My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 8

My family Doctor

Episode 8

Dennis: she believes you now?
Sarah: am not with your phone?
Dennis: alright you can keep it!
Sarah: thanks but it doesn’t end here.
Dennis: what!?
Sarah: nothing!
Dennis: i don’t know what you’re up to but don’t try anything stupid!
Sarah: whatever!
Dennis: alright then.( he left her room).
The next day after Dennis left for work, Miranda had also wanted to live when Sarah called her back saying that she had something important to tell her, so she decided to sit and listen to her.
Miranda: so what is it?
Sarah: it’s about your fiance.
Miranda: what happened?
Sarah: he did something wrong.
Miranda: something like what?
Sarah: am sorry for telling you this too late but i just couldn’t keep it to myself.
Miranda: can you just go straight to the point?
Sarah: okay.
Frank: so why is she still staying with you?
Dennis: Miranda wants her there.
Frank: come on man, its your house, you can send her out if you want.
Dennis: i don’t want to.
Frank: why?
Dennis: i don’t even know, i want her close to me.
Frank: Dennis?
Dennis: what?
Frank: what is wrong with you?
Dennis: i don’t know, i even get jealous when i see her with a guy, i just don’t know why its happening.
Frank: Dennis don’t tell me that you’re in love with that kid?
Dennis: she’s the same kid that gave herself to me, you know you made me do that, if i knew that she was really a V-rgin, i wouldn’t have touched her.
Frank: seriously?
Dennis: yes!
Frank: okay then, break up with Miranda and date her.
Dennis: i will if i can and she misunderstood our chat!
Frank: and so f—–g what?
Dennis: who knows what she’s up to?
Frank: she can’t do anything!
Dennis: she can! that girl is still with my phone.
Frank: then tell her that you love her.
Dennis: she’s just 17!
Frank: but you f—-d her?!
Dennis: it’s okay, i have to go home.
Frank: me too…( they stood up, took their car keys and left)…….


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