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My Fairytale batch 18


My Fairytale

By Lady C🐾💗🐾

Inspiration for the week🌹Cassy filix🌹

Episode 34🗼🗼🗼


Simon’s pov ❣️

“Uhm.. am sorry, but do I know you” Ami asked surprised.. I looked at madam Clara, her eyes were already teary.. oh no, she thinks Ami is Jane.. “Amelia.. my child, my child.. I thought we lost you” she said hugging Ami with tears falling from her eyes.. Ami slowly withdrew from the hug with confusion written all over her.. “I.. I am sorry ma’am, but you are mistaking.. I don’t know you.. this is my first time of seeing you” she said softly.. “no.. child, your name is Amelia right?” She asked.. Ami looked at me and nodded.. “Yes..but..” “I knew it.. you’re our little princess, I knew you were still alive .. I knew that one day, you would come back.. oh your mother is gonna be so happy” she said holding Ami’s hands.. “what?.. Simon what is she saying?… My name is Amelia woods.. you are mistaking.. Simon please tell her” she said looking at me .. “uhm, madam Clara.. she’s right, she isn’t Jane, she’s my friend Amelia woods.. she looks so much like Jane.. but she isn’t Jane”.. I said.. “what?.. no.. she’s Jane.. I know she’s Jane.. and this neck..” “madam Clara..she isn’t Jane” someone interrupted her.. we turned and saw aunt Eleanor standing by the door.. “Eleanor.. what are you saying?.. can’t you recognize your own daughter when you see her” madam Clara asked already frustrated.. “she’s not Jane, Clara.. she is my new model..” Eleanor said standing in front of madam Clara..”but..” “that’s enough Clara.. please” she said.. madam Clara looked at Ami and walked out..

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Eleanor’s pov 💎

Madam Clara walked out.. and I turned to look at Amelia.. she looked so confused.. she looked at me, her grey eyes piercing mine.. I suddenly remembered my little princess.. our resemblance is so striking.. I believe what madam Clara is saying.. but, I need to confirm things first.. “uhm.. I’m sorry about that.. she thought you were someone else” I said.. “it’s.. it’s okay” she stuttered.. “oh..and I never got the chance to say thank you.. you really did a great job.. thanks” I said with a smile.. “oh it’s nothing.. ” she replied smiling.. wow she also have dimples..I looked at Simon “awwn…my cute little prince..” I said with my hands open .. he smiled and hugged me.. “I was starting to think you’ve forgotten me” he said smiling.. “how can I forget my baby.. how are you?” I asked.. “I’m fine aunt.. where’s Mildred” he asked..”oh.. she’s upstairs.. she is expecting you guys.. you know her room right?” I asked.. “of course..how can I forget.. okay we’ll see you later aunt” he said and pecked my cheek “okay, darling I’ll see you later” I said looking at Amelia.. “okay” she smiled and walked out with Simon holding her hand.. wait.. that necklace.. I’ve seen it before.. but where?.. i sat on the couch trying to remember the place.. I gasped and ran upstairs.. I entered my room and walked into my closet.. I threw all the clothes on the floor.. urhh!.. where did I keep that box?.. I yelled.. I knelt down and looked under my shoe rack.. “finally!”.. I muttered, I brought out the pink box.. and cleaned the dust that already settled on it.. I opened the box and brought out all the items.. baby clothes, shoes, and so on.. I brought out the pictures and looked at them.. there’s a particular picture I’m looking for.. I looked at the pictures..they all belong to Amelia.. I finally saw the picture I was looking for.. she was wearing a pink Barbie dress.. and her necklace which had her name on it.. it was her three years birthday.. I looked closely at the necklace and tears streamed down my eyes….

Flashback 🕥🕥

November 5th..

I and Michael stood in front of her door.. with five gift boxes and a birthday cake.. “okay.. are we going to sing?” He asked looking at me.. “uhmm.. I don’t know, should we?” I asked back.. “I don’t know honey..she doesn’t like the birthday song”he replied looking nervous.. “okay.. uhm, let’s just surprise her” “okay.. let’s go” he said, I looked at him but he didn’t move.. “what?.. go on” I said looking at him.. “no.. you go first” he argued.. I rolled my eyes and sighed.. “okay on three..” “okay” “1..2..3..” he opened the door and we walked in.. “surprise!” We yelled together.. Amelia slowly opened her eyes and smiled.. “happy birthday princess” I said and kissed her cheek.. “oh.. my little angel is three years old..Happy birthday angel” Micheal said and kissed her forehead.. she smiled “thanks Mom, thanks Dad”she said.. “you’re welcome baby.. come on.. open your presents” Micheal said smiling.. she smiled and picked the first box..”wow.. Barbie doll.. thanks Mom!” She said and dropped it.. “wait how did you know she was the one who bought it?” Micheal asked “because.. she bought me one last year” she replied.. I smiled and brushed her hair backwards.. “do you like it?” I asked.. “I love it mom” she smiled and opened the other box..”ahh!.. a toy castle!.. thanks Dad.. you’re the best” she said and kissed his cheek.. “really?”.. I asked.. “come on Ellie don’t be jealous” he said and I rolled my eyes.. she chuckled and opened the other box, “wow.. a Barbie gown!.. thanks mum” she said..”you’re welcome baby” she opened the other box and squealed.. “Barbie games.. this is awesome.. thanks daddy”.. seriously why does this child like anything Barbie.. I mean she already has a whole room filled with Barbie toys and accessories.. she opened the last box.. it was a small case.. she opened it and gasped.. she brought out the necklace and smiled.. “do you like it?” I asked nervously.. “this is the best birthday gift ever!” She yelled.. “wow.. can I see it?”she handed the necklace to Michael and he smiled..”congratulations Ellie.. you won” he said smiling.. “it’s the only piece, I designed it myself” I said.. “really.. thanks Mom.. you’re the best!”.. she said and hugged me.. “anything for my baby” I replied .. “I love you Mom..” “I love you too pumpkin”.. I said and hugged her. “And I love you both so much” Micheal said and hugged us..

🌹🌹 Back to the present 🌹🌹

My baby is alive.. my daughter is here..

Episode 35👜👛💄


Amelia’s pov 👣

We stopped in front of a door..he knocked and we walked into a very large room with a king sized bed and big glass walls.. there was a big fancy shelf at the end of the room.. filled with different kinds of crown and a refrigerator.. there were three doors in the room.. he opened the first and we walked in, it was a living room with two couches and a big plasma tv.. “hey Lia!. .Come sit” Mildred said smiling, Nicole was sitting beside her with a bowl of popcorn..”the next Miss world is finally here” she said with her mouth full.. I smiled and sat with Simon.. “how are you Lia?” She asked “I’m fine Mildred.. you?” .. “I’m okay” she replied and dropped her phone.. “Mildred.. do you have ice cream in your fridge?” Simon asked “no.. she has pudding” Nicole snapped at him.. “okay…uhm, Mildred why did you cancel your shoot?” He asked.. “nothing really.. I just want a little break from all the posing and acting” she replied.. “okay..” he said and picked a throw pillow.. then threw it at Nicole.. causing the bowl to fall from her hands, “Simon.. are you crazy?” She yelled.. “are you angry with me?” He asked.. “of course yes.. you just threw a pillow at me” she said.. “no.. I mean, are you angry with me.. for something else?” He asked .. “I don’t know” she said and picked her phone.. “sorry I didn’t call yesterday.. I was really busy”.. he said.. “good for you” she said and rolled her eyes..”I’m sorry Nicole..” he said forming a puppy face.. she smiled and nodded..”okay, I forgive you” she said smiling.. “so tell me Lia, when are we celebrating” Mildred asked looking at me.. “uhm, i..I don’t know yet” I stuttered.. “seriously? Girl you’re unbelievable” Nicole said and dropped her phone.. “anyways I’ve got a perfect idea..” she added.. “okay.. let’s hear it” Mildred said.. “why don’t we go on a three days retreat” “just the four of us?” I asked looking at her.. “the four of us.. plus Skyler Sydney, our assistants and managers” “what!..” Mildred and Simon yelled together.. “what?.. it’s gonna be fun trust me” she said ..”hmm.. I kinda like the idea” I said.. “really?” Simon asked

“Yep”.. “okay.. when and where” Mildred asked looking at Nicole.. “Nigeria” she said smiling.. “Jesus! For w€tin na” I asked, (lol😁😁.. wanted to do something crazy)”I was just joking.. it’s Huawei” she said.. “really.. we have an estate there, so accommodation isn’t a problem” Simon added.. “okay.. when?” I asked.. “uhm.. after Skyler’s birthday” she replied.. “okay.. count me in” Mildred said.. “yeah me too” I added.. “I’m already in Huawei.” Simon said smiling..


Eleanor’s pov 💎

Beatrice ran into my room and sat on the couch.. “Ellie.. are you sure about this” she asked.. “Yes I am” I replied.. “wow.. that’s great.. where’s she? Have you told her?” She asked.. “no.. I haven’t” I stated.. “why?” She asked with a raised brow..” I need evidence Beatrice.. like a DNA test or something” I said.. “then what are you waiting for?.. let’s go to the hospital” she said holding my hand..”I will.. but first… we have to give someone a surprise visit” I said “who?” She asked.. “Williams” I said with a smirk..


To be continued..

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