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My Fairytale batch 16


My Fairytale

By Lilianna Cletus 💋💋💕


Episode 29💮💮💮

Skyler’s pov 🌹

“Lia.. you have to listen to me.. please” I said holding her hand.. she sighed and turned to look at me.. “Skyler.. let me go” she said quietly.. I looked at her and released her hand.. she turned to open the door.. I looked at her from behind and wrapped my hands on her waist.. she stopped and stood still.. “I will never let you go Lia” I whispered into her ears.. “you promised me sky.. why did you fail me?”.. I turned her to face me, her eyes were teary.. “Simon was there, Syd was there, Mildred, Nicole.. they were all there.. I waited for you Sky.. but I didn’t see you, so please tell me.. where did you go?”.. she asked as tears trickled down her face.. I cleaned her eyes and held her hand.. I sat down on her bed and sat her on my thighs, I tucked her hair behind her ears, and pecked her lips..

“I was at the airport.. I went to pick my dad and uncle Micheal.. I called you but you didn’t pick my calls.. I’m sorry” I said looking into her eyes..”uhm.. I left my phone in Mildred’s car.. that’s why I didn’t pick your calls.. I’m sorry” she said quietly..I smiled and arranged her singlet.. “so.. how was it?” I asked.. “it was fine” she replied wrapping her legs around my waist.. “I knew you were going to make me proud” I said and kissed her chin.. “have you seen the pictures” she asked running her fingers in my hair.. “no.. I haven’t,” I replied placing soft kisses on her neck..”do you want to see them?” She asked holding my face in her palms.. “yes.. baby” I replied looking at her she smiled and kissed me.. I smiled against her lips and kissed her back.. I found her sweet spot and kissed deeper.. she m0aned and I gently placed her on the bed.. I kissed her neck and placed soft kisses on every part of her face.. while she played with my hair.. I kissed her lips again and rolled to her side.. and she placed her head on my chest..”I have never said sorry to a lady before” I whispered caressing her shoulders.. she smiled and looked at me.. ” I love you Sky” “I love you too” I said and kissed her again.. I placed my other hand on her stomach and she chuckled.. I sneaked my hand into her singlet and played with the chain ….”did you remove it?” I asked . “No.. I didn’t” she replied .. “good girl” I said and she chuckled.. “so have you gotten a manager?” I asked.. “yeah.. his name is Tyler.. and Tiana my assistant” she replied .. “how old is he?” “Uhm.. 22.. I guess” she replied.. “what!…”I yelled.. “what?” She asked looking at me.. “he’s too young.. change him.. in fact I will get you a female manager” I said pulling her closer.. “sky.. are you jealous?” She asked.. “me?.. no way, I just want to protect my woman” “oh.. come on Sky.. I know you are jealous.. Tyler is just my manager and nothing more.. besides he’s not my type” she said.. “really?” I asked “yes” “okay .. then you can keep him” I said and pecked her hair.. just then her phone started ringing.. I picked it from the side table and gave it to her . ..”it’s Tyler, ” she said and answered it.. “yes.. tell me” she said..

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Amelia 🌺

“Amelia.. Eleanor has seen the pictures and the Short video you did.. and she’s very impressed” he said happily.. “really.. that’s good news” I replied.. “she has already transferred your pay to your account” he said..”really? How much?” I asked looking at sky who was busy playing with my pendant.. “40 million dollars” he said.. “what!!!!” I yelled and jumped out of the bed.. Sky just stared at me with a confused expression on his face.. “she says that will be your pay from now on.. since you are now one of her models… It will increase on your next shoot with her” he said..”oh my goodness.. I can’t believe this” I said sitting on the couch..”your pictures are on the net now.. you’re trending… And I’ve gotten calls from 9 different companies.. they want you for their shoots” he said excitedly.. “really?” “Yes.. oh , and Eleanor gave you a little package Tiana will bring it to you.. I’ll see you tomorrow.. so I can explain better”he said.. “thank you very much Tyler”.. “you’re welcome Amelia” he said and dropped the call..

“Yes! Yes! Yes!..”. I said jumping around..”uhm babe..are you okay?” He asked looking at me.. “oh… Sky.. my love my dreams are coming true.. I am so happy” I said and kissed him…

“Come on.. go online.. my pictures are trending”.. I said.. “okay..” he said and picked his phone .. “oh my God.. who is this model?” He asked showing me my pictures.. with the headline.

ELEANOR’S NEW MODEL FOR NEW FASHION LINE.. AMELIA WOODS.. THE GODDESS OF BEAUTY HERSELF.. I chuckled and hit his hand playfully.. “that’s me silly” I said… “oh my goodness.. you look so beautiful.. I mean you’re beautiful naturally yes .. but this is fantastic” he said “, congratulations baby” he added and hugged me .. just then my phone started ringing.. “Mildred” I started.. “Lia have you seen the headlines?”.. “yes.. I have” “you’re doing it lia.. I’m so proud of you” she said “me too!” Nicole shouted in the background.. “thanks guys… You guys are the best.. I wouldn’t have done it without you” I said.. “oh come Lia.. it’s nothing ” she said…. “It is” I added.. “lol.. okay darling.. I’ll talk to you later.. bye” “bye”.. I looked at Skyler and smiled.. he smiled and pecked me.. “what is it?” He asked.. “, nothing” I replied and wrapped my hands around his neck.. “well.. my birthday is next week.. what are you gonna buy for me?” He asked “secret..” I said and kissed his cheek..


Next day 🍭

Anderson’s mansion.. Mildred’s pov 🌹

We sat down quietly waiting for my parents to come.. aunt Eleanor was already getting angry.. Skyler sat close to me… aunt Eleanor sat with uncle Micheal.. while aunt Beatrice sat with uncle Nicholas…they finally arrived and took their sits.. we all exchanged pleasantries and sat down.. “okay.. Skyler.. everybody’s here.. tell us why you called for this meeting…” His father said looking at him.. he cleared his throat and stood up..”firstly.. I will like to thank you all for coming… the reason why we called for this meeting” he said holding my hand “is because we want to call off our engagement”


Episode 30🦄🗼


Jonas pov🍭

“Come on Susan let’s go” I said picking my phone..”just a minute Jonas.. why does he want to see us anyway?” She asked packing her hair.. “I don’t know Susan.. but I’m sure it’s about his engagement with Mildred”.. she gasped “do you think he wants to get married to her now?” She asked with her eyes wide open.. “I don’t know Susan.. let’s get there first” I replied and walked out..


We arrived at Micheal’s house.. the maid directed us to the hall.. we walked in and we all exchanged pleasantries.. “okay.. Skyler, everybody’s here.. tell us why you called for this meeting” Nicholas started.. Skyler stood up and cleared his throat”firstly I would like to thank you all for coming…the reason why we called for this meeting” he said holding Mildred’s hand, I smiled and looked at Susan, who was also smiling..”is because we want to call off our engagement”.. I could feel my jaw drop..

“What!!” I and Susan yelled at once.. “Skyler.. what are you doing?” His father asked quietly.. “Mildred.. is it true” Eleanor asked.. “yes aunt.. it’s true” she replied.. “are you sure about this?” Michael asked “yes uncle.. I am” she replied.. “but.. Mildred.. why?” Susan stuttered.. “I don’t love him mom.. I never did, and neither does he.. ” she said softly.. “love?.. who is talking about love.. how are we supposed to merge the companies if you don’t get married? Huh?.. Mildred don’t call off the engagement.. you can fall in love with him when you get married..” I said looking at her.. “no dad.. I can’t, I’m in love with someone else.. I can’t sacrifice my love because of your greediness” she said looking at me.. “how Dare you talk to your father like that?” Susan asked standing up.. “okay .. you all should please calm down.. Susan please take it easy” Eleanor said quietly.. “and who asked you to interfere?” Susan asked looking at Eleanor.. “am sorry.. but did I say something wrong” Eleanor asked already flaring up..”i don’t have your time Eleanor..as you can see I’m talking to my child.. if you feel like talking.. call your own child and talk to her.. oh.. you don’t have one” she said mockingly.. “Shut up Susan” Beatrice said standing up.. “and what if I don’t” She asked back.. “then I’ll be forced to beat the hell out of you” Beatrice replied.. “it’s okay Beatrice.. please sit down.. she’s not worth it” Eleanor said looking at Susan.. “I am a million times worthful than a barren woman” Susan snapped back.. “alright that’s it” Beatrice said and rushed to where Susan was standing.. and gave her a very hot slap making her to fall on me.. she held Susan’s hair and threw her on the floor.. “mom.. Please stop it” Skyler said holding her back.. “leave me alone Skyler.. let me teach this woman a lesson” she said trying to free herself.. “honey.. please stop it” Nicholas added.. “Beatrice please it’s okay” Eleanor said holding her.. Micheal just sat there looking at them.. while Mildred was helping Susan to stand up.. she looked at Mildred and pushed her away.. “leave me alone you useless child!.. I regret having you as my child” she yelled.. “mommy please stop it..” she said crying..”stay away me..” she said and walked out.. “daddy .. I’m sorry” she said trying to hold me.. I looked at her and walked out..


Amelia’s pov

Tiana walked in with a big white box.. and placed it on my bed.. it was wrapped with a pink ribbon .. with “Ellie’s special” written on it.. “Eleanor was very impressed.. she asked me to give you this.. as a little token of appreciation” she said smiling.. I dropped my phone and removed the ribbon, I opened the box and gasped ..as I stared at the sky blue dinner gown, that was designed with diamond crystals.. “wow.. it’s beautiful” Tia whispered.. “I know right?” I said raising it up..

To be continued..

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