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My Fairytale batch 8


My Fairytale

Episode 15🦄🍭




“Let me get this straight, the only reason you’re coming with me, is because you want to see Simon?” I asked “yep.. no other reason” she replied applying more lip gloss.. “are you serious?, i mean, for how long are you gonna keep up with this secret love thing.., just walk up to him and say ; hey Simon, I am Nicole Smith, we went to kindergarten together and graduated from the same high school, and we also did a shoot together, and to be honest I really like you, so do you maybe want to go out for a drink Or something?”.. “yeah.. it’s easier said than done, why don’t you tell that to Sydney..” “wh.. what, I ..I don’t like Syd” “yeah.. keep lieing to yourself Mildred, I know you have a crush on Sydney, but you can’t admit it because you are bethroted to his brother” she stated.. “okay, fine . I had a crush on Syd.. but that’s in the past, I need to focus on my relationship with Skyler” “let me ask you this question Mildred, when was the last time Skyler called you?”..”uhm, he.. doesn’t have my number” “what!.. and you call him your fiance?.. to be sincere Mildred, I don’t think this marriage is gonna work out.. and even if it does, I pray you don’t regret it” she said and increased the volume of the music.. I sighed and continued driving..


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I was about walking into the house when I saw Mildred and Nicole coming out of the car.. Mildred was wearing a yellow gown that stopped at the middle of her thighs revealing all her cleavages, her blonde hair fell freely to her waist, and her black heels matched with her black bag, she was wearing a gold chain on her leg, and a gold bracelet and necklace.. she is indeed the best body queen.. while her friend Nicole Smith, current miss world, was wearing a black crop top, that revealed her navel.. which was pierced with a diamond ring, a short black mini skirt, black heels and sunglasses, her red hair was packed in a bun with a few strands falling to her face revealing her diamond earrings.. she’s hot..”Mildred, thank Goodness you came”I said and hugged her, “miss world, it’s so nice to see you”.. I said and hugged her as well, “yeah.. you too” she replied.. “come on in”..


“So where’s she” Mildred asked.. “she’s upstairs, I’ll go get her, please make yourselves comfortable” I said and walked out..


I was about walking downstairs when I bumped into Simon.. “hey, why the rush?” I asked.. “well,.. the girl I said I was going to introduce you to, she’s here.. I was on my way to get you” “oh, okay” I replied with a smile.. “where’s Sky?” “He already left for work” “okay.. come on let’s go” he held my hand and we both walked downstairs..


He walked downstairs with a girl about my age, I gasped when I saw her face.. she looks so much like aunt Eleanor.. the brown wavy hair.. grey eyes, dimples and everything.. they sat on the other couch, and I couldn’t stop staring at her … “Ami, meet Mildred Anderson, my friend and the best body queen.. she’s one of the best models in the country, she has won so many awards and crown, she’s also the brand ambassador for five alive”…”hi” she said with a smile, “hi” I replied with a smile, “and that’s Nicole Smith, she’s also a model, the current miss world and brand ambassador for 7up” “it’s so nice to meet you” she said “same here” Nicole replied.. “guys meet Amelia woods, my best friend, sister and girlfriend”..”what?” Nicole asked surprised


“He’s just joking, I am not his girlfriend”..I said and rolled my eyes at Simon.. they smiled “so Simon, told me that you are interested in becoming a model?”Mildred asked “yes I am” . “Okay, well today is your lucky day, have you heard of Eleanor Anderson?” She asked “yes.. I’ve read alot about her, she used to be a model, but later stopped when she got married and established one of the biggest fashion house in the world.. she has trained alot of successful models like, Hilda king, Joanna stone, Alexa Gliss and many others.” “Yes.. you are right.. she also trained me and Nicole here, well she’s having a very big fashion line next month which is worth millions of dollars, and she needs a new face.. you already look and walk like a model, and I think I like you.. so I choose you, you’re gonna be the new face for the new fashion line” “oh my goodness, I can’t believe this, thank you so much” “you’re welcome, the pay is mouth watering and if you do great, you’ll get lots of contract, I believe Simon can fill you in on that, we’ll start training tomorrow, I and Nicole will teach you everything you need to know, after the training, you’ll meet your manager and assistant”she said.. “awwn.. this is the best day ever.. thank you so much”…”okay, that will be all for now.. I have a shoot in 20 minutes, so we have to be on our way” she said looking at her phone.. “uhhn.. that’s bad, I was hoping you could stay for lunch” I said.. “yeah.. you guys should stay for lunch” Simon added.. “maybe tomorrow, Simon, i promise I will bring her here myself” Nicole said smiling. ..”uhm, okay I’ll be expecting you guys” he replied smiling, and she blushed.. i think she likes Simon..”okay, bye darling” Mildred said and kissed my cheek, she also did the same with Simon, “see you guys tomorrow” Nicole said and hugged me, she turned to Simon and hugged him for a very long time. Mildred had to drag her outside.. after they left I turned to Simon and hugged him.. “thank you so much” I whispered into his ears.. “you’re welcome” he replied and hugged me back. .


To be continued…

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