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My Fairytale batch 6


My Fairytale

Episode 11🦄🍭..

He jumped into the pool, “hey.. Ami, come on in.. “no, I can’t.. I’ll catch a cold”I said.. “please, Ami.. you won’t get cold I promise”he said.. “am sorry, Simon I can’t”, “hmm.. okay”.. he said and dived in, I couldn’t see him anymore, “Simon.. Simon,” I called out.. I suddenly felt his hands on my legs I shouted and he pulled me in.. my whole body was soaked and the water was really cold.. he smiled and moved his hair backwards, “I’m gonna kill you”I whispered.. “you have to catch me first”he whispered back and started swimming away.. I followed him, but he was very fast.. I couldn’t keep up with him anymore.. I swimmed to the pavement and sat on it, I was already feeling cold.. he came to where I was sitting “sorry Ami”he said, I looked at him and splashed water on his face.. “hey!..”he protested.. I sticked out my tongue to him.. he smiled, and splashed water on my face..

We finally came out of the pool and walked into the house.. Sky was with his laptop and Syd was dealing with a big cup of ice cream.. “hey, Mia you want some” he asked.. “no.. thanks”I replied shaking.. Simon already went upstairs.. “what’s wrong Mia, are you okay?”he stood up and walked to where I was standing, completely w€t.. “I am fin, fin arr, arrchuuu,” I sneezed, he looked at me, I could see that he was worried…he held my hands and I sneezed again, he walked upstairs pulling me along with him.. he walked into my room, he left my hand and walked into the bathroom, he turned on the hot water, and turned to me.. “where are your clothes?”he asked, why is he asking for my clothes, I pointed to the bags on the floor..

“Seriously, why didn’t you arrange them”I asked “I thought I was just going to stay for the night”she replied.. “okay, go and take your bath, I’ll get you some drugs and something to eat” I said, she nodded and walked into the bathroom, I arranged the clothes in the closet, but she doesn’t have any sweater.. and she’s really cold, I stood up and walked out of the room..

What’s wrong with Lia, and why’s Syd taking her upstairs.. I sat there for a while and after decided to go check on her.. I walked upstairs and stood in front of her room, the door was a little opened, so I just walked in.. and saw sydney feeding Lia with her back resting on the headboard, I suddenly felt sad and angry.. “uhm, am sorry to interrupt you guys, please carry on with whatever it is you were doing” I said and walked out, shutting the door behind me.. I walked into my room and slammed the door, why do I feel so angry.. why do I feel so bad, he’s just her friend.. and why do I care, I kicked my bed angrily and sat on the couch, I don’t know why, but I just feel like I should be the one feeding her and not Syd.. “uhh, Skyler what’s wrong with you?” I asked myself..

I walked out of the bathroom and there was a sweatshirt and trunk on the bed, I wore them and looked for my bags, I entered the closet and my clothes were already folded neatly.. I smiled and walked out to see Sydney with a tray of hot soup, medicine and a bottle of water..”aww.. you didn’t have to”I said softly.. “of course I had to, what are friends for, come on.. sit on the bed”he ordered.. “I can feed myself Syd,”I said and streched my hands to take the tray..

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“I know you can, but please just let me feed you, consider it as a way of saying, uhm.. thank you”he replied.. “ok fine” I said and sat on the bed with my back resting on the head board, he took a spoon full and started feeding me, soon, the door opened and Skyler walked in.. I could see anger in his eyes, he looked at me and I felt as if I cheated on him, a part of me felt bad.. like I betrayed him or something.. “uhm, I am sorry to interrupt you guys, please carry on with whatever it is you were doing”he said and walked out.. I couldn’t eat anymore, I just felt like I hurt him, but how…

I laid on my bed, with my phone in my ears.. she finally picked up, “hey darling”.. “sweetheart, how are you”she asked.. “I am fine as always”I replied, “so, to what do I owe this surprise call, you never call unless you want something”she said.. “You are so funny Mildred, you are right though, please can you come over tomorrow, there’s something I want you to help me with” I said.. “hmm, I don’t know if I can make it, my schedule is pretty tight”she said.. I rolled my eyes, “Sky would be at home”I said.. “really?, Uhmm.. I will be there tomorrow morning”she replied.. “awwn, thanks baby.. goodnight,” I said and hanged up.. Ami is gonna be so happy tomorrow..

Episode 12🦄🍭

Syd Left after a little chat.. I couldn’t sleep.. I just kept turning sideways on the bed.. I slipped out of the bed and walked to the balcony.. the night breeze was so nice, and the view was amazing… Then I started hearing the sound of a piano.. it wasn’t that loud, but I knew the song.. I walked into the room and checked the time, 12:01am, who could that be, I walked out my room and the song became loud, I followed the sound, and it was coming from the first room, I don’t really know who owns this room.. I stood there and listened carefully, the person was singing…it was a song by John legend..”all of me”.. he sang it so well and I just stood there smiling, I still don’t know who it is though… He suddenly stopped the song, and I ran back to my room…

*Next day(Monday morning)* 8:15am..
I was in the kitchen making breakfast when Syd walked in already prepared for work.. “good morning Syd” I greeted, “morning Mia, how are you?”he asked taking water from the fridge, “I am good, all thanks to you”I replied, setting his food on the table.. he smiled and started eating.. “where are the guys”I asked, I haven’t seen them today.. “uhm Simon should be in his room, and Skyler already left for work, he leaves very early” he replied, soon he was done “thanks for the breakfast”he said and dropped the plate in the sink, “you’re welcome”I replied, “I have to leave now, I’ve got a lot of work to do at the office, Simon will keep you company”he said “okay, bye”I replied as he walked out of the kitchen..

I was woken up by the sound of my phone.. I picked it from the side table and without looking at the caller ID, I answered.. “hello” I said lazily, “sir!.. where are you?, You have a shoot in 30mins.. and Mr Jones is not happy” Kira my personal assistant said, “cancel it Kira, I have something important to do today”I replied, “but, sir… Give me the phone Kira”, Mr Jones said in the background, “Simon, where the fvck are you!” My manager, Mr Jones asked.. “I am at home”I replied.. “oh damnit Simon, I want to you here in the next 5 minutes”he said and hanged up… Really?.. uhh, it’s not as if I need the money anyway.. I stood up and entered the shower..

I was cleaning the kitchen when Simon entered.. he looks so cute.. his hair was packed up revealing his silver earrings.. why didn’t I see that yesterday, he was wearing a black short, white top, black shoes, and a white bag with black stripes, which he wore on his right shoulder, with his car keys on the other hand.. he looked simple but expensive.. “hey Ami, good morning” “good morning Simon, are you going out?”I asked “yes.. I have a shoot in a few minutes.. so I can’t eat”he replied and picked an apple..”oh.. okay, uhm.. I was wondering if you could drop me off at Skyler’s office, I noticed he didn’t eat this morning, so I packed some few things for him”I said quietly.. “oh that’s really thoughtful of you, that brother mine always skips breakfast”he replied “okay I’ll just change quickly” “okay I’ll be waiting”..

We walked into the garage and he pressed the keys, it opened automatically, I almost shouted when I saw the white Lamborghini, “it’s beautiful” I whispered, “I know right”.. we entered and he drove to the gate.. I saw men wearing black suits and glasses.. “who are they?” I asked “they are the guards” he replied.. about eight of them entered two cars, one in our front and the other at our back, “wow, this is so cool, is it because you are a celebrity?” I asked.. “partly, dad didn’t like the idea of we staying alone, so after much persuasion, he said he would let us on one condition, that is to have guards with us, for the celebrity part, well.. you will see it when we get to Skyler’s office” he said.. and turned on the radio.. freaky Friday was playing.. “I love this song”we said simonteneously, he smiled and increased the volume.. we were already miles away from home… We sang along with the song, and danced a little.. some minutes later, he drove into a big company, made of glass…. We came down from the car and his guards surrounded us like gold.. we stepped into the company and people started shouting, and taking pictures… Simon
Held my hands and smiled as we continued walking.. the crowd was much and the ladies were shouting and saying things like;

“Simon we love you”
Marry me.. simon!”
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“You look beautiful together”
And so on ..I was already shy.. we finally reached the elevator and we entered with just two guards.. “now I see why”I said taking a deep breath.. he chuckled and released my hand.. the doors oppened and we walked out.. we entered a hall and we walked to the only table in the hall.. a lady with blonde hair was typing something on her laptop…she smiled when she saw Simon.. “good morning sir”she greeted.. “hi, Cindy.. is Skyler in” he asked.. “Yes sir”.. she replied..”oh, sorry.. meet my friend Amelia, Amelia meet Cindy Skyler’s secretary and my friend”.. “oh, hi darling, it’s nice to meet you”she said and streched her hand for a shake, “same here” I replied and shook her hand.. “ok, bye”Simon said pulling me into another elevator.. we left the guards with Cindy.. the door opened and we walked out.. “okay that’s Skyler’s office, I have to go now.. I am already late, I’ll pick you up later, have fun”he said and hugged me lightly, “yeah.. you too” I replied and he walked back into the elevator and waved at me.. I smiled and the door closed.. there was only one door, I stood in front of it and knocked lightly.. “come in” I heard him say.. I opened the door and walked in.. the office was very large… He sat in the middle with his sleeves rolled up, revealing his spotless skin, and the first three buttons of his shirt was open, he hasn’t seen me yet..

“Cindy, thank Goodness, you are here.. please help me look for the contract files, I can’t find them, I need to sign them now..”I said without looking up.. “Cindy is downstairs” a familiar voice said and I looked up.. “Lia?, Wh.. what are you doing here?” I asked surprised.. “uhm, I noticed that you didn’t have breakfast, so I brought it for you, you shouldn’t skip breakfast you know” she said raising the bags.. wow.. that’s really nice of her… I smiled “you shouldn’t have”I said and stood up, “she smiled and dropped it on the table.. “eat, and I’ll help you find the files” she said.. I told her the name of the files and started eating.. she packed all the files on the floor and started looking for it… Some minutes later she stood up and placed the exact file on the table.. “thanks” I said and started signing them.. she arranged the files on the floor serially and dropped them neatly on the table… “Now, you can easily find any file you want” she said smiling.. she looks even more beautiful.. she looked around for a while, and later fell asleep on the couch.. I have never felt so happy before… I stared at her, as I worked on my laptop.. I don’t know what she’s doing to me, but I want to have her with me always..I looked at my watch and it was time for the board meeting… I stood up and walked to the couch, she looks so beautiful even in her sleep… I tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her lightly on her forehead..

#Simon…I arrived at the shoot and Mr Jones was already calm, Kira brought me a bottle of water and a chair… “So tell me, who is the model” I asked Mr Jones “I think, it’s…” Just then three cars drove in.. the guards came out and opened the middle door, her legs came out first and I saw that familiar diamond chain… Mildred Anderson came out of the car looking as hot as hell, she wore sunglasses, her blonde hair was packed in a ponytail, she was wearing a white singlet and a black bomshort, with her phone in her right hand and a bottle of water in the other.. her assistant was holding her other phone and bag, she catwalked flawlessly to where I was sitting, “Simon Jordan, it’s so nice to see you”she said and leaned down to kiss my cheek “Mildred, I thought you said you would come to my house”, I stated..”and I thought you said you would be there, anyways my manager called when I was getting ready to come over, he said the shoot was about to start”she said and sat down “I didn’t know you were the model I was going to work with”she added.. “yeah… We’ll talk about that stuff after the shoot”I said and stood up..
To be continued….

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