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My Family Doctor – episode 13


My family Doctor

Episode 13

He held her close and gave her a deep kiss,she gave in as he slid his hand into pant and rubbed his fingers on her c–t, the kiss went on as he slid his hand out and carried her up while she wrapped her legs around his waist, they made way to his room And he dropped her on the bed and removed his cloths while she did the same and then he climbed on top of her body and slid his joystick inside her Kittycat and started stroking in and out of her, he continued till he reached his peak and spurt his sperm inside of her, he kissed her and slowly slid out of her, stood up from the bed, wore his short and headed to his drawer and got two pills for her and told her to take it, while he went out to get water, when he arrived he found out that she haven’t swallowed it, she asked him.
Sarah: what is it for?
Dennis: you don’t need to know.
Sarah: i want to know.
Dennis: you might get pregnant if you don’t take it.
Sarah: did you……..?
Dennis: yeah so take it.
Sarah: okay,(she took the pills and drank a little water and then lay down on the bed, while he lay beside her and covered her with the bedsheets)
In the morning, she woke up and didn’t see him on the bed, she got up and wore her cloths and headed out of the room and met him preparing breakfast, he saw her and asked.
Dennis: what’s wrong?
Sarah: nothing, i just wanted to go home.
Dennis: go and take your bath first and have your breakfast.
Sarah: okay then.(turns and went to the bathroom, after taking her bath, they took their breakfast and sat down on the sofa watching a movie, he sat down on the sofa while she lay down with her head on his laps, she then asked him.)
Sarah: who is Frank?
Dennis: my friend, why are you Asking?
Sarah: i met someone with that name in Miranda’s house.
Dennis: what?
Sarah: yeah.
Dennis: can you recognize him if you see him now?
Sarah: yes of course.
Dennis: where is my phone?
Sarah: in your room(laughs)
Dennis: when did you keep it there?
Sarah: when I was living.
Dennis: go and get it.
Sarah: okay( stands up and went to his room and came out with the phone and gave it to him, she told him to give her the password so that she would unlock it herself)
Dennis: no give it to me.
Sarah: do you want me to hide it again?
Dennis: no! Okay, just type your name.
Sarah: my name? That’s so cute.( she unlocked it and gave it to him, he went through the pictures and showed her Frank’s picture)
Sarah: it’s him.
Dennis: what?!……..


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