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My Father’s Fiancee batch 2


My Father’s Fiancee

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You can be *more than 18+ but still not* Matured enough to read this story, please resist from it.👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

[ I warned *my father never to marry again but he wouldn’t listen* ]


I told her that I would be visiting her on coming Sunday then and she agreed…….
Call ended 📲

Me: Paul, as you can see, game done set, if I go to her house on coming Sunday now I must get her from my father. I told my father earlier that am the oga, I can do and undo. Now see whom he took to be his fiancée? He will suffer and suffer as far as am concern.
Paul : hmmmm,, I trust you na, but don’t let him to know, me no problem he won’t know, I will play the game in a matured way.
Paul : ok, just tell her that you will marry her in advance, tell her that whatever she adored in your father’s house is yours because you are the first son of the house, as such whatever belongs to your father is equally yours too. Tell her to be your girlfriend for now. Convince her excessively.
Me: no problem, believe me na, I had sworn to ruin all my father’s efforts to marry…..
Paul : hmmm, stubborn child.
Me: lol😂… I have to take my leave now, we have chemistry test tomorrow and I need to read.
Paul : ok, hope to see you later, but don’t forget to give me feed back oo.
Me: sure. I will…
Paul : ok, good bye.
Me: same….
And I left his house…..

*********Several days later ************

I visited my mother in the village one day and the following were ensued after pleasantries were exchanged …..
Me: mummy long time oo.
Mum : same,, how is your father now?
Me: hmmmm, he’s there with his womanizing stuff, carrying girls of my age around… God must punish that soldier man.
Mum: lol 😂,, just leave her alone, he wants to enjoy life. Let him enjoy himself while he’s alive…
Me: OK,,, where’s Grace and the rest na?
Mum : ohhh, they all went to an evening lesson, but they will be back soon.
Me: OK, I can’t wait to see them.
Mum: lol 😂.. I hope you haven’t thought of having a girlfriend let alone having? Just focus on your study.
Me : lol 😂.. You are so funny oo. Don’t worry mummy. Am a discipline boy.
Mum : discipline nee? children of nowadays are not to be trust again ooo.
Me: lol 😂, count me out.
While we where talking, some one tapped me behind, i looked at that direction and I saw Grace my sister…. She’s just a 13 years old girl.
Me: Gracy Gracy. How are you?
Grace: am fine brother. Longtime ooo.
Me: same.. Is due to school na.. What class are you now..?
Grace: am in Jss3 now oo. I registered for BECE exam last week.
Me: wow, very soon you will be going to ss1 right?
Grace : yes,
Me: ok… Nice then……
We chatted at lengthy and I left there……..

I called Funke ( “my first lady”according to my father) on phone one day and she agreed that I should should visit her on the next day then and I was very happy…..
The next day, I prepared around 5pm and heads straight to her house following the address she gave me.
Immediately I stepped into the compound she described for me, I saw a beautiful, tall and fair in complexion young lady, I greeted her and she responded fluenctly but I didn’t know it was Her.
I passed by like three steps away from her and I didn’t know where to go again, I turned back and asked her.
Me: sorry girl, do you know the gilr They called Funke here?
She: I don’t know her oo, why are you asking?
Me: I just want to see her, we agreed to see ourselves today.
She: laugh out loud!!! Is me.
Me: wow, I thought as much oo, how are you doing?
Funke: am fine, and you?
Me: same, You look so beautiful.
Funke : hmm, and you looked so handsome too.
Me: sure?
Funke : sure!! Let’s go inside.
Me: OK, let’s go.
And she unsherd me in.

Me: ohhh, your apartment look so attractive.
Funke : ohh, You are welcome. Let me get you food.
Me: no, am okay….
Funke : but why?
Me: nothing…
Funke : hmmm.
She replied, came back and sat in a cushion besides mine and we started conversations..
Funke : You get mind oo, I said you shouldn’t visit me and you insited ( she said while smiling)
Me: ok, am sorry ma.
Funke : ma kee, am your mate na, besides I was just playing… So why did you visits me? Any problem?
Me: oohhhh… Don’t rush now.. Am OK, hope you know that am the first son of my father and whatever he has belongs to me?
Funke : of course I know… Why?
Me: nothing. But I just wanna tell you to be my female bestie.
Funke : female bestie? I don’t understand.
Me: hmm, I juts want you to be my girlfriend and consider all your needs provided.
Funke : lol . You are very funny… I can’t be your girlfriend you know. Your father won’t allow us to be.
Me: forget about that, he has done his life, let’s do ours.
Funke: lol , he’s an ever young man.
Me: ever younng kee.
Funke : hmmmm. Give me one minutes, I want to ease myself outside.
Me: ok, but wait…
Funke : wait? What’s that?
Me: can I peck you? If you don’t mind.
Funke : peck?………………………………….

Episode 4……..

Me: can I peck you? If you don’t mind….
Funke : peck me?
Me: ye ye yes….
Funke : you have the impetus to tell me that right?
Me: But am sorry if that hurts you..
Funke : why won’t it hurts me? Don’t you know am your father’s finacée?
Me: am sorry, but I don’t think it’s because of my father that you are turning down this request.
Funke : I don’t understand.. If not your father, then who?
Me: I don’t know, but I know my father won’t marry you, he’s already old, he has done his life, you are still young and likewise to me, this is the best time for us to spend our lives in a romantic manner ?
Funke : {in surprise} what exactly are you trying to drive at?
Me: Am trying to convince you not to take my father as your sugar daddy let alome marrying him.
Funke : hmmmm,, I hear you, but I don’t think that will be possible oo.
Me: hmmmm.. It will…
Funke : lol 😂, you will force me right?
Me: not at all.
Funke : hmmmm, wait let me ease my self before I urinate on my self please…
And she went out…
Then followed by soliloquy by me.
” chaiiiii! What a beautiful girl, that my father enhhh, na wizard ooo. Why did the girl even accepted him self? She don’t know who I am that’s why, I must convince her until she accept me to be her boyfriend, I trust myself… What a s£xy girl,” I soliloquises.
I was lost in thought when I heard do you wanna rape me? I turned to look at the person and I saw Funke wearing a smilling face …
Me: lol , rape you for what?
Funke : it has been long I returned from outside and I had been calling you then but you didn’t respond to me rather thinking.
Me: ooh, am sorry.
Funke : hmmmm,, what level are you?
Me: am I’m level 200, and you?
Funke : 300.
Me: ooohh,…
We chatted at lengthy and I told her that I was about going since she didn’t want to accept me and she granted me to go and I was very furious inside of me.
It was when I handled the door knob and was about opening the door to take my leave that she summoned me back…….
” come back here” she said to me while smilling.
” I ” I replied…
” off course, you ” she said to me..
So I returned back to her.
Me: why?
Funke : nothing special, I realized you are angry because I told you that am not interested in pecking, isn’t it?
Me: yes it’s…
Funke : hmmmm,, what a stubborn boy that’s trying to snatches his father property.
Me: my father property keee, or my property…
Funke : whatever, I can’t give you my final answer today, if I will be your girlfriend, let me think about it first. Give me a week let me meditate on it thoroughly if it won’t cause problem between you and your father in Advance.
Me: ohhh, just forget about my father. I would be glad if you accepts my request.
Funke : hmmmm… Visit me on coming Sunday again, I have a package for you, perhaps. You can now peck me since that’s is what you want.
Me: oh.
I moved my lip close to hers while she moved hers to mine too and I pecked her. ( to be sincere what I did there is more than pecking, na only God know, but s£x wasn’t involve sha.)
I pecked her and she was feeling shy, so I opened the door and left her house with happiness……

The next day, immediately I returned from school my father stopped me in the sitting room and started raining me copious questions..
Father : I don’t understand your ways this days again ooo, You were somewhere through out yesterday, when I asked you where you came from, you couldn’t give me guinue answer… I have been noticing you making calls with a lady on phone, but you do aborts the call when you noticed my present . I want to tell that whatever animal that hides itself in the bush all days must surely come out one day… One day by God grace I will know the girl… Sturbbon son.
Me: I? Making calls with a lady? Father I don’t do that oo, whenever you see me making call, its either my mother in the village that called me or my class mates and they are mostly boys… I don’t do that…
Father : whether you do that or not, one day I will catch you red handed, Go and off 📴 your school uniform my friend…
And I left his present to my room.
” haha 😹, you never see anything, it’s when you call that Your first lady called ” Funke” and she refuse to pick your call that your eyes will clear. I told you earlier that I must ruin all your paroles, this I just the beginning and you are here shouting, you will suffer ” I soliloquises in my room…….

I went to John’s house one day to Catch fun and the following were ensued after pleasantries where exchanged ::::
Me: chai iiii! The girl fine no be lie. I pecked her look.
John : chaiiiii, peck? Na bad boy you be oo.
Me: LOL 😂, you know no before?
John : hmmmm, so the thing done reach pecking.?
Me: yes na, my father is even making noise that I do call a girl on phone everyday not knowing that is Funke, his ” first lady “..
John : lol, no be his first lady again but yours.
Me: na you Sabina.
John : sure? I will follow you ooo.
Me: follow kee, I will not even tell you when I will be going self….. If not you will not allow me to kiss her to my satisfaction.
John : lol .

We chatted at lengthy and i left his house 🏚…

********** several days later *************
I was eating with my eating with my father in the dining room one afternoon and he brought out the issue of a girl calling me on phone everyday…
Father : that girl is still calling you aging abi? You know you are still schooling, if you impregnated any girl now you will become a school dropped out because I won’t sponsor you again.
Me: ono, what’s all these na, I told you thats not a girl but my class mate. He’s name is John.
Father : ohh, you think am a little child right? So is John you have been telling him to be your girlfriend so he would consider all his needs provided? Don’t worry. Many days for the thief one day for the owner…
I was a little bit afraid when he said that ” so is John you
you have been telling him to be your girlfriend so he would consider all his needs provided right? ” but I was still pretending and backing myself up.
Me: I never said that while making call ooo.
Father : o-hhhh, I hear…
Before I could say anything, my phone started ringing, i checked it screen to know the caller and it was Funke’s contact but I didn’t save it with any name.
Before I could take the phone and picked it up, my father took the phone, picked it and said ” Hello, who’s on the line? “………………………………………………….. …..


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