My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 11

My Family Doctor 

Episode 11

Sarah called Miranda on phone cause she had given her the number when she started staying with them, she told her that she wanted them to meet and Miranda agreed to it, and they met at Miranda’s place.
She got to the address that was given to her few hours later, and Miranda let her in and gave her a seat, after she sat down, she asked.
Sarah: why did you live?
Miranda: why?
Sarah: yes, why?
Miranda: cause i can’t stand him!
Sarah: anyway, i just came here to tell you to forget whatever that happened and go back to him, he already apologized.
Miranda: am sorry.
Sarah: why?
Miranda: i can’t go back to Dennis and if that’s the reason why you’re here, then start leaving.
Sarah: what!?
Miranda: get up and go home.
Sarah: okay then, but you’ll regret this.
Miranda: i won’t.
Sarah: bye.(she stood up to live, immediately she opened the door she saw a guy standing there and Miranda called his name)
Miranda: Frank!
Sarah: Frank?
Dennis: where did she go to?(he asked while standing at Sarah’s doorpost)
Mitchell: she said that she was going to visit your fiance.
Dennis: for what?
Mitchell: i don’t know.
Dennis: that girl really likes getting on my nerves.
Mitchell: what’s going on?
Dennis: Miranda broke up with me last week, and Sarah went to beg her to come back.
Mitchell: if that’s what she went to do then it’s okay.
Dennis: ma, i don’t want her to!
Mitchell: why?
Dennis: i don’t want to get back with Miranda anymore….ma i didn’t want to say this cause i thought you guys would get angry but can i date your daughter?
Mitchell: what?!
Dennis: am serious about it, i really do love her alright.
David: you what? (Comes out)
Dennis: good day sir.
David: you love Sarah?
Dennis: yes.
David: i knew this was going to happen.
Mitchell: me too.
Dennis: please i will take care of her.
Mitchell: oh my God! Can someone help me out here?(feels a sharp pain in her belly)
David: what’s wrong?
Mitchell: i think my water just broke.(holds the drawer beside her to support herself, they helped her walk in,side the room and lay her on the bed)
Mitchell: not Dennis again!
Dennis: what?(laughs) maybe am destined to help you with your babies.
David: i think the same( laughs)……


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