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My fairytale batch 3


My fairytale

Episode 5🦄

*Wilmas hospital*

Eleanor has been in the emergency room for two hours.. I stood up and started pacing around.. trying so hard to hold my tears.. my wife is hurting.. and my daughter is no where to be found.. I already informed the police, and they are searching for her.. just then, Beatrice and Nicholas walked in, with sad faces, “how is she?” She asked.. “i don’t know, Beatrice.. no one has come out of the room yet”.. “and Amelia? Any news”Nicholas asked.. “no news, yet” Beatrice couldn’t hold it, she sat down and started crying.. I tried my best to remain calm.. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and called the inspector.. “any News?”…


.. I said and hanged up.. I was so tired, I have never felt so helpless in my life.. “it’s gonna be okay Micheal, we will find her” Nicholas say and placed his hand on my shoulder, “Nicholas, Amelia is out there all by herself, and it’s almost midnight.. she’s probably cold, tired, hungry and crying now..and I can’t do anything about it, I promised to protect her, but I failed” I said and buried my face in my Palms.. “no you didn’t, Micheal.. we are going to find her I promise, you have to stay strong for Eleanor..”.. the door opened and the doctor came out..

“Williams , how’s she?” I asked as he walked towards us.. “she lost a lot of blood and sustained an injury.. but she’s gonna be okay.. she wants to see her daughter”.. he replied.. I looked at Nicholas and then at Beatrice.. “okay.. thanks for everything” I say.. “no problem, Micheal” he replied and left us.. I sighed and walked in with the others.. I entered, and my eyes met with Eleanor’s.. she looked so weak, her face was pale and there was bandage on her head.. she shifted her gaze to Beatrice and then at Nicholas, she looked behind them, as if she was expecting to see someone else.. probably Amelia…she looked back at me, I was already sitting on the bed.. I caressed her face, and forced a smile on my face..”I am so happy, you’re okay”.. I say and kiss her lightly on her lips.. she didn’t respond.. she just kept looking at me.. “where’s she?” She finally asked.. “I.. uhm, she’s .. we couldn’t find her” I replied, “no, Micheal stop playing pranks with me.. tell me, where’s Amelia, where’s my daughter..” I couldn’t say anything.. tears were already forming in her eyes.. “she’s at home sleeping, isn’t she?” She asked with her eyes begging me to say yes.. “can I talk to her in private.. please?” I asked Nicholas.. “sure, we will be outside” Beatrice replied and they both walked out.. I turned to look at Eleanor.. I gently held her hands..”I am sorry, Eleanor.. but I don’t know where she is.., I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find her, and the police are still looking..” “no .. no, Micheal I don’t believe you” she said shaking her head.. “where’s my daughter!, where’s Amelia.. where is my princess?” She asked crying.. I haven’t seen her like this before.. I hugged her and she rested her head on my shoulder and cried her eyes out..

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*Outside the city*

#Natasha’s pov..
“yes, I will be traveling tommorow..” .. “I will be living with my sister, Nora..” “I told you before.. I am so over Jackson.. and I don’t have plans of getting married again.. I really have to go now.. I will call you some other time..bye”.. I sighed and hanged up.. I am Natasha woods.. age 30.. I was married to a man called Jackson, after 6 years of marriage without a child, he asked for a divorce..and now I was alone without a child or husband.. I am moving in with my sister Nora tomorrow.. I need to start afresh.. I sat down and continued folding my clothes.. just then the doorbell rang, who could that be?..I muttered to myself.. I walked to the living room and opened the door.. there was no one there.. I was about to close the door, when I noticed something on the floor, I bent down and touched it, that was when I realized that it was a child.. who could have left such a beautiful child here.. I slowly carried her and took her inside.. I laid her on the couch and she opened her eyes.. her face was sticky, she must have been crying.. she looks so soft and beautiful.. her Barbie gown was a little dirty .. but I can tell it was expensive.. her hair clips had diamond crystals and her skin was radiant.. she must be a rich kid..she sat down facing me.. “please I want to drink water” she said with her beautiful voice, “oh.. okay, am coming”..I walked into the kitchen and came out with a glass of water… I gave her and she drank everything.. wow, she must be hungry..”thank you” she said and gave me the glass..”what’s your name, sweetheart?” I asked.. “my name is Amelia..” she replied and scratched her neck.. “Amelia.. that’s a beautiful name.. so who are your parents?” I continued.. “mummy and daddy” she replied.. I smiled, I guess she doesn’t know thier names.. “okay, do you where you live?” She nodded negatively and yawned, “how old are you?” I asked.. “I am three years old.. I will be four by November 3rd” she replied.. I like her, I think am going to adopt her as my daughter.. “what can I call you?” She asked..”mummy” I replied.. “okay”.. she smiled “okay, you need to take your bath and eat something” I said and took her to my room.. I took off her dress and saw a gold necklace on her neck.. “Amelia” was boldly written in the gold pendant.. her parents must have loved her a lot..

Episode 6🦄

*14 years later*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm.. I placed my hand on the side table and switch it off.. it’s a little cold, I need more sleep..I turned to my side and covered my body with the bed cover.. five minutes later, there was a knock on my door.. I know it’s my mom.. but I was too tired to stand up.. she slowly opened the door and walked in.. “Amelia.. wake up, it’s 7:30am, and you are still in bed”she said as she opened the window.. “mom.. am cold..” I say with my eyes still closed, and cover myself properly.. there was silence for a while, I thought she left.. i smiled victoriously.. suddenly she pulled the bed cover from my body.. I frowned and sat up.. she smiled “Amelia woods.. I give you five minutes to come downstairs, else”..she said and turned to leave.. “It’s not fair” I say and fold my hands.. “life isn’t fair, honey” she replied and walked out.. urghh.. just when I was having a very sweet dream.. I stood up and walked into the bathroom.. I took my tooth brush and brushed my teeth.. I looked at the mirror.. my long brown hair was messy.. my grey eyes were still full of sleep, I blinked my long lashes and washed my face.. I enter the bath tub and took a very long shower..

I actually fell asleep in it.. I walked to my closet and picked out a black crazy Jean.. blue top and black boots.. for a seventeen years old, I have a very attractive figure.. and height.. I stepped out of the room and walked down stairs.. I walked into the kitchen and saw mom flipping the pancakes..”you are not going to work?” I asked and picked an apple.. “nope.. I took a day off, I wanted to spend some time with you”she replied smiling.. I smiled and sat on the counter.. she turned to face me, and I couldn’t help but notice a little change in her, her eyes were dull and had dark circles, and she was a little weak.. “mom.. are you okay”.. I asked quietly.. she turned back to face the pancakes, “yes baby.. why do you ask?” She replied.. “because you look sick, mom.. is there something you are not telling me?” I asked.. ” I.. I am fine sweetheart.. it’s just a little head ache” she replied.. “but..”just then aunty Nora walked into the kitchen.. “good morning aunty Nora..” I greeted, but she ignored me, I was used to it so I didn’t feel bad.. for some reason I don’t know she has always hated me.. sometimes, she insults me for no reason.. she says I am a burden to her and my mom.. and that I was good for nothing.. “Nora.. won’t you answer her?” My mom asked.. “Natty.. I am in a very bad mood today, so please just leave me alone”aunty Nora replied and took out a bottle of water from the fridge..”whatever.. so tell me darling, what do you want for your eighteenth birthday?” Mom asked.. “I don’t know yet.. mom, it’s in the next six months, I will think of something before then” I replied..”so, Amelia.. when are you planning to get married” aunty Nora asked as she poured water into her mouth.. this is actually the first time she talked to me quietly..”uhm.. when I am 24″.. I replied smiling..mom smiled too..she choked, and started coughing.. “what!.. 24, my foot.. you’re old enough to get married.. there’s is this guy, I would like you to meet.. he’s my boss’s son, he is really cute and Rich..

you both will make a really cute couple”..she Stated.. I couldn’t say anything.. I just stared at her like a movie.. “am sorry to disappoint you Nora, but Amelia is not getting married soon”mom replied and placed my pancakes next to me.. “Natasha.. you are not serious, for how long is she going to be a burden to us.. this is a good opportunity to better her life and ours” aunty Nora replied.. “Nora!.. that’s enough, Amelia has dreams of becoming a model, she has to fufills it before anything.. let this be the last time you talk about this” mom replied, she looked so weak.. she held on to the counter for support.. “mom.. mom, are you okay?” I asked.. “I .. I.. I feel dizzy” the next thing I saw was my mom on the floor.. I jumped down from the counter and sat beside her.. “mom!..mom!.. wake up please, don’t leave me.. mom.. mom!” I was already crying.. “Natty.. Natasha.. wake up, please”aunty Nora said as she shook her gently.. she stood up and brought water .. she sprinkled it on her face but she didn’t move…I broke down, I held my Mom closer and cried.. aunty Nora picked her phone and called the ambulance..

*Anderson’s mansion*

I laid down on the bed, thinking of the events of the past seventeen years.. I had to accept that my baby was dead.. it was painful though.. and in other to merge our company with the Jordans, Micheal and I had to take the most upsetting decision.. we agreed to sign all our properties to Mildred.. and to officially engage her to Skyler when she turns eighteen.. since I couldn’t conceive.. I still remember how Jonas and Susan smiled victoriously that day..
Suddenly, I heard noises downstairs.. I sat up and wiped the tears from my eyes and walked down stairs.. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Mildred standing with two maids laying on the floor.. their clothes and faces were filled with hot chili, “Mildred!..what is the meaning of this?” I asked, I was already angry.. she was shocked to see me..”who gave you the right to punish my workers like this?” I asked.. “well.. you see Aunt ..” I didn’t let her finish..

“stand up.. and tell me what happened” I said to the maids.. “ma’am, miss Mildred asked us to prepare hot chili for her, which we did.. when we brought it, she said it was too hot, I offered to cool it for her but she got angry and told us to lay down, which we did.. she carried the chilli and poured it on our clothes and faces” Naomi said..I looked at the maids.. their faces was already burnt..

“Mildred is this true?” I asked quietly.. “ye.. yes aunt”.. I gave her a very dirty slap..she fell backwards and started crying with her hands on her face.. “Don’t you ever raise a hand on my maids again.. else, you will be sorry for yourself.. now.. kneel down and tell them you are sorry”I said.. she looked at me with a shocked expression.. Even the maids.. “what?” She said.. “didn’t you hear me?, Say sorry or else I will do something stupid” I replied angrily.. she got scared and did what I asked her to do.. “good, now follow them to their rooms and collect the clothes you poured chilli on..and handwash them properly”..I said and walked out..

I hate aunty Eleanor so much.. I am only respecting her because of the properties, once they sign it, I will make her life miserable.. I took the clothes and walked out to the pool.. how do I start washing now?.. I have never washed before.. urghh my expensive nails are going to be ruined now.. aunty Eleanor is so wicked..
To be continued..what is gonna happen to poor Amelia?😔

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