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My fairytale batch 5


My fairytale

Episode 9🦄🍭




“Amelia… that’s nice”, he said and focused on the road..”yea.. so what’s your name?” I asked, “oh … Am so sorry, my name is Sydney Jordan” he replied .. “oh.. Syd”I muttered.. he chuckled, “or you could just call me that”he said.. and I smiled, I couldn’t his face clearly though and I really wanted to..


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He drove Into an estate, the houses were so beautiful, and were three times bigger than mine.. he stopped in front of a big gate and horned.. the gate opened automatically, and he drove in.. I have died and gone to Olympus, I said to myself.. standing tall in the middle of the compound, was the most beautiful and biggest mansion I have ever seen… It was painted in white, in front of it was a water fountain, with the statue of a swan.. he drove into the garage, although it was a little a dark, I could still see the different kinds of cars and power bikes in the garage, and they all looked expensive.. we came out of the car and he helped me carry my bags.. “do you sell cars” I asked, when I couldn’t hold it anymore.. “not really, why?” He asked.. “uhm.. because, your garage looks like a warehouse for imported cars”I said and he started laughing.. and the worst part was that I couldn’t see his face.. “well.. these cars are just for me and my brothers” he said after getting himself together… “Just you and your brothers, are you that rich?” I asked.. “hmm.. let’s just say we are comfortable” he replied and started walking out, “that’s what extremely rich people say” I replied and trailed after him… He chuckled softly..


We walked into the living room and he switched on the lights… I gasped and my bags fell from my hands unconsciously… “Oh my heavens, this is so beautiful” I said looking around… It was a very big room, with white wall papers, the furnitures were all gold in colour, and the gold chandelier was placed in the middle of the roof… The stairs was very wide and long, and close to it was a big aquarium, with different kinds of fishes… Wow this is so amazing..


I watched her, as she looked around the house, I still haven’t seen her face properly, I looked at my watch and it was already 11:30pm.. I am so tired.. “sorry to interrupt Amelia, but I am really tired and I need a goodnight sleep, and you also need to freshen up and rest as well” I said.. she slowly turned to face me, oh my God, there’s an angel in my house, I can’t believe I almost let this goddess sleep in the streets… Grey eyes, long lashes, curvy full pink lips, straight face, cute dimples and wavy brown hair..


I turned and smiled at him, I finally saw his face, his black hair was gelled back, nicely carved brow, pointed nose and red lips, he is so handsome.., he just stood there looking at me.. I suddenly felt shy.. and Cleared my throat, “is there something on my face?”I asked.. “uhm.. no, yes, no.. I mean come with me” he said and climbed the stairs, I picked my bags and followed him, he walked past three rooms and stopped in front of the fourth one.. he opened the door and we walked in, then he switched on the lights.. “this is your room for tonight.. if you need anything, you let me know, are you hungry?” He asked.. “no.. I’m good” I replied, “okay.. I’ll leave you to rest, we’ll talk tomorrow.. goodnight” he said and opened the door.. “uhm.. Syd” I called, he turned to look at me, “thank you so much” I said he smiled “you are welcome, Mia” he replied.. “Mia?” I asked with a raised brow “yeah.. I got it from your name a_M_el_I_A, that’s what am gonna call you from now on”he said and winked.. I felt my cheeks turn pink..” uh.. uhm, okay” I replied and locked the door… I placed my bags on the king sized bed and looked around, the wallpaper was white and so was the couch, they must really like white, there was a very big glass door which led to the balcony.. the view was amazing, and there were two doors in the room, I opened the first and it was the closet, I opened the second and it was the bathroom.. it was big too.. I took my bath and wore my pajamas.. I fell on the bed and slept off..




I woke up really thirsty..I slipped out of my bed and run my fingers through my hair, I walked out and walked downstairs to the kitchen.. I entered and saw a woman singing and dancing silently, she turned to pick the fry pan, and saw me standing by the door.. “ahhhhh.. ahhhhh” she screamed and covered her face with the pan.. I was so confused, why was she screaming.. Skyler ran into the kitchen with a worried expression.. “what is it Simon, why are you screaming?”he asked.. “I wasn’t the one screaming, it was her” I said pointing to the girl, “who is she?” He whispered, “I don’t know, I just Saw her here”I whispered back.. “hey.. hey, who are you?” Skyler asked, but she didn’t respond and didn’t remove the pan either, “are you a ghost or a spirit?” He asked she shaked her head negatively, “okay..then who are you? I am gonna count to 10, if you don’t say anything, I will be forced to uhm.. do something bad” he said and started counting.

Episode 10🦄🍭..


He started counting.. “1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9”.. she still didn’t move, she just stood there with the pan covering her face.. “you are really stubborn, aren’t you, remove the pan from your face, before I say ten or else” he said already getting pissed, .. “oh.. thank Goodness I found you Mia, I thought you were lost”.. Sydney said walking into the kitchen.. he stopped when he saw me and Skyler looking at the girl, “what’s going on here?” He asked with a confused expression.. “who is she?”Skyler asked back.. “oh…she is my friend, she came with me last night, Mia drop the pan” he said.. “no, I can’t”she replied.. “so you can talk?”Skyler chirped in.. “why can’t you drop the pan”Sydney asked, ignoring Skyler’s question.. “that guy is [email protected]”she yelled.. I looked at myself and instantly covered my private part with my hands..the guys turned their eyes to my direction.. “what the..” Sydney started, “heck!.”Skyler continued.. “what?. Don’t blame me.. how was I suppose to know that there was a lady in the house?”I asked… I like sleeping [email protected] and they knew it, how was I supposed to know that Sydney brought a girl home.. I ran out of the kitchen and entered my room..


So that’s why she covered her face…. Is she a virgin?.. she has a drop dead figure, although I haven’t seen her face, but I think she’s too hot to be a virgin.. Simon came back wearing a multi colored trunk, and a black shirt… “Okay Mia, you can drop the pan now.. he’s fully dressed” Sydney said.. she slowly removed the pan and I almost fainted..”wow… She’s beautiful” Simon whispered.. Aphrodite has landed in my kitchen..



I slowly dropped the pan..and standing in front of me were three beautiful guys.. the middle one was the most beautiful.. i suddenly felt something inside of me.. he looks familiar, “uhm.. guys meet Amelia my friend, Amelia meet my brothers.. this is Skyler, my older brother” he said pointing to the middle one.. his thick brown hair was a little rough but it still looked amazing.. blue eyes, pink lips, perfect height, pointed nose, adams Apple, spotless skin and killer biceps.. “hi”he said, “hi”I replied with a smile, “and this is Simon, my younger brother” he said pointing to the last one.. he should be around my age or so.. he has a really cute baby face, his black shoulder length hair fell backwards, light brown eyes, dimples and spotless skin.. these guys are so beautiful.. they look exactly like those Greek gods.. “hi”he said smiling, “hi” I replied back.. “sorry for walking in [email protected], I didn’t know there was someone else in the house”he said feeling a little embarrassed, “it’s okay, I didn’t really see anything”I replied, “oh, thank Goodness”he said and breathed in relief, “are those waffoo’s”he asked.. “yeah, you want some?”..”yes I do..”he rushed to the plate and picked one.. he took a bite and m0aned, “oh, this is good, you guys need to taste this”..


We finished eating and Sydney helped me Clean the dishes.. and right now we are sitting in the living room.. I was sitting alone, and they sat together with Simon in the middle, it looked like an interview..



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Sydney told us how he met her, and brought her home to stay for the night.. she told us about herself, how she lost her foster mom and aunt on the same day, how she came here and how her money was stolen..”so, you don’t have anywhere to go?” Simon asked,”no.. I don’t”.. she replied and cleaned her tears, why does she look so familiar?.. it feels as if I have met her before, but where.. “Sky, Syd.. can she live with us, please?”Simon asked, “well.. she does know how to cook, at least her food is better than those chemicals you and Skyler mix in the kitchen”Syd replied smiling, “really chemicals?.. anyways.. that’s not important, Lia, welcome to the Jordans.. you are part of us now”..I replied with a smile…”Lia?, really?” Syd asked with a raised brow.. “yes, that’s what am gonna call her from now on, besides she likes it, right Lia?”



Why do these guys like short names.. Lia, I like it though.. “right Lia?” Sky asked, “uhm.. yes I do”I replied with a smile.. “good girl”he said and winked.. I almost melted, butterflies… “Come on Ami, let me show you around”Simon said and stood up, “Ami?”, Syd and Sky asked together.. “uhh.. durhh, I also get to call her that, let’s go Ami”he streched out his hand and I took it.. .


He showed me, the cinema, game arena, work out section, the library and many other parts of the house, the mansion was bigger than I thought..

He took me to the pool, the water was so beautiful, and clean, and there was a white pavement in the middle of it …

“So, you guys live alone?”I asked as we sat on the floor, with our legs inside the pool, “uhm.. yeah, we used to live with our parents, but we wanted to be independent and live on our own so we bought this house, although my dad is the owner of this estate”..he replied..”oh okay, so tell me about yourself and your brothers”I said.. he smiled, “Skyler is the CEO of N.J company, he’s a workaholic, you rarely see him at home except on Sundays, his best color is white, he is really nice and amazing to be with, he’s gonna be 21 by next month, Sydney is the founder and CEO of SW, a cream company.. his company is the best cream producing company in America, he is 20 years old, his best color is blue, he is very friendly and Jovial.. I am a model, the city’s sweetheart, I am the current ambassador for Pepsi, and the present Mister world, my best color is black, and I turned 18 last month”.. he said, “but you look older than 18, I even thought you were 20 or so,”he smiled “what about you?” He asked “I will be 18 in 6 months time” I replied, “well, you also look older than your age”he said and smiled.. awwn I love his dimples, so cute.. “I knew you were a celebrity, the first time I saw you though, but I didn’t know you were a model”I said. “Yea.. I even thought you were a model too”he said running his fingers through his hair, “well, It was my dream to be.. but I don’t think I wanna be a model anymore” I replied, “why?”, “Because I lost my inspiration”I replied faking a smile, “well, you have to get it back, cause I’m gonna introduce you to someone who will teach you everything you need to know, she’s the best and I am sure she’s gonna do a good job with you” he said and took off his shirt…then he jumped into the pool..


To be continued…

This episode is dedicated to De Yong😘😘😘..

Hmm, I don’t understand these guys oo, only she Mia, Lia and Ami.. Please which one do you like, and what do you think about this episode?

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