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My Fairytale batch 17


My Fairytale

By Lilianna Cletus (Lady C)💋💋💕

Episode 31


Eleanor’s pov..🧚🧚🧚

Jonas walked out and Mildred ran upstairs crying.. Beatrice sat down and brought out a gum from her bag.. I looked at her and smiled… She always chews gum when she’s angry, it has been her habit since we were teens..

“Skyler darling.. please go check on Mildred.. she must be really sad” I said looking at Skyler.. “okay ” he said and walked out of the hall.. I turned to Beatrice and picked my phone…”someone’s really angry.. I better go upstairs, before she punches my child out of my womb” I said quietly.. and she smiled.. “you’re crazy Ellie..” she said removing the gum from her mouth.. “yeah.. I know, and that’s why you love me” I said, she chuckled.. and moved closer to me.. “so.. have you told Mr handsome?” She asked smiling.. I looked at Micheal who was busy chatting with Nicholas.. “no.. I haven’t” I replied.. “why?” She asked angrily.. “we had a long night yesterday.. so I decided to tell him today” I replied looking at my phone.. she smiled gleefully.. “oh.. my goodness.. how was it?.. how did it start and what position did you guys use?” She asked with a big smile on her face… “you are crazy Beatrice.. jeez.. go away, you’re so spoilt” I said playfully.. she shrugged and sat up..”anyways my night with Nick was amazing.. you need to see the way he held me.. the way he…” “Beatrice.. Please don’t corrupt my child” I said rubbing my hands on my stomach.. “okay.. fine.. you win” she said raising her hands up.. “so.. do you know the reason why they called off the engagement?” I asked looking at her.. “uhm.. not really.. Mildred said it’s because she loves someone else, I don’t know about Sky..” “do you think he’s in love with someone else?” I asked “Sky?.. love?.. I don’t think so.. I mean the only thing I know Skyler does with women.. is to flirt with them.. even when he was betrothed to Mildred.. he still dated different girls.. models, bankers , lawyers, doctors and so on.. for some reason I don’t know.. he stopped after he broke up with that model.. uhm.. what was her name again?.. Alexa Gliss.. don’t get me wrong, Ellie.. but for some reason, I am happy he called off the engagement.. Mildred is a nice girl, she doesn’t deserve to end up with a man that doesn’t love her” she said and sipped her wine.. “mmh.. okay” just then Skyler walked into the hall.. “how’s she?” I asked.. “well, she’s sleeping now.. she’s gonna be fine when she wakes up” he said looking at his watch “oh okay.. dear” I said.. “uhm, bby?” Beatrice called.. “yes mom” he answered.. “are you in any serious relationship?” She asked quietly.. he smiled and looked at the floor.. “uhm.. yeah” he replied.. “oh my God.. he’s blushing Ellie.. honey.. our son is finally in love” she yelled.. “oh really.. when can we meet her?” Nick asked smiling.. “uhm.. I’ll introduce her on my birthday” he said.. “then I won’t miss it” Micheal said smiling..

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Episode 32🦄🗼..


Amelia’s pov 🍭 🍭

“So.. as I was saying.. nine companies want you for their shoots” Tyler started.. “okay.. what kind of shoots?” I asked with my legs crossed..”uhm.. commercials, accessories, bikini, cream, undies and so on.. you can have a look” he said passing the laptop to Tia, who passed it to me.. I looked at the list of companies and stopped when I saw S.W.. “wait isn’t this Sydney’s company?” I asked.. “uhh.. yes, he was the first to contact me.. he said he wants you for his new cream “pristine”..”really!.. that’s awesome.. I wonder why he didn’t tell me” I said smiling.. “maybe he wanted it to be a surprise” Tia added.. “I guess” I muttered.. “so.. which one are you going for?” He asked.. “uhm.. all of them” I replied and sipped from my wine.. “oh.. okay, Tia will send you the dates and other informations, I have a meeting with Jay.. so I have to go now” he said looking at his watch.. “Jay.. who is Jay?” I asked genuinely confused.. “he’s the CEO of J.U(Jay’s undies).. you’ve never heard of him?” He asked.. “oh.. no, I Haven’t” I replied.. “well.. you’re gonna model his undies soon” he said “really?.. I heard his complex is really big.. and he’s very handsome and Rich.. oh I can’t wait to see him” Tia said smiling sheepishly, “yeah.. right, he doesn’t like girls like you.. your blonde hair is too long and your nose is too straight, plus your curves ain’t good” Tyler stated looking at her.. she frowned and hissed.. “awwn.. you both look cute together” I said smiling.. “what!.. no way..he’s not my type,” she said and eyed him.. “whatever.. i never liked you anyway” he snapped and walked out..


Skyler’s pov 🌼🌼

I was going through some files in my office.. the telephone started ringing and I picked .. ” tell me” I started. “sir.. the board meeting starts in five minutes” Cindy said from the other end.. “okay.. thanks”.. I said and dropped the phone.. I sighed and closed the file.. I wonder what Lia is doing.. I picked my phone and dialled her number.. she picked almost immediately.. “Candy crush” I started.. “my love.. how are you?” She asked.. wow.. she finally called me her love.. awesome!.. “I’m fine babe, you?”.. “I’m okay.. what are you doing?” She asked “uhm.. about to attend a board meeting.. you?”.. “well.. I’m home alone, Tia just left” she replied.. “hmm okay.. are you bored?”.. I asked “uhm, just a little..” she replied.. “should I come over?” I asked “no.. you have a board meeting” “I can reschedule it” I added.. “no.. sky, I’ll be fine.. besides Simon is coming, we are going to visit Mildred” she said.. “oh.. okay, I guess you don’t miss me” I said quietly.. “of course, I do baby.. I’ll see you when you get back.. and I’ll stay with you tonight” she said cheerfully.. “really?” I asked smiling “yeah..” “okay.. I’ll see you later.. i love you” I said.. “and I love you more pumpkin.. 💋💋” she made kissing sounds and hanged up.. lol, my woman.. I smiled and walked out of my office.. Time to merge these companies..

Episode 33🦄🗼..


Simon’s pov✨✨

I sat down backstage.. busy with my phone.. Mr Jones was busy talking about a shoot or something.. while Kira sat quietly beside me.. I was busy looking at Ami’s pictures.. I smiled each time I scrolled to another picture.. how can someone be so beautiful.. she already has an Instagram account.. ten million followers already.. I smiled and scrolled down.. her pictures are all over the net.. with different headlines…




They were so many headlines and pictures, Ami, is gonna be a big hit!.. I smiled and followed her on Instagram..” Simon? Simon?” Jones called snapping me out of my thoughts..”what?” I asked looking at him.. “did you hear a single thing I said?” He asked.. “uhhm, yeah” I replied.. “okay, what did I say?” He asked.. ” uhm.. you were talking about bikini shoots?..” I said scratching my head “oh.. at Least you heard that one” he said and sighed.. “Kira will brief you on it later..for now drop your phone and get ready for your shoot” he said looking at me.. “okay.. so who am I working with?” I asked handing my phone to Kira.. “her” she replied pointing to another direction..she walked in with a straight face..she wore a red short gown.. which revealed her thighs and straight legs.. she wore two diamond chains and a gold one in the middle on her legs.. her black hair fell freely to her waist, flattering her spotless White skin.. she smiled and pecked me.. “so nice to work with you again.. Simon Jordan” she said with a flirty smirk.. “same here.. Alexa Gliss” I replied and kissed her cheek.. “it’s been a while” she said taking a sit beside me, with her legs crossed revealing her upper thighs “yeah” I replied.. and picked my phone..”so, how’s Sky?.. I haven’t seen him since.. you know” she asked staring at me.i know where she’s going with this. “uhm.. he’s fine.. thanks for asking..” I replied sternly.. “oh.. okay, uhm.. is.. is he in any relationship?” She asked.. I cleared my throat and stood up.. “Alex, I am here for business and nothing more, it would be better if we don’t talk about personal affairs.. so please, cooperate with me and let’s do a good job.. okay?” I said…she smiled and nodded “okay” she said.. “good.. it was nice to see you though” I said and walked out with Kira..


Skyler’s pov 👑

I walked into the hall with Cindy.. all the share holders were already sitted..

My dad was sitting beside uncle Micheal and uncle Jonas was sitting on the other side.. I took my sit and looked at all of them.. I cleared my throat and spoke into the mic.. “good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.. I’m very happy to see you all.. I know you all must be wondering why I called for this meeting, well I’m gonna go straight to the point…” I said and took a deep breath.. “I have decided to call off my engagement with Mildred Anderson” I stated.. some of them started murmuring, others were surprised.. but didn’t say anything.. I raised my hand and they kept quiet.. “any questions?” I asked.. one of them raised his hand.. “yes?” I asked..”then how are we going to merge the two companies?” He asked.. “That’s not a problem Mr Greg.. as you can see, Mr Micheal Anderson and his lawyer are here.. the merger will be signed immediately after this meeting..”.. I replied.. “but.. how are we sure that this merger will last.. considering the fact that you are no longer getting married to the heir of the Anderson’s company?” Mrs Silvia asked and other share holders nodded.. “yes tell us” Mr Park added.. I smiled and looked at uncle Jonas who was frowning.. “Mildred has already signed the merger, and she’ll be getting married to a Jordan, they’ll be formally engaged on her eighteenth birthday and as you all know.. each of my brothers.. are shareholders in this company..”.. “which of your brothers?” Jonas asked with curiosity written on his face.. “you will all know later.. so without further delay.. let us start with the signing”


Amelia’s pov 💗💗

Urhh.. what is taking Simon so long?.. I asked myself..as I slipped on my blue trouser and black crop top.. I packed my hair in a neat bun and wore my gold necklace which had my name on it.. I wore my bracelet and walked downstairs with my phone.. Simon rushed into the house and sat on the couch.. he didn’t clean his make up and he looked so cute..”how was it?”..I asked.. “it was okay.. can we go now?” He asked “yeah..sure” he stood up and walked out.. we entered his car and he drove out..


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We drove into a very big estate.. he drove into a very large compound .. and I smiled when I saw the most beautiful and biggest mansion I’ve ever seen.. we came down from the car and walked into the house.. “wow.. this is beautiful” I whispered.. “welcome to the Anderson’s .. Ami” he said holding my hand.. a maid ushered us to the living room..and left to call Mildred.. another maid walked in with two glasses of fruit juice.. just what I need.. I smiled and took a glass.. “thanks” I said and she smiled.. “uhm, where’s madam Clara?” Simon asked looking at the maid.. “she’s in the kitchen.. I’ll call her” she said and walked out.. minutes later an elderly woman walked in smiling.. “Simon.. darling.. how are ..” she stopped when she saw me.. her eyes were wide open.. like she saw a ghost or something..



To be continued..

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