My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 7

My family Doctor 
Episode 7
Two weeks after she started living with them, Dennis came home early one day and didn’t see anyone at home, he felt happy about that because Sarah has been giving a lot of troubles ever since she came, he went to his room, took his cloths off and went to take his bath, after taking his bath, he went into his room and after wearing his cloths, he went to take his phone but didn’t see it again, he looked for it everywhere but didn’t see it, he then thought of Sarah and went into her room and saw her sitting down on her bed with his phone.
Dennis: what is wrong with you?
Sarah: nothing.
Dennis: give me back the phone!
Sarah: wait!
Dennis: what?
Sarah: let me see if you’re dating any other girl apart from Miranda.
Dennis: what!?
Sarah: yeah, but it turns out that the phone is locked!
Dennis: yes, so give it back.
Sarah: no!
Dennis: i don’t want your problem today, give it back.
Sarah: what’s the password?
Dennis: am not telling you.
Sarah: then forget it! (Stands up from the bed and wanted to live the room and he dragged her back, she slid the phone in,side her pocket and wanted to push him and he pushed her and she fell to the bed and he said.)
Dennis: you think you have the strength to fight me?
Sarah: who’s fighting you?
Dennis: then give it back.
Sarah: let’s see how you’ll take it! (She took it from her pocket and zipped down her trouser and threw it in her p-nt😂and zipped up)
Dennis: what the f–k do you think you’re doing?
Sarah: come and take it and see what will happen.
Dennis: see am sorry for what happened between us, so please take it out.
Sarah: sorry my ass.
Dennis: don’t make me take it myself.
Sarah: in your dreams!
Dennis: okay then….( he went close to her and pinned her on the bed and tried to take it out but she wouldn’t let him, she got tired of resisting and said)
Sarah: alright, wait! You’re hurting me.
Dennis: am i?
Sarah: please stop, you’re really hurting me!
Dennis: promise you won’t do this again.
Sarah: i can’t!
Dennis: should we stay this way then?
Miranda: Dennis! (Comes in)(he let go of her immediately and got down from the bed.)
Dennis: when did you come back?
Miranda: just now! What do you think you’re doing to a girl?
Dennis: she’s with my phone!
Miranda: is that why you did that to her?
Sarah: am not with his phone, i was just joking when i told him that am with it.
Miranda: you see? Go and look for your phone properly please!
Dennis: you believe her?
Miranda: yes! (Walks out)..
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