My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – Final episode

My Family Doctor

Episode 15
{last episode}

Dennis: actually thanks for forgetting it but we can’t continue.
Miranda: what?!
Dennis: yeah.
Miranda: what is that supposed to mean?
Dennis: we can’t start over!
Miranda: why?
Dennis: cause i don’t want to.
Miranda: why again?
Dennis: because your ex wants you back and i….
Miranda: did you meet Frank ?
Dennis: Frank is my Friend.
Miranda: but i don’t want him back!
Dennis: and i don’t want you back too! You are the one that left anyway and am dating someone else!
Miranda: what? It’s only been three weeks since we broke up?
Dennis: i know that but i loved her even before you left.
Miranda: you were cheating?
Dennis: no i wasn’t!
Sarah: you guys should stop already! I’ve been standing outside waiting for the both of you to stop this argument! (Walks in).
Miranda: Sarah go outside, we’re still discussing.
Sarah: huh?
Dennis: excuse me! You can’t just walk into someone’s place and ask his girl to live.
Miranda: what are you talking about?
Dennis: she’s the girl am dating.
Miranda: you’re not serious!
Dennis: i am!
Miranda: oh my God.
Sarah: what did he do?
Miranda: you’re a stupid b—h.
Sarah: thanks, so can you live now? We need to have our own discussion.
Miranda: am so sorry, bye!(turns and leaves)…..
Sarah: so…..?
Dennis: so what?
Sarah: you loved her before she left?
Dennis: i totally forgot that i had something to do.(turns to live)
Sarah: you’re trying to run away from my question?
Dennis: let’s just not talk about it.(smiles)
Sarah; we must talk about it.
Dennis: i have to work.(gives her a slight k-ss on the l-ips and headed to his room)
Sarah: that won’t Make me forget this, Dennis come and answer me! (Follows him……..)………

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