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My Father’s Fiancee batch 5


My Father’s Fiancee

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[💥 I warned my father never to marry again but he wouldn’t listen 💥]

Episode 8…………….

[ A s£x spoon with Funke ]

I later brought out my errected D–k, opened her legs wide to my delight and free entrance without obstruction when all of a sudden her phone started ringing, I was so anguished and told her not to pick the call but to abort it or just leave it until it rings finished…
” why shouldn’t I pick it? ” she asked …
” just leave it let’s continue ” I replied..
I took the phone from her, then threw it to another near by coush and we embark on our thing…
******This village people ehnn, na God go punish them for me ***** I thought…..

I inserted my er£cted D–k into her warm w€t p—y and started banging her so fast as she m0ans more.. We changed different styles which time will not permit me to write. I f—-d her till I poured everything in me to hers totally.. I banged her for about 30 minutes and I stylishly stopped it because I was tired then.
She was feeling shy after we ended the s£x.
” Are you okay ” I asked…
” yeah, am okay ” she replied while feeling shy again..
” ok, no problem… ” I said..
” chaiiiii, what a sweet girl, if not that I got tired I would have continue f—–g her for like two hours. Chaiiiii ” I thought
” are you still here? ” she asked while tapping me.
” yeah, am here” I replied ……. …
We chat at lengthy and I left there.

immediately I reached house, I met my father absent, he went out with one of his car.
I quickly brought out my phone and dialed Angela’s phone number ( hope you all know who’s Angela??)
She didn’t picked it on my first trial but she did the second time and the following were ensued…
Me: hello, good evening…
Angela : evening, who’s on the line?
Me: its me, Peter, the guy that enlite you at ibuka junction .
Angela : ooooh, mr p?
Me: yeah, mr p. How are you doing?
Angela : am fine, and you?
Me: same.
Angela : ok, so you decided to call me today right?
Me: yes, am sorry for not calling you since.
Angela : Ohhh, there’s no problem…
Me: if You don’t mind can I know you more?
Angela: I can remember vividly I told you the other time.
Me: oooo, I forgot, can you take me to that memory?
Angela : Hmmmm, am Angela by name, am an 0 level graduate seeking for admission into university, am 17 years old and i reside with my parent at songa avenue. I think that’s all for now.
Me: ok, nice then. Do you have a boyfriend? If I may asked.
Angela : not at all, but why did you asked?
Me: nothing, just to know.
Angela : hmmm.
Me: can I meet you?
Angela : lol 😂, You can’t.
Me: but why?
Angela : nothing, but don’t!.
Me: hmmmm.. Why please, I care to know much.
Angela : ok, my only reason is that, my parent doesn’t allow me to leave the house unless I am sent on an errand.
Me: ok, I understand, but can you create a little space out of none?
Angela : OK, let me see what I can do, I will call you when am free.
Me: OK. No problem.. Good bye. Hope to see your call.
Angela : ok, same here…
Call ended 📲………..

The following day, I went to a friend’s of mine, John to ridicule my father there concerning how I snatched his fiance …
Immediately I reach John’s, I saw him sleeping and snoring like a pig on a bench
I taped him but he didn’t wake up. So I searched around and found a bowl, I decanter a some water in then poured it on him.
” which kind rain be this one na? ” he asked.
” idiot, no be rain na water I poured on you, see the bowl here, see as you dey sleep like castrated goat wey im papa don die ” I replied while showing him the bowl..
” yes, I thought as much, it must be this fool” he replied.
” lol 😂, no be only fool, na half, idiot, seat well jareh” I said.
we both sat on the bench and the following were ensued…
” omo, no be small thing happened for Funke’s house yesterday ooo” I said to him.
” what happened? Your dad caught you red handed? ” he asked with a surprise face.
” LOL 😂, he no fit catch me na” I replied..
” then what happened? ” he asked.
” ok, the kind f–k I f—-d Funke yesterday no dey” I replied braggingly.
” sure?, chaiiiii, you self na one man squad game you want play ooo, you for tell me so I could follow you there na” she said.
” shut up! Follow me go where? So that if I do like five minutes you will say is OK, that’s your turn right? Thunder that will fire you is still doing press up” I replied…
“Hmmmm ” he said…
“Am still waiting for him to carry another finance so I can help him with it again,, if na five fiancées he wan get, I will snatch them all from him, he will remain single for ever ” I replied..
We talked at lengthy and I left his house… …
Immediately I reached home around 6 pm that evening I met my father with a lady talking and playing like children in the sitting room. And I was so surprised.
I humbled my self to them in greetings and the lady responded perfectly.
The lady was so beautiful, fair in complexion, tall and healthy, she must be 24 years old I guessed. I was completely lost in thought, I adored the lady instantly and I started thinking nagetively concerning her, how she would be good on bed and lot’s more..
I sat down on one of the coush in the sitting room and I started hearing their conversations. Their conversations sounds romantic. And I was completely shocked.
My father noticed my intention instantly and he was trying to stop me.
” this is my new fiancé ” my father said to me while pointing at the lady…
” your new fiancé?” I asked with a surprise face……………………………..


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