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My fairytale batch 2


My fairytale

Episode 3🦄

“Jonas… brother, i am so glad you made it”.. I say and give him a hug, “I gave you my word.. didn’t I?.. besides I really wanted to see our little angel” he replied with a smile, “oh .. hi Susan.. how are you?” “I am okay.. and you?”..”I am great, as you can see”…I smiled and looked at Eleanor, who was already frowning.. she was holding Amelia firmly in her arms.. I don’t understand why Eleanor hates Jonas so much.. “I can see that the two richest families in America are here” Jonas trailed off already sitted..”yeah… We were having a little get-together party”Nicholas added.. “oh really that’s good.., anyways can I see the child?” He asked looking at Eleanor… Who pretended to be engrossed in a discussion with Beatrice.. “uhmm.. yes, you can” I replied and took the baby from Eleanor, who was staring daggers at me.. I handed the child to Jonas and sat down.. ” wow.. she’s so beautiful, what’s her name?” He asked.. ” Amelia Jane Anderson” I replied.. ” a beautiful name for a beautiful princess” Susan added.. “but am sure our daughter is going to be more beautiful.. right Jonas?”

I almost puked when I heard what she said.. I felt like slapping her.. she and her husband were getting on my nerves… But I didn’t want to cause a scene.. Jonas kept on rocking Amelia.. I mean can’t he see that she’s asleep?.
“Yes darling.. our daughter will be more beautiful”.. he replied.. “I pray your wishes come true”I say and everyone turned to look at me…”what?”Susan asked in a low voice.. “I pray your wishes come true” I repeat. “I don’t think I understand Eleanor”.. she replied, I could tell she was already getting angry.. “you don’t need to understand Susan, but just so you know.. the baby you are holding is going to be my daughter in law.. in the next eighteen years.. so have a little respect for her” Beatrice snapped.. Micheal, Jonas and Nicholas.. were just looking.. “what? Daughter in law? Are you joking?” Jonas asked with a surprised expression.. “uhm.. yes, Jonas.. Amelia is going to get engaged to Skyler when she turns eighteen.. and our companies will be merged, besides the Anderson’s and Jordans are the richest families in America..and we have been friends and Allies for ages.. so it will be great if we make our relationship stronger” Micheal replied… Like seriously? Why did he tell Jonas?.. he looked at me and I glared at him…

What?.. I looked at Susan and she glanced at me.. what is wrong with this people..”it’s unbelievable” I said in a low voice, but they all heard me.. Eleanor stood up and adjusted her clothes. .”well you better believe it jonas, it’s gonna happen.. and there’s nothing you can do about it.. I have to take my baby now.. do have a nice day” she carried the baby and walked upstairs with Beatrice behind her.. oh can’t I?.. let’s watch and see Eleanor, soon your precious baby… will be taken from you… I can actually turn this in my favor.. I smiled at the thought..

Episode 4🦄

*3 years after*

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“Amelia.. Amelia, where are you?” Oh my goodness where’s this child.. I walked into the kitchen.. the maids were busy making lunch.. I saw madam Clara supervising the maids.. “madam Clara.. please have you seen Amelia?”.. I asked walking towards her.. ” no I haven’t, have you checked the garden?” She asked asked “yes I have, but there’s no sign of her” ” what about the storeroom?” “I have” “the game house, the play ground, the pool?” “I didn’t see her in any of these places”.. I replied tiredly, I was already getting worried, where can a three year old actually be?.. that’s the problem, Amelia may be three, but she acts like a five year old.. she’s one mischievous kid .. there was one time .. madam Clara took her to her room, Amelia came out of the room wearing madam Clara’s undies on her head..how she got it, I still don’t know.. and another time.. she entered the kitchen and climbed the table to see what Gina was cooking, she took the spatula and offered to cook, but when Gina refused, she hit her on her head with the spatula and ran out of the kitchen giggling, and whenever she committed an offence.. she would run to her room lock the door and hide in her toy castle.. I gasped, could she be in her room?.. I walked out and headed to her room.. I stood in front of the door and turned the door knob, but it was locked from inside.. I knocked gently on the door.. “Amelia..
darling..” no response “Amelia.. baby.. what’s wrong?” No response “angel .. please let mumy in”.. “no.. you’re gonna get mad at me” she replied from the other side of the door… “I won’t get mad at you.. please just let me in” “promise?” “I promise sweetheart”.. there was silence followed by the sound of the key.. how can a three year old know how to lock a door?.. but that’s my daughter, she is so smart.. she already knows her age and her birthday.. she opened the door, and I walked in.. I was shocked when I saw my daughter face… There was chocolate all over her face, hair and clothes… “What happened baby” I asked and carried her up, “where did you find the chocolates” I asked removing particles from her long brown hair.., “I found it in the storage room” she replied, the chocolates were already dried in her hair and it was hard to get them out.. “Amelia.. I told you to stop going there, didn’t i? Now look what you’ve done to your pretty hair”.. “am sorry mommy”she replied looking sober.. “it’s okay baby.. we have to get you to the salon, so we can fix your hair.. you look like a crazy princess..”

I was in the living room .. playing with my three year old daughter.. Susan gave birth to a girl, a week after the visit to micheal’s house..we named her Mildred.. just then, my phone started ringing.. I looked at the caller ID and it was a private number…
I walked into my study and picked the call.. “tell me”..”oh really.. that’s good” “she’s with two guards?”..”take care of the guards , don’t kill her.. but kill the child” “good,I will be expecting good news”.. I replied and hang up.. wow.. Eleanor, soon.. you are going to lose your angel.. I can’t wait to see your face… I smiled and walked out..

We were coming back from the salon.. just few miles away from the salon..we were ambushed.. we came out of the car to see armed men with mask on their faces.. before I could say jack.. the guards were already dead.. I felt something hit my head and I fell.. the last thing I saw was my baby crying..

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I carried the child.. she looks so innocent and was crying… I couldn’t bring myself to kill her.. her mother was already unconscious.. I entered the car and we drove off.. we got to our hide out and I told the boys, I was going to finish the job… She was already asleep.. I was so confused on what to do.. I took a cab and asked him to take me to the outskirts of the city.. it was already dark .. when we arrived.. I paid him and started walking around the neighborhood.. I saw a house that looked decent.. I laid her down in front of the door.. and pressed the door bell . ..and ran away so they wouldn’t see me..

* to be continued…
So Jonas succeeded!

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