My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 4

My Family Doctor

Episode 4

Sarah: where are you off to?
Dennis: i have to go to the hospital, there’s an emergency.
Sarah: what happened?
Dennis: you don’t need to know, I’ll be back, take care of the house if you’re gonna stay here.
Sarah: Alright bye.(he hurriedly left the house and drove out with his car, Sarah sat down on the couch doing nothing until something came to her mind, she picked up her phone and earpiece and opened up her browser and went to a p–n site and started to watch it online, as the man in the video pounded the woman from behind,she found herself raising her skirt and sliding her finger into her Kitty cat, as she watched what was happening to the woman on the video and shoving her fingers deeply in,side herself, mo-ning all the while,it didn’t take much fingering to make her feel that flood of juice and explosion in,side her but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the new burning desire in,side her, she had leaned back on the couch and wanted to spread her legs w¡der when she heard Dennis’s voice…
Dennis: you’re having a lot of fun here.
Sarah: what?!(she sprang up from the couch and pulled down her skirt) when did you come back?
Dennis: just few seconds away.
Sarah: am sorry about this, please don’t tell my Mum about this.
Dennis: what will you do for me if i don’t tell her?
Sarah: what do you want me to do?
Dennis: what can you do?
Sarah: i don’t know.
Dennis:(moves close to her) can you do that for me? What you were just doing now?
Sarah: what?
Dennis: yeah……

Sarah: i….
Dennis: i what?
Sarah: i can’t..
Dennis: but i just saw you doing it?
Sarah: I have never done this before, i don’t know what came over me today.
Dennis: so you’re still a V-rgin?
Sarah: yes.
Dennis: wow, that’s great, anyway i was just joking, why would i tell a kid like you to do that for me?
Sarah: stop calling me that!
Dennis: or what will happen?
Sarah: nothing.
Dennis: i won’t tell your mum but next if you feel like doing that, then lock yourself up in your room okay?
Sarah: okay.
Dennis: your mum is Calling you, i saw her on my way.
Sarah: okay(picks up her phone and ran out)
Sarah waited till it seems like Dennis has forgotten what had happened before she started visiting him again, she had visited him one evening and met him in the sitting room busy with his system, she sat down beside and asked.
Sarah: what are you doing?
Dennis: working.
Sarah: okay.
Dennis: how’re you today?
Sarah: fine and you?
Dennis: same, is your father back from his trip?
Sarah: not yet, he’ll be back on Monday.
Dennis: okay, what did you come with?
Sarah: nothing.
Dennis: what is wrong with you today?
Sarah: how?
Dennis: you’re somehow slow today, is it because of that day?
Sarah: i thought you have forgotten it?
Dennis: yeah i have forgotten it.
Sarah: you haven’t.
Dennis: maybe( turns to looku at her)you look beautiful today.
Sarah: thanks.
Dennis: i wish you were older.
Sarah: why?
Dennis: never mind.
Sarah: tell me.
Dennis: i would have asked you out.(smiles).
Sarah: does it matter if am a teenager?
Dennis: i don’t know, i just don’t know.
Sarah: do you like me? Or love me?
Dennis: i can’t answer that.
Sarah: you can.
Dennis: i can’t, your parents would be angry with me.
Sarah: not if we keep it from them.
Dennis: they will find out.
Sarah: they won’t.
Dennis: if you say so. (Looks away, then turns moves close to her and gave her a deep k-ss, she k-ssed back and soon her hands went round his neck, he got up and took her by  the hand and they walked into his room…..


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