.. you don’t have to be rude”

Beatrice:”okay, I’m sorry Sean” she whispered and he chuckled..

Doctor Sean:”I’m used to it, Mrs Eleanor.. I am her family doctor”..

Beatrice:”whatever.. tell us about the test result.. why did she slump?”.

Doctor Sean:”well.. congratulations Mrs Anderson.. you’re four weeks pregnant” he said smiling..

Beatrice and Eleanor:”what!”

Doctor Sean:”are you guys not happy?”

Eleanor:”we are.. but we are very surprised”

Doctor Sean:”why?”

Beatrice:”because.. her doctor said she can never get pregnant.. and she has been barren for fourteen years”

Doctor Sean:”but that’s not possible, I carried out several test.. and there’s nothing wrong with her”

Eleanor:”then I’m afraid you’re mistaken, I mean.. I have been unable to conceive for the past fourteen years..my doctor even gave me drugs to help me conceive”

Dr Sean:”can I see the drugs please?”

Eleanor:”yes, Beatrice please check my bag”..

Beatrice opened the bag and brought out a pack of drug..she handed it to Sean and sat down..

Dr Sean:he removed the drug from the pack and looked at the name.. he shook his head and looked at them..

Beatrice:”what is it Sean?”

Dr Sean:”these are contraceptives”

Eleanor and Beatrice:”what?”..


To be continued..


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