My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 2

My Family Doctor

Episode 2

15 years later
David decided to go back to his old home with his wife who was pregnant with their second child and his daughter Sarah, they got to the place in the afternoon and left their daughter at home to go and get foodstuffs.
Sarah was bored staying in the house all alone, she decided to take a walk, she had just left the compound and tiptoed into the next compound to look around, when she heard the sound of music coming out from the back of the house, she thought that it would be nice to greet their neighbors,so she went to the back of the house and saw Dennis Washing his car, he was still handsome like before, she thought of were she had seen the face but couldn’t remember, and she couldn’t get her eyes off him, she stood there looking at him, until he turned and saw this pretty girl standing there looking young, he thought that she might be 16 or 17,but he brushed the thoughts off and went close to her and asked her.
Dennis: who are you?
Sarah: oh me?
Dennis: yeah, you.
Sarah: am….we’re the new neighbors.
Dennis: we?
Sarah: me and my parents.
Dennis: okay nice meeting you…. I hope we get along.
Sarah: get along?
Dennis: yes as neighbors.
Sarah: oh that, no problem.
Dennis: alright, (he left her and went in,side.)
Few hours later, her parents came back home and told her that they’re going to see the neighbors, she went with them cause she wanted to see Dennis again,few seconds later, they got to his place and knocked on his door, he opened the door and saw them and said.)
Dennis: wow!
David: you still live here?
Dennis: yeah.
Mitchell: i couldn’t even recognize you.(laughs) you’re still so handsome.
Dennis: really? I think am getting old.
Mitchell: what do you mean? How old are you?
Dennis: 35years, come in.(they went in and sat down,all this time, Sarah was so confused)
Sarah: what’s going on here?
Dennis: you’re the girl i met today right?
Sarah: yes.
Mitchell: you know she was just two, when we left, so she doesn’t remember you.
Dennis: so this is Sarah?
David: yeah.
Dennis: wow, you’ve really grown.
Sarah: who are you?
Dennis: am your family doctor, i helped your mum when she gave birth to you.(smiles)
Mitchell: must you say that? You haven’t changed?
Dennis: whatever, what do i get for you guys?
David: soft drinks.
Dennis: Sarah don’t worry, we’ll become close again  (smiles)
Sarah: yeah we will!…


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