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My Family Doctor – episode 5


My Family Doctor
Episode 5

When they got to the room, he helped her take her cloths off and took his off too, he told to lay on the bed and open her.legs and play with herslf just like she did the other day, her kitty cat was displayed to his sight and she saw His joystick jerk up and down as he watched her display her nudity, he groaned as he started stroking his joystick, watching her play with herself, the constant thrusting of her fingers drove her to o—-m, he then took his stiff joystick in his hand and climbed up the bed and between her open legs and positioning his joystick on her slit and began to push forward so gently, she couldn’t bear the wait any longer, so she arched her buttocks up to meet his downward strokes and he was all the way inside her, she gasped in pain as blood oozed out of her Kitty cat, he shut his eyes and let out a slight moan and then began to penetrate in and out of her, he shoved his joystick deep inside of her over and over again, she wrapped her legs around his waist and then another c—-x came along but he didn’t stop, but increased his slamming movement as he rode hard growling as he thrusted harder than ever deep inside her, then quickly slid his joystick out of her as he released on her laps, then he lay on the bed beside her and then turned to her and said.
Dennis: let’s go and bath.
Sarah: together ?
Dennis: yeah, you don’t want to?
Sarah: not that.
Dennis: are you shy?
Sarah: i don’t know, (covers herself with the bedsheets)
Dennis: you regret doing this?
Sarah: no i don’t.
Dennis: really?
Sarah: yeah.
Dennis: that’s good. ( gives her a slight kiss on the lips)
A month later, Sarah had come over to his place and found out that he was in the bathroom, so she decided to wait, she saw his phone on the table and luckily it wasn’t locked, she picked it up and sat down and immediately opened his whatsapp, and started going through the messages, then she saw one of the contacts, it was saved with “my Heart” she read the messages and couldn’t believe the things she read, Dennis had a girlfriend!, she had wanted to drop the phone when a message came in,she checked it and it was from a guy named Frank, she opened it and saw another one that made tears fall from her eyes, Dennis have been telling his friends how he used the little girl, she thinks that he loves her, sh dropped the phone with tears and looked up and saw Dennis standing  there…….


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