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My Fairytale batch 9


My Fairytale

Episode 16🦄🍭..


“You made my dream come true, how can I repay you”.. I asked and withdrew from the hug.. he smiled revealing his cute dimples, “are you serious?” “Yes I am” “okay, I’ll tell you how you can repay me some other time, for now.. let’s go get something to eat, I am famished” he said and pulled me along with him..



“So tell me Mildred, do you really like Amelia?” Nicole asked sitting on the chair with her legs crossed.. the make up artist was still busy with my hair.. “yes. I like her, I don’t know why but, there’s something about her that just drew me to her” “yeah.. I like her too”..

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********Hours later**********

I walked into the house and saw aunt Eleanor chatting with aunt Beatrice… “Hey , best body queen, Mildred how are you” aunt Beatrice asked, “i am fine, you?” “I am okay, darling” she replied.. “how was the shoot” aunt Eleanor asked.. “it was great..” “okay.. that’s nice, uhm, you must be tired, why don’t you go in and freshen up, I’ll tell Gina to get you something to eat” “okay.. uhm, I found a model, she’s about my age and I know she’s gonna do great, she just needs a little training” “oh really, what’s her name ?” “Amelia woods,” ..”Amelia..mmh, it’s okay.. you can handle everything right?” “Yes.. I can” “okay”..”I’ll see you both in a bit”, I said and walked upstairs..


I laid down on my bed, trying so hard to sleep, I closed my eyes and my phone started ringing.. sky 💗.. I smiled and answered it.. “hey” I started, “baby.. how are you?” “I’m fine.. you?” “I’m not” “why?” “Because I miss you so much” I smiled “yeah, I miss you too” “what are you doing?” “Nothing.. just trying to sleep” “why, where’s Simon?” “He went out”, “so you are home alone?” “Yeah”.. “okay.. I am on my way” “what?.. don’t you have work to do?”.. “nah… I’m done for the day” ..”really” “yeah, so don’t sleep yet, I am coming”he said and hanged up.. I smiled and closed my eyes, I suddenly have a craving for ice cream, after few minutes, I walked down to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and took a plate of ice cream, I walked out of the kitchen and entered the living room.. I sat down on the couch, I took a spoon full and was about to put it in my mouth, when the door opened.. I turned to see Skyler smiling .. he walked in and sat beside me, “hey”I said.. and swallowed the ice cream.. “hi” he replied and pecked my cheek, I filled the spoon and he tried to take it from me, “hey.. this one’s mine, go get yours” “no.. I want this one” he said and tried to collect the ice cream from me.. “then you have to come and get it” I replied and ran upstairs with the plate of ice cream.. “hey.. Lia, stop.. don’t be stingy” he said running after me.. I ran into his room and tried to lock the door, but he was so fast, he walked into the room and locked the door.. he turned to look at me and smiled mischievously, he walked slowly towards me like a predator and I walked back slowly.. until I felt my back touch the wall…he was now standing in front of me, with his two hands in his pocket, I had already dropped the ice cream on the table… I looked at the bed and I guess he already knew what I was thinking, because the moment I ran for the bed, he pulled me back and pressed my hands to the wall.. “okay, you can take the ice cream” I said.. he smirked”I don’t want that ice cream” he leaned forward.. “I want the one on your lips”he whispered into my ears sending shivers down my spine.. he looked down at me, his blue eyes staring deeply into my grey eyes.. he slowly brought down his face and pressed his lips on mine, I closed my eyes but didn’t respond, he kissed deeper, fighting to have his way… I finally opened up and responded to it, he groaned and carried me up.. he walked to the bed and slowly placed me on it.. he caressed every part of my body and I seriously needed to feel his abs.. I quickly unbottened his shirt and pulled it off, leaving him shirtless… He kissed down from my neck to my cleavages and slowly sneaked his hands into my singlet.. I quickly held his hands and withdrew from the kiss.. he smiled and removed his hands.. he pecked my lips and rolled to my side..


Episode 17🦄🍭



He pulled me closer to himself and I placed my head on his chest.. “I’m sorry” I said.. “I should be the one saying sorry, I got carried away”.. “but..” “it’s okay, I’ll wait.. whenever you’re ready”he said and kissed me lightly.. I told him about the modelling stuff and he really liked the idea of me becoming a model..


*Next morning *5am*


“Hey, Ami.. Ami wake up” I said tapping her lightly on her legs.. but she was still sleeping.. “Ami.. Ami” she turned to the other side of the bed and started saying inaudible words.. I looked at Mildred and Nicole, who were sitting on the couch, laughing… I repeated the same process for a few minutes and finally gave up.. she’s one hell of a deep sleeper.. Nicole smiled and stood up, “I got this” she said and walked to the bed and pressed something on her phone, and dogs started barking, it sounded so real and loud… Ami jumped out of the bed and fell on the floor.. it was so funny and I couldn’t get myself to stop laughing.. she stood up lazily, still feeling sleepy I guess.. she looked at me, then at Mildred and finally fixed her gaze on Nicole.. “what are you guys doing here?” She asked and sat down on the bed.. “your training starts now.. dress up, we will be downstairs” “what!, Now?.. but it’s not even 6am yet” “we’ve got a lot of work to do Amelia.. Nicole please pick something for her to wear, we’ll be downstairs” she said and we walked out leaving Ami and Nicole in the room..



“Isn’t it too early for a training?” I asked Nicole as she walked out of my closet with a black bumshort and pink singlet.. “you’re even lucky, when I was training, Eleanor always woke me up at exactly 3am, Mildred is going easy on you, and it’s because she likes you.. so don’t screw this up, this is a life time opportunity, so make use of it.. you have to take this training seriously.. and make us proud.. Mildred is a good couch and I am sure she’s gonna do a good job on you.. so get dressed and let’s move” she said and pushed me into the bathroom..



Ami walked down with Nicole..

She was wearing a black bumshort and pink singlet, that made her drop dead figure very obvious.. she was also wearing a black Converse and her hair was packed in a ponytail. “Okay, first, we are going to run for a few minutes, after that we are gonna do your walking, swimming, posing, waving lesson and other exercise, including yoga.. after that we are going to check your weight and visit the spa as well, we have only three weeks.. so I need you to do your best.. can you do that for me?” Mildred asked. “Yes.. I can”. “Good, now let’s go”..



“I thought you said, it was just for a few minutes”I asked trying to catch my breath.. it’s already been three hours and we are still jugging.. they were all ahead of me and they obviously don’t look tired.. I sat down on the floor for the tenth time.. they all stopped and Simon came back with a bottle of water.. “are you thirsty” “yes..” he opened it and asked me to open my mouth.. then he poured a little quantity and stopped… I stretched my hand to collect the water, but he quickly moved away and closed it.. “what are you doing? I’m still thirsty” I queried.. “that’s enough for now Amelia, you can’t drink too much water, get up and let’s continue” I slowly stood up and continued running..

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I fell on my bed exhausted, we just finished with the yoga class, I have already done the swimming, posing, dinner and waving lessons.. the swimming session was very hard for me.. I had to compete with Nicole, and believe me when I say she swims like a fish.. she was very fast and within five minutes, she was done..I on the other hand, managed to round up in fifteen minutes..

The waving and posing were not hard for me though.. Mildred was impressed, but she still wants me to add a little more work on them.. she wants it to be ‘excellent’… And yoga?.. it was like a punishment.. I had to twist and turn and raise different parts of my body..

The door opened and Simon walked in.. “hey” he said and sat beside me.. “hey” “it’s time for the walking lesson” “what?.. can you guys just give me more time to rest?” He chuckled softly.. “you’re doing great Ami, and you’ve rested enough.. come on leggo” he smiled and stood up, he took my hands and dragged me up from the bed…


Nicole and Mildred were outside sitting by the pool, Nicole was still wearing her swim suit and was busy with a bowl of popcorn… Mildred was busy with her phone.. she smiled when she saw me… “It’s time for the final lesson.. let’s see how well you can walk with heels”..



I haven’t seen Ami wear heels before I just hope she doesn’t hurt herself.. Mildred brought out different types of shoes… Low heels, medium heels and very high heels.. “you want me to wear these” Ami asked.. “yes” Mildred replied “cool”.. just then Sydney and Skyler joined us, “hey guys” they said simonteneously, “hi” we replied back.. “why are you guys here? I thought you both have already left for work” Mildred asked.. “well.. we didn’t want to miss this part” Sydney replied smiling.. “and we wanted to spend sometime together with you guys” Skyler said smiling “okay then you’re both welcome to join us, please take a sit” Mildred replied, they both sat down smiling.. I looked at Ami, she didn’t look nervous, I just hope she doesn’t hurt herself… “Here’s the popcorn guys, the show is about to begin.. I just hope she doesn’t fall in the pool” Nicole said stretching the bowl of popcorn to the guys.. they both collected and started eating..

“Okay.. Amelia, you’re going to start with the low heels are you ready?” Mildred asked.. “yeah” she wore the heels and catwalked flawlessly.. from one end to the other.. she also did the same with the medium heels.. I smiled as she stopped in front of Mildred.. they all looked impressed… “Okay.. now it’s time for the high heels, I want you to shake this place, I want to feel your aura.. do you feel me?” She asked “yep” she wore the heels and I started shaking inside, I pray she doesn’t fall in the pool.. “okay I want you to walk from that point to this point” “okay”.. “so on the count of three you start, okay?” “Okay” ” 1…. 2… 3…” I watched as Ami walked s£xily to the end of the first point, and catwalked back flawlessly, like a professional model.. she got to where I was standing and winked at me.. I couldn’t believe.. she even walked better than Mildred… “Oh.. my goodness.. Amelia that was great” Nicole said dropping the bowl of popcorn on Skyler’s legs.. “wow.. that was awesome” Mildred said.. “where did you learn to walk like that” Sydney asked smiling.. “uhm.. my mom taught me” she replied.. “was your mom a model” Skyler asked.. “yeah.. she was, but she stopped after she lost the crown for miss universe” she replied.. “awwn.. that’s nice, where’s she now?” Nicole asked.. “sh.. she’s dead” “oh my .. I am so sorry darling” Mildred said and hugged her.. “it’s okay, it’s in the past now” she replied.. “but girl, to be honest you rocked those heels” I said.. she smiled.. “tell me about it, she even walked better than the queen herself.. Alexa Gliss” Mildred added.. “after your contract with Eleanor.. you’re gonna work for me” Sydney said smiling..




“Your skin is so soft, which cream are you using” Mildred asked.. “shades” I replied.. “really?, Well from now on you’re gonna to be using Sydney’s new cream.. “snow drops” it’s gonna make your skin look more beautiful.. infact, from now on you’re going to use all his products, shampoos, lotions, and Everything..” she said.. “awwn.. that would be so nice” I replied.. “okay, girls enough of the cream and skin talk.. are we going to the spa or not?” Simon asked.. “yes of course.. let’s go people” Nicole said and catwalked out of the house…


To be continued..

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