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My Fairytale batch 4


My Fairytale

Episode 7🦄🍭

*Graceville hospital..

I sat down quitely watching the nurse rush in and out of the emergency Ward.. aunty Nora stood up and paced around for the tenth time.. my face was already sticky with tears and my eyes were swollen… Her phone started ringing, she looked at the caller ID and picked up, “hello, good morning sir, I am so sorry sir but my sister is ill.. and I am in the hospital.. yes sir, thank you” she said and dropped the phone.. she took a deep breath and sat next to me.. “Amelia, you must be hungry and tired , go home and eat something”,I couldn’t help but Wonder if the whole situation had affected her brain.. “no.. I am not hungry..”I replied, although my stomach was hurting badly, but there’s no way I’m going to leave without seeing my mom.. “she’s going to be fine, right?” She asked, I didn’t know what to say, this was a really weird way to start talking normally with my aunt.. just then the doctor walked out of the room with a note pad.. we stood up and hurriedly walked towards him.. “who amongst you is her family?” He asked.. “we both are”aunt Nora replied, “ok, please come with me to my office” he said..

*Doctor’s office”..

“So how is she doctor?” Aunty Nora trailed off.. “well.. she’s not good”he replied, “why? What’s wrong with her?”,she asked.. he took a deep breath and placed his hands on the table.. “she has [email protected] cancer,.. and it has eaten deeply Into her system”he stated.. at that moment, I could hear the sound of my heart beat, it was as if a bomb exploded inside of me, “oh my God”aunt Nora said, “wha.. whatt can be done?”I stuttered.. “at this stage, it is very risky to Carry out an operation, because the cancer has spread widely, if we must operate on her, then I can’t assure you that she will make it”he replied, “okay.. can we see her now?”.. I asked wiping the tears from eyes.. “yes, you can”he replied..

*Natasha’s ward..

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I walked into the room and gently closed the door.. mom was laying on the bed with her eyes closed, I sat down and held her hand, she looked very sick and ill, she opened her eyes and smiled weakly, “my princess”.. she said weakly, I looked at her and tears trickled down my face, “don’t cry honey, beautiful ladies don’t cry” she said and tried to clean the tears, but she couldn’t even lift her hand to my face, I broke down completely, “mom, why didn’t you tell us?”.. I asked, “I am sorry my love, mommy is so sorry, please don’t cry Amelia.. it will be over before you know it”, she said as tears fell from her eyes.. I hugged her and cried more..



I was brushing my hair when Micheal walked in.. “going out?” He asked “yeah.. I have to go to the fashion house.. there are some things I need to do” “hmm, okay”.. “we need to talk though,” I said ” about?”.. ” Mildred”I stated.. “Mildred, what did she do this time?’ he asked as he unbuttoned his shirt, I dropped the brush and faced him, “she is a spoilt brat!..

can you Imagine, she punished my workers and poured hot chili on their faces, anyways that’s not the main reason I want to talk about her, I just wanted to know Micheal, why Mildred?”I asked, “I don’t think I understand you, Eleanor”.. he replied, “I mean, why give our properties to Mildred, I mean haven’t I done enough in making her the number one top model in my fashion house?..why the hell should we sign our properties to her, and engage her to Skyler”I asked.. “because, Skyler is the heir to the Jordans empire, Amelia was supposed to be our heir, but because she’s no more with us, I decided to adopt Mildred and make her our New heir, so our companies can be merged” he replied, “is that the only reason?.. Micheal why do I feel like your brother was the one who gave you this stupid idea?.. for goodness sake, there are lots of other ways to merge our companies, we don’t have to sign our properties to Mildred,..and even if we want to, why sign it now.. I mean who knows, I might get pregnant, and give birth to a child, which property are we then going to give to the child? Is it the one you want to sign to .Mildred?” I asked.. “the doctor said it’s impossible for you to conceive Eleanor”he said and walked slowly towards me, I held his hands and we sat down on the bed.. “I know Micheal.. but I know and I am very sure that doctor Williams was wrong.. please let’s just give it a try, if it doesn’t work.. I will sign all my properties to Mildred”.. he looked at me for a second.. and slowly placed his lips on mine, and I responded..


“Are you saying Eleanor raised her hands on you? And told you to handwash the maids clothes?” Susan asked Mildred who was sitting on the couch frowning.. “yes mom, she also asked me to apologise to them”she added, “what! Because of mere maids?, I am going to deal with Eleanor.. Jonas won’t you say anything?”she asked.. “we will pay her a surprise visit tonight, we are going to teach her a lesson, she’ll never forget”I replied.. “and how are we going to do that, dad?”Mildred asked.. “oh.. it’s a surprise honey, just relax and watch how your father deals with that crazy bitch”..I replied with an evil smirk.. I am going to enjoy humiliating Eleanor..

Episode 8🦄🍭



What does he mean by that?.. is he going to hurt aunt Eleanor?. I asked myself, I still don’t know why dad hates her so much..

I used to like her though, she was like a second mother to me, she was my role model, she taught me everything there’s to know about modelling, and with her help and connections, I am one of the best models in the country.. I am only angry with her for the slap and humiliation, although that was the first time she raised her hand on me.. and I wanted her to apologise for it, just then my phone started ringing.. I looked at the caller Id “aunt Eleanor?”..I muttered, but I guess my parents heard because they instantly kept quiet.. I slowly placed the phone on my ear, “hello.. good afternoon aunt, no, I am not busy.. uhm, okay I’ll be there in 5, yeah”..

I replied and dropped the call, “so .. what did she say?”mom asked impatiently, “uhm, she wants to see me” I replied and stood up, “well I guess she wants to apologise, that means there will be no need for our surprise visit then” dad stated..”I guess, I’ll see you guys some other time, I might stay over in her house” I said picking up my bag.. “your house.. it’s gonna be yours soon”mom said stressing the ‘your’.. “uhh.. I’m not sure about that” I replied and started walking to the door..”what did you say?”dad asked already getting angry..

“nothing” I replied and walked out of the house.. the guards were standing outside.. they started walking to the car when they saw me.. one opened the door for me and the others entered the other car, “were are we going ma’am?” Elliot, my driver asked.. “the Anderson’s”I replied, “okay” he started the car and drove out of the compound.. I sat down quietly looking outside the window.. I am not interested in becoming an heir to my uncle’s properties, I was never interested in it,.. but dad threatened to deal with me if I didn’t accept it.. and now I’m left with no option.. I know I said I hate aunty Eleanor and that I would make her life miserable when I get the properties, but I didn’t mean any of it, I was just angry then..

*Anderson’s mansion*..

I walked into the house and entered the kitchen, the maids were all busy with one thing or the other, madam Clara smiled when she saw me, “Mildred, child how have you been?” She said coming closer to me, “I am fine madam Clara, I didn’t see you the last time I came”I replied and hugged her, “I know, I went to visit my daughter”she replied, “oh.. okay, so where’s aunt?”I asked, “she’s upstairs in the living room”she replied, “okay, I’ll see you later.. oh and please can I get a glass of juice?” I asked, “yes, sure..

Naomi will bring it upstairs”she said.. “okay, thanks” I said and walked out.. I walked upstairs and entered the living room.. it was a big hall, with different expensive furnitures and a big flat screened TV.. aunt Eleanor was sitting comfortably on one of the chairs, she was so engrossed in the movie, that she didn’t notice my presence, I sat down and cleared my throat, she turned and smiled when she saw me.. she turned off the TV and dropped the remote control..

“Mildred, I am so happy you made it”she said, “come sit”she said tapping the sit next to her I stood up and sat with her.. she held my hands and turned to face me, “Mildred,I know you must think I hate you..”she started.”but I don’t, I love you like my own child, I know you must be angry because I slapped you and asked you to apologise to the maids, but Mildred, I did that to correct you…you were wrong for pouring hot chili on their faces and clothes, they are humans just like you and me, they are poor doesn’t mean you should treat them like animals.. how did you feel when I slapped you?.. angry and sad right?, But still you couldn’t do anything to me, that’s exactly how those girls must have felt, Mildred they are workers and not slaves, you can’t command respect Mildred you earn it.. I am not just talking about the maids, I am also talking about outsiders as well..the ones you call ‘trash’.. do you know what that chili did to their faces?” She asked, just then , Naomi walks in with a glass of juice.. her face was terribly burnt..

I can’t believe I did this, she gently placed the tray on the side table and walked out.. “did you see her face?, that’s was a result of your action.. the both of them will be going to the hospital today, to get those things out, I just pray it clears out of their faces, you are wise Mildred, and I am sure you know what to do”… She said and walked out.., I took deep breath and walked down stairs.. I stood in front of the maids room and knocked, the door opened and I saw Naomi sitting on her bed, I walked in and they all stood up and bowed gently, although they were all older than me..they were five in numbers.. Naomi and the other girl, with three others, “uhm.. I, I am so sorry for what I did the other day, I am sorry for pouring chili on your faces, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me”.. they all had surprised faces, this was the first time I have ever apologise to someone..”it’s okay we forgive you” she said with a smile”okay thanks” I replied and walked out…


*Graceville hospital*


Two weeks later..

I walked into the hospital and headed straight to my mom’s ward.. aunt Nora called and said mom wanted to see me, I walked into her room and saw aunt Nora talking with her quietly, I closed the door and moved closer to her, “okay I’ll leave you both to talk, I’ll be outside” aunt Nora said and walked out.. I sat on the bed and kissed her cheek, she was getting worse, she slowly held my hands and tears fell off her eyes, “mom.. don’t cry please” I whispered I felt a tear fall from my eye..”darling,.. there’s something you need to know..” she said slowly, “you can tell me later mom, you need to rest now..” I said.. “no.. I have to tell you now..” she took a deep breath and continued “I..I .I am not your biological mother” she stated.. I felt my heart drop at that moment.. “wh.. wha.. what?” I whispered, “I .. I know, it’s a lot to take in sweetheart, but it’s true”..she told me how she found me at her door step and everything.. I couldn’t take it all in, I still couldn’t digest it into my system, my body felt too heavy for me.. and I was starting to feel dizzy…

The woman I thought was my mother, the woman I have loved so dearly for all this years wasn’t my biological mother, now I understand why aunty Nora hates me, and why she always called me a burden.. it all makes sense now.. my heart was beating so fast.. I could feel the tears fall freely from my eyes… Just then mom starts breathing heavily.. “mom… Mom, mom.. what’s wrong?”.. I asked, “doctor , doctor!”I shouted.. aunty Nora came running in with the doctor behind her.. “Natty, you can’t leave me, please don’t leave me, stay with me please”aunty Nora said crying.. mom took in her last breath and her head fell back slowly on the pillow.. the doctor turned to face aunt Nora.. “I am sorry, she’s dead”.. he said.. I could feel my whole system Break down.. “no..no!!, No Natty.., please wake.. ahhh! Ahhhh!”aunty Nora started shouting with her hands on her left chest.. I ran to where she fell, the doctor came back”she’s having a heart attack, get the strecher quickly”he yelled..

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I was so confused, on one hand is my mom and on the other was my aunt, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.. i placed her head on my thighs, crying had become difficult for me.. I watched the doctor as he tried his best, and I could feel her last breath on my hands.. he slowly stood up and turned to the nurses.. “, please take them to the morgue” he said and walked out.. Everything became blur, I couldn’t feel or see anything and I fainted…


I opened my eyes.. and realized that I was still in the hospital, I slowly sat up and the doctor walked in… “Hi” he said..”hi”I replied, “are you okay?” He asked “yes, I am fine” I replied.. “so.. they are… Dead?”I asked, “yes.. I am so sorry”he said.. “it’s okay.. I want to go home”I said and stood up..”do you have any other person at home”he asked . “Uhm.. yeah”I replied and walked out…

*Two days later…

They have been buried and I live alone now.. I wake up with tears every morning and cry my self to sleep.. I haven’t eaten or taken my bath for the past two days.. I stood up from the bed and opened my window.. I take my bath and wear my black trousers and black shirt..

I walked down and picked an apple… After eating, I climb up stairs and walked into my mother’s room.. it was a little Dusty now… I went to her wardrobe and brought out every thing, I brought out a box and started placing everything In it.. half way through, I sight a small red jewelry box.. I opened it and gasped.. it was a gold necklace with my name written boldly on the pendant.. I placed it separately and continued with the packing…

After few minutes, I was done, I went to aunt Nora’s room and did the same.. I have to leave this place.. I kept all the money I found in an envelope and went to my room.. I parked my clothes and everyother thing I might need.. with everything intact.. I bade farewell to my old home.. I took a taxi to the airport.. I bought a ticket and quietly sat down .. soon our flight was announced..


I feel so tired and hungry..I just need a cool bath and nothing more.. were can I get good food at this time of the night.. I saw a sign post.”tasty Tom’s”.. I drove into the street, it was a little quiet though..

I parked my car and walked in.. I entered into the restaurant, it wasn’t that classic, but it was manageable.. the Waiter came to my table and I gave him my order.. he brought them in a bag, and I walked out after paying… I opened my car and dropped them on the other sit.. that was when I started hearing voices..I turned to the direction of the voice and saw two men harassing a lady..

I couldn’t see their faces well though, but I could tell she needed help.. I slowly walked up to the them and shouted..”baby.. I thought I asked you to wait for me?” The men turned look at me, I got closer to her and placed my hands on her waist.. she looked so scared, she tried moving my hand but I tightened my grip, oh please don’t make this hard for me.. I said to my self.. “do you guys have a problem with my girlfriend?” I asked.. “uhm.. no, we were just about to leave”the taller one replied and they left.. “thanks” she said.. “what are you doing out here alone, with bags? This is a dangerous area” I said.. “well, they stole my money, and I don’t have a place to stay” she replied.. “okay, good luck” I said and walked back to my car.. she ran after me..”please help me, you can’t just leave me here, please” she said crying.. “yes .. I can” I replied and started my car.. and drove off.. I was already a mile away.. and something keeps telling me to go back.. uhh fine.. I said to myself.. I turned back and drove to the spot I left her, she was sitting on the floor crying.. she stood up when she saw me.. “get in” I said.. she dropped her bags in the back seat and sat down in the front.. “thank you” she said.. “you are welcome.. so what’s your name?” I asked.. “Amelia.. Amelia woods” she replied…


To be continued 🍭🍭🍭

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