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My Fairytale batch 15


My Fairytale

Episode 27🦄🗼..


🍭At the hospital🍭

Beatrice:”wait.. let me get this straight, are you saying Eleanor has been taking contraceptives for the past fourteen years?”..

Dr Sean:”yes.. uhm, Mrs Anderson.. when last did you take it?”..

Eleanor:”four months ago”she said wiping her tears..

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Dr Sean:”that’s why you were able to conceive.. anyways the test here shows that you and your baby are in perfect shape, you have to avoid any hard work for now.. to prevent any complications”

Beatrice:”don’t worry Sean, she’s in safe hands.. thank you”

Dr Sean:”you’re welcome Mrs Jordan” he smiled and walked out..

Eleanor:”all these years Beatrice.. I thought Williams was helping me..I never knew he was the cause of my barrenness” she said crying..

Beatrice:”it’s okay Ellie, it’s okay.. what Matters now is that you’re pregnant” she said caressing her hair.. with teary eyes..

Eleanor:”he’s going to pay Beatrice.. I am going to make him suffer.. he has awoken the beast in me, I have kept quiet for so long.. it’s time for me to show them the old Eleanor”

Beatrice:”we are going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget Ellie.. but for now, you need to rest”..


At the airport

Skyler’s pov🗼

I paced around quietly.. with Cindy and my guards.. I looked at my watch and then at the arrivals direction..

“They should be here any moment from now..” Cindy said looking at me..

“Okay” I replied with my hands in my pocket.. Lia is gonna be so mad, I picked my phone and dialed her number.. no response, I called her for the second time.. no response, “come on Lia, pick up .. please” I muttered to myself .. and continued calling her number .. still no response..

“Sir they’re here” Cindy said, I turned to the direction and saw my father the almighty Nicholas Jordan and his best friend Micheal Anderson.. they both smiled when they saw me..

“Skyler.. my boy,” my father said hugging me “father.. how was your trip” I asked withdrawing from the hug.. “it was fine son.. too bad you didn’t come with us” he said..”uncle Micheal,” “Skyler.. how are you?”..”I’m very fine thank you..” “that’s good to hear”..”so can we go now?” I asked looking at my dad .”oh..yes, let’s go”



Amelia’s pov…

I sat down quietly as Noel applied the lipstick.. while the others were busy with my nails.. Tiana(my new assistant)was sitting beside Mildred and Lola, Tasha was busy discussing with Tyler (my manager)..

I looked around, but there was no sign of Skyler.. where’s he?.. he promised me that he would be here.. “okay.. sweetheart, that’s all for now” noel said dropping the lipstick..”okay” I replied.. “mj, which dress is she wearing first?” He asked.. “this one” she replied handing the Blue gown to him.. “okay sweetheart.. let’s go” he took me to the changing room and helped me with the dress.. “girl..you look so beautiful” he said smiling.. (just so you know..he’s gay).. “thanks girlfriend” I replied and he smiled.. “okay.. are you ready to blow their minds?” He asked “yes” I replied.. “okay let’s go..” he said and opened the door…

“Okay guys we start in five” Tasha yelled. I sat down alone backstage.. no body has seen me yet.. where’s Skyler?.. if he doesn’t show up.. I’m gonna break up with him.. just then someone walked in.. I didn’t bother to look up because I was so angry.. “hey beautiful” he whispered into my ears.. I turned around and saw sydney smiling.. “oh.. hi Syd” “hi.. aren’t you happy to see me?”he asked sitting beside me.. “I am.. am just nervous that’s all..” “really?..or were you expecting someone else?” He asked looking at me.. “uhm.. no, I’m not expecting anyone.. thank you for coming” I said and hugged him.. “you’re welcome Mia..” he said and withdrew from the hug.. “you look so beautiful, “he whispered.. “thank you” I replied smiling.. “I lo..”he stopped when Simon walked in with Nicole.. I wonder what he was going to say.. “oh.. my.. gosh.. Ami.. you look so amazing”Simon said and hugged me.. “thanks Simon” “girl, I’m already getting jealous.. you look so beautiful” Nicole added.. “thanks darling” I replied.. just then Tasha walked in with a very big smile.. “oh my God.. Amelia you look so perfect.. Eleanor is gonna love this.. come on darling it’s time” she said stretching her hand.. “okay” I stood up and took her hands.. “Amelia.. make us proud” Nicole said and hugged me.. “good luck” Simon said and walked they both walked out.. sydney stood up with a smile and walked to where I was standing with Tasha.. he smiled and brought his face down to mine.. what is this guy doing..?.. he looked down at my eyes and before I could say jack.. he pecked my lips, and I froze.. “good luck Mia” he whispered and walked out..

Episode 28🦄🗼..


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Mildred’s pov..

Tasha walked out with Lia.. I opened my mouth and looked at Nicole..”I know right.. she’s so beautiful” she said and looked at Lia.. “wow.. I have a feeling that she’s gonna go a long way, after this shoot..” Lola added.. “yes.. and she looks like Eleanor” Tiana added.. just then.. Hilda king(the best catwalk queen) walked in with Alexa Gliss (ex miss world and Skyler’s ex).. “what are they doing here?” I asked looking at Nicole.. “I don’t know Mildred.. I just hope they don’t cause trouble” she replied..

“This isn’t a show.. it’s a shoot, who let them in” I asked Tasha.. “they are Eleanor’s models as well.. I’m sorry, but we can’t tell them to Leave” she replied… I looked at Alexa she smirked and looked at Lia.. who was posing.. “Mildred.. please calm down.. Amelia is doing great as you can see” Lola said looking at me..”yeah” I replied… And looked at Lia.. she already changed to the pink gown… I smiled as she posed perfectly.. I looked around and saw Syd sitting with Simon.. when did he get here?… I stood up and walked to him… I took a sit and sat down beside them… “Hey Mildred” they both said at once.. “hi.. I thought you have a shoot today Simon” I said.. “yeah.. but the model is ill so, we had to cancel it” he said…”okay.. which model?” “Joanna stone” he replied… “Oh.. okay,”…



Sydney’s pov..

“Mildred.. Mia is really good” I said looking at her “she learnt from the best” Simon replied… And she smiled..”that’s the last dress.. Eleanor is gonna be so happy” she added.. “where’s Eleanor.. isn’t she supposed to be here?” I asked “uhh.. she came.. but she went to the airport with your mom” she replied.. “my mom?” Simon asked “yes.. she came this morning” “is she coming back?” He asked “not sure, why?” She asked.. “because she’s gonna take me home with her.. she has been calling me for weeks now..she says she wants to see me”.. “then visit her” “what!.. I can’t, if I go, she’ll never let me come back.. that’s what she did to Skyler and Sydney”.. “lol.. she’s missing you guys” “we’ll visit her soon though” I said looking at Mia..


Amelia’s pov

“Nice, now give me another one” the photographer said.. I posed and he clicked.. “great.. now give me a s£xy one” I posed and he clicked again .. “wow” “fantastic” “beautiful.. one more” he said and I posed again and he clicked.. “that’s all, congratulations you did great” he said smiling “thank you” I replied.. Tiana handed me a bottle of water.. I opened it and took a sip.. “congratulations ma’am.. it was wonderful” she said “thanks” I replied and walked out of the stage.. “come on Tia, I need to get out of this dress” she unzipped the dress and I changed to my normal dress..noel walked in with a smile.. “girlfriend.. that was awesome..” he said and pecked my cheeks.. “thanks noel” Mildred walked in with the others .. “I’m so proud of you Lia” she said and hugged.. “congratulations Amelia” Tyler said and hugged me.. “thanks Guys.” I said faking a smile..”uhm Syd.. can we go home now.. I’m tired” I asked .. “what.. but we have to celebrate” Nicole added.. “maybe tomorrow.. I’m really tired now” I said.. “okay Mia, let’s go” he said and held my hand..


Jordans mansion..

Skyler’s pov 🍭

“Okay.. dad, I need to Leave now.. there’s something I need to take care of” I said standing up.. “okay.. son, I’ll see you at the board meeting on Friday” he said.. ” uhm, actually Dad.. there’s something I need to tell you” I said looking at him.. “hmm.. go ahead, am all ears” he said “well.. it’s like an announcement, so I’ll have to say it in a meeting tomorrow.. in uncle Micheal’s house” I said.. “you’re holding a meeting in Micheal’s house?” “Yes.. I’ve already told aunt Eleanor.. she’ll be expecting us tommorow..” “oh.. okay, no problem”.. “okay.. I will leave now” “drive safely” he said.. “okay” I replied and walked out of the house.. I entered the car and called Mildred.. “hey” “hey sky.. where have you been.. Lia is angry..” “I went to the airport.. uhm, are you guys still at the fashion house?” “No.. Lia went home and I’m heading to my suite..” “okay” “sky.. have you told your dad about the meeting?” “Yes I have” “okay.. bye” she said and I dropped the phone..


I walked into the house and ran upstairs.. Syd was sitting in the living room.. watching a movie.. I walked passed him and rushed to Lia’s room.. I was about to knock.. when she opened the door, she stood there looking at me with a plate of ice cream in her hands.. she rolled her eyes and walked past me.. I held her hand and pulled her into her room.. I locked the door and turned to face her.. “Skyler what’s wrong with you?” She asked angrily.. “baby..I’m sorry” I said.. “don’t baby me.. just get out of my way” she said and walked towards the door..


To be continued…

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