My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 3

My Family Doctor

Episode 3

One Month Later
Sarah: Mum can i go over to Bro Dennis’s place?
Mitchell: he must have gone to work by now.
Sarah: no he’s at home, i saw him this morning.
Mitchell: okay then, come back home early.
Sarah: i will Mum! (Runs out of their house and went Dennis’s place,she pressed the doorbell and noone came out, she kept on pressing it, till Dennis opened the door, he had a towel wrapped on his wa-ist, water was dripping down from his hair, it’s obvious that he had just taken his bath and was in a hurry to open the door, Sarah stood there looking at him, lost in her lustful thoughts, he then called her name)
Dennis: Sarah!
Sarah: yes!
Dennis: what is it?
Sarah: nothing happened, just wanted to Come over.
Dennis: come in, let me go and dress up.
Sarah: okay, no problem. (She went in and sat down while Dennis closed the door and went into his room, he came out some minutes later, dressed up,he sat down with her and asked her)
Dennis: did your Mum go out?
Sarah: no, she’s at home, probably sleeping.
Dennis: okay.
Sarah: yeah.
Dennis: are you hungry?
Sarah: yeah, a bit.
Dennis: so can you prepare something for us to eat?
Sarah: okay ( she stood up and they went to the kitchen together, Dennis stood beside the kitchen’s counter while Sarah prepared the food)
Dennis: you’re all grown up that i now find it heard to chat with you.(laughs)
Sarah: what? You don’t like me anymore?
Dennis: not that, anyway how old are you?
Sarah: am 17.
Dennis: you’re still a kid tho.
Sarah: what?!
Dennis: yeah, a kid.
Sarah: am not a kid!
Dennis: what makes you think that you’re not a kid?
Sarah: i don’t know.
Dennis: cause of your body?
Sarah: what do you mean?
Dennis: you know what i mean.
Sarah: i don’t understand you.
Dennis: you do!
Sarah: i don’t!
Dennis: okay then.
Sarah: how old are you?
Dennis: am 35.
Sarah: like seriously?
Dennis: yeah.
Sarah: you look like you’re in your early twenties.
Dennis: am i supposed to blush over that?
Sarah: do whatever you want, am through, lets go and eat(she said as she put the pot down from the electric cooker.)
Dennis: let’s eat together.
Sarah: why?
Dennis: the food is not much so no need to waste plates.
Sarah: okay then.(she got a spoon and they started Eating)…..


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